Samsung Galaxy S3 was the world’s best-selling smartphone in Q3 2012

by: AdrianNovember 8, 2012

Well, what do you know, there’s a new mighty king ruling over the magic realm of smartphones, and it’s not just in total sales across all models, but also when talking about the sole best-selling device.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has managed to overtake Apple’s iPhone 4S in global shipments and market share in Q3 2012. 18 million S3 units have been shipped between July and September across the world, while the 4S has only managed to come in at 16.2 mil.

As for the global share, Samsung’s flagship device has covered more than 10% (10.7, to be more exact), meaning that one in every 10 smartphones shipped has been an S3. And that includes budget-friendly entry-level devices, which we know still rule China and India, the biggest markets right now. Dayum, that’s impressive!

We don’t want to be unfair though and accused of being subjective, so we have to admit that the iPhone 4S’s 9.7% market share is also pretty nice, considering the gadget’s earlier release date compared with the S3, but also its very strong holdout across the year.

The 4-incher that saw the light of day back in October 2011 had a 12.7% share in Q2 2012, shipping in 19.4 million units, so the phone’s numbers have gone down, but not massively.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 only punched in at 5.4 million units shipped and a 3.5% share between April and June 2012, but you have to keep in mind that the phone only saw the light of day in late May in Europe and the Middle East, while the US got it a few days before the fiscal quarter ended.

Strategy Analytics, the market research and consulting firm that conducted this latest report, has Apple’s iPhone 5 coming in on third in Q3, with 6 million units shipped and a total market share of 3.6%.

Those are again impressive numbers, seeing as the release date for Apple’s “biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” was September 21 in parts of the world, but they do challenge a bit some Cupertino claims. According to a press release dated September 24, iPhone 5 sales topped five million “just three days after its launch”, so one has to think – were those numbers bloated?

Anyhoo, while we expect Samsung to again yield S3’s crown to Apple in 2012’s last fiscal quarter, we’d rather live in the moment right now, enjoy one of the biggest successes in recent Android history, and give Apple our warmest regards, as well as a friendly “in your face!”. Who’s with me?

  • Peterson Silva

    Hail! I’m still saving up for it :)

  • hoggleboggle

    let’s see their argument now. First it was Apple is the largest single manufacturer compared to Androids multitude, the Apple sells the largest number of individual handsets compared to the plethora of Android models. Now that that has passed as well, what is going to be Apple’s next step?

    • Expect something like this in responce..
      “Apple still has the best selling device with a 4 inch display” LOL
      Apple and its fruity fanboys..

  • Android_guy

    Great job, Samsung! Cheers!

  • IncCo

    love my s3

  • EKfine

    with my s3 i feel like a king! lmao! no seriously, i do!

  • huzi

    A flop phone. sold mine one month ago and i am more than happy that i bought an iphone 5. the s3 is shitty product. bad update politics, laggy system,too big,plastic piece of shit

    • AngelesMEC

      The restricted functionality if the iOS is the one and only piece of shit. Nothing more.

    • Gorga Naibaho

      Nice try.

    • trolololol, nice try buddy!, but I would suggest first buying the S3 device and then comment rather than fabrciating non-sense :p

    • Who let the troll out!?

    • ken

      Had the Iphone for 10 days, traded it for the S3….. :). No comparison. Galaxy is the perfect smart phone.

    • Vboom

      The only remotely true comment here is the update politics are pretty annoying.
      I am a user of both products, possibly (I will admit) more towards Apple than my Android gear but I can’t agree with 90% of what this guy has said, another Apple troll that gives the rest of us a bad name.

    • TheAffidavit

      Android needs little bit polished experience , 4.1/4.2 is great.

      WP instantly made me very surprised , it feels quite polished but lack of apps.

      Until then , iOS still better especially considering tablet apps.

  • Ifags2012

    Sensing ios to open their source to public in near future? Haha

  • I don’t think Samsung is going to yeild the crown in Q4. Aggressive pricing of the S3 bymby many retailers will see to that. I wholeheartedly believe Apple’s days as top dog in the smartphone world are past it. Mark. My. Words.

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      I also think Samsung might stand a chance in Q4 too, but only if the Galaxy S4 hype starts to build soon and people start to hold out for that instead of going for the iPhone 5…

  • Elder

    Is it cumulative sales or Q3 sales only?

    • Vboom

      Q3 sales only from what I understand

  • Androidway

    My GS3 do stuff that your iphone 5 wish it could

  • Lawlezz

    I had android for 2 years and recently went to the iPhone5 to try it out becuz ive never owned an Apple product and wanted to see what the fuss was about. In all honesty I really like the phone and feel its a very solid and premium piece of equipment. My sister has the s3 which ive checked out and really like too (I had an s1 before i switched and loved that phone too). But all in all there all great phones…just depends on what your looking for and what makes you happy at the end of the day. = )

  • Tae

    Love the S3, have a One X myself because I prefer the build quality of it, but Samsungs flagship is a nice piece of gear. However, anyone who thinks that it will outsell the iPhone 5 in Q4 is deluding themselves. A soon-to-be-obsolete 4s was still the 2nd highest selling phone of Q3, not all that far behind a newly released flagship. The i5 sales figures for Q4 are toing to embarrass Samsung. Foxcom can’t keep up with demand for the phone, I think that should be indicitive in itself. No matter how much better top-end Android devices are than iPhones, iPhone has the popular vote.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      You do realize that a major reason they can’t keep up with the demand for the iPhone5 is that Foxconn had to slow down their assembly process to make sure not to cause damage to the much more easily scratched iPhone5 body before it was even boxed.. Having demand for an Apple product is not new however this time the supply limit is exacerbated by the more careful manufacturing required. This will also limit the total sales the iPhone5 will have in the near future, possibly even to fall below sales total of the 4s for any given comparable past quarter.. Quite a different story than the Samsung Galaxy SIII which still has high demand and also has a more ample supply. I would dare say that the next few quarters may result in the iPad mini selling more than the iPhone5.

  • Henning Sainog

    The Galaxy S3 or the iPhone5? They’re both good hardware & you can’t go wrong buying either one. A year or so from now it’ll be something else & we can get a few laughs at the posts on which is a better smartphone.

  • s3 selling this much now? i thought it’s time for Note II and Nexus 4.. i am getting Nexus 4.. it seems..

  • Dude

    there is a difference between shipped and sold.