Buying phones from China part 1: why bother?

buying phones from China
by 1 year ago

The advantage that Chinese wholesalers offer is that the big corporate expenses, the huge advertising budgets and the need to make 33% profit on each phone doesn’t exist. The result is access to Android smartphones much nearer to their production costs.

SmartQ U7 with DLP projector in-depth review

SmartQ U7-photo1
by 1 year ago

There are plenty of Android tablet makers out there and the big names like Samsung, Asus, Google and Amazon often get all the attention, however there are some good but lesser known tablet makers. One of these is SmartQ which has just released a 7 inch tablet with a built-in DLP projector. I got hold of one and I wasn’t disappointed.

Is a $99 Nexus tablet a viable reality and will it be worth using?

99 dollar tablets
by 1 year ago

If Google really is trying to create a budget tablet it will likely start a new “race to the bottom”. Although traditionally used as a socio-economic term to describe the taxation policies of countries or states, the concept can be equally applied to building cheaper and cheaper consumer devices to boost sales. The problem with the race to the bottom is something needs to be sacrificed to reach the low costs. In economics, work force regulations, wages and taxes are offered on the altar to attract businesses to a given area. In consumer electronics what is sacrificed is quality, features and usability.

Assuming Google launch a $99 tablet, it is likely that other big names will try something similar. The problem is that once these devices get into the hands of consumers they will find that their expectations haven’t been met and this will irreparably damage the Android and Nexus brands.

SmartQ to release new tablets to challenge Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7

smartQ X7
by 1 year ago

Chinese tablet maker SmartQ is set to officially announce a series of new tablets with specifications and pricing aimed at challenging the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. These are the SmartQ X7, which will feature the same OMAP 4470 as the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, but this time in a 7 inch form factor.

SmartQ brings Jelly Bean to all of its current tablets

by 1 year ago

SmartQ has released Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware updates for all of its current tablets. The company has a full range of tablets starting with the smaller seven inch S7 and K7 models and finishing with the 10.1 inch T30. In between, there is an eight inch model and a couple of 9.7 inch models.