The 9 best weather apps for Android

August 18, 2013

Best Weather Apps for Android

Everyone cares about the weather. It has the capacity to fully determine how we spend our day. We dress based on the weather, we cancel outdoor events because of the weather, and sometimes we hide in fear for our lives because of weather. So it’s always important to have the most updated weather available when you need it. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the best weather apps for Android. If you’d rather watch than read, the video is at the bottom.

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Weather Channel weather apps for Android

09 – Weather Channel

First on our list today is the Weather Channel. The venerable authority on the weather, at least on TV, is number 9 on our list. Sadly, the Weather Channel app used to be a lot better of an app, but recent updates have scaled down functionality quite a bit.
It still delivers weather and radar, but that’s really all you get these days. The app took a left turn and started doing some social achievement points thing that half of people like and half of people don’t like. It’s still a great weather app with some solid widget options, but it may have a little too much pizzazz for some. To check it out, click the button below.

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Radar Now best weather apps for Android

08 – Radar Now

8th on our list is a nifty little weather app called Radar Now. If you don’t want the fancy apps with the potentially bloated features, then you want Radar Now. It contains a simple interface that shows you the radar in your area and weather upon request.
It really is a minimal app. There are no screens to swipe through or things to look at, just a big ole radar waiting for you when you open it. To use the weather, click the cloud button at the top and it’ll show you the weather. There isn’t even a widget. So if you want something small and out of the way, this is your best bet. If that’s what you’re looking for, use the button below to download it.

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AccuWeather best weather apps for Android

07 – AccuWeather

Next up is a weather service that we’re all familiar with, AccuWeather. It’s a well-known and generally trusted service for the most part and the app isn’t all that bad either. It comes with the standard features, like radar, hourly forecasts, weekly forecasts, and more. You can also pay to remove ads
The app is very holo centric so holo yolo fans will be pleased. The widgets are no different. You can get a desk clock style widget if you prefer and there is also a dark and light holo style widget you can add as well. Overall it adds up to an above average experience for weather. If this sounds like your kind of weather app, check it out using the button below.

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WeatherPro best weather apps for Android

06 – WeatherPro

Number 6 on the best weather apps for Android is a capable weather app called WeatherPro. It’s a pretty functional app with a nice interface and most features you could ask for. This includes a large variety of weather charts, radar, daily forecasts and a whole lot more. The widgets aren’t bad either.
Okay so here’s the thing with WeatherPro. On its own it’s a perfectly decent paid weather app. However, there are a few services the app makes you pay a premium to use. That’s right, it’s a paid app that makes you pay a second time for features. So it may have been a top 3 weather app, but paying twice for features is, well, really stupid. If you’d like to check it out, check out the button below.

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WeatherBug Elite best weather apps for Android

05 – WeatherBug

In the world of Android, WeatherBug Elite qualifies as a relic. It’s been around since the good old days of Android 1.5 and 1.6 and it’s still around. The impressive part is it is still among the best weather apps out there. It has all your standard features, like hourly and weekly forecasts, and radars.
Unfortunately it’s been brought to our attention that WeatherBug Elite is no longer supported so we’ve had to change this to the standard WeatherBug free edition. It’s still a rather powerful weather app but if you were enjoying the paid version (which is no longer in the Google Play Store), you may be justifiably angry that the Elite version is no longer supported. Until we can readjust the list, we’ll leave this here but depending on how many of the Elite features made it over to the free version, you may find a better alternative somewhere else on the list.

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IlMeteo best Android apps for Android

04 – ilMeteo Weather

Number 4 on our list is called, and I hope I get this one right, ilMeteo Weather. For our friends who are more interested in international weather, this is a great app to start with. You can look up and save locations across the world for quick reference. The only downside is it isn’t as feature heavy as some of these.
In terms of widgets, it’s not necessarily a weak offering but it’s far from being as strong as some on this list. There is a clock widget and a small weather widget. One fun little feature is the ability to report on the weather directly from the app. So if it’s inaccurate or needs updated, you can do it personally.

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Yahoo! Weather best weather apps for Android

03 – Yahoo! Weather

The first in our top 3 is Yahoo! Weather. It’s been a long time since Yahoo! Has been a top 3 in anything, but their weather app is actually pretty decent. It was also updated very recently and now touts a new and slick interface. Is it better than it was before? Yes, yes it is.
The improvements are too numerous to list here, so we’ll outline just a couple of here. It’s added features like daily forecasts, maps, wind and pressure, precipitation, and sun and moon phases. It’s not too much different from it used to be, but it’s still way better.

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GO Weather best weather apps for Android

02 – GO Weather

Number 2 is from a name pretty much everyone knows. Of course, we’re talking about GO Weather from the people who brought you all those other GO apps. This is a solid weather app that delivers at least the basics in what you need for weather.
Where GO Weather really shines is the theming. You can get widget themes and app themes to make your weather at least look how you want it to look. The premium version brings an extra widget and some extra features, but the free one works just fine. It’s one of the best if you need to theme your weather.

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1Weather the best weather apps for Android

01 – 1Weather

And here we are, the top of our best weather apps for Android list and it is Weather Local Forecast, also known as 1Weather. This weather app “is, simply put, beautiful. It has everything you could need. It has radar, forecasts, weather by the hour, weather fun facts every time you open the app, and just a general awesomeness that surrounds it.
It’s all wrapped in a very nice interface and it even has really nice widgets. These include a clock widget, a fashionable little circle widget, and a few other widget options. You can pay to remove the ads but it’s otherwise free to use. Really, couldn’t find much to complain about here.

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Leaderboard best weather apps for Android

Best weather apps for Android Leader board and wrap up

If you take a look at the leaderboard you can see the weather apps for Android and how they stack up. As usual this is how they were rated in the play store and not our personal ratings. There is no bias here. To check them out, use the links in the video description.
This is one of the more varied lists that we’ve done. You have your basic, minimal weather apps, your fully featured weather apps, and even a few apps with some unique and fun features. Like GO Launcher’s theming or Weather Local Forecasts’ weather fun facts. So there should be no problems finding the right weather app for you.

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