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We first heard that Google was beginning to test a redesigned weather experience on Android just a few days ago, and we’re happy to report that those changes are beginning to roll out today. Not only does this update come with a redesigned interface, a wealth of new information will also be available to folks who need to check the weather.

Previously, searching for “weather” in the Google app on Android devices would result in a pretty generic looking Google Now card. Now the interface is completely redone, and it will give you different backdrops that change with the current sky conditions. Google will also provide you with some new information, including hourly sky conditions and chance of rain, severe weather alerts, a detailed 10-day forecast, air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, and much more. You’ll also be able to save your favorite locations when you tap on a weather result. You can do this by searching for a new location and selecting “Add.” You’ll then start seeing your chosen locations in the drop-down the next time you check the weather.

Google is rolling out this new weather experience to Android devices starting today, so you likely won’t have to wait long for the changes to make their way to your device. How are you liking the new weather experience? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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