Unlike other smartphone operating systems, Android gives you the ability to change your keyboard anytime yo2u like. There are so many keyboards on Google play, that it can be difficult to find the write one for you. Whether you want a keyboard with a variety of themes, or one that is inspired by the famous Swype keyboard, or one that is highly customizable, you’ll find it below. I’ve looked and played with virtually every keyboard on Google Play, and I think the ones below are the best. And so, without further ado, I present to you what  I think are the best keyboards for Android! Drum roll, please!

3. Gingerbread Keyboard (Free) 

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard is a great keyboard. While it’s a little on the simple side, and features nothing too flashy, it excels in two very important areas where keyboards should – predicting text and correcting spelling errors. While you probably already have it on your device, it’s still worth mentioning here. What I truly enjoy about this keyboard is the layout, as it seems to flow very well with my fingers, and I rarely make errors whenever I use it. The emoticon button is a nice touch too, which I found myself using more than I initially thought I would. If you don’t have the keyboard preloaded on your handset you can download it today!

2. Go Keyboard (Free)

The Go Keyboard is the dream keyboard for those of you that have a guilty pleasure for switching up different themes on your keyboard – also known as themaholicism. Go Keyboard has the most themes available for a keyboard on Google Play. However, that of course isn’t the only good feature this keyboard brings to the table. It also features amazing autocorrection and text prediction capabilities – among other features – including 8 different key press sounds, customizable key height, customizable font, and a user dictionary. The best thing about this keyboard is that it is free. Even though some themes will cost you up to $1.99, this is the keyboard that will make people say, “Oooooh, where did you get that? Check it out!

1. Smart Keyboard Pro ($2.63/Free trial)

My number one choice for the best keyboard for Android is Smart Keyboard Pro. No matter how many keyboards I try out, I always find myself coming back to Smart Keyboard Pro. In my humble opinion, it has the best user experience of any keyboard out there. It has tons of themes available – with most being free – and is very customizable. I text and write emails all day long, and I hardly ever have one error when typing words out. The layout is just perfect, and the gestures are very helpful at times. Other great features and settings on this keyboard include T9 input, transparency, key height adjustent, bottom arrows, four input sounds, and a dictionary that learns how you type. To me it’s the perfect keyboard, and I simply can’t live without it. I can’t imagine a better keyboard to have.

Enjoy the full in-depth video below, if you want more.

So, how did I do? Anything keyboard I missed that you feel is worth mentioning? What is your favorite keyboard and why? Let us know in the comments below, we are mighty curious.

Vinny Marino
Vinny, is a huge mobile technology enthusiast. He is constantly reading up on the latest Android news. Vinny also enjoy's what he does here, making stellar app, game and custom rom video reviews, as well as creating some great how to video's. While Vinny isn't all wrapped up in android he enjoys rooting on his favorite football team on Tv.
  • Dmwhittley

    I almost started by saying how surprised I was that you did not mention ‘MessagEase’. But I’m not surprised, as no-one seems to write about the markets best kept secret.
    I swear by this keyboard. Admittedly, you do need to give it a couple of days or a week – depending on how much you write – before you can even write at your normal speed. After that, however you will be writing so fast that the word prediction will not keep up with you and in fact become nothing more than a spell checker.
    MessagEase is better than any qwerty keyboard I have tried in so many ways I don’t really know where to start. So I will instead start with what is fundamentally wrong with the querty keyboard.
    To start with it is 150 years old and was originally intended to be used with two hands! It does not belong on a mobile phone where most text input is done with one finger or two thumbs. A querty should not, in my opinion, be found on anything smaller that a tablet.
    Another beef I have with all the querty keyboards I have used is the fact that so many everyday characters are hidden. There can only be used by first pressing another key (sometimes more than once) or by long pressing a key. This wastes time.
    The set up I currently use – it is very customisable – allows me to enter any one of more than 110 different characters, including letters – both upper and lower case, numbers and symbols from just a small a 3*3 grid.
    I never have to first press one key and then another to get an uppercase character, a number or a symbol. This allows for substantially faster typing.
    The makers of ‘MessagEase’, Exideas, advertise it as ‘the worlds fastest touchscreen keyboard. ’ If you care to read on you will start to understand why.
    From the center key of my keyboard (as I have it set up) all others keys (and all 110 character) are within 1-1.5 cm. If you were to write “Android Authority Rocks ” on a normal qwerty, using a standard 4″ screen in portrait, you would need to move your finger approximately 44cm. To write same with MessagEase requires you to move your finger just 17 cm. Distance waste is time wasted. Imagine how many meters and how much time you would save if you were to write a two page article.
    MessageEase is not for everyone. It is, however for everyone who wants to write quickly and accurately and can invest a little learning time to save a lot of typing time.
    by David Whittley

    • balthuszar

      i can tell you what’s wrong with a querty keyboard…i’ve never seen one…they don’t exist…now a qwerty…those are fun

    • balthuszar

      also, are you the developer of messagease? you sure sound like your advertising, not advocating

    • paldepind

      Thanks for recommending MessagEase. I’m typing on it right now. I’m pretty slow but it definitely has potential.

  • I found Touchpal Keyboard very useful for me.

  • Guest

    > … Google play, that it can be difficult to the write (get it?) one for you.

    Hey, great pun… including the fact that you (again) left some words out of some of your sentences!

  • Guest

    > Smart Keyboard Pro ($2.63/Free trail)

    What’s a free *TRAIL*????

    (Just how high are you guys when you try to write these articles?)

  • Guest

    Your video looks like you had problems with ALL the keyboards you’ve “tried” to use.

    Oops. Oops. Oh. Wait. Oops. Wait.

  • Actually we are the developers of MessagEase. Dmwhttley is one of our enthusiastic users. We have many many passionate users whose comments you can find on google play page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.exideas.mekb
    Please let us know if you have any question re MessagEase. Otherwise, as balthuszar hinted, we abide by the decorum of this forum and do neither advocating nor advertizing.

    May be best keyboard win!

  • Lame

    I’ve just lost a ton of respect for your site. Not only is this horribly written but these are hardly the best keyboards for Android.

  • FeRD

    Yes, yes, a THOUSAND times yes regarding Smart Keyboard Pro! I’ve always been impressed with the seemingly-perfect combination of flexibility and organization the authors achieved with it. The configuration possibilities provided are vast, with an incredible array of high-level features available. Each of them can be customized and tuned down to the smallest detail, if so desired. And yet, somehow, the Settings menu structure never feels overwhelming or disorganized, with the features all logically grouped into clear and concise units, then laid out into a tree of perfect balance. Never does a setting provoke annoyance that it seems buried frustratingly deep, nor do any of its many panes look like endless sprawls of excessively-shallow clutter.

    My phone has a slide-out physical keyboard, and I still wouldn’t ever be without SKP installed — not just for those rare times I’m willing to deal with touch instead of sliding the phone open, but because SKP allows me to switch on its text prediction strip even while using the hardware keyboard.

  • hhenne

    What is an exellent keyboard for one person may be useless for another. Luckily there is a lot of keyboards to choose among (http://kschang.hubpages.com/hub/Android-Softkeyboard-Shootout-which-input-method-should-you-use). But it seems to me, that most Android keyboard is designed for young people. So I made my own, designed for more grown-up people who need bigger keys and a full (PC like) keyboard. It is called MaxiKeys and available from Google Play. In a week there will also be a free demo version.

  • René Bach


  • René Bach


    Hello, I find it very painful to use dictionaries on these keypboards. Often, a word that has really nothing to do with my input is proposed. What is the future of the dictionary work ? Will there be dictionaries available separatly from the keyboard ? Google itself has such.
    I write in German, French and English and even the keyboard designs are different between FR and (G and E). Not only the keyboard layout (qwerty ou qwertz or …).

    Is there a forum that discuses those issues ? Thanks
    René the Swiss

  • iineesm

    SwiftKey is the best I’ve ever tried.