The best zip, rar, and unzip apps for Android

by: Joe HindyAugust 25, 2013
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zip and unzip android apps

Finding an app to zip and unzip various archives is a problem most people don’t deal with until they actually have an archive they need to unpack. It’s not always a zip file either. Sometimes we need to dig into a tar, tar.gz, rar, and various other archives to get what’s inside. So here is a list of the best zip and unzip apps for Android. As usual if you’d rather watch than read, the video is at the bottom.

zip and unzip apps for Android

08 Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

First on our list today is easy unrar, unzip, and zip. This is the most simple app on the list and it’s literally only good for three things. That is viewing archives, unzipping archives, and creating archives. So if that’s all you need, this is it.
The design is a little amateurish but it works as advertised and it really isn’t all that bad. There are a few features that require the premium version like archive encryption. Like most on this list, it supports a variety of file types like rar, zip, tar, and others. To check it out, hit the button below.

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AndroZip zip and unzip apps for Android

07 AndroZip

Next up is AndroZip and it is another one of those Android relic apps because it’s been around forever. So long, in fact, that it still carries an outdated Gingerbread interface but that’s okay because it doesn’t affect the functionality of AndroZip.
Like many others on this list, AndroZip can do more than just create and extract packages. It has a task manager, a root explorer should you need one, and a few other assorted tools. Like most on this list, it can handle more package types, including zip, rar, tar, and 7zip. If this is for you, use the button below.

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best unzip apps for Android

06 7Zipper

Number 6 on the list is called 7zipper. This powerful zipper and unzipper program may look a little outdated, but it actually works fairly well. Among its features, you can drag and drop files, it has a special interface for unpacking things, and it even works pretty quickly.
It also has a plethora of other features. It’s a task manager, FTP client, and it can even back up applications. There is a root manager for our rooted friends if you need one of those as well. It does what it says it does and it does it well. To try it, click the button below.

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Solid Explorer

05 Solid Explorer

Solid explorer is not just an archive app but actually a full file explorer. As it turns out, unzipping archives is one of its many functions so if you’re looking for something that’s more feature filled, here’s a good place for you to start. Like the others, it supports many file types.
It’s definitely one of the better designed apps on the list. There are little animations that make things look nice and smooth functionality. In terms of zipping things up, you can do it in a tar or a zip only, but it can decompress more than that. Use the Google Play button below to pick it up.

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ES File Explorer

04 ES File Explorer

Number 4 on our list is ES File Explorer and as a file explorer, it’s really good. It has a lot of features, a really nice look, and is usually really enjoyable to use. As luck would have it, it can deal with compressed files too if need be.
It can only compress into zip format, but it can deal with a lot more than that. Like most of these file explorers, you have to browse the menu a bit but it works as advertised. So if you need an all in one solution, here is another good one for you. Click the button below to grab it.

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B1 Archiver Free

03 B1 Free Archiver

The first in our top 3 is B1 Free Archiver. This nifty little free app gives you a full compression and decompression solution free of charge and all you have to deal with is some subpar design elements. It’s not terrible but also nothing to write home about.
It unzips just about everything and if you need something compressed, it will do it in both zip and b1 format. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s easy to use, and it’s free. There really isn’t much to complain about with this app except the design.

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02 ZArchiver

Number 2 is ZArchiver and if you want things compressed or decompressed, this has earned its spot as one of the best on the list. It unzips pretty much anything you can think of and it’s usually the archiver app people use in tutorials for other processes, like removing ecm encryption.
It’s not much to look at but it at least has some theming options. Also, it can only compress to 7zip, zip, and tar so if you need something different you’re out of luck. It’s quick, reliable, and there is a free version. All you gotta do is get over the Gingerbread style design elements.

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Root Explorer

01 Root Explorer

And here it is, number 1 on our list and it’s root explorer. This app has been featured on our top 10 lists before for productivity and it makes it here again. The app is easy to use, root user friendly, and it can decompress pretty much everything. There isn’t much more you can ask it to do.
It also functions as an all-in-one file explorer if you need something to that extent. It also has a pretty nifty design that looks slick. If you’re not rooted, you can’t enjoy all of the features, but for compressing and decompressing files, it should do just fine.

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If you take a look at our leaderboard you can see how all these apps stack up. As usual we didn’t rate these ourselves, you guys did. We put them in list form and put up this snazzy video to help you out. If you wanna give them a shot, the links are in the video description.
We wanted the maximum possible choices on this list. There are simple zip and unzip apps and full featured file explorers. There are free and paid options. So whatever you’re looking for, you should be able to find it somewhere on this list. As usual, if there’s a good one we missed, leave a comment below and let us know.

Video Review

  • Me

    You totally misses Total Commander. The classic, and free, file explorer.

    • Android Developer

      true, but for some reason it can’t open 7z files.

  • Luka Mlinar

    When we start adding thing like this to our phone it kind of stops being a phone. At least for me.

  • HildyJ

    I would check out FX File Explorer. It’s very nicely designed and has capabilities I’m still learning. There’s a pro version that adds cloud integration.

  • JWolf_PDX

    Love ES. Not only does it have a breadth of supported compressed file formats, it has Windows file system browsing, FTP, Cloud account access, Root explorer capability, built in text editor, slick multitab interface, etc. etc. It’s really a one stop shop for file and file system related activity on Android. Oh and it’s free…

  • Tim

    I have to go with Jwolf on this one ES file Explorer is a beast! You can manage all the files you own be it on the cloud or on the device.

  • Claudio Gutiérrez

    Not all programs in the list can open rar/zip archives with password.

    • Pixelado

      Exactly. I’ve had ES choke on pass-protected files quite often. It’s all good when using ZArchiver though.

  • Md.Hasan Reza

    Nice apps.Thank you. Android,apps,software,

  • Davinder Singh

    These apps are really good work in file compressing activity.

  • Drake

    B1 is the best

  • john

    Hi Joseph..thanks alot for your all efforts..i want to open rar by android..i have apps of rar also i saw your youtube but i couldnt understand..plzzzz help me..send me all tips and all details about how can i read rar files..its book but i couldnt read it..plzzz plzzz plzzz

  • John

    RAR for Android?

  • asd fg

    Also, check out Open Explorer. It’s Open-Source and supports 7z, rar, zip, etc. on android.