It’s a just tiny little change. Google has snuck a single thumbs up button into the Google Play review section and packed the spam button into a side menu. This replaces an old, Reddit-like system that allowed for both thumbs up and thumbs down.

Now that they’re using a setup much closer to Facebook’s, this Like-like thumb icon lets Google Play users nod in agreement with reviews that say what they would have said about an app. To maintain simplicity of design, and perhaps to discourage its frivolous use, Google has relegated the spam flag to a small menu beside the thumb. This makes it a two step process to flag something as spam, but giving positive feedback is just one touch away.

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May 1, 2017

This is part of an ongoing process of tweaking that the Google Play dev team has been working with lately. For instance, they recently released the ability for game and app devs to add promo codes, which gave devs the option to run promotions that let users download their items for free. Previously, the primary place to get free apps was with the third-party store Amazon Underground.

Again, as we said, these are small alterations, but they could prove to be very useful. What are your thoughts regarding Google Play’s new review rating system? Is there anything about the store’s current setup that you find particularly irksome? What can Google do to make their it better in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • mohammed


  • Goblin Shark

    The relocation of the spam button is a good idea but the removal of the thumbs down voting option is not. There are so many reviews that are poorly written or the app is given an unfair low score because people don’t understand it or use it wrong and get angry. Take the Acorns app, for instance. I love that app. It rounds up all of my credit & debit card purchases to the next dollar and invests that amount in a financial device such as a mutual fund. Some people have not paid attention and this has resulted in their bank accounts being overdrawn. Is that the fault of the Acorns team? Absolutely not. There is a large button in the app that turns automatic round ups off or on as the user sees fit, and the default setting is off. So why should Acorns get a one star rating if a fool neglects to pay attention to his finances? The only recourse for sane Acorns reviewers of normal intelligence with a 3rd grader’s understanding of finances is to downvote the negative reviews that result from those mistakes. And now even that weak option is gone. I don’t understand how any writer could attempt to present that to us in a positive light. What should happen is the downvote option should actually be beefed up, and readers of the reviews should be able to see how many downvotes or upvotes a particular review has received. Don’t try to make everything la la sing along sweet. We aren’t talking about the Get Along Gang or My Little Pony, people actually base purchasing decisions on these reviews. Having no way to judge a review’s accuracy can only hurt the developers and the purchasers.

  • Diskus1

    Move the +1 button back up again, it’s falling further and further down…