GooPhone – cheap ripoffs or competent competition?

by: Joe HindyJuly 20, 2013


Although the name may not be as big as Samsung, HTC, Apple, Microsoft, and others, many of us have still heard of GooPhone. Usually not in a positive light, as the company has made its entire business ripping off of the designs of other handset makers. In most cases, you hear about them in the news for creating rip-offs. Don’t get us wrong, that’s totally what they do, but considering what they do, they’re the only ones who do it well.

We’ve all seen the stories. The $99 iPhone 5S rip off that runs Android, the $160 Galaxy Note 2 clone and the $99 iPad Mini clone are just a few of what GooPhone has in their repertoire. If you go to their official website, you can see a plethora of others.

In most cases, these phones look very similar to the phones they were intended to rip off. In fact, after a cursory glance at their inventory, it’s quite clear that GooPhone doesn’t have one original bone in their company body. This is even more evident since their last big release was a rip off of the Galaxy S4. To sum it all up, GooPhone gets a lot of bad press in many parts of the world. Namely from media outlets who are fans of the phones that GooPhone is ripping off.

What makes the stories even more fun is that GooPhone manages to pack the internals into the rip-off and have it ready to ship out long before the actual phone comes out. While we’re still dealing with rumors, announcements, and FCC filings, GooPhone already has a clone out there, selling under the nose of the competition they’re ripping off. Perhaps the kicker is stories like this one, where GooPhone inteded at one point to sue Apple after the iPhone 5 came out because it matched the design of their GooPhone rip-off.

It was actually rather difficult to find information about the company. For all the times they’ve made the news with their devices, their history is hard to pin down. According to their About Us page, they started in 2008 but didn’t really get the ball rolling til 2011. They have a staff of 500, including 50 “scientifically minded” people who help drive the company’s “innovation.” They boast creating “military grade”, high-end, and popular smartphones.
GooPhone Business Model

Is GooPhone really that bad?

At a cursory glance, one might say yes. They are, after all, selling phones with ripped off designs with lesser specs. However, they’re also selling them at a lower price and a few of their devices have made a couple of top 10 lists. In that linked article, GooPhone actually tops the list with their X7 (an HTC rip-off). It sports a 5-inch, 1080p FHD display, 1.2GHz quad core processor, 1GB RAM, microSD, and Android 4.2. It only costs $247, making it actually a pretty good deal.

Soon they will even have the world’s cheapest quad core device. The X1, which will be only $81. It only comes with 512MB of RAM with Android 4.2 which isn’t great, but really it’s just $81. How often does a handset maker try something that truly absurd? Packing a quad core in with all those terrible specs and it still gets Android 4.2 before the HTC One S.

We’re not saying that everyone should go out and buy a GooPhone. However, the more we look at GooPhone, the more interesting this company seems to get. They’re known worldwide (in the media, anyway) for their rip-offs and are often hated because of it. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll see a somewhat loyal fanbase that loves the idea of getting a designer phone often at less than half the cost with the sacrifice being specs. You’ll see a company that tops nearly every “best cheap smartphones” list. Yes, people actually like GooPhone!

After taking a closer look, it’s actually rather difficult to judge GooPhone one way or another. To some people, they’re a rip-off company who just likes to watch the world burn. To others, it’s a chance to get the latest designs with lesser specs for a really cheap price. To us, they’re a genuinely fun source of news whose phones have managed to anger virtually the entire smartphone world. If you feel so inclined, let us know what you think of this company in the comments.

  • RarestName

    I think that they’re interesting.


      Of course ;)

  • MasterMuffin

    Haters gonna hate :D

    • MasterMuffin

      This has absolutely nothing to do with this but… :DD

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I think they’re funny. Kudos to them

  • ryq24

    Phone like goophone and others like it are the biggest competitor to Samsung right now and not iPhone. Their cheap and they can do almost everything samsung phones can do at cheaper price althought the screen is not that good and the build quality is really questionable.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      I think of you put all those companies phones combined they would still be outsold by Apple, so the iPhone kind of is their competition

  • Locutus

    You guys should review some of their phones Joe, check out the quality.


      You can check our blog…we do exactly what you request.

      Chinese smartphones reviews ;)

  • Ronnie Regenweald

    Do a review of the build please. What’s the quality like? Is the external durable?


      Hi Ronnie,

      You can visit our blog and see some cool reviews of chinese smartphones..

      check them out!

  • Cal Rankin

    I’ve heard about them, and even if the phones and tablets don’t have the best quality compared to the top-tier companies like Samsung, they can still be a tremendous bargain.


      Check it out by yourself in our blog ;)

  • garland

    any info about aftermarket service, warranty, spare parts etc, on this GooPhone ?

    I never buy phone without reliable service center, no matter how cheap they are.

  • Jack

    It’d be funny if GooPhone were the ones ‘innovating’ and the bigger companies were just copying them

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Said no one ever

  • CJ456

    These are very cheesy people.
    Who is Goophone’s CEO?
    I wonder why somebody (such as Apple who seem to love to sue Samsung because of “copying”) hasn’t sued them yet. Maybe they release their phones before the teal phones come out to be able to tout them as an” original” design in court and that’s why the bigger guys haven’t done anything about it. Not that Goophone is a big threat to their businesses anyways, those who want an iPhone or a GS4 will get it, and those who don’t won’t get them.

  • mrjayviper

    Great article. Well researched it seems. +1

  • Falco Lombardi

    I love them, I bought one for my sister for her birthday. At first she thought it was an iPhone 5, but she was shocked when she turned it on. The Goophone iPhone 5 fits some iPhone 5 cases. They are a great company.

  • kissaki

    Makes a clone right in yhe face and Apple hasnt even had any patent issues

  • gommer strike

    hey just curious, just how close can they get, without being sued?

    can they make an iphone5 clone which has a completely identical case, home button, etc, but just run Android? Cause the one I’m seeing…isn’t *quite* that close.

  • Nech

    Chinese brands can be actually pretty good and their phones have great specs/price ratio. Check out ZTE v987, Lenovo A830(or even K900), iocean x7, Zopo C2… Chinese doesn’t mean bad anymore.


      Hey Nech!

      Check our blog and drop us a comment!

    • JosephHindy

      Despite Multi Core trying to drag readers to their blog by saying that I’m sort of biased moron, this article may be the first written in English that suggests that GooPhone isn’t as awful as everyone else makes it out to be.

      The very point of this article was to say exactly what you just said.

  • SeraZR™

    competition? Meh –_–

  • Android wins!

    “Cheap Rip offs or competent competition?”
    I would say, this is a competent rip off.

    • FrillArtist

      Or a cheap competition?

      • Android wins!

        Yes, that also does match.

  • stuart bennett

    why not, if they can get some reasonable specs packed in, i’ll buy one. smartphones are extremely overpriced, to get the latest, you have to sign your life away on a high end phone network company contract , then if they are released unlocked on the open market, the price is inflated to protect the phone company contracts, the whole market needs a shake up, and if goophone can do it—more power to them


    Ok..seems like the right post to do it…ehmm..

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,we have the great pleasure to invite you to our newly launched blog, where you can read more about these chinese smartphones.

    And to the Mr.Joe Hindy….you better check your googling skills…is not that hard to find the official Goophone website:

    Before talking shit, it’s better to read, read and read…and then you can talk.

    Oh, and yes…let me remember you that ALL the major manufacturers assemble their devices in China…Yup, it’s a fact, but then with their emotional marketing they make you forget that.

    Anyways…long live free market

    • JosephHindy

      I found their official website and quoted it several times. It’s not exactly awash with information about the company.

  • JPerezmvp

    The link to the site is not working. I’m curious to know how to order an HTC 1 knock off and shipped to the U.S.

  • Leds

    The only thing even remotely wrong with what they’re doing is that people are tricked into thinking patents are somehow “right” or “moral” when all patents do is hold back technological progress. They don’t help anything except use government force to create a monopoly and hold back humanity. You don’t need to them for medicine, computing, process, or anything. We will still move forward, just MUCH faster than with patents, if we can just eject this nonsense from our societies. If you want to learn a little about the subject, google the book Against Intellectual Monopoly. If you truly want to be objective about supporting patents, fine, go read that book. You will see how patents on things like the steam engine, cotton gin, air plane, and many other important historical milestones not only didn’t serve the purpose of patents which is to stimulate innovation, but literally held back innovation, technological progress, extended slavery, and work to grind humans to a never improving halt so that rent seeking patent holders can forever be paid for not doing any work beyond discovering something first.

  • sonia

    Woah can you download apps like instagram :o

  • Blowntoaster

    no offense (not), but these knockoffs are crap. MediaTek should get a bitch slap for supplying these companies with parts. some these knockoffs really are of crap build quality and really not up to even the lowest standard. GooPhone should rather work on their own design, own product name etc and slap vanilla android on there and sell it as it’s own. stop copying, and be different and maybe you’ll be taken even more seriously, and can actually make a proper name for yourself.

    • Diman

      Who pissed in this guys cornflakes?

  • It’s really good competition, because they are trying to get people to understand you are only paying for what you think is the better brand or higher quality. When you really don’t NEED half of the things in the current smartphones today.

  • Lindsay Marie

    I think it’s terribly rude to troll another blog and try to promote your own site.

  • Norman3000
  • Cks Stv

    LOL funny company

  • Tom Arkes

    Can i trust this site I saw this phone and it had good specs for the price. 1.5 ghz and 1 gb ram.

  • justsaying

    “somewhat loyal fanbase that loves the idea of getting a designer phone often at less than half the cost with the sacrifice being specs”
    I hope GooPhone thinks like that too

  • kefy

    had a Samsung clone worked well sold it to buy a second clone Samsung mega 6.3 have it for almost a year I had no problems with it great pictures good specs fits all accessories love it would keep buying clones so check them out before listening or reading negative remarks about them

  • FollowTheCaptain

    A Goophone buyer goes on the Apple support site to register the fake iPhone 6. Types in the Serial #. Apple accepts it but says it is out of warranty. Drop the same serial number in a google search and it gets 500 hits, mostly of people saying “is this legit?” Apparently they use the same serial number for every phone, a once valid iPhone 6 serial.