We told you that a Samsung TV ad targeting the new iPhone 5 was in the works and it looks like Samsung decided to release it today, a couple of days ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, and right on the iOS 6 release day.

The script is the same, only the players have changed. Instead of a Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S comparison we now have their successors as stars of this ad. Samsung’s point is, obviously, that “the next big thing is already here,” and that the iPhone 5 should not deserve all the attention that it’s getting from anxious buyers willing to stand in line to get the device. And this time around, Samsung managed to release the commercial right in the nick of time – as we speak, there already are various iPhone 5 lines in front of Apple stores.

The ad makes fun of some of the iPhone 5’s new features including the relocation of the headphone jack, the introduction of a new or the smaller dock connector that’s not compatible with current dock accessories.

As I wrote when I saw the first ads in this series, and unfortunately for Samsung, these ads keep making fun of people willing to wait in line to get a new device and their wits, which isn’t something the company should necessarily be doing in its attempt to steer some of them away from Apple products and to Galaxy-branded devices. But hey, it’s Samsung’s dime.

Sure, the ad is still hilarious, even if just a bit too predictable, considering the previous versions of this ad concept. And yes, Samsung does point out some of the unique features of its Galaxy S3 during the short 90-second video. But will the ad really work? I asked the same question when looking at the company’s print ad that ran in various publications a few days ago.

At the time I noted that Apple will probably not respond with a similar print ad of its own, just as it won’t respond to this video ad either. However, come next week, the iPhone maker will issue a press release announcing impressive sales numbers for the opening weekend, pre-orders included. Like it or not, no Samsung device has enjoyed a similar release so far no matter how many times it poked Apple and iPhone buyers with such ads.