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Exposed: Legitimate-looking LG G5 poses for pics

Thanks to an importer in Dubai, it looks like the LG G5 has finally been formally outed...and is even for sale no less. Let's take a look!!

Published onFebruary 16, 2016


It is now less than a week until February 21st, The Day when Samsung will Unpack its latest products, LG will show something special, and even HUAWEI is now trying to get in on the action. All this before Monday the 22nd when Mobile World Congress actually begins! With such a short amount of time remaining, it’s only natural that product leaks have taken a major leap.

Courtesy of the classified section of Dubai’s Dubizzle (think Criagslist) comes what appears to be the LG G5 in the flesh…well actually in a box to be specific:

lg g5 leak (1)

The seller apparently claims (1) the device was imported from the USA, (2) is brand new, and (3) has a valid IMEI number according to the page listing. Noticeably missing is the physical retail packaging, however as the device – if real – is likely to be a review unit or promotional item that has been supplied sans the final box. It is also unknown if the accessories are included (perhaps under the phone) or missing.

The seller is apparently asking AED 2,500, which is roughly $680, for the device. Curiously this is not much more than the final real-deal might sell for so if this is an authentic product, it would be potentially a good deal, especially given the promise of having it before anyone else does.

The phone does look to be real, and includes a rear fingerprint sensor, the dual-camera arrangement, and the power and volume buttons re-mapped to the sides of the device where they were before the LG G2 put the business in back. The phone also looks to be made of metal, and may even have a removable bottom portion (note the segmented area) that could potentially allow users to change the battery or add components if the rumors of a so-called “modular” Magic Slot port hold true.

As the screen is not powered on, the presence of a second screen “ticker display” like that seen in the LG V10 and rumored to be present on the G5 can not be confirmed or denied. Likewise it is not possible to see the touted “Always On” display that is supposed to be included as well.

Curiously around the same time as this classified ad appeared on Dubizzle, so too did a separate one for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, both of which are significantly more expensive than this LG G5 offering.

Adding to the intrigue, the Galaxy S7 has also appeared on Dubizzle…

LG G5 (rumored) spec summary

In recent weeks, details about the LG G5’s specs have become much more of an unknown “known” quantity. Thanks to a Venture Beat post from legendary leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), the phone is supposed to have a 5.3-inch LCD display, which would make it slightly smaller than the 5.5-inch screen of the G4. The phone is said to have the same “ticker” display secondary screen that was made famous in the V10 and have a resolution of 160 X 1040 pixels.

LG G5 Always On display

The LG G5 will be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor, the same chip that will power the Galaxy S7 (some variants). The silicon is based on a smaller, more efficient process and features Qualcomm’s customized Kryo CPU cores and a high octane GPU, thus it is expected to be quite powerful, though hopefully not as “hot” as last year’s chip. The Snapdragon 820 will be paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and customers will be pleased to know that, despite having a metal body, a microSD card slot will be present.

As today’s leak seemingly confirms, the G5 will allegedly use a dual camera arrangement on the rear of the device, taking inspiration from the dual front cameras present on the V10. With dual cameras you can compose very wide shots as well as other potential software magic.

lg g5 leak

The battery is supposedly going to be smaller than last year’s model: just 2,800mAh as opposed to the G4’s 3,000mAh. The device is expected to have Quick Charge support, wireless charging support, and via the Magic Slot, a replaceable battery:


Other noteworthy features rumored include an IR blaster mounted at the top, a USB Type C port, and a speaker mounted on the bottom of the phone. A high resolution audio chip is likely to be present.

Like the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 will support advanced uplink carrier aggregation technology currently being deployed by SK Telecom in South Korea. This will allow users in markets that support this technology to enjoy better connectivity for applications like video calling thanks to the presence of increased upload speeds.

Wrap Up

With this latest – and possibly greatest – leak comes an almost sure-fire guarantee that the various leaked images contained in the spec part of this story do indeed match up. Of course nothing is truly official until LG itself makes it so come Sunday, so to be on the safe side make sure the salt shaker is sufficiently iodized.

With that said, we want to hear your thoughts! Do these new leaked images look legitimate? Is the seller asking too little for the potential privlidge of being the first in the world to own the phone? Leave us yout thoughts in the comments section below!


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