Google highlights the best apps and games of 2015 in the Play Store

by: Jimmy WestenbergDecember 3, 2015

Best apps and games 2015

The year 2015 is already coming to a close, and that marks a time of reflection for many of us. Android has come a long way over the past year, and so have the applications and games that make this mobile OS so great. To help us recap, Google has just published its list of the best apps, games, music, movies and more of 2015. We’re seeing some familiar faces on Google’s list, so here are a few of our favorites when it comes to applications:

When it comes to the best games released this year, here are a few notable titles:

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Of course, there’s much more listed on Google Play, so be sure to follow the link below for more information. And I’m sure you know by now, every year our own Joe Hindy releases a few “best of the year” lists, so be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks. Do you see anything you like on Google’s list? What about a notable app or game that you were disappointed didn’t make the cut? Be sure to speak up in the comments below.

  • mrjayviper

    would be great if Google also list the best games that have no in-app purchases like on the AppStore. I often check it out on my iDevices

    • Great Dude

      It will be great indeed but it will be greater if they just list what IAP these games and apps have.

      • mrjayviper

        just like iOS again. I know on my iDevices and the app has in-app, I first checked what kind of in-app are available.

      • Sonya Matthews

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  • They should have added Apex launcher instead of Nova launcher and to the games section!

  • Kwick Hight Tech

    They surely have missed Pump Jump. I literally hooked up with this game for more than a month.