The iPhone 5 was officially unveiled earlier this week during a special Apple media event, and several leaks and rumors preceding the event were confirmed during the show.

There’s a new design that includes a 4-inch touchscren display and an aluminum back, there’s LTE support and there’s a new 9-pin dock connector. The phone has been labeled almost immediately as a disappointing, uninnovative device, although the fact of the matter remains is that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone out there, and it’s probably safe to say it will obliterate the competition when it comes to total sales – and I do mean single device sales and not mobile OS market share.

In fact, iPhone 5 pre-orders have been available since September 14, although Apple managed to sell out existing stock in a record time, with some sources saying that it took the company one hour to sell out existing stock.

Samsung was quick to react to the iPhone 5, not with a new lawsuit targeting the iOS phone’s LTE capabilities, at least not yet, but with a new print ad titled: “It doesn’t take a genius” – see the full ad at the end of this post.

In it, the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are compared from the specs and features side, with Samsung interested in showing potential buyers why the new iPhone is not a better choice than the Galaxy S3. As you can see, Samsung lists more features under the Galaxy S3 than under the iPhone 5, although none of the extra ones, except NFC maybe, is a good enough reason not to get the new iPhone, in case that’s the phone you want to buy this holiday season.

There are also some interesting things to be noticed in the new ad. These include the iPhone 5 image that seems to have been hastily inserted in the final version of the ad or the new “totally different plug” description of the new iPhone’s dock connector, which, from the sounds of it, is somehow made to sound like a bad thing. But the really annoying thing, at least for Samsung, is the fact that it had to write down “Android 4.0 OS” when talking about mobile OS version, instead of Jelly Bean, which is still not out for the device yet.

The obvious conclusion that Samsung draws is that “The Next Big Thing is Already Here,” but is it worth attacking the iPhone 5 with such ads in which the new Apple product is also featured right alongside your flagship device?

Samsung is expected to sell 30 million Galaxy S3 units by the end of the year, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple sell as many iPhone 5 units in the following quarter, no matter how many such ads the South Korean Android maker puts out.

In case you want a more thorough comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, we have just the thing for you right here.

Are you buying a flagship smartphone this year? If so, what device are you going to choose?

  • ogtomasx

    YEAP…!!!!! APPLE get Smacked again this there they are out of bullet and wait till the QUAD-CORE phones next month Bye bye APPLE…LOL

    • PeterBlood

      Yeah bah-bye to the fact Samsung makes anywhere near the “HELLO!” profits of the Apple iPhone. I love this loser here among some Android fans who think specs is all that matters and think Apple will be impacted more than a rounding error. (Apologies to Android fans here who aren’t obsessed speccers.) Hate to break it to you but iPhone 6 chip will kick Samsung’s butt but who cares other than shut-ins such as yourself who continue not having a life. Try and read a book, go the movies, visit a museum, take a walk in the park or kiss a girl (or boy) friend.

  • ogtomasx


    • PeterBlood

      ……..To MEDIOCREVILLE…………….

  • Samsung the KING

    • PeterBlood

      Samsung the KING of SLAVISH COPYING!

      Amazing the number of people with zero scruples rooting for a company that steals.

      • Look who’s talking. Apple steals more than you can chew.

        • PeterBlood

          That’s a load of BS. As HaHa has noted below. Another defensive Fandroid incendiary comment that has no basis in fact but it’s all they’ve got to spew but it don’t make it so. Prove it! Apple innovates and came up with the designs Samsung and Google have completely stolen. (Microsoft, to it’s great creditm does not nor does RIM so it IS possible!) Their trade dress is unique, patented and if so “obvious” why didn’t anyone else think of it? You haven’t a leg to stand on, only the “facts” of fools.

          • mongo722

            Are you serious? No basis on fact? I imagine you’ve never watched this video then:
            I hate to break it to you but Apple “innovated” by ripping off Xerox after Steve Jobs weaseled his way into touring Xerox PARC. But don’t take my word for it take a few minutes to read about it here: If Google is stealing and copying, they’re only doing it because Steve Jobs personally mentored the top brass at Google. The reason Jobs went to war is because he taught a group of individuals how to steal and get away with it and then they turned around and took a chunk out of his wallet! No honor amongst thieves it appears. Does Apple make some great products? Sure they do. But their hands aren’t any cleaner than Google or Samsung, who also happen to make some excellent products. Knock it off fanboy.

          • PeterBlood

            To figure that out, we’ll first have to drill down and figure out what exactly Picasso was trying to say who said “Good artists copy, great artists steal” and what Jobs really meant. Obviously only morons out there can’t interpret the real meaning
            Picasso’s quote meant that to copy a painting, for example, is to simply copy what you see without bringing your own perspective and original ideas to the table (ala Samsung & Google). What stealing refers to, however, is when you copy the inspiration that fueled the development of the original, but also infuse your own perspective and take on things into an entirely new creation.

            Meanwhile, an old MacObserver post from 1999 sums up Picasso’s quote as used by Jobs thusly:

            “Picasso hardly meant that great artists steal popular designs whose original source is known to everyone. What Picasso did mean was that great artists rummage through the great junk heap of lost, bypassed, and forgotten ideas to find the rare jewels, and then incorporate such languishing gems into their own personal artistic legacy.”

            Next – hate to break it to you ignoramus but Apple never ripped off Xerox. If I had a dime from every Apple Hater moron out there still vomiting out this nonsense, well, I’d be a very rich man indeed. Get it straight once and for all – Apple actually licensed it fair and square from Xerox, and lucky for us, because it’s unlikely Xerox would have taken it to the mass market if Apple hadn’t. (Also Xerox never patented their ideas and willingly let Jobs see it.) And then Microsoft “stole it” from Apple. Also Xerox’s Parc GUI lacked any personality and human feel. Those two things are what Apple excels at in imparting on their products.

            You think mentoring allows people to rip off their masters? That’s some pretty messed up logic. You’re whole “Jobs taught people to steal” stance is really your own wishful thinking speculation and nothing based on fact. Apple owed Google nothing and in fact honored Eric Schmidt allowing him on the Apple Board and privy to Apple secrets, secrets that were patented. That honor was returned with betrayal so you side with real criminals, says a lot about you. No you are morally bankrupt if you think Google’s and Samsung’s copying actions from patented devices is in any justified. You are the real problem here excusing the inexcusable and not seeing the difference. All Apple EVER wanted was people not to copy them, is that so wrong? There would be no patent lawsuits against Samsung had they heeded Google’s warning not to copy Apple. Microsoft, RIM and others have managed this without infringing. Why can’t Samsung with all it’s resources? Apple doesn’t want to be the R&D for the world and Samsung and Google in fact rob you and the world of other true innovative choices you are being left out of simply because they took the easy road to copy. And they will rue the day.

          • doc

            My my my. grape or pear or melon or lemon that’s it or isn’t it. oh no it’s apple i knew its one of these fruits.
            Ok these devices are nice but not great or greater than others and now pay attention IN THE SAME PRICE RANGE. For those who like Apple let them buy it, for those who like something else let them buy that. But it is ridiculous that an American Company has to seek refuge under the skirt of American courts who use lay persons to decide professional issues to “prove” that they are better. How pitiful!!!!And how pitiful of Samsung to get that low to publish an ad like the one a bit further up. Let the customer decide and let him decide on quality and on price!!! And to this fruit company please don’t try to get a round thing patented as a wheel as it was invented long time ago like the receiver of a phone, be it green or red. Don’t abuse the court system of the US. Try to be better and acknowledge it when something is better.

          • PeterBlood

            I’d respond to this but plainly this person is living in a home for the severely word handicapped.

          • Madan469

            No doubt “PeterBlood” is ‘frog in the well (which thinks the well itself is the whole universe)’. FYI ‘Frog in the Well’ is a proverb.

          • PeterBlood

            Android users are well dwellers where thieves, malware and pirates also live. Apple iPhone users live safe & secure in the vast ocean of quality software and the tons of crazy fun customization and expansion products that third-party companies come up with well beyond anything available to Android. Thanks for pointing that out!

          • bkow me

            Dude your the most fucked up person if i were you i would run to the doctor and get help. Do you even know what apple sued for moron? For stealing shapes the shape of a phone and because samsung used square app icons. You fuckibg idiot. And the ruleing will be 100% over turned that means apple didnt win shit. And if you knew anything you would know APPLE JUST STOLE LTE 4G TECHNOLOGY. THEY JUST PUT IN THE IPHONE 5. ITS LTE 4G IS SAMSUNGS PATEN. DUMBASS NOW WHO STEALS WHAT? I HOPE YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT APPLE STEALING AND ALLTHE STUPID SHIT YOU SAID. CUZ APPLE ARE THE LOW DOWN STEALERS THEY HAVE STOLE EVEYTHING FROM A-Z THAT IS IN ALL THERE PRODUCTS. JUST WAIT UNTILL SAMSUNG WINS IN COURT THE IPHONE 5 WILL BE BAND INTERNATIONALY. IT WILL ONLY BE ALOWED IN THE USA. NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY WHEN THIS 100% HAPPENS. YOU FUCKING SIMPLETON.

          • PeterBlood

            The plainly delusional (and village idiot insane) as yourself should not be allowed to post here, Please take your meds and have your Mommy put you to bed posthaste. Frikkin’ know nothin’ a-hole. Come back when you have you facts straight, not your wishful thinking supported by other retards here. You can’t fix stupid, stupid.

          • alien_x

            I am not surprised from your gibberish. iSheep always live in denial…

          • PeterBlood

            BWAHAHAHA! Another fool using tired cliches to elevate himself to moron status. iSheep? How original. Shows you follow along with the sheep in your neck of the woods aping them as monkey see monkey do. If “gibberish” is facts you disingenuously don’t want to hear so be it. You won’t be the first or last Fandroid living in denial and Mom and Dad’s basement.

          • jason smith

            Y our on crack. Apple will be the first to tell you they stole everything in every product they make. Didnt you watch the vidoe of the past owner saying if you dont steal you dont get ahead. And you apple idiots. Must not follow anything if you knew anything you wouldnt be saying athing about stealing.. idoits do you even know what they sued for. For copying the shape of a phone lol and for copying app icons because there square. Like fuck off samsung laughed and said then we would of made them round. But your all so fucking stupid. What are you going to say when samsung sues aoole? It is going to happen right after the i and the low down fools did. phone 5 is released. Apple cant STEAL 4G LTE TECHNOLOGY ITS SAMSUNGS PATENT. dont you know why apple sued samsung for the stupidest outragous thing is that apple knew they had to steal 4g lte or the iphone would die for ever. So they knew samsung would sue. So they had to sue first to try and hold there shares in the smart phone market. And even after they won the GS3 KILLED IN SALES IPHONES SHARES DROPED BIG. Just wait untill samsung wins the iphone will be band internationaly. It will only br alowed in the usa. And if you knew anything. The ruleing againest samsung will be 100% over ruled that means apple didnt win shit losers. Now who steals what? Fags… omg samsung stole shapes lmfao. When apple just went and stole LTE 4G TECHNOLOGHY. NOW GO FUCK OFF AND DONT SAY SHIT IF YOU DONT KNOW SHIT. APPLE IS DEAD SHIT

          • PeterBlood

            Thanks for the hysterical delusions. iPhone 5 is selling out everywhere and will kick Samsung’s sorry GIII ass but I know facts don’t matter to you. FACT: Samsung stole from Apple despite warnings from Google to not copy slavishly. Stop focusing disingenuously on round corners (what every Android retard tries to repeatedly use attempting to minimize Samsung’s infringements) there’s more to it than that in overall trade dress. Ever seen Samsung and iPhone side by side? – even a moron like you would see the slavish infringement. FACT: LTE patents are FRAND meaning Samsung has to license it to all comers at a fair price, PERIOD! This is how desperate they (and you) are to wield patent ammunition actually going against agreements which they cannot do. All Apple wants is for Samsung to do it’s own thing. You and the world might be missing out on maybe something they might innovate on because they’re too damn lazy or incapable so copy instead. FACT: Apple just hit $700 a share and is the largest company in the world. it’s iPhone division alone bigger than all of Microsoft. Perhaps you should bone up on your facts and stop spewing vile geek nonsense.

          • badong

            Peterblood your if apple create all these..your like Chariot horse both eyes covered, eyes can only see whats in front but not whats beside it….apple rip off the idea of a cellphone. Apple rip off the idea of touch screen…applE rip off the idea of gestures recognition .patented or not apple copied mouse .jobs took advantage of the situation from xerox engineers thats why they agreed. operating system came from his friend not from apple…smartphones started long before iphone came. Now that apple just modified a little bit you call that theirs..oh my…sleep now maybe tomorrow your delusion gone….

          • PeterBlood

            Thanks Droidtard for the same old tired Fandroid delusional inaccuracies, cliches and insults. The hallmark of the clueless copymeister without an original thought in his head. Come back when you have entered puberty and have a better command of true history instead of the history you choose to support your poor choices. BTW you also do not present any support for your obnoxious self-serving spew, this is mere fantasy opinion and means nothing. If you deny that Apple reinvented smart phones in 2007 then we have NOTHING to talk about.

            And thanks genius about the fact smart phones existed before, no one said they didn’t. I saw them as they progressed and the first one that wasn’t absolute crap was Apple’s. If not for Apple you would not have your godforsaken stolen Android OS. Apple added real innovations on top of the existing touch screen technology. Apple took what went before (as happens in most every device by any manufacturer) and made a device the world had never seen before. Same with iPad, Microsoft tablets existed before and few wanted them since the device was pen and not touch oriented, not to mention heavy and expensive. And with Windows OS dreck. Apple licensed Xerox Parc ideas (which they didn’t intend to do anything with being only focused on copiers) and did not steal them. Without this license and technology you would not have all the modern OS’s.

            Please deny all these verifiable facts so I can completely write you off just as another ignorant bonehead.

          • @PeterBlood:disqus aka peter cheeks, if Apple is such an innovator as you claim. Then why did they almost go bankrupt, if not for hundreds of millions of dollars invested in them by Microsoft Apple would have gone bankrupt. Who else here has been in that position? Samsung? Microsoft? Google? Motorola(which was bought for their IP)? Note: not a fanoboy, but I have had Apple products way before(mid 1980s) you got your head out of your azz.

          • PeterBlood

            Such easy questions you should already know the answers for if you’ve been using Apple products and know about the company which by your language suggests you have not.

            In fact they were not going to go bankrupt immediately but were headed that way. The CEO’s before Steve Jobs (who had never been CEO of Apple before) like Michael Spindler, John Sculley and Gil Amelio and others were slowly killing Apple with bad marketing ideas since… they were not Steve Jobs. Jobs did want to be CEO then but the board suggested he hire someone else – John Sculley an sx-Pepsi CEO who ended up helping getting Jobs kicked out though Jobs himself wanted out. So what happened to Apple after he left was not Jobs fault but the fault of the mediocre leadership that followed.

            So Jobs when he came back as iCEO in 1997 he needed Microsoft for a few basic things (mostly keeping Office viable on the Mac for 5 years) and that $150 million investment just as a gesture of faith, not to keep the company going. They still had a billion and some change in the bank. So with Apple’s near collapse averted Jobs could focus on new products, consolidate the product line and work on new technologies and innovative design.

            I don’t understand why it would matter if another company had been in that position or not. All companies usually start humbly. Apple is actually lauded for being the first or one of the first companies to have sunk so low and emerged way on top like they have now being the world’s largest company and still growing, as Microsoft has descended into more irrelevancy. Their ultimate fate has yet to be decided.

            Who’s to say what Apple might have done or become sooner if Steve Jobs had been there during the 12 year period he was out (1985-1997). Maybe he needed that time outside the company to reflect to be a better CEO later, or maybe he might have blunted the growing threat in Redmond costing the world the mediocrity of Windows. But Jobs has done what no other CEO has done before him and Apple has the potential to become a trillion dollar company as a result.

            You may remove your own head from deep within it’s rather large humbled azz now.

          • just taking some sense

            dude, u ever used an android phone side by side

            even if it might look the same
            comeon bro, it doesnt feel the same

            android is way better when it comes to getting around ur phone

            and obiviously one can read which company it is, living in one of the most developed countries in world, trying to buy a smart phoen and getting confused with a Logo


            thats just bullshit

            i do agree, at first glance some of the sammy’s phone looked like I-phone, and if the product is all about quality and u think sammy’s phones are all cheap ripoffs

            then apple fan boys will buy and i-phone

            court case was all about killing the competition. and really an i-sheep u dont know ur are being milked constantly


            with over priced and overhyped gadgets

            – u let Apple decide what would fit in ur hand, rahter than trying urself with a S3, its fits ur hand pretty well,

            And about innovation, its simply patenting before someone else does

            1. touch screen phones existed before i-phones
            2. rounded corners existed before i-phones
            3. square corners in phone existed before i-phone
            4. heck man green telephone icon always existed in mobile phone

            5. about pinch to zoom, tap to zoom, and bounce back features
            Please look out for a video in youtube by the name of a guy called Jefferson Hann and Mitsubishi Table which where more than a year older than when Mr. Steve Jobs showed you your new i-phone with pinch to zoom

            so, it wasnt stealing, those were technologies previously used, just apple patenting in ridicolous things

            hope u had some common sense, and think about a company that patents rounded cornered phones.
            and u are finghting for it

            congratulations on proving urself an i-sheep and giving up to one of the most evil corporations in the mordern human history

          • Madan469

            I think “suck me apple” was talking about the people like “PeterBlood”. Its true the apple fans are so blind even you prove that apple copies with evidence they can’t see it. Because they are blind and dumb and make the Apple grow richer. They don’t know what they are losing by sticking to apple.

          • PeterBlood

            Please return to your third grade English grammar class, learn a few things, and then repost in a few years. Too much Tarzan-speak here. Ungawa! Thanks.

          • Madan469

            Your statement shows what culture you are coming from…. BTW “suck me apple” is a commentator and posted a comment. Please check it. Let me know if you have not understood the English in my previous comment.

          • PeterBlood

            First of all people who buy Apple products are not “sheeple,” which is a derogatory term btw, they are people who generally have seen both sides of the proposition (Android, Apple Windows) or are comfortable with the stylish designs and ecosystem of Apple and don’t wish to leave. Developers prefer iOS and Android often gets second rate software versions if at all. I make every attempt not to spread the kind of FUD and misinformation Android fans do. In fact people who choose Apple I think are smarter since they choose a software company who make the best OVERALL phone. We are not quibbling over minor mods and spec differences but the best system overall. Android pales because of the number of options available to the iPhone Apple DOESN’T make. Read this article and see what I mean:


      • Chris.

        at least android phones can side load apps out of the box without having to void a warrenty to do it.

        P.S. how’s your app store? you know.. the thing that only came into existence because people wanted an open platform and hacked the phone?

        • PeterBlood

          Side loading almost never comes up for the most part in the real world so not a deal breaker unless you are referring to transferring data via Wi-Fi from computer to a phone and I don’t know anyone who does that since now phones use Cloud services and downloads and upgrades happen right at the iPhone now.

          Slapping phones together and transferring data, well, there’s an app for that too. Apple’s App Store was the first. Jobs was initially concerned about security on the iPhone and about the risk of apps but the advantages of apps were too great. With the second revision of the iPhone came the App Store. It was an evolution just getting a new kind of phone out and then evolving to all the things we have today.
          There’s always a weirdo out there who isn’t happy until he’s hacked everything, Most people have a life and don’t care. There aren’t enough advantages for all the time and trouble for most people. That is a niche obsession.

        • beachguy757

          Jailbreaking an iPhone does not void the warranty as it was ruled legal to do. I can’t believe how many people have gone up against mr peterblood here and have stopped replying because hes leaving them with nothing to say. Yet people still keep posting thoughtless remarks that are extremely redundant and very ignorant. And your open platform of Android is based on linux which was based on Unix originally developed by AT&T employees during the late 70’s.

          Peter I don’t know where to find an actual report but I would love to see an ACTUAL MARKET SHARE OF INDIVIDUAL SMARTPHONES because all I seem to find are Android vs iOS.. which is what…over 6000 android devices compared to maybe 12-13 iDevices.

          I appreciate your factually support and backing that just because we prefer an iPhone over Android does not mean we are “brainwashed” isheep.
          I don’t know if you’ve included this yet, but I have ran into those who believe Android was released first in 2005 which is funny because the iphone began development in 2004 and was then released mid-2007. Android was a BETA OS until Nov of 2008 and yet Apple is still the copycat. Furthermore Apple carries over 300 of its own patents on LTE technology to Samsungs 800 or so. And for all of you who believe that Samsung will win a battle over this you’re mistaken as LTE is not just something thats cool to have as an exclusive on your phone, it is a DATA STANDARD. If this were the case every phone manufacturer that enable wifi would be sued for 802.11 a/b/g/n technology infringement.

  • Jay

    Wireless charging too for the s3! But when is it going to be available? I’m waiting for it.

  • samsungsucks

    all that but when you get to using the 2 phones iphone has done a very easy set up, relative to the Galaxy S3. Smoothness is also a thing that all other smart phone besides Apple understands.

    • JBK

      Have you even used the gs3. Obviously not. The new UI is simple to use esier then any iphone. And its butter smooth. Alot more smooth then that crapple. GS3 is 100% lag free.You must be brian dead using old old information that isnt true any more.. sorry you sound like a moron you brain dead idiot. That has no clue about phones. Did you use that line to defend apple 10 years ago. Thats how outdated apple phones are

    • Chris Harpner

      I just went through the S3 setup yesterday. It was a simple wizard that guided me through the whole thing. Couldn’t have been simpler.

      • You are right, I got my new S3 and it was damn easy to setup. And I reset it once again and handed it to my 6 year old daughter to setup. She didn’t even come back to me to tell if she was stuck at something and the phone was setup completely. I had let her use a dummy Gmail account I setup and the only information I gave her were the username and password to it.
        The problem with Apple fanboys are that they are stuck up in a time warp and tend to compare their latest phones with the earlier generation phones from Samsung.

    • Peterson Silva

      Ok, have you seen what your poor grammar has done to you? I’m guessing you wanted to criticize Samsung, but you see, you didn’t do that at all. “very easy set up, relative to the Galaxy S3” – you needed to have written “easier”, because what you wrote can be understood as “it’s easy, similar to the S3”. And in that “that all other smart phone besides Apple”, you mean that all other smartphones (plus Apple!) understand. You should have gone with “but”: All other smart phones but Apple understands.

      Well, that, of course, could have helped you in case your opinion didn’t already completely stink.

      • wow! you nailed him.. Maybe it was his inner soul being honest about iPhone, even though he didn’t want to. ;-)

  • Good Job Samsung! Ownage! =D
    They should have compared the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy Note 2 instead. Its even more powerful than the S3.

  • WestIndiesKING

    Android fan here but that battery life is bullshit on the S3

    • Juice Defender or similar. You’re welcome.

    • There’s a lot of stuff to poke holes in (including too many superfluous features), but the battery life claims really leave them open for a counter attack.

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        Battery isnt made of god particles to grant u unlimited lifeiPhones
        shitty battery life is worse than androids…coming from an ex iPhone

        • cnote

          iPhone shitty battery? iPhone has the best battery of any phone

          • harry

            No, the RAZR Maxx has a huge 3000+ battery and other phones jave even bigger batteries probably. The iPhone has less than 2000.

          • beachguy757

            The iPhone has a more power efficient CPU/GPU SoC allowing it to use its battery resources more wisely. every shrink in CPU transistors leads to better performance and longer battery life

        • WestIndiesKING

          im sorry man again huge android fan i have own more android devices then most people. But im not ignorant to the fact that a stock iphone vs a stock s3 with even use the iphone would win by a land slide. You dont have to like it but its the truth. My girl owns an S3 and i own a Galaxy Nexus. Her battery life is horrible and i set her phone up for her.

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      U ignorant rat, Battery isnt made of god particles to grant u unlimited lifeiPhones shitty battery life is worse than androids…coming from an ex iPhone user

    • Not really sure about that. Bcos, I give my S3 a fair usage talking, chatting (a lot), skype (a lot) and gaming and I still get a decent enough Battery life. I get about 36 to 45 hrs and a couple of times, I got about 54 hrs too. I mean that’s pretty good battery life for me.. I am uploading the screenshots. An remember, this is a new phone I got recently, so my usage is pretty good as I keep exploring the new features and am unable to put it down.

  • hrdhs

    LOL. I praise Apple for the phone’s thinness, and I like the look of it’s back. But other than that, it is the same shit. The 4G may be a huge factor to some, but not to me as my country has not fully adopted 4G yet. The iphone is for mainstream, narrow-minded consumers who don’t bother to research.

    • alien_x

      Two toned back looks like stolen from HTC phones…

    • suck me of apple

      Lmfao for thiness? Lol its .01 thiner then the gs3 that isvan actual hair you idiod. And when apple talked about the phones thiness they said its the worlds thenest phone lmfao there are 3 phones thiner. Lie agian apple but they know the customers who buy apple are so stupid they thibk they would nrver find out. The whole damn smart phone world was laughing at evry word spple said at yhe iphone unvale. Apple is the most evil company in the history of the world. The truth will all come out soon when samsung sues apple. For stealing samsungs 4g lte technology patent. Then there will be a band on the iphone internationaly. It will ony ly be allowed in the usa. Ehy are you dumd fucks talking when you dont know shit you fuaking simpletons

    • CookieMobster

      Excuse me.. iPhone5 is not the thinness… its Motorola Razr at 7.1mm and
      Huawei Ascend P1 S at 7.0mm… apple is just claiming that they are the thinness but its just pure marketing… Thinness smartphones are already out before them.

      • beachguy757

        those phones done have uniform “thick”ness

  • ogtomasx

    PEOPLE are so blind apple was great before i agree it was the best…!!!!! (WAS) open your eyes there taking your money and they are not enovating anything diffrent OMG you guys are stupid for real NEXT month there will be phones that will destroy the iphone new specs in every category 13 Mp camera, QUAD-CORE cpu, 1368×780 resolution stupid being dum by the end of next month your friends will make FUN of you because they already have a better phone…..iM just honest, wait till next month then decide.

    • Craig
    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?


    • Agree.. Like someone said before – “If my poop was labeled as iPoop and had the Apple logo on it, people would be queuing to buy it” especially if it is priced high as people need the feel that anything priced high must be good.. to hell with features in my poop!!

      • PeterBlood

        If your crap was labeled Galaxative IV and had the Samsung label on it disingenuous fools like you would line up to buy it. Buy what you like but don’t denigrate those who pick Apple. Cliches too like “sheep, sheeple, etc.” only make the utterer of those tech cliches a moron.

        • harry

          No, if it had a quad core Cortex 15 CPU, a screen fitting their taste, with over 350 DPI, 2gb+ of RAM and awesome features, they’d but it.
          People buy the Galaxy S3 because it’s the king of smartphones at the moment. A screen that’s large but not too large, a fast CPU and lots of ram make it a yummy experience to behold.

          • Ann

            Actually, the S3 either has a quad core OR 2GB of RAM. There are (mainly) two versions: International with quad core and 1GB RAM, and the American with 2GB RAM and a dual core.

  • Miguel

    Sorry gay boys, the iPhone will still sell more than the S3. Also, good luck dropping panties with that unwieldy, boring, plastic load.

    • LMAO If any phone has to do your “panty dropping” for you, well you’re just not much of a man to begin with. “My iphone gets me laid because I’m not interesting or good looking enough on my own.” LOL Ah, the things sheeple say.

    • Yes, plastic back cover, which I can CHANGE from time to time if I want to… what’s boring is the iPhone’s fixed back cover which you can’t change.

    • JBK

      Ha dumb ass its made like that for a reason. Because 100% of all cell phone users drop there phone. When you drop your iphone and break it try and talk about the gs3 and plastic. Every iphone user i know had broken there phone haaas. Dumb ass apple so stupid lets all make a phone of glass stupid. I would love the stats of how many iphones have been broken from droping lol. Why dont we make cars out of glass why not it looks good blaaa haaa. Apple isnt even smart enough to use the right material in a phone. Let alone make one.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with you here, and then when they crack their screens they walk around with broken/cracked glass screens because they can’t afford to replace their phones or fix their screens then you hear hoot and holler about shitty Apple wants me to replace my whole phone for X amount of Outrageous dollars…then they think in their mind (Should’ve went with Samsung) but they will never admit, NO fanboy will ever admit that it crosses their mind from time to time, WTH was I thinking.

    • Eurovisionacts

      Funny thing is my iphone 4 is still covered by that shitty plastic cover apple gave me for “antenna issues” to protect resell value. Kind of makes the whole thing moot doesn’t it?

    • Guest

      What has phone preference got to do with ones sexual preference?

    • CGJack

      What has phone preference got to do with ones sexual orientation?

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        So true. Dude i think hes also a Racist

      • I guess nothing. But, you see.. a dumb iphone fanboy started it. But, I guess he can sue the others for continuing and copying his style.

    • dsal001

      Hey!!! Me and my loser friends below are rooting for the cheaply made Korean phones, I am offended, LOL.

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        U r offended? WHo gives a Fuck? Better Go Korean Than Chinese u Piece of SHIT dsal001

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      Ignorant Apple Pussy fellow

  • Ali

    Apple is best. Samsung has bloggers community around. But all features of samsung on sIII are not as smooth and practical like apple has.

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      u r a blogger urself MR upright n uptight what in the world would you be doing on a site named after android – ? Quit being the PAID Apple guy

    • So what are you doing here? Not blogging?? But, at least it proves that Apple bloggers are dumb. You are a typical iphone. “Hey Ma! My iPhone has a camera, Ma. Did you know that? I bet no other phone has it, Ma.. WowWW, Apple is cool, Ma”..

  • Ali

    Big problem of samsung is the bettery life. I had samsung note, i need to listen 50-100 calls a day for business. And apple is shit in battery performance.

    • I know of shitty battery life in earlier Samsung phones, but the same cant be said about the S3. I have bought it and it’s awesome. The battery life is too good giving me 40 hrs to 54 hrs of fair usage. I have posted the screenshots in an earlier comment on this article. More than I can ask of a battery!

    • Kosepakke

      if you say the note has bad battery life than you are doing somthing really wrong with the phone, i have a note myself and it go on for days.

    • Madan469

      I think you need a Landline

  • dylangio

    ok but what about all the other features the iPhone comes with that they didn’t mention?….or did Samsung leave them off to make their phone look like it had more features…

    • Peterson Silva

      Features such as…?

      • anakin

        That’s actually a legitimate question. Come on, iFans! Answer him!

      • Lol 360 map view, Facebook integration, thinner 8mp camera with panaroma shot, video chatting via broadband connection. An aluminium back! Lol.. How innovative apple had been. These are the so-called killer features claimed by Apple that android had them since stone age!

        • Hahaha

          1. Samsung copied apple. 2. Apple has more beneficial features then Samsung that of course Samsung doesn’t mention, the screen of the iPhone is smaller but more advanced and easier to view content then it is on the larger screen. Does Samsung have the READER OPTION removing all clutter from the screen. NOPE, Samsung forgot to mention that. Can you tap the top of the screen and your page automatically goes to the top of the screen NOPE.
          Samsung has shake to update a feature that has been on the iPhone since “the stone age” Smart stay is just a gimik, NFC is useless today and has no real benefit. I could keep going for a long time. Samsung should stick to there TV and refrigerators.

          • Anonymous

            I’d rather have something useless today that will be beneficial tomorrow than not at all wouldn’t you agree… Secondly YES you can DOUBLE TAP the top of the S3 and it will go to the top of the page. Maybe you should do your research first and actually handle the phone before you spread lies. Thirdly, Apple is a Samsung in disguise, Samsung up till now made most of the glorious hardware you so worship that made your iPhone what it is…gosh open your mind man.

          • san

            smart stay is the best feature on a phone to date for me, you can d tap the top of the samsung to go to the top of the page, superb processing power with the quad core vrsion – and expandable memory, apple should have included a mem card slot at least, i think this is essential now, non removable battery is not a big deal as long as the i phone 5 will have a decent battery life.

          • Bad research, man. If we are talking about features, there are more on Android than on iOS. The features that Samsung are accused of copying are really so silly that its surprising how patents were issued in the first place. And anyway, it all depends on one’s viewpoint. Apple is being accused of integrating LTE which is a patented technology of other phones. So, let’s leave the patent wars for the Companies to fight it off because if it comes to integrity, Apple is no better off too and people miss the point that Apple has won only in the US (home turf), but lost in every other place (Europe, Asian etc).

          • WestIndiesKING

            i wouldnt say the screen is more advance. Its different yes but each have their features that are beneficial (in reference to the display). All android phones have a (reader option) as you want to call it by using a different launcher. Android also has had shake to update and really isnt that big of a deal and is kind of gimmicky. NFC is as useless as the user makes it really. I have used NFC to pay for plenty of things since many locations offer the NFC option to pay for stuff now. I do find it funny that since its not on the iPhone most users will say its useless and that because you dont have it.

          • Madan469

            Yes. The GRAPES you can’t get are always SOUR. So naturally the Apple fanboys cry / jealous of things which are not there in their rotten Apples.

          • Madan469

            @1877c3f2478c0e026e4f1f0f777545a1:disqus OK. You are good with your IPhone. Please carry on with your rotten Apple. I know you are another compromising guy. Also some of the features you mentioned as IPhone has, are also available on GS3. You don’t know this because you never saw a GS3 till now.

          • Madan469

            @1877c3f2478c0e026e4f1f0f777545a1:disqus remember the IPhone processor is actually a Samsung manufactured chip. Now Apple wants try the maps fiasco with the processor as well, by replacing it with something else may be for a cheaper price. Good luck Apple customers!!!

    • dsal001

      You’re exactly right. That ad will most likely sell more iPhones if consumers see that Samsung is threatened by iPhone 5. It seems a little juvenile by Samsung and consumers will see right through it. I am supporting the US based company (Apple) on this one. South Korea can keep their plastic phones, the US economy needs a boost.

      • beastsung

        You do realize iphones are made in china right? You do know that samsung open multi-million dollar plant to produce apples chipsets? Yeah,thanks apple for out sourcing. That realy boosts the american economy. And thanks samsung for creating a plant here in america and stealing american jobs. O_o

      • Boosting American economy. You dont know a shit about what you are talking. If that’s the only reason to buy an Apple, I need argue no further. And beastsung below has put it better.

  • Craig
  • Craig
  • darek

    my galaxy has 1gb ram, the one on the ad has 2gb is it right ????

    • IncCo

      the international one has 1 gig of ram, and a quadcore, the US one has 2 gigs and a dual core..

  • Craig

    I read an article earlier about upcoming devices. ” Oppo Mobile CEO Chen Mingyong teased that his upcoming quadcore phone, the Find 5, will again feature a non-removable but “certainly big enough” battery as well as a 1080p, 441ppi display.

  • Tosa

    If your broke and have no money and want a plastic cheaply made phone u buy the galaxy3s if u have money and want a faster smooth OS u buy IPhone 5 , it’s like a Kia and a BMW ,,

    • Eurovisionacts

      Bullshit. I see so many broke gangbangers buying iphones on their shitty cricket network.

      But hey not complaining, when I sell off my iphone 4, will net me $300+ (unlocked). Thank you isheep.

    • They’re the same price on contract. Comments like this foster the opinion that iPhone owners are ignorant, elitist douchebags.

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        true that!!!!!

    • dsal001

      Your exactly right on that one. Inferior companies will always compare themselves to the leader .

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        ^^^^^^^PAID Apple Guy

      • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

        dsal001 go fuk urself on iFuck app

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      U Rich BASTARD

    • Oh, was price the base for you guys lauding the iphone so much. I guessed as much. But, seeing that you are so dumb, both the phones retail for the same amount. So, a guy who can afford an S3 can very well afford an iphone too. But he has money and also has brains and so goes with the S3. ;-)

  • Apple might be leader in the US, but in the rest of the world, Samsung is really kicking their ass very badly.

    • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

      Yea true cos Apple being like almost every American company out there is FAVORED by their courts but still OUTSOURCE the manufacturing jobs to China wait isnt it just like most of the brands there?

  • Philly

    I had ever iphone. But Samsung is better.

    • cnote

      English please

    • PeterBlood

      Thanks Bizarro. We know you speak in reverse meaning.

    • PeterBlood

      Thanks Mr. Samsung.

  • ZWS-Stovall

    Anybody with a Samsung here’s a tip- Every night I shut my galaxy s3 down and let it charge. It will last sooooooooo much long if you charge it turned off.

    • cnote

      So what if there’s an emergency and someone has to you call you during the middle of the night?

      • PeterBlood

        STFU! This is a feature not a bug! You can be consoled that as the Night Axe Man is chopping you into little bits, your Samsung is snuggly turned off and charging to it’s maximum potential ready for the authorities to use in the morning when your body is found…

        • Real men have guns, but then you probably live in some pansy azz place like NYC and have count on the cops to shoot err cough cough protect you.

          • PeterBlood

            You really shouldn’t drink ‘n write.

          • Guest

            You picked the one guy here who DOESN’T do that.

          • PeterBlood

            I live in the Wild Wild West pardner. Put your hands up before I BLOWS you to smithereenies!

  • SamsungHero

    I love Samsung. Most of my phones have been Samsung. I had an iPHone 4 for like 3 days. HATED IT!!! It does not allow you to personalize it. Its BORING. Samsung is faster, easier to use, able to be personalized to the user, and I really like the freedom to choose any music downloader instead of just iTunes. Samsung is the best on the market. Apple realizes they are fixing to lose money that is why they had to sue Samsung. It was really a cheaters way to try and stay in the loop!

    • PeterBlood

      I found the Galaxy III to be a complete POS. Believe me it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

      • harry

        Maybe not at stock, but after a little tweaking it would no doubtedly be your cup of tea.
        Something that Apple’s iPhone is missing is that if you don’t like it, tough – get something else.

        • PeterBlood

          Well Apple’s stuff is more than just about the hardware (which is great anyway) but I know geeks ‘n nerds are mostly just about hardware specs. Enjoy your ripped off phone! (I agree buy what you want but people shouldn’t denigrate other’s choices with lame logic just to try to justify their own choices.)

          • specs? really, how about being able to do things without having to jailbreak your chit. Or having expandable memory, removable battery, drag and drop music, having multiple libraries access to whole system not just your photo directory. etc etc. Apple will F this up again just like they did their PC business with their draconian controlling ways.

          • PeterBlood

            Thanks for making my point about spec obsession not the be all & end all. My iPhone has 64Gb – plenty for me. Apple can replace batteries. That dropped & easily shattered Galaxy SIII had it’s battery back fly off. Apple doesn’t want that kind of mediocrity and I agree. Dropped iPhone stays intact. The pixel difference in 720p is hardly a problem in phone displays and the display gets the highest marks in other respects at the moment. Color on the SIII is too garish and inaccurate. And anyway the SGS3’s screen isn’t higher resolution per se, because the iPhone 5 screen sports a higher DPI even though its display resolution is smaller so LOL yourself. File and folder systems work fine for me and when Apple improves this it will kick Android’s sorry ass to the curb.

          • Madan469

            Heheheheee Heeehehehee.. OMG enough… how well you cover up even the disadvantages!!!!!

          • PeterBlood

            How dumb are you not to realize it’s as important what’s left out as what’s left in and all those things are carefully considered in an “A” grade product. But being a geek I wouldn’t expect you to understand that. Fact is no limitation is felt unless your disingenuous imagination is running on overtime expecting 24th century technology today. BTW you can write a list of so-called “disadvantages” to anything (including you) and it doesn’t mean a thing.

          • Madan469

            Dear PeterBlood, you talk exactly like those apple idiots. Like as I said earlier ‘IT IS DIVINE IF APPLE DOES IT AND SIN IF IT IS DONE BY OTHERS’, You compromise for everything that IPhone lack. Also I seriously doubt if you ever had an Android…. What you say about the IPhone’s navigation?? wait I can guess you compromise this as well :D

          • PeterBlood

            You guys crack me up. Doubtful you passed English class in junior high, let alone high school. Apple Maps works GREAT! It’s problems are overblown typically by disingenuous Android users who love to point out any slight momentary weakness just to make themselves feel better. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s Version 1 software that works amazingly well and Apple is working at light speed to fix any problems. You do know ALL software is in a perpetual never ending state of being improved don’t you? Including Google’s.

          • Madan469

            How well you are covering up the Apple’s screwup!! IPhone 4 screwed up with the signal problem IPhone 5 screwed up the Maps. There are many defects in IPhone 5. The whole world knows how Apple fucked their customers with their maps, except blind dicks like you. Because you can not read the news.
            There is no doubt that you are a crappy school drop out without higher education. Please get out of the bed and read the reviews on the net or print. You lazy a**hole.
            Are you English(British)???? if not please shut your mouth about my English!! Are you trying to show your frustration by saying my english is not good?? World is not only English there are many Languages? how many other languages you know dick head??

            We are not in the Apple forum but you are in the Android forums and trying to shit sell your rotten Apple IPhones. You must be a nasty shameless guy to cover up even the problems in your rotten apples.

          • PeterBlood

            Apple’s Maps, because Google would not give them turn by turn with Google Maps, was forced to release their own Maps and there’s nothing remotely “screw-up” about it. Their only mistake was in not labeling it as beta software I agree but the fact of the matter is most people still aren’t having many issues with it. There are no defects in iPhone 5 I’m aware of and I own one (it’s frikkin’ fantastic!!), again only wishful thinking by clueless Fandroid who are desperate for any reason to put down iPhones and justify their own poor choices. It’s what also goes on outside the phone that determine overall excellence. But then everyone here is obsessed with unimportant and minor specs. Right now iPhone 5 is faster, but next year Android may be ahead. WHO GIVES A RAT’S ASS. Point is they are plenty fast enough and “it’s the ecosystem stupid.”

            There’s no way you could ever match my college educated 30 year Internet knowledge of both Apple and Android, etc. nor life experience being a clustered numbnuts living in a van (or rickshaw?) down by the river or with Mommy & Daddy yourself.

            English language is a standard around the world, even among countries that don’t speak the same non-English language. You are to be applauded for being multi-lingual however. Just realize many things you say come off nonsensical since your command of English is not perfect.

            I am not trying to sell anything only state facts which I know with the rationalization biases of Android lovers conveniently love to avoid. Just setting the record straight as you and many others here like it “crooked.”

          • Madan469

            Why the F**K google will give the turn-by-turn navigation to IPhone? The android manufactures fund the Android development and hence they get it for free.
            In your opinion the Google products are substandard. But to project your rotten Apple, Google has to put money and develop turn-by-turn navigation on IOS!!! HOW GREEDY YOU ARE TO EXPECT A QUALITY GOOGLE PRODUCT FOR FREE OF COST!!!!!!

            BTW Apple already made it clear that they wanted to get out of Google maps, since they don’t want to pay the money for the quality content developed by Google for several years. I think you are really out of this World. Not following the news!!!!!!

          • PeterBlood

            Google makes money from Maps (DON’T YOU KNOW THAT!!!???), that’s why they should have given it to Apple!

            It’s a similar problem Microsoft has had supporting Office on the Mac. The moment you deliver a similar product in inferior form to another platform, then you are competing.

            Instead Google will now get nothing and lose millions of phone owners and Apple can now capitalize on that money for themselves as they should have all along. I agree, Apple should run from Google stuff and do it themselves. This will weaken Google nicely.

            I never said Google products are substandard just not perfect either. They are essentially a one trick revenue pony with Search. The greed is all on Google for competing and stealing from Apple instead of working with them and they WILL pay a price for this.

            BTW I follow the news every damn day unlike you. I know more than you could ever hope to know since you bury your head in Android sand. And Google doesn’t offer any quality content, primarily services.

            It’s already starting in the case against Google:


            Apple Maps Issue Irrelevant as Massive iPhone 5 Buying Continues

          • Madan469

            @PeterBlood:disqus dear friend you need seriously do some research. Either you are trying to purposely mislead readers or you are too ignorant. Why on this world Apple has to depend on Google and Microsoft to support its rather annoying Operating systems? because they don’t have the matching products. Now do you call Apples are the best products?

            BTW please do research on why Microsoft had to support Office on Mac.
            Also Google may not be making money on maps, but definitely navigation is not a free program. What benefit will they get if they take that pain of supporting navigation on IOS???? except that Apple keep bragging the IPhone is the best phone…
            I AM SURE YOU NEVER HAD ANY OTHER PHONE THAN YOU ROTTEN APPLE. You are unfit to comment on something which you never tried… please get away from Android forums!!!!

          • PeterBlood

            You’re sadly misinformed. Apple is not depending on Google and Microsoft except as willing partners, up ’til now but because of Google’s betrayal they are parting ways (as Apple is also from Samsung for similar reasons). You really don’t know anything. Your interpretation is completely loony.

            GD’it I know more about all of the pertinent facts on Apple and Microsoft COMPLETE HISTORY than you can ever hope to have having read voluminous books and Internet articles on all this stuff over the last 20 years. YOU do some damn research as you obviously have done NONE. Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple in non-voting stock and agreed to support Office for the Mac for at least 5 more years starting in 1997 – that is all!! The money was not needed to support Apple but the gesture of software was important at the time. Microsoft got their $150 million back with interest. You got it now?????????

            Google Maps software was designed to make money which is why it could be offered for free. Notice you don’t get charged for Search? That because Google monetizes in different ways like ads.

            Do some research yourself lazy one if you want to know more, assuming you know how:

            I’ve owned many other types of phones and thought they were all crap until the iPhone came out with the best overall one. And it’s still the best for my and many people’s uses. Young and old alike are flocking to iPhone and away from craptastic Android blech. Everytime I look at an Android phone I think “There but for the grace of God…”

          • lala

            The sad thing is that Apple is already in their 6th generation of iphone but still their phone’s abilities are not yet so amazing while samsung introduces a lot of things already that shock the world with galaxy s series even if it is still on its 3rd Galaxy S series.
            You said Iphone is the best SMARTphone but can’t understand its owners motion, more voice commands(you still need to launch and launch siri again to do such thing) therefore, it’s not really smart at all. It only has a small IQ. With SGSIII, even no s voice, you can have voice commands like stopping the alarm, capturing pix, controlling music and etc. while iphone, need to press a lot. Your apple is already with their IOS 6 but still being threathened a lot by Android even if its still on 4.1. I guess you are so satisfied with small innovations.

          • PeterBlood

            Well there’s nothing all that compelling for the tradeoffs to buy Android. I always find it amusing when you guys bring it up but fail to mention what all these “vastly superior” things are. In the light of day most of these things melt into a very small puddle and evaporate. I said the iPhone and it’s ecosystem is the best overall. And that’s the truth regardless even if an Android feature or two is marginally better. I’ve had great luck with Siri and Apple Maps. No complaints here so I don’t know what you’re blathering about.

            You know all software is a moving target. Recent personnel moves by Apple will put them definitively in the driver’s seat so that fanboys like you can’t slobber over minor differences. Taken in it’s totality the iPhone is the better phone. But no one says you can’t own the phone YOU want. Most people aren’t as rabidly involved with their phones as you appear to be.

          • Madan469

            Just to remind you, I am neither a FAN of Samsung or any manufacturer. I used Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia. Of all these I loved SE W710 (long back). I had Nokia E71. No one can beat OVI maps/navigation (Including the Android/Google). Now I have GS3. before buying GS3. Before buying I tried HTC One X, GS3, IP4S. Of all these GS3 exceeded my expectations. But I feel I should have waited for Lumia 920. It is a great hardware and software. Nokia maps are unbeatable. They never ditched me in the USA. I AGREE IPHONE IS THE BEST IF YOU COMPROMISE ON EVERYTHING, be it removable batteries, additional memory cards, the maps (:D), camera, or anything which is market standard now. You always get 2 years old technology / trends with your IPhones, even with the IP5!!!!!!!!!

          • PeterBlood

            I’ve heard Nokia Maps are very good. I appreciate you have tried all these phones to make an informed opinion. Market standards are everything else (removable covers, mini-USB and batteries) and then there’s Apple, just like PC & Mac. I have absolutely no problem with that and for my own uses the iP5 is utterly fantastic.

            Well as far as 2 year old technology iPhone 5 currently has the fastest processor in any phone so I don’t agree with you there. Plus it’s the thinnest and lightest phone. And Apple has a tendency to release things when they feel they are ready for the consumer in the best form.

            iPhone 5: The Fastest Smartphone in the Land

            To tell the truth I haven’t been missing anything that’s important to me. I understand the techy guy who wants everything asap. Just not an issue with me and most. It’s amazing what we already have in the palms (or two palms with the SIII :) ) of our hand. I also think Apple will take another quantum leap at some point past the other manufacturing poseurs and really leave them in the dust. Thanks for your intelligent post.

          • beachguy757

            I had been beta testing iOS 6 for 5 months prior to release and had not one single problem with it so where do you even find anything to back this information. I’m sorry the company who powers the app (not Apple) cant cover every single inch of the planet? Just like Google can’t program the Android OS to correctly run 6000 devices let alone one. And the ones that do work fine are proprietary such as HTC’s versions.

          • Madan469

            Again you compromise with the rotten Apple!!!!!!!!!
            “Apple Maps not so bad” means there is something bad. But there are products which are perfect do you understand????

          • PeterBlood

            You compromise everyday with your craptastic Android!! Google Maps are not perfect, don’t kid yourself bud. In fact Apple Maps have shown they are more accurate in some areas than Google’s offering. Someone actually had Google Maps advise them to walk on water to reach Burbank, CA!!


            ALL software is rarely perfect. You are being disingenuously dumb here. Maps are in a continuous state of data acquisition and updating. We won’t even be talking about this anymore 6 months to a year from now.

            How quickly we forget Google’s own less than perfect software. What excuses will YOU offer up now?

          • Madan469

            You are really Stupid you know why? I never ever said buy Samsung or any Android phone. All I said in my posts was only negative points of your lovely rotten Apple phone. About maps the best is OVI maps with navigation. I have used it unlike you!! Now I am using Google Navigation on GS3, which is also good. I am open to any phone with value for money unlike you smelling the ROTTEN APPLES paying exorbitant money for the copied product.

            Do you remember Motorola MOTOROKR with IPod. Apple IPhone is a big steal from that phone… do some research instead of just blindly marketing your rotten apples…

          • PeterBlood

            You are desperate to insult and call me stupid so you can feel better about yourself. That’s makes your maturity level about 10 years old. Is this how you talk in real life? Insult people first before getting to the point. I expect you have few friends.

            You are a total buffoon incapable of intelligent mature conversation. The MOTOROKR bears zero physical resemblance to an iPhone and I daresay zero on the UI look.
            Ditto on doing some research bonehead instead of making wild, disingenuous & bogus claims you made up in your little fantasy world. Other than basic rectangular form factor you got nothing. Talk about being blind from Android disease…

          • Madan469



            Instead of wasting your time in Android forums, why don’t you spend time with your LOVABLE ROTTEN APPLE (IP5)…

          • PeterBlood

            Hey the only donkey making an ass out of himself is you. Love the uppercase immature typing simulating screaming like it gives you the upper hand. And quick with the really lame & disingenuous racist card aren’t you? I have no idea what “race” you are (which helps when being racist – duh!) but you are no credit to whatever that is. In fact you are a shameful example. I am a Native American and know something about genocide and being treated with bigotry and hatred. You are a world class hater and should be utterly ashamed of yourself. Mom and Dad did a terrible job with you. I sense little humanity.

            The Internet like I heard on the radio today hasn’t helped us become more civil people but truly awful hiding behind our anonymity. You have succumbed especially to this phenomenon. It’s brought out the very worst in you.

            I mocked you because plain and simply you have no idea what you are talking about. You have no command of any basic facts or history. I discounted you when you refused to acknowledge even the most widely known facts. You refuse to acknowledge anything resembling reality.

            This forum doesn’t need jerks like you fomenting and foaming your ignorant mouth with loud nonsense. Your type is not welcome to any forum as you make Android fans look bad. No one wants to be a member of a club that would have you as a member. So do the right thing and excuse yourself permanently for the benefit of everyone here. The world can do with one less a-hole.

          • Madan469

            @PeterBlood:disqus You are hanging in the Android forum and trying to tell the people that apple is best. How much are you getting for this IPhone promotion???

          • PeterBlood

            About the same money you’re earning right now – zero. Apple IS the best OVERALL smart phone. That is quantifiable. Don’t be so insecure, no one said you couldn’t buy whatever second or third rate phone you wanted.

          • Madan469

            @PeterBlood:disqus hehehe do you want me to share the Galaxy S3 / Nokia Lumia 920 links which out smart your rotten APPLE??? Remember one thing, if you compromise with something, that not the best.

          • PeterBlood

            Windows and Android phones all have their fair share of compromises and shortcomings. That’s the whole point. That’s why I say “it’s the ecosystem stupid.” Neither Android or Windows (especially) has a great ecosystem and Android suffers from malware due to the lax Google gatekeeper and the desire of geeks to keep things wide open to the hackers. There’s a price you pay for that just like Windows users found out.

            My own biases hope that Windows phones beat the pants off of Android, especially since their design weren’t initially stolen from the iPhones. I respect Microsoft for their design honesty unlike Google with Android.

            By the way the “hehehe” crap is sophomoronic. You sound like a rabid fool.

          • Madan469

            You are real dumb head. What microsoft has to do with the Windows Phone designs. It is the manufacturer who does that job. The same way Goggle doesn’t have any thing to with the mobiles. For e.g: GS3 and its button system. Also it has many more features which are not in other android phones.

          • PeterBlood

            First of all you proudly wear the crown of “real dumb head” since you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Don’t come off like you know stuff because you don’t know squat. I suggest you stop insulting people too as it just explodes in your own ignorant face. The Internet brings out the worst in people hiding behind their anonymity, including me sometimes.

            Let me ‘splain it to you as I would a small child. Manufacturers don’t design stuff without input from the company that makes the phone OS. Which is why “Goggle” told Samsung not to design their phones as direct copies of the iPhone but they did anyway. So most manufacturers design up to a point within the specifications involved from the software company who built the OS.

            Microsoft phones with their name on them are designed by THEM. Others versions like Nokia are designed by Nokia up to a point with input from Microsoft.

            Nobody wants a return to the bad ‘ol days where manufacturers did anything they wanted and phones were an inconsistent mess. Important to have some consistent guidelines that work with the respective OS.


            Google Told Samsung Not to Copy Apple

          • Madan469

            You absolutely dumb and shameless in defending your rotten apples. Also the links you are posting are really a joke. Even if there is a evidence you are trying to defend it really shameless. please consult a doctor for your ‘Cant live without IPhone’ syndrome. NO DOUBT YOU ARE A FROG IN THE WELL. God bless you!!

          • PeterBlood

            You absolutely dumb and shameless in defending your rotten android and wacky interpretation of history. Also the links I am post brilliantly make my case though you choose to never believe anything beyond your own rationalization biased fantasies. Though there is PLENTY of evidence to support my statements, you are trying to deny it really shamelessly. please consult a mental hospital for your “Cant live without Android syndrome and won’t believe anything but what I choose to believe despite the facts in my face.” NO DOUBT YOU ARE A TOAD IN HELL. God bless you 2!!

  • Marc Lawrence

    I dont usually comment on things like this but I think this is great, Samsung are just copying apple with this particular ad by offering up nothing but bias, which i think is bloody hilarious! I wonder if apple will try and litigate! hahaha. I’m waiting for the Note 2 either way because it’s more of what i need, not just something i want, like most apple products are for their core demographic.

  • sliders7

    What a looser… the technology still far behind.. not to mention the latest samsung flagship device… but its not worth to compare with the old galaxy nexus. What a shame Apple!!

  • Y_Sue_Samsung_Y_Not_Compete?

    Chris Smith – R U DOPING??? R U HIGH? DUDE ur writing an article on and say these words – “although the fact of the matter remains is that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone out there” I think ur a richass tech guy who buys apple phones because u had bought them before and u will continues to think that apple phones ar e good n best n what shit not! i think u still are as ur descripion says “in Ancient Tech” Again i think you should try harder to stay away from Writing about gadgets, iPhone being another smartphone ALSO has Shitty battery life like all other phones COS UR USING IT u ignorant folks! Battery isnt made of god particles to grant u unlimited life

    • You are right.. the author seems so biased. Not fit enough to write a comparison article, but would do good to write review articles on only the iPhone.

    • harry

      The guy says it’s the best iPhone, as you say. That’s true, the iPhone 5 beats the4s. Stop complaining.

  • rnavagamuwa

    lot of people don’t have enough money to buy an iPhone 5 and that’s y they’re keep telling iPhone is a shit! We all know that iphone is the best!

  • Iombie

    Shame that Samsung left out few specs that iOS iphone 5 has. Here’s more info at

    Also I attached the FACTS:

    • All the facts you added are nothing new that you would find missing in Android. And one were to list all the little features included in Android (only those that were missing in iPhone), your Ad space wont be enough.

  • arcwindz

    Are you buying a flagship smartphone this year? If so, what device are you going to choose?
    Most certainly not an iPhone! what the hell are you doing in androidauthoity???

  • mickey

    Apple as a company are a bunch of greedy bastards,who can’t compete fair in the smartphone battlefield.So they resort to the cowardly act of suing anyone they view as a threat,and i think it’s safe to say that Android is definitely a threat to them.Android is so much better in a lot of ways such as web browsing.Android is highly up to you to customize,on iPhone it’s so locked down it’s not even funny.Bottomline Android will continue to dominate,while Apple will sink lower and lower,it’s also bullshit how Apple wins in the U.S but loses in every other country.Samsung and HTC better sue Apple for LTE and they better make it stick,so the iPhone 5 won’t see the light of the day.See how they like it.


    I don’t understand why there r apple fanboys on an android website make no sense :3

    i like ure pie :3

  • master94

    I like the “totally different plug” lol

  • MQC

    Before I say this I just want to say that im typing this from my Galaxy S3 SGH i747

    I love my s3 but c’mon Samsung… all those “features” the iPhone doesn’t have are stupid. What the hell is group cast? All I care about is LTE, the display, the processor , and camera. Of course there Is some stuff I forgot but bottom line those are the main features for me. I pre ordered the iPhone 5 too because I love both devices. I’ll give my girl the S3 and use the iPhone as my daily driver for a while although I love this S3 more and more everyday :)

  • Miguel

    iPhones still outselling the S3, gay boys!

  • For me iPhone 5 as mobile, Galaxy note 10.1 as a tablet. Each device has its own features, it is hard to say who is the winner as the winner is base on what consumer’s want not by the feature and hardware. It is funny that how ppl keep fighting over this kind of thing. Everyone buy a product base on their own reason. A device with best hardware in the market and best feature doesn’t mean consumer is going to like or but it. Most of people is buying product base on: Brand, quality and their need. Or I might say only 1-2% (may be more) of people who buying smart devices have knowledge about tech world, the rest is normal customer who just buy poorly on brand name.
    I love android features, I love Samsung galaxy SIII, Note 2 design and definitely love the quad core with 2GB ram, but at the end of the day I still choose iPhone as my mobile even though I hate the fact that the screen still too small. I have no explanation why I made that decision but it is just to say how people buy the product. But may be the quality of mental and I am used to iOS are win me over the plastic (that is just me).
    So for all iFans or sFans, stop fighting over this kind of thing. It is always, the device you bought is the best that suit you but it is not the best for other. Therefore there is no winner or loser. The more competitions in the market mean more product for us (as consumer) to choose from.

  • Samsung once had terrible smartphones, but all that has changed in the latest year, and now with JellyBean it will be AWESOME.
    I will buy the best phone for me. I have an iPhone 4s, its a good phone, but it’s boring as shit. (Have had like 5 random reboots in 7 months, rarely lags using it though). I tried out my friends Galaxy S2 and I fell in love with the software, its customizable and much more fun than iOS. I admit it isnt as stable yet (ICS) but I’d rather have a phone lag a bit with more features which cater to my tastes than a basically lagfree phone that’s boring the crap out of me.
    Samsung has innovated more features themselves than they’ve been accused of stealing features from Apple. Then again, Apple themselves stole different ideas and made the iPhone back in 2007, it was just a matter of time before the Touchscreen phone were to be invented and it just happened to be Apple who got there first.

  • APPL





    • phreezerburn

      Apple execs in the UK have already come out admitting that “Apple actually hasn’t invented anything.” and stating that they are instead “fabricators” using existing technology in ways the original inventor didn’t think of when submitting their patents.

  • vj

    s3 lumina 900 samsung galaxy nexus razar maxx then wack iphone 5 lol

  • Thantoss

    I bought an S3 last month did I even think of Apple when deciding which smartphone to buy? No, due how they deal with stuff, I like the freedom of custom building my own computers or if I want to change the OS. Having dealt with apple controling culture in the past(personal experience) I just won’t buy apple ever from apple computers to ipods.

    They just aren’t for me, (as I’ve told a coworker when he tried to start an debate arguement at work) I like what I have. If you think the iphone is that great, well grats to you, just don’t try to force me to only be able to buy that exact toy. I have felt I was dealing with a religious fanatic when I deal with that coworker and he gets on about the iphone (ie there are no other faiths that are right but this one).

    well have a nice day.

  • iReadnarrowmindedappleers

    iMaps ftw? LoL! iLosegoogleapps ftw on iOS6? iGotlost using iMaps ftw again? Hahahaha! Got flash? Gosh i would love for someone to say the iPhone is better? Wait wait, LTE pwned partially by Samsung? Can’t wait for the this to happen. Karma’s about to happen to Apple. I liked apple till i seen them try to take over the market like saying they don’t need flash or anything… Instantly pushed me towards an android phone the S3 already flash ready for the internet. HTML5 trying to be forced because Apple is getting pwned in that dept. Why is the iPhone better? iOS6, more icons on the screen? What happened to youtube? Appletube is going to be next after Applemaps? LOL! I’m just sitting here laughing my ass off because i don’t see nothing greater about the iPhone5… Only thing that has come out better for it is a bigger screen, on emore row for icons and a faster processor. Besides that it’s still the same thing… For the iPhone4 and 4s users stick to your own OS, You’ll lose all your google stuff and be disappointed… You’ll be forced to be all apple and no google since google voice is free, youtube for atleast keeping you entertained and you’ll have googlemaps… With all that gone, you’ll have fun with your new iOS6 and iPhone5. Enjoy it narrow minded Apple fan boys.

  • borozky

    i still love my iPhone and I think the ad is bias, fandroids replaced simplicity with “boring”

  • Jeremy Oliver

    i have a lot of respect for apple but now samsung is ahead in the game.

  • Yourmother dick head

    Android wins iOS? I would like to see the marketing price on behalf others , talk much? You dickheads douche bag like niggers only learn how to use Samsung aka cheap phone . Swag much? Get a life dumbasses

  • Yourmother dick head

    Fuck off and get a life dickheads