A few days ago we heard from two official Samsung sources that the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update will be available at some point in October, which is not that bad, but not ideal either considering that the Android maker promised that some of its 2012 flagship devices including the newest Galaxy S version will get Android 4.1.1 soon after the IFA 2012 Unpacked event.

Since the event we saw a remarkable number of Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean pre-release firmware leaks, most of them compatible only with the international Galaxy S3 version, but also some leaks that were made available to U.S. variants of the handset.

Today we hear that a pre-release Android 4.1.1 ROM dated September 13 is available for the masses, as Samsung seems to continue to iron out any existing bugs and inconsistencies in the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean build before releasing the final one into the wild.

As always, we advise you not to manually update the firmware of your device, no matter how well-versed you are in all things Android. However, since it’s up to you to decide which way to go when dealing with such leaks, make sure you backup everything before performing the update.

In case you are already on one of the previous Android 4.1.1 builds for the international Galaxy S3 then here’s what version I9300XXDLI7 brings to the table, according to Sam Mobile:

  • VSync now working again
  • UI Framerate has increased (Silky Smooth Transitions)
  • All Keyboard issues are now fixed
  • Wi-Fi connectivity improved a lot (Way faster then before!)
  • UI is smoother and faster
  • No FCs

The I9300XXDLI7 leak is, as expected, “the most stable leak EVER [sic],” which is how the publication described a slew of recent Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean builds.

Of course, since we’re just about to pass the middle of September, there’s plenty of room left for Samsung to keep releasing test Jelly Build ROMs for its 2012 flagship device, so don’t be surprised to see a few more of these get leaked in the following weeks, each one more stable than its predecessor.

Have you installed Jelly Bean – leaked version or Android 4.1.1-based custom ROM – on the Galaxy S3 yet?

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