Google now offers a handy shortcut to weather info

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 24, 2016

Google weather shortcut

Google is making it even easier to check the weather forecast on your smartphone.

After rolling out a cute new weather screen back in January, Google is now offering a handy shortcut to the weather info that you can place on your homescreen. Just search “weather” in the Google app and you should see an option to “access weather instantly from your home screen.” Clicking Add creates a shortcut on the homescreen – tap it and you will be taken straight to the cute weather screen, featuring the forecast for the day, the next day, and the next ten days.

Tapping the hamburger gives you the option to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and you can easily check the weather in other locales by typing in the search box.

Google weather shortcut screenshot

This little shortcut blurs the line between native apps and the web, and without doubt, it’s a big blow to dedicated weather apps. It’s really hard to justify installing and using a dedicated app when Google puts the essentials right in front of you with minimal effort.

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The feature has been in testing for the past several days, but it seems that Google is now rolling it out to more users. We received it in on several, but not all, of our devices.

I know personally that weather is one of the main reasons I check Google Now, so this shortcut will definitely find a place on my homescreen. How about you?

  • The ‘cute new weather screens’ are still unvisible here. It’s still the old one (Netherlands). Also this new widget is not available yet.

    • Mattia

      Same in Italy

      • L’ut3r0

        yes: no weather here

    • Lyubo Raev

      It’s available for me and I’m also in the Netherlands. I typed up “What’s the temperature outside” and it showed up!

  • Do you guys get an option to add that widget?

    • Fredrol

      I don’t.. But I have disabled Google now though..

  • Catalin Emerich

    Here is a screen shot from my Note 4 with 5.1.1

    I don’t have that option… Anyone know why?

    • Scott Ricketts

      Tap the weather, then on the next screen tap the hamburger menu.

      • ShockWave

        Thanks, i didn’t even notice the hamburger menu!

  • Cris

    Nexus 6P Hungatry… still the old weather…

  • Maxi Payne

    Have u noticed the cute frog pictures ?

  • Paulo

    How to get it back after deleting it?

    • I’m right with you. Deleted by accident can’t get it back

      • William Knudsen

        Anybody figured this out yet? My icon “dissapeared”.

        • Adam

          I uninstalled the google app (all the updates) from the play store, then reinstalled it. Next time i searched for “weather” in google now, it worked.

  • Oobiewan

    I don’t need this, I just say “okay google, is it gonna rain today” or “okay google weather today” while getting dressed in the morning, and it’s done. I am not even touching my devices for weather info

    • Corey Kinard


      • Oobiewan

        Don’t congratulate me, congratulate google. I am not bragging, but saying there’s more convenient features that have already been there since a while. Wow, you can put an icon on your home screen that opens the weather! We are almost in 2008 with that “new” feature.

        • Corey Kinard

          Cool story bro. 8/8

          • KeyserSoze

            Cool dik face bro.

        • xgudwilx

          What if you were a Monk..woukd you consider it then?

          • Oobiewan

            no, I’d just swipe laeft from my home screen where I can see the weather on google now anyway

  • Off hurricane season: Google Now
    Hurricane season: The Weather Channel

    • Corey Kinard

      All the information is aggregated from The Weather Channel/Weather.Com

  • Kshitiz Chaudhary

    Can’t use google now ?

  • M.C.

    Oh, no! So big achievement! Now it’s time to solve issues with Android Beta subscription. But I guess this is too difficult for Google.

  • KeyserSoze

    Widget is better cuz the weather is always displayed on it, no need to tap on an icon first. Everyone knows this.

  • Adam Barnes

    This window isn’t showing up in the app.

  • Brian K

    I’m in the USA, had the new weather for only like two weeks before it automatically turned off somehow

    • 6ix


  • xgudwilx

    I got this on mondee.. It’s totes effin epic brah.

  • Patrick Clark

    I will definitely go try it out, I already have a weather app I use, but if this more convenient then why not. Mine is the clock on my home screen with a weather forecast also, if I click on the weather portion it takes me to a fully detailed weather forecast section complete with moon information, weekly weather, etc. It’s pretty handy, but I like going with the home team(Google, Nexus, etc) anything in that realm is fair game, as long as it’s as good, or better than what I’ve been using!

  • Mario Clement

    Doesn’t work for Android

    • Shivam Kumar


  • Aniket Phanse

    What if I said ‘No Thanks’ how do I bring it back??

  • Noah Jones

    I’ve been searching for weather every day for like a million years and I’ve never got it.

  • JoKing

    I’ve been trying to make forward decisions on the basis of the Google forecasts. Good decisions but they went wrong when the weather here in Penzance UK was completely different, day after day. Pretty but dumb.

  • Michael Katz

    Why doesn’t this work on tablets?