Great, another reason to be lazy! If there’s one thing that Adam Sandler’s previous movie, Click, taught us is to value time—especially the little things. Okay, I’m going a little bit overboard with this introduction but the fine analogy I was making here is between the remote control used in the movie and a new app called Dijit.

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet that has an IR port, you can use Dijit to convert your gadget into a universal remote control—for all your electronics at home. All you have to do is download the free app and set up the remote control functionality according to each of your device and your local satellite or cable service. It is really easy to set up the remote control onto your Android, taking only about five minutes to complete the process. After that, you can use your Android as a remote control for your TV, A/V box, cable/satellite box, and more.


Each remote you have set up has a corresponding rendering on Dijit’s screen. As a result of this, you get a ‘real’ remote for your devices. Moreover, the app will provide a touchpad control in the middle which triggers actions when you swipe around the pad. However, you have to be careful when you do this as you can unintentionally alter your video source on your TV.

Although it is quite bulky for a remote control alone, you can find it advantageous as it has a TV guide functionality. Apart from scanning hundreds of channels, you can make use of the search function to locate what you want.

Dijit currently supports dozens of the biggest brands for its remote control functions.


Download Dijit here.

Christine Torralba
Christine Torralba has been a freelance writer for the past couple of years. While most of her work has been ghostwritten, she has also contributed articles to magazines such as SPARK, Monday, Vault and Epic. In her spare time, she cooks, takes photos of food, and manages to write about it on her food blog.
  • 8PAQ

    Those look like iOS screen shots. If they are not then someone took copying iPhone to the next level.

    • Issa O

      sorry, photos changed! thanks for noticing!

      • Hypnotica

        I’m very disapointed that griffon digit made two versions of the IR hardware. The IOS version will not sync to an android they say *(

    • a tablet is a tablet , it’s square , one side is a screen , the are few buttons , it uses tactile interface , but seriously a IR port ? last one i saw was on my TI-48

      • Beefchimney

        samsung has a 7″ tablet with an IR port. Its a damn good idea for a tablet around a home. I’d love to be able to change my lights, TV, radio, and fan with my tablet.

  • anon

    Can dijit control for example my fan which has a remote control which transmit an ir signal and my stereo which does the same? also can it control multiple tvs as i have two in the living room

    • this android app supports IR, RS232 (serial) and IP control:

      • drfuzz1

        Come on, this app has to use wi-fi from your phone. I need the IR app to use direct from phone.

      • not to mention it is $40!

        • Universal AV

          You could try my app in Google Play called Universal AV. It uses Wifi to control everything too. However keep in mind this is much better then line of sight IR blasting. For one some devices use the same ir signals. You could run into interference just shooting signals every which way. Also since it is IP you can control anything, be it IP devices, rs232 devices with the proper equipment like a Extron IP Link) or ir with a Global Cache WF2IR. It really gives a lot of control to you the user without you having to be directly in front of the device and pointing your tablet at the device. Just sit back and relax on the chair. =) Oh and my app is 99 cents which is a far cry from $40.

    • JP (crazytekkie)

      It can do multiple rooms, multiple devices.. advanced features and menus on the devices not just the basics.. and it is super easy to setup. So far hasn’t bogged down my galaxy.. best remote program I have used by far.And to those idiots that claim it requires wifi.. apparently there are some that this program is too advanced for.. it is an ir remote people.

  • nick

    My friend has a BlackBerry phone and 7 inch tablet. The tablet came with software already in it that allowed him to remotely control his tablet with his phone. Open programs, apps, listen to music, everything. It’s awesome. But i can’t find an app anywhere that does this same function with my 2 android devices. Note2 and asus transformer infinity tf700. Tried 4 different apps with the same results, which was no result. Anyone know of an app/ program that can do something so simple?

  • pedro

    What if you don’t have an IR port (like almost all smartphones). How can I turn my Android into a remote control?

  • swampwillow

    How do I remove the screen trying to get me to turn it into a remote?