LG’s Google TV looks impressive, but is it enough for Google TV to take off?

by 2 years ago

Remember when Eric Schmidt said that “By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded in it.”? It doesn’t look like that’s the case so far, and probably won’t be for a while. But LG has just demoed a very impressive TV that runs the Google TV OS, with the help of a dual core processor, that handles 3D as well. Is Google TV finally ready to take over the market then? I doubt it, and I blame Google for that. While I think Google has learned a lot over…

Logitech Will Update Revue One Last Time to Google TV 2.0

by 2 years ago

As you’ve probably heard, Logitech is giving up on Google TV. Fortunately, it seems they won’t forget about it until they give it one last update to Google TV 2.0, which should certainly make the current owners of the Revue set top box happy. But what about those still wanting to get their hands on some Revue boxes before they are gone for good? I don’t think buying a Revue would be such a smart decision right now. The reason for that is that I think starting next year we should see a lot of other set top boxes that…

Google TV: Android gets backing from Intel, Sony, and Logitech

by 4 years ago

According to the New York Times, Google, Intel and Sony have decided to get together and develop an Android powered internet platform based on the Intel Atom processors for televisions and set-top boxes. The general idea behind the project is to make viewing web applications such as YouTube, Twitter or Picasa just like changing the channel on your TV at home. Logitech are alleged to be involved with the things they do best, peripherals. There really are no other details than this at the moment, but we do not expect the New York Times to be blowing out hot air…

Logitech planning an Android-powered streaming media device?

by 4 years ago

A job opening appeared recently on Logitech’s job board seeking a “super-star” engineer with a strong background in Android application development, an ability to create “elegant UIs that are the window into a world of web based streaming media” and experience with embedded Linux devices. From the description, we can surmise that Logitech is designing an embedded Linux device which is powered by Android and supports web based content and streaming media services. The possibilities for this device are many – is Logitech cooking up its own Android-flavored Roku box, will the Harmony remote come packing Android or will its…