The whole mobile industry is abuzz with excitement over Apple’s latest update to iOS. Some industry pundits are opining that, just like past iPhone updates, iOS 5 is simply playing catchup to what Android already offers. Even Engadget has put Apple on the offensive, declaring the Samsung Galaxy S II “the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, [potentially] the best smartphone, period.” That can’t make Apple evangelists too happy.

Competition between the world’s two most popular OSes will go on and get fiercer by the day.  Over time and with each update, head-to-head comparisons between these two mammoths will reveal striking similarities, many of which will try to catch the attention and swoon millions of fanatics who have sworn loyalty to their smartphone of choice.  Is Apple ripe enough with “unique features” to compete with what Android brings to the table (screen)?

Below, you will find the top five aspects of Android that still blow the socks off of Apple’s latest build of iOS.

System Wide Voice Functionality


iOS’ voice command options are, well, limited – especially if you’ve gotten used to being a mobile connoisseur – barking commands at your Android smartphone. Actually touching your phone or tablet is so 2010, and Android does voice commands fabulously. Everything from searching to executing commands within the OS itself is already built into Android. Driving and want to jot down a few ideas or send a few texts? No problem. Android users can dictate text messages and e-mail, as well as get directions by simply speaking to the phone. The same flexibility exists for media too, and users can also load third-party music apps like Pandora with the “listen to” command, whereas the iPhone’s music-by-voice feature is only linked to the iPod app.

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GPS Navigation

Android phones have offered free, voice-guided GPS for a long, long time. It’s actually been offered as a standard component of Android since October 2009, whereas iOS’ Maps app demands the user look at their iPhone or iPad as they drive – no good.

Still, the iPhone has a few decent third-party apps that offer turn-by-turn voice guidance, but Android’s built-in functionality allows users to jump seamlessly into navigation from other apps. This kind of functionality simply doesn’t exist on iOS, as users have to manually copy and paste the address into the app of choice. Not efficient, and certainly not seamless.

Setting Default Apps

On Android, you get to decide what apps do what. Like a particular browser? Make it the default one. Is there a particular music player that suits your needs best? You get the picture. On Android, if you want to use alternative apps for  virtually anything from mail, to Web browsing or even navigation, you can set them to be the default for all the related functions. It’s a small thing, but in reality, it’s a life saver, and one more reason why you are the boss of your Android device. Nice, isn’t it?

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Android is the most customizable OS in the world!

Android widgets are wonderful gems that can display whatever you want, at any time, anywhere you want to put them. Placed directly on the home screen(s), they can provide access to quick updates on the things that matter most to you. Widgets for breaking news, updates on sporting events, messages, emails, media playback controls, toggling screen brightness, or WiFi – it’s all up to you. The point is – it’s all up to you. That’s the beauty of Android – you are the boss of it, and it can really be customized to turn your smartphone or tablet into a device perfect for your needs.

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Hardware Diversity

The customer is always right – right? With Android, you have literally tons of choice. Aside from the actual OS itself, Android is on more hardware than any other mobile OS in the world. You want a physical QWERTY keyboard? No problem. How about 3D video recording? Yep, got that covered too. Ok – how about an amazing display that makes  everything look incredible, with 1080p video recording, and wireless streaming to your TV? The Samsung Galaxy S II has it all – for those with a healthy wallet, and a desire to have the most powerful, most amazing superphone in the world. Android’s got everyone covered – big screen lovers, media junkies, text-addicts, and mobile multitasking power users. Let’s not forget removable batteries either. Really – everything from dual core, to dual screen to dual cameras can be had – and it’s all Android!

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Anything we missed? Is there any functionality that iOS has that bests Android? Let us know in the comments – the big G’s robots are always watching. Who knows – maybe your dream will come true!

Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • oh. . . you are just trying to aggravate the trolls ;)

    Every computing device/platform has its pros and cons and it all comes down to what you as the user want & need. For me personally, apple tends to intentionally limit their devices in ways that often make them significantly less usable for my needs thus I haven’t purchased and iDevice and doubt I will for some time if ever because, there is usually another platform offering me a wider range of choices to fit my personal needs.

    • Darcy Alexander

      Well said.

      Perhaps, just a little. Like I’ve often written, we are the ones who benefit here. I agree with you regarding the purposeful limitations put on iOS devices. For some, it’s a perfect fit. For others, including myself – we prefer to make our devices perform the way we see fit. With Android, it’s easy to customize your experience, and perhaps this alone is one of the many reasons why there are 450,000 daily activations now.

      • Jack Walsh

        now its 600000 a day :)

  • Mustafa

    ooooh i totally agree with u, Mr Author..:))

    • Eddie Arvelo

      ps3 vs xbox30 ,nintendo vs sega , batman vs superman same old this vs that come on some of you take this to hart just to validate your choice . both offer great value one just need to find their preference and at what price are you willing to spend every month for it

      • Nitroman_84

        I have used Ios and android in the past. This is coming from a user who is an OS enthusiast in general. What I prefer about android is the lack of having to sync to a computer running iTunes before I can even use the device. Yes, I can pull an android device out of the box and begin using it as I see fit. Now go try that with your new iPhone and report back. Until Apple figures this out I am android or nothing.

        • Um, you need to do some fact-checking. You CAN do that with both the iPhone and the iPad.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah you’ve been able to do that for like 2 months in iOS 5 which copied so many Android features. You’ve been able to use android phones out of the box for years. My iPod Touch 4G needed to be synced with iTunes when I bought it this past May.

          • Wait. I’m confused. Didn’t the iPhone release prior to android? The entire concept of these phones began with the iPhone. If that doesn’t matter, then it doesn’t matter that we’ve only had a certain feature for (at the time of your posting) 2 months, does it?

            I can honestly say that I LOVE that it syncs with iTunes. Unabashedly, I adore iTunes. It needs to be revamped, I know. It was the first exposure I had to an Apple-realted anything. I was a homebrew PC user prior to iTunes who hated trying to manage my digital music collection on every finicky little piece of crappy software available…then iTunes entered my life. Hello, metadata organization. Then, an iPod followed. Syncing was seamless and genius.

            I love that my iPhone having to be synced with my iTunes has not been an issue. BUT, I will say that every freakin’ iPhone I’ve had has worked right out of the box from day one! My calendars, email, contacts…have always synced over the air via MobileMe (which is dead, I know).

            More over, I’ve always maintained a Google account…my Google stuff also syncs seamlessly over the air, from day one. The iTunes stuff is for movies, tv shows, and music. Which is what I’ve cared about from day one.

          • Anonymous

            Your history is not entirely correct. Android has been in production since 2003. Apple did release the final product first, but the concept was not entirely original. Touchscreen phones were already popular in Asia when the first iPhone came out. I remember news commentators sayin that it was poPular in Asia but experts weren’t sure if a button-less phone could be popular in the US. As for the smartphone concept, Apple is not even original in that either. Microsoft and Palm had the first smartphones in the early 2000s. They were a hit especially with businesses at the time, and you had Internet, email, apps, etc. All Apple has done with the iPhone was take existing concepts and put it together into an attractive package. Their ingenuity has still dropped the past few years because, as I said, they’ve copied some important Android features in iOS5.

          • Um, in production since 2003 or founded? Check on that and THEN we can continue this. Be reasonable, please.

          • Anonymous

            Founded and reposition began in 2003. Why would you found something an not work on it? It was its company that worked in smartphone software until they were purchased by Google in 2005. Either way, Android was still being publicly developed before the iPhone.

          • LaVey

            I read aaaaallllll of these comments. STILL haven’t heard how IOS is better than Android. Just a bunch of shit-spewing and prick-waving. I think I’ll go buy a nice Android device now. Thank you Apple users.

          • How very troll-like.

          • You’ve really answered your own questions. You see, I’m not denying that the company “Android” started in 2003. But that company and the Android OS we know today was not in production the day they started.

            First, ‘founding’, ‘producing’ and ‘developing’ are all extremely different concepts. If you are denying that, then you already seem to be missing large pieces of the puzzle.

            The Android company was merely founded, as you’ve said, to develop an OS more like Blackberry and that was more aware via GPS. Period. They struggled to develop. <—keyword. They nearly went bankrupt. Good ol' Schmidt hears around the Apple board (of which he hung around) of iOS. He buys Android. The race is on.

            Apple releases iPhone First.

            Android comes after.

            Let's also realize that the iPhone 3G (#2) released before the first public version of an Android phone. That's July 11th, 2008 vs. September 23, 2008.

            Let's also realize that Android versions 1.0-1.5 were pretty rough. Also worth a mention is that the supporting devices stunk – at the time. The best Android OS wasn't really until Froyo …the same year of the iPhone 4. C'mon.

            I never said Apple created or invented the touchscreen. I said that I didn't really care if they were popular in Asia because no one was really doing it here. And no one was doing it well anywhere. The iPhone is pretty popular in Asia. Also, don't forget Multitouch. Apple did bring that. Android didn't have that feature for a while.

            What was Time's 2007 invention of the year???

            Actually, iPhone and Android are killing Blackberry. I'm not going waste time typing the facts when they're in the news and all over the web. The co-CEOs of RIM co-resigned. The sales have plummeted. Look into it. You'll see.

            I'll say one last time, I like Android. It's the hating on the iPhone I can't stand.

            Also…if you want to really split hairs about which came first…Apple Newton. August 16, 1993. Android wasn't even a glimmer.

          • piratesmvp04

            I’m not denying that the iPhone was better than Android until the past few years. I’m just saying that technically Android was developed first. Your logic of founding something without developing it makes no sense at all. It was in production, but the concept was a little different because it was designed for traditional non-touchscreen smartphones. That changed when Schmidt came to Google after seeing the potential in touchscreens from his time at Apple. But, Apple was not the first to use touchscreens. It was already being used in Asia, and they saw the potential and took it.

            Also, your fact about the Newton is debatable. Yes it was the first handheld touchscreen device, but the first tablet was the GRiDPAD developed by Jeff Hawkins who later made the Palm devices. It’s debatable because development on the Newton started in 1986, around the same time Hawkins was working on GRiDPAD. Perhaps I should make the similar argument you made about the Newton regarding when it was “founded” or “developed”? Newton was a flop and the Palm made it a success, just like the Asian touchscreen phones weren’t as popular until Apple released iPhone and made it big.

            The point is that nobody really invents anything new these days. Most things are built on top of a concept that was already in place.

          • And by your last paragraph we can finallyagree.I NEVER claimed Applewas first…as it can always be debated otherwise…yet they popularized the smartphones we know today and they did it beautifully and gracefully. The claim that Android came before is highlydebatable as it was a different Android…the Android that now resembles an iPhone.

            All tech is created on past inventions…but innovation really counts.

          • Anonymous

            Explain to me the logic of “founding” something and not “producing” it. That makes no sense at all. Android was started in 2003 as a software for smartphones. It was not originally intended to be for touchscreen phones until Google purchased it and used some of Apple’s ideas to adopt it for the current market. Regardless, though, the OS itself was (as far as we know) developed before iOS was. And in regards to “udder pieces of crap,” some people actually want those “udder pieces of crap” because they can’t afford to spend $200+ on an iPod touch.

            You don’t seem to realize that the point of touchscreen popularity in Asia is that Apple did not create the concept. It already existed before. Apple took the idea and expanded on it to produce a very good product. But, they were not the first as most people think.

            Your opinion about iPhone destroying the Blackberry is highly debatable. I suppose from a consumer standpoint, you could argue that. But, many people still prefer a physical keyboard if they do a lot of messaging. Further, the security on Blackberry “destroys” all security features on the iPhone. That’s why Blackberry is one of the only devices certified for use by the US government.

          • In production since 2003? or Founded? I think you may want to check up on that.

            Also, wasn’t’ a certain member of Google hanging around a certain board with Jobs around that time?

            So what if they were popular in Asia???? We didn’t make them here…yet. iPhone did that first. The fact still stands iPhone came before Android. Similarly…Apple came before Windows.

          • Anonymous

            Why would you found something and not work on it? Android was started in 2003 as a software for cellular devices. Google bought it and, with the new ex-Apple executive, they modified it to become a touchscreen OS. But, it was already being worked on at the time. It’s very possible that Google used some ideas from Apple, but what company has ever created a 100% original idea for the past 30 years?

            “So what if they were popular in Asia?” That’s very important. Because it shows that Apple did not invent the idea of a touchscreen phone as they would like you to believe. Sorry, the fact still stands that Android came before iPhone. Just look up the history. I’ll give you that Apple came before Windows. However, Microsoft was created the year before Apple got started.

          • I keep replying here but it keeps disappearing. Why?

          • Android was not in production since 2003. It was founded. At that time, Google had nothing, nothing, nothing to do with it.

            Eric Schmit was on the board at Apple in 2005 when the iPhone began development. Schmitt and Page betrayed Jobs by following his idea. They quickly purchased Android. And like other historical moment of companies stealing from Apple, put out udder pieces of crap…flooding the market and making folks believe they did it all on their own.

            Also, touchscreens…really are you seriously going to try to convince me that touch screens being popular in Asia means anything? A)they were in Asia B)Even the Asian market is eating up the iPhone C) Because it has the best, most accurate touchscreen…and it was glass.

            Seriously, smartphones too???? It redefined what a smartphone is. It being the iPhone. I remember Blackberrys, Samsung PDA phones…oh, yep. The iPhone destroyed nay destroys them. Yeah, Android has come a loooong way. But it’s sort of hypocritical to say ‘Well…iPhone wasn’t even the first…” smugly but then turning and saying you use a droid….which wasn’t the first either…

  • Hotpiston

    This is the worst review……….. Only the first reason (GPS) sets apart android from apple. You cannot consider hardware as a reason because if you look at all the android phones combined, is not close enough for apple’s iPhone 4 model. What i see is different sizes of android phones with the shape trying to be as close to iPhone….. One can certainly argue about the dashboard and notification deficiency in iPhone4 but with IOS 5 release from September its all gonna be resolved…. ..

    • Peter

      How many androids have a glass back?

      Android phones now coming out, with dual cores, leave the iphone for dead.
      The only intersting question coming is where the 5 will slot in. At the pace phones are advancing, unless it’s a mile ahead, it will be swallowed up. As things stand, only an iphone fan buys an iphone.

    • Of course Hardware diversity is a valid point, Hotpiston!

      And you don’t have to look at all Android phones combined. The Samsung Galaxy S II trounces the iPhone 4 and I’m sure the iPhone 5 will have to work REALLY hard to compete with that. Perhaps Apple can make this happen, but Samsung have set the bar really, really high now.

      Of course, this site WILL have Android bias, but all points mentioned are valid, just some more than others. GPS is a massive factor as you agreed, but I would probably not use voice myself, even though my BlackBerry Bold 9700 has had this for ages, as does the BB’s Google app for searching etc.

      In addition, when I get my SGSII, being able to customise my OS will be a boon. Another valid point. This will also stop me from being bored with my OS.

      Setting default apps is definitely a point I hadn’t considered before, but it makes 100% sense to include this. With so much app diversity, who would want to have to “Open With” every time (a la Windows). Just like Windows, you can set default apps, and it is a great idea to include this feature.

      There are reasons I am moving, after tons of research, to Android and not sticking with BB or moving to iOS or Win Mob.

      I will miss a LOT of the BB’s features such as the Keyboard and the way it’s shortcuts make doing things so QUICK and EASY on the OS; it’s the best messaging tool bar none (“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” is 9 seconds quicker for me on Bold 9700 to type than HTC Desire HD).
      I won’t miss the slack memory, processing power and overall speed of the phone. Battery draining via reboots due to memory leaks and overpriced apps in a relatively poor app ecosystem, with a dated OS (though with OS6 things have improved, and 7 can only get better). The browser on BB OS5 was TERRIBLE.

      Over the iPhone, I’d still choose BlackBerry, but over all of those, I know what I’m going for: Android.

    • Jack Walsh

      look. you can’t make a phone that is too different than the iphone becaus ethe iphone is a freaking black rectangle with the screen on the front. ALL SMARTPHONES LOOK LIKE THAT. and dont look on just the outside, look on the inside because most androids have sick internals.(unlike the iphone)

  • Ali

    Nice joke … Android never was better than iOS… NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL!!!! iOS is absolutely the best OS made for smart phones!!! I have used both android and iOS … Now I use iOS and android could never complete iOS in any aspect… android market is full of stupid applications while iTues offers thousands of great applications!!!! thank you for the nice joke!! next time you want to compare android with an os try Symbian ;-)

    • Darcy Alexander

      You, my friend, are hilarious!

    • Ali,

      There are tons of reasons why people choose one OS over another.

      For all of the appeal of iOS for many, Android has a ridiculous amount of appeal to most. There is a reason it is being adopted quicker; it is more dynamic and a breath of fresh air. iOS is stagnating.

      iOS 5 is NEEDED, to evolve the experience of the user of iPhones/Pads.

      Android is already there and with custom interfaces such as Sense and TouchWiz it adds a unique touch to each piece of hardware out there.

      Sure, a lot of things adopted by Android were to emulate the slick interface by Apple, no denying that. It’s just that a lot of other things, including the interface, were bettered, and continue to be bettered with each iteration.

      Apple did so much right, and yet, so many things wrong it is unfortunate for them. Any company that takes four phones in such a slow release cycle to get a decent camera and a flash is doing something horribly wrong.

    • Jack Walsh

      ios isn’t even to the level of symbian and i have had an iphone before. I sold it and got the captivate. Now i have the inspire 4g. THE IPHONE CANT EVEN TRY TO COMPETE. THEY ARE STILL CATCHING UP TO ANDROID 1.0!!!!!!!

    • eewjkalf

      iOS is totally uncustomisable. look at the ugly icons,box by box, how boring. no widgets, one button control (home button) so if you want to end a task you press home then u open task manager then u end task. 3 steps. android? presss the back button. have u seen the galaxy s3? so many more functions than the boring, restricted iphone. go reconsider

  • Phenom


  • Phenom

    If apple is doing something “so horribly wrong” why is it the best selling smartphone out? If u stack up any android to the iPhone the iPhone crushes it. So are they doing something horribly wrong? You android fanboys are funny :)

    • Scott

      Are you nuts? Android is destroying Apple. 500,000 handset activations a day.

      “On a global scale, market researcher Gartner sees good times ahead for Android handsets. The research firm said in April that it expects more than 630 million smartphones to hit store shelves in 2012 and that Android will be running on 49.2 percent of them. Apple’s iOS will come in second with 18.9 percent market share, Gartner predicts.”

      Read more:

      • Jack Walsh

        lol actually now its 600000

      • Phoenix

        I’m sorry, but how many different Android phones are currently on the market? How many does each individual manufacturer have on the market? Too many to want to count. Apple has *two*, and one of them is like two years old. And Apple STILL has the high market share of any smart phone manufacturer. What now?

        • Adsfjlkj

          well like the guy up above said there are way more android activations and a lot more options and according to the group mentioned above 49.2% of people chose android and 18.9 chose iOS. That is what is now.

          • A prediction.

            More importantly, like we’ve said, it is ONE phone (maybe two) …the iPhone versus a good twenty different Android phones on the market at any given day. Of course they’ll activate more. That’d be like comparing the Samsung Galaxy SII sales to the Motorola Razr Maxx sales.

            Good for Android to flood the market. It’s a business tactic. I used to love Google. They are beginning to annoy me and disappoint me.

      • That’s one phone, iPhone vs. a whole bunch of others. So those figures are kind of skewed, aren’t they?

        How about that iOS is responsible for 60% of all mobile web traffic?

    • bob

      its the best selling phone because all the idiots in the world want something shiny in their pocket.

      • Dont forget iOS users are forced to conform to a single device!

        • Oh no! You mean once you buy your new Android device you can just go walk in and trade yours in for another model anytime you want?

          That’s a ridiculous point to try to make.

          You anti-Apple people are seriously crazy.

          • Fdsafs

            Its the best selling phone out there because there are alot of stupid ppl trying to look cool. They are followers of whats shiny and trending now

        • towe

          yeah, android users have so much choice of handsets

      • Seriously? Your intelligence is astounding. Make android user proud.

        There are many reasons for its popularity. Probably because it’s the first of its kind. Yeah, it is. Don’t try to go down the whole: “There were smartphone before the iPhone”….no, not like iPhone or android there weren’t. Apple was the first real PC too.

        Also, it’s selling well because it tends to offer the security that a general user is looking for. I mean security in the sense that we know what we’re getting when we buy it….as opposed to the multiples of Androids, you can easily buy an Motorola Citrus and end up regretting it terribly…BUT it’s an Android…shouldn’t it be as awesome as the others??? Nope. Sorry sucker.

        iPhone is iPhone. I love that. I abandoned my homebrew PC lifestyle only four months of owning my first mac and I will, as long as mac is what they are today, defend that anti-Mac folks generally have no clue what they’re talking about. Use those OSes first, then say something intelligent.

        • Lex

          ekovac tries to downplay everyone with his “I know better attitude”. I used PC and mac for business and PC just trumps Mac

        • Stormtrooperross

          What is it about Mac do you like best? I have tested Macs out and can’t find one reason to pick it over a PC. And it is ridiculously expensive. And the iPhone is just a basic phone for a smartphone. What can you do better on it that on any Android phone?

        • ekovacs3 is retarded

          like someone on this thread said before, iphone is just a boring grid of icons totally lacking beauty. you cannot add things like widgets, that stream live info from apps such that u dun need to open them. Android is in all ways more creative than Apple. And by the way, iphone sales being most in the world is history. Your intelligence is astounding. you know, ekovacs3, that you are lost in a world of Apple and you have never really seen the outside world. you have only seen what windows and android was long time ago. have u seen their current state? windows 8 is going to have live tiles that stream u live info like widgets on android. android ice cream sandwich is a billion ways more intuitive than the iOS, which is, as someone on this thread described so aptly, a boring grid of icons.

          And is the Motorola Citrus your best idea of android? do u know how much android has progressed? buy the samsung galaxy s3 and u will find it is way more amazing than the iphone. using motorola citrus as your example of android? your intelligence is astounding. GET CURRENT. do u even know the existence of the samsung galaxy s3???

    • This statement is such crap. All the carriers now have AMAZING dual-core phones that smash the iPhone 4 soooooooo hard. “but that’s not fair, those are new!!” cry’s the apple fan-boy. Well in that case look as the EVO 4G, it came out less than month after the iPhone 4 and had a processor that was equally fast AND it ran on 4G! Now most modern android devices are 4G capable but iOShit users are stuck on outdated, old technology.

      • Giant eye-roll. It’s hilarious to me that most android supports become so anti-Apple they feel the need to run around insulting anyone with an iPhone (or any Apple product for that matter). They love to spout old-wives-tales, and massive amount of misinformation. The “iSheep” usage is my favorite because if the droid users really looked in the mirror they might see how much Kool-Aid they’ve actually consumed. 4G has been known, for one, to hardly even exist – and launched way ahead of schedule – it’s still in the development and deployment stages…just because the increment of the number increased from 3G to 4G doesn’t mean it’s better. You are truly foolish.

        • thephilosopher

          your argument here has no base at all. it’s random rambling without proper reasons. thats cos android is smashing apple and you cannot find reasons and so here u are arguing for the sake of arguing.invalid argument. what i just wrote is not an argument to support android, but rather to criticise your lousy argument. :D

    • smart girl

      its not the best selling smartphone its for tards that like to pay more for something than its worth
      Apples rot man they
      android is in many brand phones not just 1 brand like apple
      there isnt a android brand phone its an OS the android OS crushes the apple OS in users
      smart people never buy apple products… they restrict you so much
      Android = ultimate customization

      • Ha, you’re so sad. Another person who’s never used a real apple product.

        • Bville70

          I used an iphone before droid i switched and never looked back faster download free music adobe flash thankyou shitty iphone no thanks

          • I don’t believe it for one second.

          • Anonymous

            You reply to almost every single comment for an android fanboy with exactly the same rhetoric and skepticism you claim to despise. When people tell you they prefer Android, you refuse to even acknowledge that it is possible. Why is that? I have personally owned and used the Iphone (haven’t tried the Android yet), but can’t say I was too impressed by the lack of customizability. The touchscreen and design though, was very nice, but that’s about it.

          • No no, now. Though I may have, indeed, fed them the same rhetoric solely for the purpose of calling out the liars…make no mistake that I’m not skeptical. Likewise, do not make the mistake that I would acknowledge a preferred use in Android over iPhone. I have several friends and family that use Android. Many of them are the same d-bag/tools you see on this message board…”ApPle iS jUst So ShiNY, oNly HippIES uSe it…etc., etc.” A few are actually OBJECTIVE. If you step up with honest objectivity…it shows. You, my friend, I don’t truly believe, if you’re only impressed with the touchscreen and “design”…you’ve most likely never used the phone for any real period of time…and have not been entirely objective.

            I am not knocking Android. I’m defending the iPhone. I love customizing my tech stuff…though the iPhone may lack a mere handful of Android features…the Android lacks a handful of iPhone features….but they’re BOTH GREAT DEVICES.

            Tip: Stop exaggerating to prove your point.

          • Ramos Phxaz

            Saying that android lacks a handful of apple features is a ridiculous exaggeration. I own 3 cellphone accessory kiosks and I have to say the only thing good about apple is that people like you are willing to pay top dollar to protect that piece of junk they claim to be gold. 2012 will show us what is better. That is all I can say

          • Valid point! Your experience in selling cellphone accessories definitely shows that you have knowledge on such a topic.

            If you want to get down to brass tacks, Android and its partnered cellphone companies are loosing practical overhead because they’re so desperate to make their phones cheaper. Because cheaper = more appealing to the average (“I don’t really know what a smart phone is”) consumer. We (iPhone users) do not buy iPhones because they are top dollar. They’re a better made product. The hardware/software/warranty are all made by the same company. The same company that makes my desktop, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, television accessory, routers. Need I go on? I’m an informed consumer. I’ve been down the “I hate Mac” road. It sucks. You’re stuck with a bunch of plastic that rarely works for long. The difference between me and most of the people on these types of comment pages is the A) I’m telling the truth and B) I’ve been in both shoes (and still am – I use PC gear everyday) I can’t say the same for Android but I’m not knocking Android, I’m simply defending the iPhone which is capable of doing everything an Android phone can do (and in many cases, it can do more). It also came out first.

          • Everydayisthesame

            You do know Samsung makes your parts, right? Lol he is very informed.

          • Everydayisthesame

            I also have to add that I fix all 3 platforms, Android,Apple and BB, and I can’t recall even once an Android user asking me if I can install a new battery for them ad how much it will cost. .lol Apple products on the other hand….

          • smartguy

            now you dunno what to say and u say both are great devices. beforehand you were supporting apple and criticising android. good job.

    • Megz

      Apple is ONE of the best selling smartphones because it’s Apple. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is AMAZING! But I have used both Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile. I like Android the best because I can do what I want with my phone. if I am concerned about viruses I can just get a free app to protect my phone. No problem. I love Apple for its beauty and flawless apps, but I don’t love it for its price, lack of customization, or the fact that I PAID for the exact same apps I got with Android for free. That makes me crazy. I want to feel like I am in control of the things I pay for, so that is why I go with Android (having used all three major OSs) Anyway, people buy more of what is popular, but know this: Android is GAINING popularity and is now giving Apple a pretty good run for it’s money.

  • Sultan M

    In addition to the 5 reasons you have mentioned; you may add 2 more points:
    1- flash support in android.
    2- Open source in android system compared to apple.

    • Erieze Lagera

      Open source only for developers, not for ordinary users. So what?

    • I, perhaps, come across an actual flash website once every month or two. It’s usually a restaurant’s website. I’m usually looking for a menu which I end up finding elsewhere. Flash does indeed suck. Anyone who says otherwise, really has no clue about what it really takes for your computer to show those images to you. That’s why, Firefox (and several other browsers) allow for extensions and add ons…AND the most downloaded seems to do with blocking Flash…hmmm???

      Apple’s iOS is almost just as much open source as Android. Almost. But I’ll tell you this, I can flash my iPhone and hit it with a new version of someone’s iOS interpretation (yeah, just like you can do with your Android) and it sucks. It runs slower, it’s buggy, etc. It’s not being some part of “Hacker” culture…it’s just limiting your device and giving it a reason to NOT work as designed. That’s just stupid.

  • Phenom

    I have flash on my iPhone 0__o

    • Jack

      no u don’t. u have html5 noob

      • win!

        • Phoenix

          False. I have flash on my iPhone. I just had to jailbreak it first…

          • iHATEAPPLE

            u had to jailbreak ur phone just to get flash on it…wow seems slightly ridiculous!!!!

          • Erieze Lagera

            You have to break your Android smart phones to win!

      • First of all, calling folks noob is ridiculously idiotic. Secondly, he may not be incorrect. There are plenty of ways to view Flash on an iPhone or iPad. So, you’d fit the term ‘noob’ way before he would. Typical. Also, how are you folks doing without that crutch anymore??? Even Adobe realizes the wasteland of programming garbage that is Flash. Again, only a, ‘noob’ as you’d say, would even begin to defend Flash. It’s like talking about 4G like you understand that too. You probably think that’s a real thing too, huh? noob.

        • Lex

          you keep being hypocritical. You’ve been criticizing and mocking every pro android fan here especially with names. Then you call a guy out for calling him a noob? then you return and call him a jackass….we all know who the jackass is since all you do is criticize every, i mean every post here.

          • Okay. First thing first, I’m not criticizing or mocking Android. I like Android. I like most of the devices. I do not, on the other hand, think that they are so superior that the iPhone bashing that occurs on pages like this doesn’t deserve a rebuttal.

            Next, I’m not being a hypocrite. Calling out a guy for being a jackass for calling someone a ‘noob’ isn’t hypocritical. Calling someone a ‘noob’ is childish, douche-y, and immature. I simply pointed that out. Plus, if you actually read that post, to add to all of this, the guy/gal he was calling a ‘noob’ was, in fact, not being a “noob”. Adding more to the fact that the poster was being a jackass.

            Now, if you’re looking for a good example of hypocrisy you don’t have to look far. You are calling me out but chose to call me a “wannabe know it all douche”? That’s true hypocrisy.

            By debating some of the statements made by the Android fans, however accurate or rude they are, does not make me a know-it-all or a douche. Half the time I’m responding because of the inaccuracy or sheer douche-ry by the original poster. Once in a while I’ll get someone who actually wants to talk real shop.

            I don’t come here to start arguments, I come here to discuss. That’s what these are for …no? Also, I feel that it’s okay to truly, honestly find the facts. When these folks decide to post statements like “I’ve used both… Mac sucks, has way more problems…etc.” I just can’t believe it …I USE both, every single day. And I use Linux, Red Hat and Fedora. Every day. I just can’t believe a statement like “It sucks”. I can believe, “I don’t prefer it but I see why people like it” or something.

            Regardless, I like both Android and iPhone. I think iPhone has some ground on Android in many, many ways. But the same is true in the reverse. I just can’t sit by while people make false or childish statements. Like calling me a “wannabe know it all docuhe”. That’s just being a jackass.

          • The Druggo

            just marry eachother…

  • JC

    Need more reasons:
    1)System wide file management:
    The entire user partition can be accessed by means of file managers. And there are a lot of file managers to choose from. Root and you can access all partitions.
    2)File transfers:
    I regularly make use of bluetooth for file transfers. Not possible on iOS.
    3)USB storage:
    I absolutely hate any form of syncing software. I prefer manually transferring my stuff over to the phone. Plus it turns the phone into a portable flash drive.

    Due to these reasons I would never pick a iOS device.

    • Erieze Lagera

      BTW, do you know why MacOS never touched by viruses? It’s because of it’s system security. That’s what Apple keep on their products.

      • Justin13280

        Nope, windows xp was the most widespread OS. they would make them but they wouldnt get out there cause not many people have a mac. windows is widepsread on the net and because of that it is targeted by virus makers.

      • bugattiveyron

        It just takes an antivirus software like Norton, AVG, or TrendMicro, and you’re done! I bought a laptop, and it came with free TrendMicro and many other accessories. And it costs cheaper than any macbook. What I mean here is that Macbooks are still more expensive…

  • jtb

    i agree to all the points that the author has put forward but the major disadvantage of android is it drinks up battery faster…while gps is on ,the phone wont last even 8 hours.. whats the reason for it?
    will they fix this issue in the coming versions??

  • Phenom

    Scott, I’m not talking about the one hundred android phones vs the one iphone4. I’m saying take the best selling android phone vs iPhone 4 and the iPhone crushes it in sales…sorry I didn’t clarify… And no I’m not nuts

    • Well of course the iPhone 4 sold more units than any single android phone! Every service provider has many android phones to choose from, they arent forced to conform to a single device like iOS users are. You cant say ‘the iPhone sold more than any single android phone’ , a better statement would be ‘the iPhone 4 sold more than all 1GHz android phones’ – but that would be a false statement. Compare the sales of apples top of the line phone to all android top of the line devices; that is the ‘fair’ comparison. And guess who wins that battle my friend; ANDROID.

      • I’m sorry but that’s incorrect. Comparing one phone vs. one phone is the accurate measurement. It’s ridiculous to pit one phone vs. an army. Sure Android as a whole outsells an iPhone…but Starbucks sells more coffee than my local Mom-and-pop shop here…Mom and Pop make way better coffee. Don’t be so narrow.

        This whole, “forced to conform to a single device” is a childish argument. We’re not forced. We are just as forced as you are. I have options when I go to a store. I can buy any Android phone you can. I can buy an iPhone. Like I said to a not so gentlemanly fellow before –

        Oh no! You mean once you buy your new Android device you can just go walk in and trade yours in for another model anytime you want? C’mon. Once you own it, you own it. It’s not some damn swap meet device.

  • Steve Jobs’ Love Child

    Android = Viruses
    iPhone = No Viruses.

    iPhone > faildroid

    • Agboyd13

      you can get a virus on any OS…

    • TheSeize

      While I people could be dumb enough to believe that, my guess is that this guy is just a troll.

    • Anonymous

      What viruses? I mean, to date, there have been a couple of trojans, the big one that all the Apple fan’s got in a twitter over was one that worked only in Russia, and required the user to download the app from a porn website, change the default settings on his phone, and then explicitly grant permissions to the app. Pretty much a non-issue in other words.

      I have to say, it seriously baffles me that people get so emotional over a bit of gear that they bought from a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation. To the point that they treat it like a sports team or a political affiliation. Owning an iPhone or and Android phone doesn’t make you smart or special, it makes you a consumer.

      • For you information, android malware increased 400%

    • Bville70

      Ol 1st of 1the and like 50,000 people get a virus maybe but its still more free apps system still runs faster and its easier too use with more features apple sucks dick

    • Blofeld

      Being a fanboy must be so satisfying. Poor you!
      Do us a favor and stay away of tech blogs’ comment sections.

    • Smurf Universe

      I had literally a million viruses on my itouch and my new Galaxy Player never had 1

  • Link

    I got the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and I love it and Android is great but I do like the Iphone 4 and Ipads as well. Apple delivered 2 great products that are simple and effective, Android has got its problems but still it has stuff that does rings around ios also the First Samsung Galaxy S was released a bit after the Iphone 4 and it had a 1ghz processor where Iphone 4 was 800mhz also it had 512 mb ram where the Galaxy S had 1gb of ram and also better screen etc but it all comes down to user experience etc which both offer quite well

  • MedX

    It’s nice to see people add other reasons why Android>iOS, still yet to see a valid reason why anyone would pick iOS.

    Love my SGS and have flashed soooo many custom roms onto it I have lost count. How many iPhone users can change their ROM to something new/different on an almost daily basis. Regular people can be ROM developers for Android, but you need to get hired by steve jobs to be able to make any changes to iOS.

    • False.

      • Lex

        ekovacs sound like a wannabe know it all douche

        • agreeking

          yeah agree.


    I’m not a big Iphone fan but Apple does things differently than most other companies. Don’t get me wrong, a company does what is best for it’s goals. This is what, Apple does not bring something until the company feels that is 100% great, not good, but great. This is why you don’t find 4g in the Iphone, at least not yet. 4G is not all wonderful as it appears on the surface. The many issue with it is, it drains the battery a lot. Battery technology has not caught up to the speed we are trying to make the phone operate.What we do with the phone these days are 100 times more than what we did, lets say 3 years ago. So, the technology need to do all that you want with your phone with sucking the hell of the battery, is just not available these days. Apple would rather wait till battery life improves to the point that you can get 7-10 hours from phone while using 4g, or soon to be LTE. This is why Apple did not release Iphone5, it just not ready since all the carriers are just starting to roll out LTE. By mid 2012, you will see a lot LTE phones including the Iphone5.

    Furthermore, in terms of the screen, you a plagued with the same issue. The screen gets bigger but the battery to support it, is just not there yet. This is why the Iphone screen will not change, till Apple’s figure out how to give you the same 7-10 hours battery life with a screen bigger than 3.5 I’m not saying that either or is right. But consumers crave a screen a screen slightly larger than 3.5 but at some point it has to stop. 4.5 is a rather big screen. You are getting to the point of mini tablet. No matter how light the phone is, it is not always comfortable to fit a 4.5 screen phone in your pocket

    In terms of the whole open source and other abilities about the phone, one has to realize you are talking about two different markets. Let’s be honest, not everyone is looking to be techy with his/her phone to a programmer’s ability. Some just wont a phone that’s reliable without needing a degree to operate it. Don’t get me wrong, I rather have a phone I can change every little thing but that does not mean that my girlfriend whats the same thing.

    So the battle between Iphones and Driods is not really a battle because both side try to appease to different type of people. Apple is more of “we try to make it as easy as possible” where is Driod is “it’s your phone, you have the right to do whatever you what with it.

    Neither the Driod or Apple users are dumb or smarter than the other. It just comes down to what you need to do with the phone. The reason that Iphone tends to sell like hot cakes, is because it’s visually appealing. The human mind focus on this factor first before it looks under the hood.This is just like when you meet someone you like. Point being, the attractiveness of an item pulls you in for more. No one wants to pay $300 for plastic looking device. The Android makers are starting to realize that.

    • Blofeld

      “Apple does not bring something until the company feels that is 100% great, not good, but great.”
      That’s what marketing wanna make you believe. The truth is that Apple released Iphone <4 with lousy camera, IPhone 4 with massive antenna issues, iPhone 4s with battery issues … and so on.
      Apple is not a good hardware manufacturer in terms of technology, but they make look the tech superior. Given this in combination with their excellent marketing let them succeed where others failed.

      • Who_elze

        The iPhone 4 camera took better than most 8 mp camera at the time according to reviewers (jon4lakers) and my personal views. The antenna issue never bothered me before and not anything drastic I don’t own a 4s so can’t speak for the battery life.
        iPhone is a better phone and has a better OS in my opinion because
        It feels firm well done simple and safe all round with a premium finish. That’s all I want from a phone. Customisability and freedom is good but I don’t like it. I actually keep my first screen and quick launch custom because I refuse to arrange it I like custom. Android devices may be more powerful etc but they feel cheaper they don’t give me the feeling I have a quality phone

      • Apple and ice cream :)

        I have an iPhone 4S and have not had any battery issues. I think the issues came up because apple got some bad batteries from their suppliers :/ if that isn’t correct information forgive me but I never had any battery issues on either 5.0 or 5.0.1 :/

    • bugattiveyron

      I think being perfectionist just does not work here. Apple is waiting for technology to progress before they proceed to make something SEEMINGLY perfect. Android, however, is doing some form of trial and error and pushing techonological advancements to the max. Most people crave for the latest technology and thus Android wins. People prefer to have the newest systems and UIs and care less about the rare glitches in Android that occur as a result of the trial and error. But people just cannot wait. Apple, being perfectionist, is thus taking way too long, and consumers can’t wait.

  • Macdev

    I work in IT and I have found, with very rare exception, that the vast majority of Apple users are entry level at best. All of Apples products are geared toward entry level users and people with little to no knowledge of technology or computers.
    Apple fans will defend it to the death because of something they saw on TV or what the kid at the Apple store told them.
    I manage over 100 users on both Macs, Linux and PCs, iPhones and Android. Over the years what have I learned is this:
    Macs cost much more and offer less than a PC at half the price.
    You still cant get all software titles for Macs.
    Mac/iPhone users call me for assistance 5 to 1 over PC users daily even though there are 4x more PC/Android users.
    I can write apps for Android and distribute them much more easily than I can for iPhone.
    Hardware issues are less for PCs and Android.

    I always ask each user why they chose one platform over the other. The answer for PC and Android users usually comes down to hardware, price and compatibility. Mac/iPhone users usually answer with “its better.”, but they can never seem to give me a reason why (except for the commercials or the kid at the apple store told them). The Linux users are the most tech savvy of the bunch and 100% of them use android phones.

    Steve Jobs wasnt a visionary… He just hired good marketing people. Most products Apple produces were not created by them in the first place. The Mac OS is Linux with a new UI. Siri was developed for Android a couple of years ago, Apple just bought out the company.

    And any OS will get a virus or malware. You Apple users have a false sense of security. In the not to distant future there is going to be a massive infection/data breach/identity theft of Macs and or iPhones. They are becoming the perfect target. Mass users with no protection and no knowledge of what to look for or how to stop it. It will be huge and infect most Apple users. Its only a matter of time.
    Apple will do what it usually does and mastermind a way to gouge the users to remedy the problem. The iSheep will flock to the stores to stand in line.

    • Raicho Mukelov

      OS X is based on BSD not Linux and it seems like you are not informed very well

      • He works in help desk so he doesn’t know anything about IT despite working in the field. Sounds like he is entry level…at best.

      • He’s entry level.

    • It’s clear, you’re lying. You do not receive more calls from Mac users vs. PC. You’re a typical pretender. So sad that you’d blindly hate a company and then pretend you live some other life. So sad. I, on the other hand, personally use all three OSes ON MY MAC…the only one I actually have had to ever reinstall is Windows! Ugh, I can’t even bother to respond to the rest of your made up world.

      The one thing I will say is how ridiculous it is for all of you anti-Apple folks will spend so much time claiming “iSheep” non-sense. It’s not clever. More importantly, it’s not true. Many of us are extremely informed. AND WE’RE NOT running around spreading misinformation and falling into old-wives-tales…that’s more like a sheep…more like you and you’re very sad kind.

      Without Mac you probably wouldn’t have Windows…or Android…not they way you know them today.

    • Chazb25

      Priceless !!

  • Lions

    Why don’t you mention how much android blows when it comes to battery life? And hmm, which was out first and revolutionized smartphones, oh yeah, iPhone. But how could that be if they’ve copied everything from android bwahahahaha come on people, choose what kinda phone you like and let others do the same, they’re freakin cell phones it ain’t the end of the world.

    • Bville70

      Wow normally I wouldent talk like thib but whatever nigga mean ignorant no nigga please apple people are so ignorant all apple does is copy android talk too txt android front facing camera like how long has iphone been around yet there are 10you or more 4gapps android yet the iphone 4s isnt hmmm the 5phone will be just like its goong too be customizeable lile the android its gonna be a android with an apple sticker on it

  • Eddie Aranda

    I had an iPhone for quite a while before getting frustrated with the lack of functionality. Apple’s desktop OS’s are undeniably inuitive, making workflow as a creative professional smoother and more efficient. Wish I could say the same about iOS. After the initial wow-factor wears off, you’re left with a very solid, albeit neutered OS that NEEDS to be jailbroken to function at an acceptable level. After picking up an Atrix 4g running gingerbread for $50 with contract, I can’t imagine ever going back to iPhone, at least until they can approach the capabilities of android. iOS is great until you’re ready for it to do more, then it becomes quite limiting.

  • Rickenbackerweeks

    Ah come on Apple people, leave the cheapie samsung nerds here. There not worth it. I mean look, Samsung have sold tens of dozens of units!

  • I also truly love that the article and the comment droid-lovers (anti-Apple folks) spend most of there time trying to explain how they’ve one-up-ed iPhone or what they do better…it seems like they can’t even see that that make the iPhone the actually benchmark…you get that right??? If you are so superior, wouldn’t be only talking about your phone? You know, an iPhone and the iPhone crowd love to talk about how much they love their phones (mostly with other iPhone owners…minding our own business) when you types come crashing in with your inferiority complex. Just let go, man. You own a droid. It does stuff. I like my phone better. You like your phone better. Move on. Keep making killer phones. And for that I WILL thank APPLE…without the iPhone, we’d probably all be stuck with a blackberry :(

  • Chickfila25

    When I think of apple I think of fruit…. Iphones are a fad, like slap bracelets..

    • Yet they sparked the smartphone revolution.

  • ED209

    Not a fan of Iphone. As a matter of fact, If I won or was given an Iphone I’d sell it or trade it for an Android.

    • George Solis

      you suck

      • Ayub

        @george solis. you are a bitter IOS fanboy

    • Frank

      lol me too, i tell people it all the time

  • Kayla

    On a whim, I bought the iPhone 4S on a new contract, figured it was a steal to get it at 300, considering how expensive it is retailed at. I was so excited when I got it! I heard all the hype of Siri, how awesome the iPhone is, etc, etc, etc. I had the phone for 3 weeks and I’ve sold it already. I just didn’t like it, at all. I tried SO HARD to like it..but couldn’t. It’s unfortunate too, because it was an expensive mistake. I switched back to my EVO and realized how much I was taking android for granted after having the iPhone for 3 weeks.

    There were some things, like my favorite game “Plants vs. Zombies” :) I didn’t like that I couldn’t customize it without jailbreaking. I’m a fan of customization. I’m also a fan of not having someone else control what I buy. :(

    The interface of android is just so much better, in my opinion. I love that it’s open source. And by the way, that doesn’t just benefit developers, it benefits the people who wish to use the apps that the developers create, as well.

    As someone said, it depends on what you need…but based on my needs, Android..hands down.

    • Kayla

      Forgot to mention, I really hate that all the applications are on the home screen and you can’t do anything about it. It just looks really messy.

      –I love the widgets on android.

      and to respond to something that someone else said about Apple not releasing something until it’s perfect…Siri is still in beta stage. She’s not very fun, either. lol. Sure, she’ll send text messages and call people, tell you the weather, etc. But she’s a little boring otherwise. (She can’t check flights for you, either. :()

      Iris (Android’s version) is a sass and is fun to tinker with when you’re bored.

      • Kayla

        Oh! AND apps that are free on android, cost on apple. :(

        Like, my google sky map. Best app ever. Free on Android. Like 5 bucks on Apple.

        • Joshmdog

          Had an Evo and switched to iphone and will never go back. Evo is so buggy and ive yet to have problems with my 4s. Also the Evo has many apps that you cant delete the iphone as well

          • gotailskdf

            erm please dont judge android by the handset. go buy a galaxy s3 and do the damn comparison. Evo is no good and blame it on HTC for not having and update to ice cream sandwich. not on android. thank you for your sensible understanding.

    • gatowie

      AGREEE! iPhone/iPad is just a boring grid of icons. it may seem simple and minnimalistic at the start, but very soon you will find it really ugly. Also, for iPhone if you want to have themes/special effects for your phone you would have to jailbreak, while on Android you can just use launchers like Go Launcher EX. and you dun have to ‘damage’ your phone. and just look at how the android UI has changed so much from Eclair to Jellybean. it just gets more and more beautiful. iOS? they produce new devices with the same damn shape, size, UI, only minor things like speed increases. What’s the damn point? I took a look at the new iPad. In terms of look whats the damn difference from iPad 2? and the first iPad? Apple is boring, boring, boring, Android is overwhelmingly exciting. Android wins.

  • In that entire thing, there were only two good key points, and those are #1 and #2

  • zach

    My android=no viruses. Its all a matter of opinion. Android is basis of linux system which means it comes before apple. Less flaws, more customizations, all freeware.

  • Amy All At Once

    The android dude makes all the difference. I want a phone with a cute logo. I bought a phone once just because it was called a cookie :) Android dude is so cute, he takes my vote. I’m posting from my iPhone 8()

  • kxd

    Literally every point in here has been put down by the 4S, except for hardware diversity.

  • Mahmoud Al Shami

    I so wonder WHY do you people hurt yourselves with this much comparisons and fanboyism?!?! you have iOS and Android, 2 best OSs available to have fun with and benefit from, be smart, don’t limit yourselves. I have been both an Android and iOS user and I just never considered entering 1 camp to start shooting at the other.

    At the moment I own a Galaxy S 2, because it is simply amazing in every way possible for a portable device should be; i had the iphone 4 before because (for me) it was the best at its time. For the future there might be a better iphone 5 or galaxy s 3 i don’t know…

    For a tablet, I got an iPad 2, i didn’t automatically go get an android tablet because now i have an android phone, the iPad2 simply had what i was looking for and what i needed. which was lots and lots of AAA games (and apps). I can’t tell if the iPad 3 will also be the better option for me at it’s time or if the asus prime will have killed it before arriving.

    Point is, the gear that you need and want, is the best .PERIOD.

  • Leighsavanna

    Obviously the gadgets of apple are highly imitated by a lot of companies. So ill go for apple since they’re the ORiGiNAL.

    • ABomb

      If you think many of the features on the iPhone see innovative and original, you should research on how many of these so called original innovations were blatantly stolen from the jailbreak community and developers.

  • Dcm104

    IOS and Android are basically the same. Andriod just lets you take some matters into your own hands that iOS doesn’t. This can be good or bad.

  • Tom

    I lawl at all these people that take this argument so seriously.

  • Kevin kdogg

    I am a die hard android fan and always will be. Here are my 5 reasons why I like android over apple

  • ViperXXX

    Love my T-Mobile G2x(Optimus X2). You can’t go wrong with Nvidia’s Tegra 2. Tegra 3 is now upon us. A quad core phone with 3D power unrivaled. Diversity. That’s why I like the Android platform. Choices. This is another exciting aspect of the Android platform. I’ll stick to the Android camp. :D

  • Spartanfever01

    Both companies make great devices, geez you people are ridiculous.

  • Kentrwilkinson

    I am in need of help! I am very tech literate in many ways, but the android / OS / iOS battle has me stumped! I am a MS Office die hard and love my HTC HD7 windows phone. I am with TMobile and because of coverage issues only, I am considering Verizon ( FL Panhandle ). Anyway, I also love Samsung products ( I have a killer TV ) and am looking at the Samsung Tablets. Do the tablets have the same OS system choices? My windows live account works so seemlessly with my sincing from outlook, its awesome…I was wondering about the samsung galaxy / Samsung tablet 7? and what you think…

    • sjefejklaea

      @bb81a7b45f69549f0e7845bc28e71029:disqus, at the moment the best choice is the samsung galaxy tab 7.7. its thinner than the ipad and more beautiful. its smaller and thus really handy, can really fit in one hand.however, i think you should hold back your purchase. samsung galaxy tab 7.7 runs on honeycomb, not the latest version of android. wait a while more for a new galaxy tab probably with the upcoming jellybean

  • Devarshfadia

    whfff>???? is the best iphonee or andrioddddd………. reply fast…//.

  • Jake Templeman

    funny how this website is called android authority and it crosses no-ones mind that it maybe slightly bias???

    • yoursenseofhumoursucks

      AHAHAHAHAHA! so funny!!! i laughed so much!!!! you made my day!! hahahaha!!! really funny!!!

  • M H_rock

    paying lots of many to buy an iphone and then paying much more many to download apps (if you dont wanna screw your device with jailbreak ) and then buying music if you wanna get music from the idevice directly and then have your shitty iphone screen broken from the first fall ….. seriously thats practically theft ….not to mention the need of buying pc softwares to transfer your pictures , music and videos to your pc …if you are not willing to pay your whole salary for an idevice then congrats you are not gonna have fun with it … while android is cheaper better and has alot of free apps features and the ease of transferring your file and media…
    iphone is as good as nokia 1100 if you are not gonna spend hundreds of dollars on apps and pc softwares or jailbreak it

  • Guest

    Apple stole the mouse from Xerox.

  • Slyslad3

    The apple technology is just getting way out of hand. The jailbreaking that people do on it is just pointless because all you are doing is trying to make it an android device. And the apple devices just are way to limited to everything. While android is a not strict on anything and can custamize it to the way you like and desire.

  • Person

    Apple will always be better than android,you android loving fools

  • beth

    To me drop an iphone gotta pay 200$ to get another one drop a android you got insurance and get another one for free! Android lets you pick a phone out of the hundreds they have but apple keeps releasing the iphone with the same design with small adjustments to it….. The iphone sucks with its connection the android is a lot faster with browsing. And the iphone screen is soo small while the android phones let you pick how big you want it just look at the razr maxx then look at the iphones there all the same size small and easy to break. I would Pick The ANDROID ANYDAY!! SCREW IPHONES AND THERE LAME ASS PHONES!

    • bugtard

      iphones and ipads have no change in iOS at all. from iphone 3 to 4s, from the first ipad to the new ipad. no damn change. boring

  • Katie Blackwell-Martin

    I love my mac but I’ve never been sold on an Iphone. I LOOOOVE Android phones. So customizable, full of personality, gotta have my google maps gps. I just love how android phones flow. There is a part of me that wants to like iphone…the owning a mac having an Icloud hovering around makes it seem like I should go Iphone. I bought one once used for a week and returned it for an android phone. Androids multitask better, I also have issues paying for a turn by turn gps app when google map app is on android for free. I like my widgets on my homepage, and prior to iclouds creation I got used to using evernote and google calendar to keep things accessible from everywhere. Apple makes a great computer but I find their phones a little boring and lack luster.