Exclusive: new LG G5 leak reveals Magic Slot module in action

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 17, 2016


The LG G5 will indeed have a Magic Slot function that allows different accessories – or modules – to be inserted into the bottom of the device, as this photo leaked exclusively to Android Authority in advance of MWC 2016 reveals. While the image has had the background blocked out to protect the source, we can confirm this is a legitimate photograph of the LG G5.

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The image shows the back of a gold-colored LG G5 with a rather large module attached. The upper edge of the G5 shows the same familiar dual-camera setup we’ve seen in multiple leaks already, complete with slightly raised fingerprint sensor and camera array bump. The lack of physical buttons on the visible right hand side of the device also matches up with other leaks that have the volume rocker positioned on the left.




But onto that module. The first question is – what is it? While at first it looks like an extended battery pack, certain details make me think it’s something else entirely. For instance, why would an extended battery module need a dial or so many other buttons? While it is feasible that it is just an extended battery with some cool new features going on, I have a different theory, so stick with me.

What if it’s actually a camera module instead? Previous leaks claimed the LG G5 Magic Slot would allow different kinds of cameras to be inserted, after all. While this module clearly has no camera lens, it’s possible it adds additional features to the G5’s existing camera lens, along with a bigger battery. That would mean the dial might be a control dial or zoom, the button to the right of the dial could be a power button and the larger button to the left of the dial definitely looks like a shutter button to me.

LG G5 modular battery design

The actual function of this module may not be revealed fully until the LG press conference this coming weekend, but the image does show us other details we’ve been dying to see. Namely how the modules work with the larger G5 unit. Along the bottom edge of the mystery module we can see a join, below which we can see what looks to be a USB Type-C port, speaker grill and a possible headphone port. The question is: are these part of the G5 unit or part of the module?

LG-G4-Hands-On-aa-(8-of13)See also: The LG G5 and its “magic slot” modules: some thoughts65

Considering the images we’ve seen leaked and the reproductions from an eyewitness account, the entire bottom section of the G5 supposedly pulls away, revealing a battery slotted inside the main part of the phone. This means that if a large module like the one pictured here is inserted, with a large bulge on the back, the bottom part of the G5 that was taken out can’t slot back in.

lg g5 leak (2)

This makes me think that the various LG G5 modules come with their own built-in bottom section that includes the bottom bezel below the display as well as the various ports along the bottom of the phone. This image supports the idea insofar as you can see a visible seam on the lower edge of the G5 on the left hand side of the image, which we’ve also seen in other leaked images. The bottom section of the G5 also appears to be a different color to the rest of the phone, which is again most visible at the seam on the side.


Of course, this is all just conjecture based on a blurry leaked photo of an upcoming device with scant factual details surrounding it. Your guesses are ultimately as good as mine, but no matter what you think this module is or does, we don’t have long to wait to find out though. Stay tuned to Android Authority this Sunday when LG will officially unveil the LG G5 and its various modules at MWC 2016.

What do you think this module does? Do you think the module idea will fly?

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  • Armand Bernard

    I’d probably buy that based on your description. More hardware buttons and an extended battery? Hell yeah!
    It does add some bulk and makes cases impossible (or at least much more difficult) but I don’t mind too much.

  • DeX



      My sister had that phone, so many problems with it

      • gilbert supeno

        your sister had an LG G5?????

        • ASYOUTHIA

          She didn’t like it, said the bottom made her feel like she was playing with Lego’s (can’t stand cheap plastic) and even though it has an microSD card slot, there’s no way of putting in anything higher than an microSD808 chip in it. (She needs the extra processor for her CAD files for work)

          • Wut

          • ASYOUTHIA


          • ASYOUTHIA’s SISTER

            Yes brother! I wish they come up with a module which would let me insert a SD820 processor to help me with work. I also want a module which would turn the LG G5 into a coffee machine.

          • ASYOUTHIA

            You’re dumb, everyone knows that the microSD820 gets a better benchmark score than the SD820 in the Play Store!

          • Michał Pycia



          I gave it away to a homeless kid.

      • abn

        Good onè

  • Me

    Take notes every other phone makers.. that’s how you innovate in a cluttered market.

    • it’s me tim-cock.

      Innovate what? That looks like trash. LG should just go home with their gimmicky shiat.

      • moew

        I innovated this morning. Then I flushed.

      • Robin George

        Lolz Samsung fans can’t talk about gimmicks

    • Yeah, like people are going to carry around magic slot expansion packs in their pockets

      • Juschan

        its like the games in gameboy times ? only way bigger

    • Kody

      Yes, that is how you innovate. Now we just have to wait for someone who can innovate well.

  • Robin George

    LG is the the king of innovation… Samsung and apple is crap…

    • neo905

      You must work for their PR department. That phone looks hideous.

      • Marc Perrusquia

        The design doesn’t look too great to me either, but to be fair leaks never do a phone’s design justice.

        • neo905

          I know the 6P hump wasn’t as bad in person as the leaks but this is more like a humpback whale. Plus I just don’t like the overall design aesthetic at all

          • Marc Perrusquia

            That’s fair. I’d be fine if it looked just like the S5, since they’re retaining the removable battery.

          • s2weden2000

            no removable baTtery …

      • Jumperone

        at least it’s NOT next iPhone!

    • wsoul1

      Vain much?

  • Nagasaky2x

    Add to your theory that if it is for camera functions that bump would serve great as grip just like DSLR cameras.

  • digitaldr

    I’m thinking it could be a projector.

  • aaloo

    Lol. Are you serious with this. So we are going back to the 90s. They are essentially making a point and shoot camera? could be a battery pack, who knows right now. But this looks hideous. It’s like people making decisions don’t have a clue. Stop being stuck in the past.

  • Kody

    You wanna know that the hump is? It’s ugly, that’s what it is.

  • saksham

    u will remember me when i tell u this : its just a gimmick and ONLY 10 % OF PEOPLE WHO WILL OWN THE G5 WILL USE THIS FEATURE

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      A little early to say that. Look at project Ara. Being able to add extra features to your phone is a popular idea. I think it will all depend on what is available. Added camera features may not appeal to that many due to the added bulk, but there are plenty that could really want them. How about a projector, amplified speaker, credit card reader or 2T hard drive? Modules could also add better DSLR function with an external optical camera lens or lenses. Realistically this feature could be used in so many ways by LG and 3rd party companies that the options are limited only by what people want to do with their phones. Think about all the external gadgets added to iPhones by external cases, now think about those same things plugging directly into the phone. The world is moving towards the smartphone being an all powerful device that people use for everything, why not add functionality with new features like this. This being the first option available you may not see wide adoption right away, but it is very similar to mobile payment systems. Someone developed it and only a handful used it. After a bit of time and other options being available it is taking off. Would it have done the same if nobody bothered to introduce the first version though? At one point everyone was told that a 3.5″ screen was all you needed and was the perfect size. Keep an open mind, this may lead to nothing or it could lead to everything.

      • moew

        6 letters: USB-OTG

        • Murphy’s Magnet

          While that can and does work for many things, there may be some others that you don’t really want cables for. A module that works with a VR headset comes to mind.

      • Tech

        sorry, project Ara is BS from:
        and many other points of view.

        world’s 768 customers that need Projector will go and find one on the Internet.
        LG’s “magic” (this leak contradicts previous Drizzle leak design) thing is incredibly ugly and barely useful.
        It’s promising only on paper.

        232 million iPhones sold in 2015 and NONE of them has an amplifier or projector.

        • Murphy’s Magnet

          So your argument against progression and new ideas is that Apple isn’t doing it? I don’t even think I can count the number of things that Apple wasn’t doing until after it became popular and they decided to make it “revolutionary”. The iPhone is incredibly popular, but innovative it hasn’t been for a long time. LG is trying something and it will either work or it won’t. I choose to look at the potential instead of bashing it before I see it or use it.

    • JMG

      When LG or any other company thats not samsung or apple tries to innovate people call it gimmick. but if it was apple or samsung people would say “innovation”..edge screen=gimmick,3d touch=gimmick.

      • SnakeSplitskin

        Um, people have been lobbing “gimmick” at samsung for quite some time. The SPen in the original Note was considered a gimmick. The Edge screen on the S6 Edge was accused of being a gimmick. Hand gestures above the phone? gimmick. etc. etc. The “gimmick” here with the new LG G5 is that they are offering additional functionality in the form of hardware instead of software. Obviously if this added functionality doesn’t add value that people want then they won’t buy the accessory. The phone itself could still be a good phone. I just won’t be buying one even if it is.

      • saksham


  • Ew

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    is it me or this one looks better than those pics on dubizzle?

  • Omgomg

    please Allmighty Internet, let me UNSEE LG G5 and this SH*T.
    Ugly phone, ugly leaks. Go home LG, you’re bankrupt.

  • Bradley Uffner

    “While this module clearly has no camera lens, it’s possible it adds additional features to the G5’s existing camera lens”

    That’s not how lenses work…


      Duh! Its magic!

    • Linh Nguyën

      They meant “existing camera”.

  • charlie Jason

    Two letters:

  • Kukujiao

    The magic slot provision for future hardware bootloops fix?

  • Chief

    Erch, the phone is ugly as sin.

  • it’s me tim-cock.

    Another gimmicky trash brought to you by lg. Go home you’re drunk.

  • Luca

    … quite ugly :(

  • Chad Sexington

    Gawd, that’s ugly – that bulge looks like a tumor. It’s really blurry and I can see more detail in the “face on Mars” photo than this piece of crap picture.

  • Luca

    That magic slot looks ugly as hull, can’t believe some designer though it was a good idea to make it look like this. Certain things should remain in the “ideas for the future” drawer.

    • Zach Champion

      That’s not the magic slot. It goes into it. It’s a module.

  • patstar5

    It does look ugly but I’ll wait for official images before I make that judgement.
    I agree this looks to be an add on to control the camera zoom and possibly external battery

  • Tommy Crosby

    Looks like LG is making a case-less Apple Battery pack bump?

  • OH, a way to make it even uglier! You are almost there LG, keep the ugly job!

    • Afraz Anosh

      You know how the Olloclip adds bulk to the iPhone for extra camera functionality, or how a power bank essentially tethers your phone to a brick for extra juice? This is the same thing. Either use it or don’t.

  • Fornavn Etternavn

    If its looking bad then don’t use it. They wont force you to use the magic slot

    • retrospooty

      Yeah, if this is at all real, it is an option with a large battery making it bigger and adding the odd bulk. They couldn’t possibly make it look like that stock, at least I wouldn’t think so.

  • siddharth nair

    Oh fuck no lg no! Ur ruining the legacy of the G4!

  • Ichibanmugen

    The comments here are pretty hilarious and rediculous. That bulk on the back looks like something connected to the magic module. Could be a projector or even something doctors would you use to connect some kind of medical device to a monitor/phone. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick with it. saying the design is ugly at this point is definitely stupid as they’re just leaks and not even clear pictures.

    Anyway this is just my opinion. but leaks should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

    • Zach Champion

      To be fair, that front is pretty ugly (maybe a black one would look good)

      • Ichibanmugen

        Calling it ugly is rather subjective. To be fair, this image looks a hell of a lot like the G3 (except for the volume rocker on the side). Let’s just wait and see.

  • Robin George

    Lol people are so stupid…. It’s removable fools… What are I thinking about… People are dumb now a days

    • Asher Ali

      At least they review what they write!



      (I know what you mean by people are dumb)

    • Linh Nguyën

      Ellipses are so… I don’t know… Was there ever a time when they were cool?

  • LightCucumber

    Free Apple Battery case with the LG G5? LOL

  • Dirtdawg57

    Everyone is so bent out of shape by what could easily be nothing but a fuzzy image of a beta model. The point is that if LG is actually providing a accessory slot, it is possible for 3rd party manufactures to produce other attachments with endless possibilities. And yes, they might even be able to make them look more stylish for all you picky people out there. The point of something detachable is that you use it when you need it, then you take if off. If you think it is too ugly, you never have to buy it. Cars didn’t look very stylish at first but I don’t hear many people complaining about them now. At least they are trying something! Give them a chance to work it out! This is why few people are innovative, because innovation takes courage to endure all the naysayers that say it wouldn’t work.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    it’s like additional case. but oh well

  • xavier X

    You had me at removable battery LG. Goodbye Samsung

  • tolust

    I can confirm this is the LG :”Multimedia Pico Projector Pack” with a 2.1 Watt Speaker

  • Jumanji242

    The newest innovation brought to you courtesy of our friends at Handspring, er LG.

  • schahram

    Is there a big bump on the back of this phone or something is wrong with eyes?

  • Integrazimmy

    I believe that LGs attempt at being revolutionary is being eclipsed by glamour ghouls!!! I’m really thinking that in order to add the magic slot, it was necessary to relocate the volume buttons to the sides!!! It doesn’t mean that it couldn’t revert, but for the moment, design and urgency (to take out the S7) made it necessary to make a small design compromise for allowance of new functionality!!! It’s could be called “the next transient phone”. I for one am all for practicality instead of fashion. That being said, next year as evolution and innovation take place, I would expect for beauty to return!!! I’m in LG!!! Let’s gauge how worth it this sacrifice will be!!!

  • Afraz Anosh

    The comments here take me back to the 1020. They fit all that amazing tech into a smartphone, and all anyone cared about was the hump.


    Looks like an AM/FM tuner

  • MarcusV123

    This could just be a module that provides better processing power and control for the G5′ s camera or it could be a separate dac and amp. When the LG v10 debuted, one of its advertised features was the implementation of the ESS DAC and amp chip for a hifi listening experience. The asian market when compared to the western market puts more importance on this sort of feature as evidenced by the other phones touting a hifi listening experience that are exclusive to the asian market. What I think LG is doing with this OPTIONAL module is provide an independent dac and amp for audiophiles as one of the biggest problems with a integrated dac and amp is the level of distortion caused by the surrounding components on the phones motherboard. A seperate dac and amp module would also explain the slider on the side of the module as this could be for better volume control.

  • Mohd Danial

    A disgrace to lg g3 design language. Lg, dont screw this up or else my g3 have to look for other brands for its succesor

  • thelastguyX20

    What camera did the prick use to take this picture, a potato??

    Yes, you can get a good idea what it looks like but the person clearly didn’t take the time to focus.

  • ggrrqq

    Apple lawsuit incoming.

  • Ryan Hadwick

    Ugly doorstop if you ask me! Why would you want a massive block on the back of your phone like that? Its ugly and means it won’t lay flat

  • s2weden2000

    that’s right!

  • Andrew White

    I subscibe to this site for numerous reasons. Common sense suggests though that 3GB of RAM based on ‘your’ sources, is simply a non-event for a flagship smartphone in 2016 when just about every other site is saying 4GB.
    I’m hoping LG does come through with an Iris or Retina scanner over the ‘common’ and less secure fingerprint biometric.
    4K or UHD displays should be the present and the near future across every platform….simply beautiful. Battery usage or drain is also a non-issue with fast charging, replaceable or not.
    Can’t wait for the official announcement this coming weekend.
    Seems as though LG may finally have the ‘edge’ over Samsung and everything else out there, which includes Apple.

  • Prime

    that’s the DXO two camera. Or an amplifier, or rear facing boom sound. who knows.

  • John Mart Palma

    People don’t even know what the magic slot really is, and all they do is compare it to Apple’s battery case. The hell with it, I’m getting hyped!

  • nionebirk nionebirk

    I really, really want a physical qwerty slider keyboard module, similar to the Droid 4 keyboard. I will absolutely pay premium price for this phone if I can get a good physical keyboard. I do a lot of serious text editing on the go and my niche is seriously under-served.