New “Pool Party” Samsung Galaxy S4 ad is out, the jabs at Apple are back (video)

by: Bogdan BeleMay 3, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 ad

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 ad, called “Grad Pool Party” manages to show off some of the smartphone’s new features, while making fun of the iPhone at the same time.

If previous Samsung Galaxy S4 ads were introducing some of the new features, like Sound & Shot, Group Play, and S Translator, or highlighting the design and looks of the new device, this one does the same, with the added bonus of some pokes in Apple’s direction (which are not a new thing for Samsung, after all).

The ad takes place at a graduation pool party and, as you’ll see, the various characters are using the Galaxy S4’s features in certain situations. The way it can control a TV is shown, and so is the Air Gesture feature (when a girl reads a message with her hands full of sun lotion, without touching the screen).

Apple references, made in the most typical Samsung style, appear when two characters share a picture just taken using S Beam, and a lady with an iPhone who wants to do the same is told that her phone is incapable of doing it. But that’s nothing compared to the line “if some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones, what are we doing with these phones?”, one that refers to the iPhone and really says it all.

You can watch the ad below.

Samsung is not the only company that makes fun of its competitors directly; Microsoft did the same just recently, in a pretty funny Windows Phone TV ad.

Do you like Samsung ads in which the company takes stabs at its competitors, or do you prefer commercials that solely focus on features?

  • lol.

  • Pradaman Shorey

    its funny.. just like the other clips..not sure if it will help samsung though

  • Jaime Larios

    I can’t see the video, it says is a private video :-(

    • Plays just fine :)

      • Jaime Larios

        Now it says the video doesn’t exist… Bummer. I really wanted to see it. I suppose we will have to wait a little longer :-(

  • Stan Jez

    password required. private video for me too.

  • cvgordo

    Very good commercial imo. unlike the nokia ad, it highlighted the features of the phone (whether you would actually use them or not). the digs at apple are getting old but the message that “s4 can do this and iphone cannot” come across clearly.

  • Matt
    • Jaime Larios

      thank you!! I was looking for this yesterday and couldn’t find it!

  • No One

    But your next big thing come with tiny storage available for apps. Where the hell are the 32/64GB variants?

    • Know its not common in Apple OS language, but for Android users is called an expandable memory card! Cost $25-$50 for 64 Gb on android, not $750 as on Apple

      • iPhoNexus

        Call me back when u can actually be able to use that 64 GB for installing apps

        • You’ve been able to do that since android 2.3, and even earlier with App2SD

          • iPhoNexus

            Google removed it with 4.0 and above versions.

            galaxy S2 had it until it got ICS update

            EDIT : Another user shared this link :

          • Adrian Remus

            Where is that open-source freedom of choice google android?

          • iPhoNexus

            Custom ROMs

          • Adrian Remus

            “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

          • Adrian Remus

            Off topic: ever tried Disqus app on windows phone?

          • iPhoNexus

            Yes , its a good app

  • rome5678

    aaaahahahahah… the iphone part was pretty funny

    • “Can I share to?”

      • Jusephe

        Yes, just download bump.

        • Abdullah

          Bump requires internet connection… and NFC is alot faster than bluetooth…

          • Shut up

            I am sorry…but when does anybody not have an internet connection, I mean come on. NFC faster than Bluetooth LOL! Maybe if your talking about the process of connecting devices, but try transferring a song using bluetooth and again using NFC. Yep.

          • CpuKnight

            The point is you dont need to really use a third-party app to do it.Just after you take a pic just use Android Beam/ S Beam. And some people out there just dont have mobile internet. And that pretty much makes bump useless for that portion of people. Do it easier with NFC.

  • masterdebater

    Samsung knows how to really rub it in.

  • Bob Hanuman

    I’m gonna wait until I can whistle and a Galaxy device can do something useful like clean the windows

  • Keandre Espina

    At least Samsung really gives you good reasons why it’s better. Microsoft’s excuse is to stop people fighting and Apple’s excuse is the “fragmentation problem” in Android as usual where they forget the fact that the most widely used version of Android that’s two or three years older than their latest OS can do way more.

  • Ashkid

    I guess when you have an ad marketing campaign in the US where iphone holds most of the market share, Samsung has to target apple and include them in their commercials.. iuno…

  • Love it but little peeved, all the apple users are old fogies. Guess its not far off though most youth want better and faster, older gens stick to what they know (Apple). And by the time the so called “new iphone comes out the S5 will probably already be hitting the stores come January.

  • wonshikee

    I dunno about the preview thing, that seems pointless but the multiple photo thing was really cool, gimmicky but cool.

    the “can I share too?” thing was the funniest part

    • her hands were covered with lotion, that’s why she ‘hovered’ over the text.

  • Abdullah

    I love this ad, very smart! =D

  • #Samsungterribleadvertising
    • Cornstarch

      lame, can the Iphone 5 use the front and rear camera at the same time. can it shoot slow motion at 1/8 speed or fast motion at 8× normal speed. can it shoot 1080p HDR video at 30fps can it shoot 720p video at 60fps.

  • Hannah Stern

    Those Gimmicks do not exist on Galaxy Models since 2014. The Note 3 is the last one.

  • Hannah Stern

    What is the name of the Song in the Advertisement?

  • Hannah Stern

    The guy who take that photo was not on full resolution, because the full sensor resolution (4160 times 3120) or 13 Megapixels is 4:3. He was on a 16:9 Resolution.