Samsung Galaxy View price drops… again

by: Edgar CervantesFebruary 13, 2016


The Samsung Galaxy View just doesn’t seem to be able to find a spot in many homes. And I honestly don’t know what I would do with it, to be honest. The 18.4-inch device is nice and large, but it won’t replace my TV, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. I suppose an Android device this size would be good mostly for keeping around the kitchen?

Regardless, those of you who do see yourselves using the Samsung Galaxy View can now have it for a lower price. The over-sized tablet was released back in November for $599.99. After what seemed like some unsuccessful weeks, it went down to $499.99. Fast-forward some months and now we are seeing it go for only $449.99.


Will you buy it at that price? It’s really not a bad tablet, it’s just its size that limits it. Specs include an Exynos 7580 processor, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, a 2.1 MP front-facing camera and a 5700 mAh battery. And of course, we can’t forget that massive 18.4-inch 1080p display.

You can try to make sense of Samsung’s explanation of this device’s purpose, if you still don’t know whether to buy it or not. We also have a hands-on post! Then hit the button below to purchase your own when you are convinced. Are any of you signing up? Hit the comments and tell us your reasoning.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy View for $449.99
  • creep_the_night

    Why on earth would someone want a tablet that huge???

    • Leo Kanellopoulos

      for an interactive – touch living room table =P

    • SnakeSplitskin

      go to amazon, search the tablet, and read the reviews. You’ll learn WHO wants a tablet that huge and WHAT they use it for and HOW MUCH satisfaction they’ve gotten from it.

      • sonybru

        It’s just like when Samsung introduced the Note. The gadget sites ridiculed and rejected it for the size and impracticality while it slowly gained a following.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Exactly! Although I think this one will require few more tweaked iterations before it catches on….if it catches on.

  • D’ohrk!

    I’m of the opinion that what really holds this device back, is the…back. A rigid handle come kickstand that is always protruding makes this a very poor design and difficult to transport.

  • Linh

    1080p :(

  • ichuck7

    If this had a hdmi port that could double as a TV, I would be a lot more intrigued.

    • MBTechno

      Yeah Acer had this 21.5″ Android TV with a HDMI input.

      *it’s discontinued, now, which sucks, because my mother was looking for something exactly like this. They’re running for 900 on Amazon, while I saw them selling out for 250 at Best Buy less than a year ago.

    • Will Burn

      I ordered a Micro USB hub with HDMI, USB ports, and card reader for $6.69. Not sure how well it will work on the Galaxy View because it has not arrived yet. Regardless, I still like the big tablet.

      Just last Wednesday, Feb 24th, we lost electric power for about 24 hours due to high winds from a Tornado in the area. Using gas logs for heat and battery lanterns for light, we broke out the Galaxy View and watched about 7 hours of DirectTV (until after midnight) before it needed charging. While the Galaxy was charging, we started watching DirecTV on a 8″ Tablet but it was so disappointing in comparison that we turned it off and went to bed. One thing that I did find disappointing was that the Galaxy would not recharge from a zero gravity battery connected by USB to the micro USB on the Galaxy. It only charges from the power jack and I did not have a small enough adapter to work, but I am looking for one now.

      I have generators and used one of them the next morning for 2 side by side refrigerators and a freezer. I could also have used a generator for my big screen TV and satellite box, but chose not to as the Galaxy View was more than adequate for TV viewing. The Galaxy was recharged on a cheap 75 watt converter plugged into the car overnight (didn’t kill the car battery either, started right up the next morning). The Galaxy was convenient for this situation and I did not need to subject my expensive big screen TV and DVR to possible damage from generator surges. The big screen TV would also have pulled at least another 500 watts of power from the generator that could be better served else where.

      Although we have numerous computers and tablets, i enjoy using the Galaxy View at home also. I like the big screen for checking emails and browsing the net. No regrets here on purchasing my Galaxy View.

  • aaloo

    anything manufactured by samsung has the fastest depreciation the minute it leaves the factory line :)

    • sami sami sama

      Because they were asking an arm and a leg in the first place.
      They need NOT to punish their first time buyer buy giving a reasonable pricing in the first place.

  • Diego

    $200 or no deel.

    • James Childress

      Maybe not even at that price…the resolution is too low for the tablet size.

    • Пешо Пешев

      When price drop to $200 I’ll get 3. Even $250 will be great price…

  • Diego

    What are they called again, portable all in ones?

    • riderofstuff


  • Rob Cook

    Could you at least give us you honest opinion? To be honest I’m not sure your being honest, honestly.

  • Marvin w samsung

    64 gb internal memory from AT&T.
    Works great in the kitchen, in the garage, on the deck or when not traveling by plane. Games are amazing, try Madden on it.

    • Marvin W. Samsung

      Oh yeah, Direct TV on it too from AT&T

    • riderofstuff

      have you tried playing Risk on it?

  • shamatuu

    if it was 250 ?

  • Handheld Addict

    Damn, I honestly kinda want it but I can’t really figure out too much of a purpose for it either, mostly video and hook up a Bluetooth controller for gaming. Lucky U.S., doubt we’ll see a price drop in Canada.

    • Hector Rivera

      I love it. Use it in the kitchen area, in the living room and as a supplemental computer in the classroom

  • sami sami sama

    I really wish samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) price will go down to US$250-300 range, because I like the phone, and the current price doesn’t make sense.

  • Keith Borger

    It doesn’t seem very practical

  • Hector Rivera

    I don’t understand the negativity. Basically it’s anot extremely portable all in one with no cord. I don’t understand the comments aboutvresolution, unless your within 5 inches of the screen.

  • Marco Lorenzo

    What I don’t understand is why they didn’t put this processor in their latest flagship tablets (or at least the 7420). And how can they put such a tiny battery in such a huge device like this? Not to mention the limited ram. I doubt I will ever buy another Apple product but sometimes I feel they are the only ones who actually know what they’re doing.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Think of this as a flat-screened smart tv with touch screen ability that’s smarter than most smart tv’s. Smarter because the full Google Play App Store is available to it whereas it is not with regular Smart Tv’s.

      The price seems high but it actually isn’t. It would be a lot higher if:
      1) screen resolution were higher
      2) contained a larger battery
      3) had multiple display ports (hdmi)

      Can you imagine trying to prop this “TV” tablet up on a table for a group of people to view if it didn’t have that back handle/stand? Making the handle/stand permanent means that the two would never be separated and that the tv could be positioned properly at any time.

      • Marco Lorenzo

        Does it work with a HDMI dongle so you can plug in consoles or other devices?

        • SnakeSplitskin

          It’s price is already questionable just being as basic as it is. Adding HDMI functionality or quad HD resolution and other bells and whistles we’ve come to like with our premium Samsung tablets would increase the price and also make it a competitor to said premium devices.

          I think given the specs and the features (or lack thereof), Samsung has entered or created a new niche for the tablet space. Giving it too many upgrades would have it reaching into other niche areas that would create even more confusion. Just my 2 cents.

          • Marco Lorenzo

            Maybe my house is not big enough but I simply don’t think I would ever need a device like this, especially when I already have a 10″ tablet. And if I didn’t, I still wouldn’t get this simply because other tablets at this price range are far more useful due to the battery life. But that’s me. My original comment was hardly targeting this particular device anyway since I don’t really care about it. What I find strange is why Samsung chose not to include their best processor in their latest flagship tablet, the S2 Tablet. At a similar price range to Apple’s iPads, they could’ve released something that would’ve been neck to neck with Apple but instead, they were stingy and released it with outdated hardware. Of course, they could do this because the general public wouldn’t know the difference and it would still be the best selling Android tablet around unfortunately.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            TBH, I’m not really all that familiar with the S2 Tablet. Is this the right article to be commenting on it? Probably not, but since you’ve started the conversation, here we go. Have you used the S2 Tablet? Neither have I so I don’t know how well Samsung has optimized the tablet to work with the processor they did include in the tablet. Maybe it will perform as well as the current Ipads. And why bash a product just because the general public might make it the best selling Android tablet? Usually, a product that becomes “best selling” is a product that deserves to be “best selling”. People buy what satisfies them and typically something that sells really well usually is because it satisfies a lot of people. So with the S2 Tablet we’ll just have to wait and see.

            As for the Galaxy View, it isn’t supposed to be used the same as you would a 10″ tablet. That should be glaringly obvious with the built-in handle/stand. Therefore you can’t really compare the price because a 10″ tablet can not provide the same value an 18″ device of this sort provides. Try setting your 10″ tablet outside on the patio table in a way that everyone at the table can view to watch a movie. You’ll have to agree that wouldn’t be so pleasant for everyone. This is where the Galaxy View succeeds beyond what 10″ tablets can provide as it was meant to do. So if you live in a studio apartment and already have a large flat screen tv and a 10″ tablet, perhaps it doesn’t really make sense to have the View. But if you have more than one room in your home or have a shop in your garage or have a nice patio, you may be interested in the Galaxy View.

          • Marco Lorenzo

            I don’t think I was really going off topic. The article was about how Samsung has released a tablet that doesn’t seem to be selling well due to some strange design decisions, something which I feel also relates to the S2 Tab. But anyway, I always thought the beauty of Disqus is that it’s not like typical forums where you should stick to the topic. Aren’t we nitpicking just a little?
            As for the S2 Tab, a product sells well often because of a big marketing budget and no one can beat Samsung when it comes to marketing budgets. The S2 Tablet will be the most prominently displayed tablet at every electronic shop, what do you think the general public will want to buy?
            Also, I don’t need to have used it to know how it will perform. That’s what reviews, user feedback and common sense is for. Samsung has never been one to optimise their software for their hardware well, so even without reading any user feedback or reviews, one would know that it would be impossible for them to optimise a chip from 2014 to compete against the latest and greatest from 2015. It would’ve been impossible anyway but you wanted to go there. But I have done my research because I was recently in the market for a new tablet and every review has said that the Exynos processor used in the S2 Tab (the same one used in some versions of the Note 4 mind you, a phone released in 2014) is no where near the performance of the latest iPads. That means that it is over priced since it is competing in the same price range as the iPad Air/mini. As a flagship tablet selling at flagship prices, they have no excuse for not including their latest SoC made available in the View. I never bashed it “just because” it is something the general public wants. I simply think that Samsung is taking advantage of their market position and the mass market’s lack of knowledge to rip them off.
            As for the View, once again, you outlined a scenario that I can’t realistically see happening. I have a home theatre room set up with a large couch, surround sound and projector. Why would I ever want to spend a couple of hours watching a movie with a bunch of people squished around a table in my backyard or upstairs balcony on an 18″ screen and the comparably small speakers? And if I wanted to show them a quick clip I found on YouTube, I wouldn’t go back inside the house and lug my giant tablet out just to show a 2 minute video.
            Seriously, the only people I can see buying this tablet are people with unlimited resources or the gadget nerds who must own every new thing available. But how much will they actually use it? Not much I would imagine.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Whoops, wrong article.

  • wcjeep

    Would work great for in vehicle movie or RV TV.

  • Sagnik Dasgupta

    Did I just see softkeys on a Samsung?

  • Choda Boy

    The specs are rather mediocre, though. They rather limit it to a media consumption device, but it is too expensive for that, IMHO.

  • With the thing being 18 inches, they could’ve had SATA support for larger hard drives, just make an encasing right in the back for them. Also, hdmi would’ve made this a killer buy as it could’ve doubled as a second screen for gaming, cable tv or hooking up dvd/bluray to it. At $450, it’s still too much for me, when I can get something smaller, with better specs for about $200 less.