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Samsung introduced its 2013 flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 at a launch event in New York on March 14. Regardless of your feelings about the similar design to its previous flagship, or about how Samsung decided to continue using plastic, you have to admit that the Galaxy S4 is PACKED with software features! In case you missed watching the event, and are curious to these features in action, Samsung has released a series of videos showcasing some of the new introductions. Let’s take a look!

Air View/Air Gesture/Glove Friendly

We’re all familiar with the Air View feature that was introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Of course, Air View on the Note 2 works with the S-Pen, but on the Galaxy S4, you can use this feature with your finger. This feature is quite useful, allowing you to preview images in an album without opening it, or previewing a point in a video, and of course, all without actually having to touch the screen. With Air Gesture, you can change music tracks or scroll up and down a webpage without touching the screen, or answer a call with a wave of your hand.  Another feature of the Galaxy S4 is the fact that it is glove-friendly, which is great for when you’re stuck out in the cold, but really need to use your phone. The best part? Air View works even then! Here’s the video –

Dual Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts a great 13MP rear camera, and a 2MP front camera. Now, you can use both cameras simultaneously to take pictures or videos. If you’ve been stuck as the group photographer before, you know it feels to be left out of pictures. No more! With Dual Camera, you can now add yourself to any picture taken with the back camera, also allowing you to use a variety of frame effects and adjust the size of the front camera picture to blend more naturally with the image. Dual Camera mode works for video calls as well, in case you want to show what you’re looking at during a call. Let’s take a look at this feature in action-

Sound & Shot

Sound & Shot is another unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that allows you to record voice or audio while taking a still picture! As Samsung says, it’s like having a “multi-media diary.” No other explanation necessary, let’s go to the video to see how this feature works –

S Translator

S Translator is another very useful feature to have, especially when you travel a lot to places where the language difference is a big issue. S Translator provides instant translation using text or voice translation in applications including email, text messages, and Samsung ChatOn, with translation being possible both from speech to text and text to speech. Check out the video below –

So far, we’ve got to see just a select few of the numerous features Samsung has introduced with the Galaxy S4. What are your thoughts? Which if these features do you think will be most useful to you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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