windows phone ad

The new Windows Phone TV ad that will start showing today, while it does make fun of Android users alongside iPhone users, is a pretty funny one.

The ad’s story takes place at a wedding where people start fighting over what phone each one of them is using (and most of us will probably have to admit having done so more than once). You might even hear some of the cliché lines some of us use during said fights.

A couple of waiters are shown filming the fight using Nokia Lumia 920 and stating the obvious, that users of the two platforms like fighting, (it’s part of the fun, isn’t it?). You can watch the ad below:

The current ad is trying to position Windows Phone as an alternative to Android and iOS, and, while it may not be the best one, as Microsoft’s Michael Stroh says in the blog post promoting it, the ad is still quite funny and it’s good to see that Microsoft can have a sense of humor.

How about you? Did you ever get into fights with users of other platforms?