If you’ve been following the homepage over the past week, you’ll have seen we published a big blind smartphone camera shootout to find out how the new Sony Xperia Z5 camera compares to the iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5 and the LG G4. Like our past blind camera shootout, we didn’t tell you which device took each image and today, we’re revealing the results – which smartphones takes the crown?

The cameras in numbers…

Before we reveal the results, let’s recap the various camera specs of each smartphone:

 Sony Xperia Z5Galaxy Note 5LG G4Apple iPhone 6S
Resolution:23MP (5520x4140)16MP (5312x2988)16MP (5312x2988)12MP (4032x3024)
Focus:Hybrid AFAutofocusLaser AutofocusPhase Detection AF
Flash:dual LEDdual LEDdual LEDdual LED
Manual controls?YesYesYespartial
Focal Length:24mm28mm28mm29mm
Camera Sensor Size:1/2.3"1/2.6"1/2.6"1/3"
Pixel Size:TBC1.12µm1.12µm1.22µm
Colour Spectrum Sensor
Digital Image
Front Camera5MP5MP8MP5MP

Numbers are only one part of the equation and while you could make a decision on which is best just based on the specs, we all know that cameras and images are about more than megapixels, and algorithms and processing play a large part. Clear your mind, settle down and let’s check out which smartphone camera really is the best.

The Galleries:

Let’s take a look at each gallery again and discuss which smartphone took the best shot. Before we do that however, it’s time to reveal which device is which:

  • Phone A = Sony Xperia Z5
  • Phone B = LG G4
  • Phone C = Apple iPhone 6S
  • Phone D = Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Now, let’s look through the galleries:

Gallery 1


This shootout proved to be interesting as it tested how each smartphone camera handled the change between a colour-rich subject and a sky with various shades of grey. No smartphone was able to capture the sky in all its details but the iPhone 6S seemed to handle the transition between light and dark the best.

Gallery 2


This gallery combined an interesting collection of tests; from the varying sky colours to the detail of the individual tree leaves, the sign in the foreground and the building details and colours to the right.

The Note 5 wins this test as it handles the sky well, produces a good amount of detail in the sign and has clarity in the tree outline. The LG G4 and the Xperia Z5 come second and third respectively as they both produce good all round images while the iPhone 6S comes fourth as it overcompensates for the white balance in the image.

Gallery 3


This gallery was designed to see how each smartphone handles the details and colours in and on the shop front as well as the details in the shop signs and the reflections in the windows.

The Xperia Z5 wins this shootout as it produces a saturated image with deep colours that is closest the image produced by the EOS 70D. Next up is the Galaxy Note 5, which slightly overcompensates for the light but still captures details, while the iPhone 6S comes third and the washed out LG G4 rounds off this gallery.

Gallery 4


As pointed out in the comments on the original shootout, the wide angle of the Xperia Z5 lets it down here. When evaluating this gallery, we zoomed into the Apostrophe sign, the detail on the ladies’ hair and the grille at the end of this feature.

The winner is the LG G4, which handles the range of colours better than its rivals. The others are quite close with the Xperia Z5 adding a slight hue to an otherwise good image, the iPhone 6S handling the colours in the scene quite well and the Galaxy Note 5 offering impressive detail even if colours are a little saturated.

Gallery 5


This gallery was an interesting test as it evaluated how each smartphone handled the colours in the two different LED signs, as well as the detail of the door stand, which can be seen just past the front door.

Each smartphone handled the scene differently and the winner is the Galaxy Note 5, which comes closest to the EOS 70D image with detail and accurate colours throughout. Next up is the iPhone 6S which offers great colour reproduction in the signs and this is followed by the LG G4. The Xperia Z5 brings up the rear as it over compensates for the light and hence, the signs are almost washed out.

Gallery 6


While shots of scenery and subjects are always great, it doesn’t quite cover how each smartphone handles the contours and detail of a human face. This gallery aims to test just this as well as looking at the amount of bokeh in the details on the wall and mirror behind.

This proved to be a test of two halves with the Galaxy Note 5 narrowly beating the LG G4 to the top spot followed by the Xperia Z5 narrowly pushing the iPhone 6S into last place. In particular, the Xperia Z5 would have probably done a lot better had it been in oversampling mode and the iPhone 6S seems to get the white balance all wrong.

Gallery 7


For this gallery, the blue sky and amount of detail in the buildings was an interesting test of how good each smartphone’s HDR mode was. From the detail in the rooftops to the Breitling sign at the bottom of the scene and the Itsu sign in the immediate foreground, there’s a lot of detail to capture.

The iPhone 6S wins this with the Galaxy Note 5 very close behind as the sky is a little less saturated than on Apple’s flagship. The Xperia Z5 comes third over the LG G4, mainly because the latter produced a darker image and Sony managed to more accurately reproduce the colour of the sky.

Gallery 8


Almost the same scene as the above, this gallery used the red telephone box as the subject of the photo. When evaluating this, we looked for reproduction of details on and in the box, the clarity of the Itsu shop sign to the left and the amount of bokeh in the background details.

The Galaxy Note 5 wins this just for its reproduction of details inside the iconic telephone box while the LG G4 and the iPhone 6S tie for second, as the latter captures the details in the background better and the former is better at reproducing the white balance of the scene. Sony’s Xperia Z5 comes a very close fourth as a seeming lack of stabilisation results in some noise in the image.

Gallery 9


This was an interesting test as the flags had varying amounts of detail, the buildings were detailed and intricate and the sky can be just seen to the left. The Xperia Z5 has a good reproduction of the overall scene but lacks detail when you zoom into the image.

The LG G4 captures the scene well and captures good detail of the brickwork on the building while the iPhone 6S is slightly darker but does better at capturing the sky. The Galaxy Note 5 is very similar to the LG G4 as it captures the scene well including details in the brickwork but lacks depth when you zoom into the image even slights. It’s too close to call a winner in this gallery.

Gallery 10


This was an interesting gallery as it kicked off the low light testing with a combination of varying colours, intricate detail and bright lights. The Galaxy Note 5 probably wins this for the amount of detail captured even though the colour reproduction isn’t quite accurate.

Beyond this, the LG G4 comes second for the amount of detail captured and even though it is slightly noisy, the Xperia Z5 comes third with the iPhone 6S last thanks to inaccurate white balance. Interestingly, the Xperia Z5 would probably win this or come very close when used in oversampling mode.

Gallery 11


A combination a dark shop sign and a low light cream building above made an interesting test of each smartphone’s ability to handle low light conditions. The Xperia Z5 overcompensated for a lack of light resulting in a bright image but a lack of detail in the overall image.

The Galaxy Note 5 and the LG G4 tie for first place here as the overall image is almost identical from each of these devices and the iPhone 6S completely misjudges the white balance resulted in a dark image that fails to capture all the details.

Gallery 12


The last two galleries combine to form a test of the overall night shot capability of each handset. The first gallery is the scene captured with no flash and the second gallery takes the same scene but applies the inbuilt flash of each device.

As far as details in the image go, the Xperia Z5 is the best of all four devices as, although the iPhone 6S produces a lighter image, Sony’s best captures more details. The Galaxy Note 5 comes third and the LG G4 comes fourth, although it’s worth noting that the ISO is set quite low on both of these devices (although all handsets were set to auto mode) and they would produce much better images with a higher ISO.

Gallery 13


Now to the final gallery – which smartphone has the strongest and most accurate flash? The EOS 70D has a significant advantage thanks to its Xenon flash and while companies such as Nokia have used Xenon in the past, a dual/triple LED flash is the common standard as it can be used for both photos and videos (Xenon cannot be used while video recording).

The LG G4 and the Galaxy Note 5 tie for first place here as the former reproduces details better (albeit with a slight hue) while the latter captures the light better but lacks somewhat in the details. Sony’s Xperia Z5 comes a close third and the iPhone 6S rounds off this shootout in a lowly fourth place.

The results:

Now to the results – which device wins the shootout? Here’s how the voting stands at the end of this shootout:

It turned out to be quite a close-run race between the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy Note 5 for the title but Apple’s latest just beat Samsung’s latest with 38.2 and 34.1 percent of the 7810 votes respectively. Sony’s Xperia Z5 comes in third with 17.7 percent of votes while the LG G4 brings up the rear with 10 percent of all the votes.

As mentioned in the original gallery post, all the settings were at their maximum resolution, which proved to be detrimental to the Xperia Z5 (which relies on the 8MP oversampling mode for its best shots). We’ll be retesting these smartphones along with a few others in the big camera shootout in the coming weeks so stay tuned! Let us know what you thought about these results in the comments below guys and head over to the original shootout post for all the galleries.

Nirave Gondhia
Nirave is one of the Managing Editors and a fan of travel. He's worked in technology for over ten years (including stints at two carriers in the UK) and reported on it for nearly nine years. In my spare time, A big football (soccer to those over the pond) fan and avid supporter of Man United for over 20 years, he reads a lot, loves a cocktails and blogs about travel.
  • Jay

    Meltdown arriving in 3, 2, 1….

    • The Miz

      But…but…. My shiny new scamsung s22 with 48 gigs of ram is better than the lowly apple offering! Lolz

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      You forget the “anti-Apple” torches and pitchforks.

  • Emmet

    Damn. I guess compared to the best of the best, the LG G4 isn’t the best, and I thought it was going to win. Well, I know it’s still an amazing camera compared to a lot of other phones.

    • Andreas Larsson

      All this says is that lg don’t have as many fanboys as the others

      • Emmet

        But it was a blind camera test.

        • Andreas Larsson

          Yeah “blind” one guy checked the info of the pictures and posted it in the comments , I checked it to to confirm

          • The Miz

            R u mad

          • Andreas Larsson

            About what? Everyone knew, several comments that told ppl how to check, you literally just had to check the info on each picture

          • The Miz

            Dude. The pics looked better. Sounds like you are the kind that would pic note 5 every time if you knew. Who cares what phone won?

          • Andreas Larsson

            I actually didn’t even vote, I didn’t see a point unless it was an actual blind test

          • The Miz

            Good. Because once you voted and realized you picked the iPhone…. Oh god….. You wouldn’t know what to do with life.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Don’t worry you’ll grow out of fanboyism, no need to reflect unto me

          • The Miz


          • The Miz

            I own both bro. Geez.

          • Andreas Larsson

            You own both what? There are 4 phones in the test..

          • The Miz

            But I feel ya.

    • The Miz

      Correct. The G4 is nothing to write home about at the end of the day. And they’re losing value quicker than the American dollar.

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      I love my G4, and I personally think it has a killer camera.

      But the best? Ehh, not really. ONE of the best? Yes.

    • Weneklek

      placed on the right hands, the G4 produces one of the best photos imo, especially when you factor in the price.

      • Shawn Dehkhodaei

        How do you factor in “price” when it comes to image quality?? That’s absurd.

        • Weneklek

          lol seriously? $800+ vs sub $500 for an equal if not better camera (imho)? Have you actually used a G4? that’s a substantial price difference with regards to image quality in my opinion.

          • tomclarke

            But price and image quality are different considerations. They’re completely separate.

          • Weneklek

            Respectfully disagree. An overall value of an item like the one in question should factor in price and quality. If I only had x amount of money but wanted something that delivers x amount of quality then that shows that they have to coincide with the buying process and decision.

        • Weneklek

          Lol seriously? Have you used a G4 before or is this the only test comparison you’ve ever seen?

  • Andreas Larsson

    Biased, it was nothing blind about that camera test, everyone all ready knew wich was wich since we could just check the picture info’s

    • Emmet

      Who actually checked the pictures info and who actually would click the iPhone when this is Android Authority?

      • Andreas Larsson

        Apple fans? It was all over the comment section, and I looked at the info just to confirm

        • The Miz

          Oh its a conspiracy! And even the pro Android websites are in on it! Lol. *chuckle*

          • Andreas Larsson

            What conspiracy? I simply object to it being called a blind test when people could check wich phone took each shoot

          • The Miz

            I see.

        • Emmet

          What info? I didn’t see anything about which phone was which

          • Andreas Larsson

            If you are on your phone simply long press on the picture you wanna check and choose picture info in the meny

          • Nicholas Chan

            so you need an Android to check the picture info to see it’s an iPhone so Apple fans can vote for iPhone…? do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

          • Andreas Larsson

            What? Why would you need an android? I never said that

          • Nicholas Chan

            I’m on my iPhone, I don’t have “picture info” in any long press menu. I’m assuming that’s an Android feature.

          • Andreas Larsson

            So save the picture and go to gallery and check the info from there

          • Nicholas Chan

            There is no “check the info” in the gallery. Again, that’s an Android feature. So this whole conspiracy of Apple fans voting doesn’t make sense at all.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Are you sure you have an iPhone? Because u can check info on all pictures in my gallery, I got the iPhone 5s

          • Nicholas Chan

            did you even try saving the photo from the blind test on an iPhone? long pressing the photo just performed some javacript, I couldn’t save it to my library. and no, I’m in my Photos app now, there’s no way to check the metadata of any of my photos using the official Photos app.

          • krazyfrog

            Dude, he has no idea what he’s talking about. He just wants this whole thing to be a setup of some sorts as that would be easier than admitting most people liked the iPhone images.

          • Andreas Larsson

            I don’t care but whatever, I only object to this being called a blind test

          • The Gnome

            haha, you sir are hilarious! Reading your excuses in this comment area just made my day. You verified beyond a shadow of a doubt why:

            1. I will never buy an Android phone
            2. I stopped hanging out with people who use them and feel the need to talk about them (e.g. Androids) or worse talk you out of what you enjoy… cuz they are real good about that.

          • IrelandJnr

            Clearly you don’t care at all. It’s everyone else who’s crazy, right?

          • Andreas Larsson

            What? Who’s everybody else and what are you talking about?

          • darwiniandude

            Agree. A true blind test would require the voting to be done by people wearing blindfolds. Maybe if they couldn’t see any of the photos they wouldn’t vote for iPhone.

          • Andreas Larsson

            No it would be done without people being able to check which camera shoot wich picture, don’t you agree?

          • Jmaharry


          • Dribbler

            Almost busted my spleen from laughing reading this.

          • Andreas Larsson

            You are right I forgot that, I’m currently using mate 7, doesn’t matter thou, I don’t care the least about if the iPhone camera is the best. I object to this being called a blind test, that’s it

          • Ammar

            I love the sudden change in your tone after you’ve been called out for basically ever having used an iPhone, let alone owning one.

          • Andreas Larsson

            What change of tone?! I have never had anything against an iPhone ffs, it’s you kids who gets threatend like I’m saying your iPhone isn’t the greatest, I never said anything about the iPhone and I never had anything against it -.- I said “apple fans?” because that was the clear winner. Had it been note 5 I would have said “samsung fans?”I don’t know and don’t care

          • Ammar

            No you can’t check any such info on the iPhone. Come up with another conspiracy.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Haha that’s beside the point, Im not saying it’s a conspiracy and I don’t care if the iPhone is better, all am saying is we could check wich camera took wich picture and it was in the commentaries and therfore it’s not a blind test

          • Ammar

            So you admit you totally made up the fact that you can check meta data on the iPhone? Do you even have an iPhone 5S?

          • Andreas Larsson

            No I taught I could, I have an iPhone 5s but that’s not the point since I don’t use it as anymore

          • Ammar

            “Because u can check info on all pictures in my gallery, I got the iPhone 5s”

            Your words.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Yes? I was mistaken, haven’t used it since 2014, you are kinds focusing on the wrong shit here you know?

          • Ammar

            No your original claim was that anyone can check which phone the picture was taken from. Then you proceeded to backup that BS of a claim by saying that iPhone users can check the metadata too, which is completely false, thereby throwing your original complaint in the garbage.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Anyone has access to a computer I assume, or they could have just read the comments. My statement is still valid

          • Ammar

            Which statement? You keep coming up with new ones. First it was that anyone can check it on their iPhones, now it’s on the computer.

          • Andreas Larsson

            I’m sorry I didn’t realise I was talking to a 12 year old. Anyone could check it, it’s not relevant what phone you use and I am sry I forgot about the iPhone shortcomings

          • m3kw

            In sure you thought you know a lot about phones

          • Andreas Larsson

            I booted it up yesterday to check, I can download pictures with long press but I can’t check metadata, my bad, I don’t care cuz it’s irrelevant to this test being a blind test or not

          • Atlas

            You can check metadata on an iPhone with a great extension called Investigator. Just saying.

          • fistsof_frost123

            You think that iPhone users are going to go through all the trouble of downloading an app to check each picture to vote for their preferred platform though?

          • Atlas

            No, that wasn’t the point of my comment.

          • Stefano Marsella

            It tells you at the start a = Sony
            B= lg
            D = Samsung
            If you tap on the photo to view it it loads it up bigger and has one if those letters under it (using 5s)

          • CyberAngel


          • IrelandJnr

            That’s cause the poll is over. Hello!

          • IrelandJnr

            Screenshot and show us that on an iPhone 5s. Also, where’s this thing called Gallery on iOS? Such lies you spout.

          • Andreas Larsson

            What lies!? Are you high? You may be OK with a blind test were people could peek behind the blinder’s at will, I’m not that’s all I’m saying

          • krazyfrog

            You, sir, are horribly delusional. Just admit people voted for the iPhone instead of coming up with random conspiracy theories that don’t make the slightest bit of sense.

          • Andreas Larsson

            I haven’t given a single theory about anything, I simply stated the facts. Name one theory I have given

          • krazyfrog

            Your first theory was this was biased. Your second theory was that Apple fans voted for it. First of all, I don’t see why a site called Android Authority will be biased towards the iPhone. Secondly, how many Apple fans do you think visit this site to heavily influence the results of the poll?

          • Andreas Larsson

            No its not a theory that this is biased, it obviously is since people easily could check the pictures info, so it’s wrong to call it a “blind” test. The second was an answer to someone who asked me what I thought, not and was not some theory I had I not one I’m standing by

          • Krishna Mohan

            go check the camera tests and votes on other websites & youtube …samsung note5 and lg g4 is better than iphone 6s everywhere …and in dxomarks mobile camera test iphone 6 and 6s is out of the big league of top 5 smartphone cameras

          • darkcrayon

            Doesn’t that simply show that it depends on the pictures being taken? Obviously, they are all competitive cameras and the results are going to depend on the material. At this level of competition, it’s unlikely there would be the same single winner in every poll.

          • Nicholas Chan

            fact is: I can’t even save the photo off of this site. long pressing the photo gave me this menu which all it does is move on to the next photo: . there was no way for me to save the photo on an iPhone.

          • Andreas Larsson

            I know, long time since I used ios. Doesn’t matter thou, since it was written I comments section from the first day of the test it can’t be called a blind test

          • EQ

            Buy an Android phone and get more usability then :-)

          • Nicholas Chan

            Just tried a long press on the image using a friend’s Nexus 5. Can’t save the image either. It just opens a new tab going to about:blank. Don’t start this Android vs iOS war with me if Android can’t do it better. :P

          • EQ

            “Open in new window”, highlight, save, check exif.

          • Nicholas Chan

            Longpress does this:


            Then the new tab:


          • m3kw

            What more usability? And get Whig android? And waste days trying to root your phone and secure it when you get malware. How is that productive?

          • EQ

            More freedom comes with more responsability.

          • freediverx

            More features ≠ More usability

          • EQ

            It’s all relative but you still have more usability on an Android since it is less restricted as to what apps you can use, how and integration with system in non-rooted phone.

          • You’re mad. I’m glad.

            Save the link, past the link in another tab then copy/paste that link to an exif reader.

          • Nicholas Chan

            link is a Javascript. I could inspect the source code but I can’t do it easily on a phone.

          • m3kw

            Wha facts? None of it are facts

          • Andreas Larsson

            It’s a fact it wasn’t a blind test, and if you’ve read the comments on the first article you can check that, that’s all I ever claimed

          • m3kw

            This proves how dumb and impractical some android users are

          • IrelandJnr


          • IrelandJnr

            Because you cannot do that on iPhone.

          • Andreas Larsson

            So what? Have people forgotten about computers?

          • Atlas

            You can.

          • Spinach Chin

            It’s called exif data, and every digital picture has it.

          • Nicholas Chan

            Uh huh. Did you check the EXIF data? Adobe Lightroom stripped most of the device EXIF data away (which is beside the point):

          • You’re mad. I’m glad.

            EXIF data can be altered by simply opening the picture and saving it to a new file. For instance, I can open a picture that was made with an iPhone, open it with preview, copy/paste it to a new file and you’d never know it was taken with an iPhone if you look at the EXIF data.

          • IrelandJnr

            But you cannot do that on iPhone, so that pretty much busts the Apple fanboy conspiracy theory.

          • Andreas Larsson

            I wasn’t accusing apple fans of anything, that was just me answering a stupid irrelevant question. I said this is not a blind test and it wasnt

          • Jason Davies

            For the record, I’m an iPhone user and I don’t understand why you’re being given a hard time. It’s too late to check now but if it’s possible to check the metadata, then it’s not a blind test. Whether people bothered is another question

          • Andreas Larsson

            Thank you! I’m not saying iPhone can only win by cheating, I’m saying that it may have affected the scoring. Maybe in a true blind test iPhone would have gotten 80% and the note only 5%

    • Diskus1

      Also should have mixed up camera order in each set of pictures…

      • tanjiajun34

        They should mix up and have a poll for each set of pictures. No camera is just good in everything.

        • muledoggie

          This reminds me of whining

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      I feel like I actually did a proper blind test as I NEVER found out which was which until the results were revealed.

      I try to be as unbiased as I could, and in my own unbiased opinion, as an all-rounder, the iPhone 6S wins this shootout, followed by the Note 5 and LG G4, and then the Z5. I own an LG G4, BTW.

      • tanjiajun34

        Owned a S6E then sell it for a iPhone 6S+. The iPhone has better battery life, performance and the OS more polish feeling. But the screen and camera are disappointing to me. Screen not much because I always like Samsung display over iPhones but the camera, I just don’t like how my photos appear. Images are always a bit more noisy. I am no pro photographer but thats what I think….

      • Julio Júnior

        The iPhone pictures were more appealing because the camera oversaturated and mixed with the white of the pictures to make them look like they are “professional” and instagram like. I perceived that the phone C was by far the worst but most people have chosen it because of this, but if you simply zoomed in you’d see that the picture quality is AWFUL and nothing to do with the original saturation or contrast

        • Hans Pedersen

          Yeah, they’re just instagramming the shit out of their pictures and lots of people thinks that is what a photo should look like. :D

          • Atlas

            But I thought Android users were experts in everything and not just sheeps following trends.

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          I’ll probably need to get more closeups.

          These are just my impressions. I need to get a 6S and do a proper camera comparison with my G4.

        • Denmark U. de Guzman

          Thank you!

        • Atlas

          So you are basically saying that android users, who voted in this poll, are noobs and know nothing about photography.

          • Mike Everton

            Not only do android users know nothing about photography, They don’t know anything about specs either “more cores!!! More ram!! Bigger batteries!!” And still can’t compare to the “low” specs of the iPhone 6S.

      • Reader

        Why did you choose to use a 6s and not a 6s Plus? The latter has a better camera.

        • t3rryW

          You have answered your own question. I’m guessing they wanted to paint the iPhone in as poor tech spec light as possible.

      • Techist

        I did the same and my results were:

        1st Place… Galaxy Note 5 …………………………………… 50 points
        2nd Place.. iPhone 6s ………………………………………….28 points
        3rd Place.. Sony Experia Z5 …………………………………27 points
        4th Place.. LG G4 ……………………………………………….26 points

        Here are the rankings as per the article:

        Judged by first place finishes:
        1st Place… Galaxy Note 5 ……………………………………..8 1st place wins, including ties
        2nd Place.. LG G4 ………………………………………………..4 1st place wins, including ties
        3rd Place.. Sony Experia Z5/iPhone 6s ……………………3 1st place wins, including ties

        P.S. I assigned all 4 of them a 1st place tie for Gallery 9 since no winner was declared

        Judged by ranking per gallery using my point system (winner – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, 4th – 1 point):
        1st Place… Galaxy Note 5 …………………………………….46 points
        2nd Place.. LG G4 ……………………………………………….36 points
        3rd Place.. Sony Experia Z5 ………………………………….33 points
        4th Place.. iPhone 6s ……………………………………………31 points

        Looks to me like the Galaxy Note 5 wins handily!

        • Maxim∑

          lol its like it physically hurts you. This thread is hilarious

        • Svnjay

          Dxomark says otherwise ;)

          • Techist

            DxOMark hasn’t released any test results for the Galaxy Note 5 so we don’t yet know how it will rank on DxOMark. And BTW, I take DxOMark to be the most authoritative camera benchmark.

          • Svnjay

            The Note 5 uses the same camera as the S6. The S6 also uses the same camera as the Note 4.

            Yes, Dxomark is quite objective and free of biases.

          • Techist

            And yet you will notice that the S6 scores higher than the Note 4 on DxOMark. Who’s to say the Note 5 won’t score higher still?

          • The Gnome

            haha… this is so hilarious! Excuses abound these comments are so fun to read. Butthurt Fandroids everywhere – oh the burn the burn!

          • Jim

            Dxomark didn’t vote, but had they voted the results would have been the same

          • Svnjay

            Dxomark says that the iPhone’s camera sucks.

          • darwiniandude
          • Svnjay

            and the Z5 beats them all :D

        • Jim

          I’m not sure your choices would have changed the results much

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          That’s just my thoughts.

          I still think my G4 has a kickass camera.

      • Bryson

        Coming from someone that is heavily invested in Apple’s ecosystem – Phone D(GN5) smoked the iPhone in most pictures. However, I think the iPhone was the clear winner in Gallery 2 and 12, and in most of the rest of the galleries things were pretty close(although sometimes the iPhone sucked, or a specific phone sucked) I think this caused all of the votes to be spread out while the iPhone was the only phone with a clear victory in certain galleries. As a result of this I think the iPhone won this poll although I voted for the GN5.

    • Roby

      Gotta love it when you point out something’s not right in the beginning and then the ones responsible don’t do shit about it and just sit on their lazy asses until everything is over.

    • Faria Awais

      You are right. And the I Phone 6s camera hasn’t a wide angle. Which was clearly prominent.

    • I’m dyyying. You guys really don’t know how hilarious you make yourselves look. Thanks for a good laugh, Android Authority!

      – Apple new blog editor, iPhone user, and apparently taker of the best photos

      • Blinzler Loxley

        You seem to be willing to compete with most of them, judging from this comment… :D

    • Jesus

      Found the disappointed Sony fanboy!
      Seriously… who the freak checks out the photo info, just so they can vote for their favourite phone??
      Ah… yes, that’s you. Only you… The rest of us are normal…

      • Andreas Larsson

        Yeah no, would never buy a phone with a glas backside or a phone with sd810 but nice try thou. And if you would have only taken the time to check the test commentaries you would have seen lots of people complaining before the result came in about this issue, me as one of them ;)

    • The Cappy

      Laughable. On an Android website, if people had cheated and looked at the phone type, the iPhone score would have gone down, rather than up. So if we buy your line of reasoning, the implication is that the iPhone would have scored a great deal *better* on a truly blind test. Shoot yourself in the foot a lot, do you?

      • Andreas Larsson

        I never said iPhone won because of cheating, I’m saying it may have altered the scoring because people knew and could check, it doesn’t matter if this was done by one or a thousand. I know people is biased I’d they can see wich brand took wich picture. Hoe naive are you to trust fanboys I wonder?

        • SteelBlades

          This is EXACTLY what you’re saying Andreas. You’ve claimed that because the EXIF data was identifiable, it wasn’t a blind test. Consequently some iPhone fans used the EXIF data to identify the iPhone photos and up-vote them, skewing the results and allowing the iPhone to win – in other words, iPhone users cheated. The problems for you are a) because this is a big-as Android site, iPhone fans will have been very few in number until the results were released, b) it was difficult for iPhone users to even access the EXIF data. The truth is that if the readers were cheating – and perhaps they were – they’re mostly Android users and would have up-voted Android photos, not the iPhone ones, c) it’s unlikely that many people even knew of the the extra steps required to cheat by accessing the EXIF data (or were honest and wanted to see a fair result).

          You’re whole argument is implausible and flawed. Was the survey blind? Sure it was, unless you went out of your way to cheat. And given the readership of this site, they would have cheated to FAVOUR the Android photos. For the record, I’m surprised that the EXIF data wasn’t stripped out, but there’s just no evidence of what you suggest here.

          • Andreas Larsson

            That’s not what I’m saying at all, I’m saying this is not a blind test because people could check, and I know people did therefore it’s not reliable to me, it’s laughable thou that that the iPhone won even thou people could check and as you say they being mostly android fans, and I’m sure the majority didn’t check and the scores are roughly true, but because this jackass site gave away the correct answers from the start I gained nothing from this

          • SteelBlades

            Other than ‘checking’ yourself, what evidence do you have that others did also (specifically – enough to make a significant difference to the outcome)? So you think the scores are roughly true, yet it is laughable the iPhone won? Either the scores are roughly true and the iPhone won pretty much fair & square, or the scores are biased and unreliable, and the iPhone should never have won (in your words, “it’s laughable thou that that the iPhone won”). You can’t have it both ways. Thousands of people voted, and the evidence of cheating is what? Lastly, I and others have said (and you seemed to concur), it’s more likely that if checking/cheating did occur, the scores would have been skewed in favour of Android – further suggesting that it’s not at all laughable that the iPhone won. If anything, it’s a miracle the iPhone won on an Android fan site. But given the fact that a National Geographic photographer has used the iPhone for an entire project, we can agree that some pretty classy people think the iPhone produces top notch photos – a far cry from being laughable that it won.

          • Andreas Larsson

            ” the iPhone should never have won (in your words, “it’s laughable thou that that the iPhone won)” that’s exactly the opposite of what I said, you really are reaching aren’t you? ^^ I have never said, nor meant that the iPhone wouldn’t win in a true blind test. And maybe people didn’t look, but how do we know now? We have no way to prove people didn’t look, other than circumstantial like the iPhone won even thou people probably wouldn’t vote for it if they knew. But we do have actual evidence atleast some did look, do you understand? ^^

          • SteelBlades

            Cough… how is my quote of your very own words, “it’s laughable thou that that the iPhone won)” the exact opposite of what you said? Like others clearly do, I read this as meaning you think it should not have won. You finish by saying that, “we do have actual evidence atleast some did look” but you’ve also just said, “maybe people didn’t look, but how do we know now?”. Which is it? Do you have evidence that enough people cheated to make a difference, or do you think that we can’t know due to lack of proof. And anyway, if they did cheat the iPhone wouldn’t have been the phone they voted for, would they?

            Bottom line is that there’s no evidence of widespread cheating. If there was cheating they’d have voted or the Android phones anyway, so there’s no way the iPhone hasn’t won fair and square.

          • Andreas Larsson

            “Like others clearly do, I read this as meaning you think it should not have won” and that’s your small mindedness that’s keeping you from understanding what I’m saying, show me once I claimed that?
            “Cough… how is my quote of your very own words, “it’s laughable thou that that the iPhone won)” the exact opposite of what you said?”

            You are arguing dishonest and you took it out of context trying, it’s a little bit of irony winning an open android test, not that it is laughable that the iPhone would ever win like you put it

            “You finish by saying that, “we do have actual evidence atleast some did look” but you’ve also just said, “maybe people didn’t look, but how do we know now?”. Which is it?”

            Yeah maybe they closed their eyes when reading the comment’s ^^ I’m using the word “people” as a general therm I.e. “we don’t know if the general man looked or knew but how can we be sure”

            So to answer both, one does not exclude the other, we have evidence that some looked(just check the comment section), we know everybody has the means to see or atleast could read the comments were people were talking about it, but we don’t know how many in truth and that’s the error of this test.

        • Slurpy2k12

          God, it’s painful how you’re mentally tying logic into knots trying to say something. If amount of people that checked the metadata then voted is probably negligible. And for those that checked, it’s probably that most would have decided to vote for an android phone, since this is an ANDROID FAN SITE. So, if anything, the metadata lowered the iPhone score, not raised it. Any sane, reasonable person would therefore conclude that lack of metadata would NOT have changed the headline, which is that the iPhone 6S won. Get over yourself, and your intellectual dishonesty. Can’t believe you use the word “fanboys” in your post, when you’re the very definition of one.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Jeezus Christ! ? your saying the exact same thing I’m saying except I actually checked the comments and that’s where I found out, not by reading any meta data! Still its a blind test with leaked test result and they were out from the start, I’m only stating the facts. The iphone 6s would most probably have won anyway and I have never doubted that, that’s just you accusing me of having some conspiracy theory I don’t have ?

    • Andre Richards


      • Andreas Larsson

        What conspiracy? I point out that people could check which phone took wich picture, and i claim that’s not a blind test, I don’t think they did it on purpose just that they were dumb, it’s a difference

        • Mike Everton

          It still comes down to: people picked the picture they liked.

          • Andreas Larsson

            How do you know? We all know there are lots of fanboys in this forum

          • Mike Everton

            right, I would suspect that there are more android fanboys on this site than iPhone fans.

          • Andreas Larsson


          • Slurpy2k12

            The irony of your post, and your lack of self awareness, is absolutely stunning. You just can’t seem to admit that metadata or not, the iPhone would have won anyway, and by a bigger margin. Your only goal is to muddy everything and separately try to invalidate the results- because iPhone won. Sad.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Haha what? I have NEVER doubted that the iPhone would have won either way, nor do that bother me the least ? all I’m saying is that as an intrested buyer of a lg wanna see how well it stacks up against the s6 and z5 primarily as they are potential candidates, but now I do not trust these results because I read the actual comments in the original “blind test” and people checked, and that’s how I found out to, not by reading meta data. I’m just extremely paranoid and I don’t want people being able to cheat in a blind test, I’m not denying iPhone victory here

    • You’re mad. I’m glad.

      Um looking at the exif data, it says “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1 (Macintosh)” I suppose that someone could figure it out but it doesn’t say “iPhone”

      • Andreas Larsson

        No, but hos smart do you have to be to reason it out when the other 3 says Sony, LG and Samsung? Besides people wrote it in the comments, thats how I found out

        • You’re mad. I’m glad.

          Personally, I would have converted all of the files. However, that just makes these results more hilarious.

  • Kiss my Asthma

    I’m surprised that the iPhone was able to edge out the Note 5 even if it wasn’t by much.

    • The Miz

      Actual usage yes it wins. On paper it gets massacred.

      • mathieulefrancois

        I think they meant that on GSMArena’s blind test the iPhone didn’t win.

    • Guest123

      Really weird cos in GSMArena, the iPhone was pretty much hammered by the S6 edge+ in a real blind test except for low light shots. Dunno who to believe anymore lol but the all have pretty good cameras in a smartphone, this much i know.

  • The Miz

    Once again apple wins in day to day ACTUAL usage. Not some BS synthetic benchmark or megapixel pissing contest. And I have an LG G4.

  • Marty

    I’d say the iPhone 6 won in the majority of shots.

    • The Miz

      You and the majority.

      • HumanTorch

        Obviously… Apple haters, can’t stand the truth.

    • TopKek

      No, the iphone 6 didn’t. The 6s did. trelelelelel

      • Marty

        Corrected. Thanks.

  • D13H4RD2L1V3

    Pleasantly surprised at the G4’s performance. It’s not a bad performer (it’s quite good) but looks like the competition has their own set of photography tricks.

    Can’t go wrong with any, especially since the G4 + Note 5 tout proper manual shooting. Though I thought that the iPhone 6S was the best overall. I was convinced I was looking at a Note 5 at pictures taken by phone C until I found out that it was the 6S.

    Bravo, Apple! And this is coming from the proud owner of the LG G4, which I still personally think has a great camera.

    • The Miz

      Same here.

      • D13H4RD2L1V3

        Apple seems to know their camera stuff best as they can mix an ample MP count with great post-processing for a great image without needing much effort.

        That said, I think a 6S Plus with a manual camera app would be sweet.

  • Timothy Lim

    It almost looks like everyone judged the Phones with Gallery 7

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Congrats to Apple and Samsung for their effort! Both have been working hard at their camera performance.
    While I don’t have either, I am happy youth what I can get from my N5, and Moto XPE. It’s OK to accept other devices quality, and appreciate what you have. All at the same time.

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      I personally think every phone here offers great performance from their cameras.

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        I agree. Some just have a bit of a learning curve.
        Still, almost no one on tech blogs remembers how to operate a manual 35mm camera. The time, effort, and skill necessary to produce a quality photo.
        Smart phone cameras are pretty amazing.

  • John Marinuzzi

    I just looked at the pictures and voted. Did not check any info on pictures. I am an Android user through and through (Nexus 6, Marshmallow, Project Fi), but chose set C also. I thought was a great test. There should be more blind tests like this. Good job, Android Authority.

  • EQ

    Well no wonder Facebook and media is riddled with in photographing sense shitty photos..

    • Julio Júnior

      Tge iPhone just won because the photos are oversaturated, what made most people chose it because it’s more Instagram like, but if you simply zoomed in the photo you would see that it was truly awful and lacked details and white balance, I saw the results after goting and I didn’t believed so many people were fooled by that horrible camera.

      • EQ

        Pretty much as you said. A good camera takes the photos as ‘is seen’ and has great PPI quality. Then if one wants one can edit it in Instagram or Aviary/Snapseed. A bad camera hides its flaws by masking it with prebuilt-in filters that are always applied when snapping a photo. Even their reference photos are overly exposed and they said they touched them up to look “natural”. Crushed blacks and f*cked up exposure/gamma and color.. Yeah natural right..

        • LelandHendrix

          PPI usually refers to pixels per inch, which is a measurement of display density, not anything at all to do with camera quality nor any specification.

          • EQ

            “and has great PPI quality”. Keyword here is quality. Meaning you wouldn’t need to scale down the photo to smaller size to get good print quality. Hence you get good PPI to quality ratio while maintaing a good size.

      • TheDude

        Yeah there’s so much noise in the iphones photos I dismissed the third phone pretty fast.

      • HumanTorch


        • Svnjay

          You’re a troll from BGR.

          • sonafitse

            Calm down, mate

      • Jim

        Yea, plus only professionals use iPhones, us common folk would have chosen android. So yea..

        • jameskatt

          Common folk with taste save up for an iPhone.

      • nametaken

        can i have the link to the survey this info is taken from?

      • Horrible, or intended to shoot better pictures overall?

        People’s choice about picture taking is a matter of taste. These complaints are for professional photographers. The average user just want to capture a good moment, and that’s it. If 99% of the world is made by fools, then praise the ones that work to make things easier for them. They don’t have time to care too much about calculating details and white balance.

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      I think the uneducated ones prefer something more visually appealing than something that’s color accurate.

      Honestly, I voted for C, solely based on impressions. Now that I did some more examination, I think D might be the best for a different reason. Shutterbugs prefer better color accuracy.

      • Toukale

        Prime example of why the iphone does so well and all the geeks hates it. While 10% of us maybe concern about technical aspects and manual controls, the average users don’t care about any of those things. This is why Apple does so well, they go for the sweet spot, where 80% of the population is. They don’t care about the remaining 20% which is the category where most of the geeks are, and that category is simply too small and just about impossible to please. Can you take better pictures with other phones with manual controls, sure. But that 80% don’t care for any of that, they just want to capture the best photos they can with little to no work on their part, and on that front Apple continues to deliver for them.

        • Sigivald

          Funny, I’m a geek and own half a dozen medium format film cameras, as well as multiple DSLRs.

          The iPhone has a great camera and is a great phone.

          “All the geeks” don’t hate it. Seriously. Look, I realize this is an Android side and it’s fine to be an Android partisan; it’s a perfectly good platform and high-end Android phones can be completely competitive to the iPhone in quality and specs [and indeed exceed it in specs]…

          But pretending all geeks hate iPhones is just stupid.

        • kgelner

          I acre about manual controls strongly – iOS has many apps that present full manual controls if desired.

          But I mostly don’t use them because the built in app does a very, very good job with automatic adjustments and being JUST adjustable enough for most needs (especially exposure compensation which is what most people mean when they say they want manual controls).

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          I’m a geek, and I like the iPhone…

        • a0me

          If Apple really “goes for the sweet spot where 80% of the population” how do you explain that the iPhone market share is barely at 15%?

          • John Malone

            In US Apple have way over 50% and some quarters 80%. Its all about price. If euros had money = iphones.

          • a0me

            I know that it’s all about price but I’m not sure you understand the meaning of market share. Apple has sold about 700 million iPhones since 2007. Even if they were all still being actively used (they are not), this is nothing compared to the 1.2 billion Android phones sold annually. For iPhone to reach even 50% market, Apple would need to sell about 10 times the number of iPhone they’re currently selling.
            The average Android phone costs now less than $200 and there’s no way the $700 iPhone can sell more units than that.

          • Terrin Bell

            Price? I’d guess a significant portion of the people in that 80 percent care most about price. You can buy some Android phones outright for 50 dollars.

          • a0me

            Of course. You can be sure that if iPhones were sold in the same price range as 80% of Android phones, iPhone’s market share would go through the roof.

          • Because 80% of the market share is in cheap phones, which apple doesn’t sell.

          • Merckel

            Probably because “free” is a better price point.

          • Piablo

            You are confusing phone preference with image style preference.

          • Keith Wellman

            15%??? Apple is the #1 smartphone maker by far. They hold 44% of the market. Don’t confuse the platform with the device manufacturer and if you do want to group all android devices, consider all the very low quality devices included in that number and the platform still only takes just over 50% of the market. Source:

          • freerange

            The iPhone has the highest market share of any individual model of smartphone. You are trying to compare Apples to confetti. Android is not one thing, but a disjointed mess of crap phones with a peppering of higher end models.

          • iSheep

            Wrong, Android is a mobile OS, not a bunch of phones… And if we are to compare iOS and Android, iOS does NOT have that big market share…

          • AngryNerd

            A ton of Android’s market share is from shitty tracfones and off-brand burners you can buy at Wal-Mart or your local convenience store. Apple takes a long time and spends a lot of money to make sure their stuff is high quality, and when something happens they take care of it.

          • Because it’s not about marketshare. BMW’s are generally great cars, but they don’t have 15% market share.

            Some people drive Chevrolets.

          • Slurpy2k12

            Uh, the cheapest iPhone Apple sells is like $749. It competes against Android phones that cost like $50, yet, it is STILL the #1 selling smartphone on the planet. Hilarious how you have to basically combined every non iPhone in the world and pit it against a single phone produced by a single company once a year in order to try and make it look bad. Every single metric out there points to the iPhone being the successful, the most wanted, the most loved, and the most used phone in the world. People don’t “choose” Android phones (except a tiny minority, like those who frequent this site), they buy them because of price. Stop pretending people “choose” android phones because they don’t like iPhones, or because of the OS- it’s a lie, and you know it.

          • a0me

            I’m beginning to think that my phrasing was a bit ambiguous there. I agree with basically everything you said here. You’d have to pay me to use an Android phone, even a flagship model.

          • LelandHendrix

            Where did you get that number? And I hope it came from somewhere the sun shines. ?

          • a0me

            I got that number from common knowledge, but here’s a link from IDC as an example:

          • Steve__S

            Price. The average selling price of Android phones are in the $200+ range. the ASP for iPhones are in the $600+ range. There are fine Android flagship devices, but that’s not what the masses of Android users are buying. They’re buying crap because they are more motivated by price then they are by quality.

          • Tony

            That’s exactly the whole thing! @a0me:disqus disagreed with the fact that @Toukale:disqus said “Apple is targeting 80% of the population”. And that is wrong because more that 80% of the population buys Android. If Apple was targeting 80% of the population, they would set their price lower. the discussion was about market shares, don’t bring “Quality” inside just because you were proven wrong. That’s just fanboyish…

          • Steve__S

            Proven wrong? How so? I simply responded to the question of Apple’s market share. As mentioned in my post, Android users are motivated by price rather than quality. This is clearly demonstrated by the ASP of the devices they buy and the corresponding lower quality of hardware they purchase.
            Toukale’s point was with regard to usability. Most people don’t want to deal with manual controls, especially on a smartphone. The iPhone hit’s the sweet spot there. Clearly, you have trouble even following along with this discussion. Please try to keep up if you insist on chiming in.

        • taitaisanchez

          You can change where the autofocus goes and exposure settings in iOS.

          There’s a manual control API so you can also get any number of camera apps that lets you go hog wild.

          This is also true for a Android too, assuming you ignore awful handsets bought on the cheap.

          So I don’t think these are fair comparisons for anything but, “pull out my phone and take shots” kind of moments.

        • You’ve spelled “people that think they’re geeks because they can change a phone theme” wrong.

          • MG

            BOOM! Haha

        • Andre Richards

          Your comment would make sense if a majority of phone users were buying iPhones but they’re not. To claim Apple succeeds by playing to the 80% of the population when Android has a larger marketshare is nonsensical. Logically, you could only argue that Android plays to the “sweet spot” (assuming that actually exists in a market as diverse as phones.)

          I think you’re trying to come up with excuses for a situation where Apple beat the daylights out of the competition. Why is that so hard to admit?

      • Jim

        Unfortunately, stats show Android users are less educated, so there’s that…

        • CyberAngel

          Statistics explained :
          Lower education = lower salaries = can’t afford any flagship = buys a cheaper phone = no iPhones available.

          • Christian

            OR… stupid -> buys expensive phone than what it’s worth -> buys iPhone

            Higher education -> reads -> compares -> asks questions -> buy what’s truly worth their money

            If you read (which stupid people don’t do), then you don’t just bite the marketing hype. :-)

          • CyberAngel

            I think I’m going to buy a Vertu…

          • jameskatt

            All the high end smartphones cost the same. That is why they are high end.
            WEALTHY = buys iPhone. To buy another other looks poor. iPhone is like a Mercedes.
            EDUCATED = buys iPhone. They read, compare, ask questions, want the best. So they buy iPhone.
            STUPID = follows fashion. Buys iPhone. Like sheep, they heard the iPhone is best. So they buy iPhone.
            POOR = Saves for then buys iPhone. They want reliable that lasts years and is supported for years so they don’t waste their money. That is why it is worth it to SAVE for an iPhone.

            MISERLY = Premium on reliability so one purchase lasts for years without problems that cost more money. So they buy iPhone. Likes free in-person service at the Apple Store. Free is great.

          • Another reason why some less affluent customers buy iPhones: they can’t afford to make a mistake when choosing a smartphone. Like it or not, the iPhone is the most respected and admired smartphone brand in the world.

            For many people, it’s a no-brainer and they don’t have to worry quality or capabilities. It just works.

            Depending on who you are and what you do, there are trade-offs of course; however, for many people around the world, buying an iPhone is like buying any other respected brand (BMW, Nike, Burberry, etc.)—unless there’s clearly some partisan thing going on, nobody is going to say you made the wrong choice.

          • Christian

            Wow! In every category (from WEALTHY to MISERLY) you have them buying iPhones. That explains the higher market share of Android VS iOS. =|

          • m3kw

            Most people with iPhones did compared it with an Android and found that is shit.

          • muledoggie

            You forgot: doesn’t care about security updates …

          • foljs

            Yeah, only the statistics show that people with higher education mostly buy iPhones.

            The same way almost everybody who is anybody in the programming industry uses an Apple laptop, as is evident in any developer conference, from C++, Clojure and Haskell to Java and Python — and those are the people that really know about computers.

          • magnafides

            Uh, you are comparing two completely different scenarios with completely different motives. Lots of developers prefer iOS because there’s a *nix terminal, it has little to nothing to do with Apple.

          • Sigivald

            Resale value matters in terms of “worth” – and note that the #2 winner here, the Galaxy, has the same price as a damned iPhone.

            Are you stupid if you buy a Galaxy S6?

            I don’t think you are – but then I’m just an iPhone guy who thinks this is a hilarious thread.

            (But contra james, below, “Mercedes” is a terrible analogy; people buy a CLA or GLA because they’re brand-whores who want to show they’ve Arrived with a star on their car’s nose.

            But anyone can afford an iPhone if they can afford a good Android phone, so there’s no conspicuous wealth aspect in owning one.

            Nor is an iPhone “the best” for every person or task; smart and educated people can justify even a Windows Phone, let alone a top-end Android phone.)

          • D13H4RD2L1V3

            “Nor is an iPhone “the best” for every person or task; smart and educated people can justify even a Windows Phone, let alone a top-end Android phone.”

            You, sir, just earned my respect.

          • Jim

            So iPhone owners are, not only more educated statistically, but stupid as well. OK, I am going to assume you have an android phone.

          • John Malone

            Nope. Real IT pros like me: We work with high available servers/security/clusters and stuff. When you work with something 40-70 hours a week, you want your IT stuff to just work at home = buys Apple. (And I admit that Apple have taken a nosedive in quality since moving to X86 and when money grabbing Tim took over. Its a well know fact that Steve wanted to spend extra on better products while Tim likes to cut corners to make a bit of more money)

          • marcoselmalo

            “Real IT pros like me”

            Hahaha, you win the thread. And by winning I meant losing.

          • Jim

            = I cry, whine and complain when, to my surprise, my phone does not stack up in comparison.

        • Jon Londrezos

          Why is that unfortunate?

      • Jim

        You mean after you found out it was an iPhone, you changed your mind

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          Nah, not really.

          I still think the iPhone 6S is truly exceptional, especially in terms of hardware. From a monstrous dual-core that beats a Snapdragon 808 (and 810) and E7420 in single-core performance and also beating the Snapdragons in multicore performance and only a hair behind the E7420 in that regard, to ultrafast NVMe storage.

          The only reason why I don’t have one is iOS. I don’t find it awful or terrible. I just personally don’t like the over-simplistic and locked-down nature of it.

          There’s a reason why I’m an Android loyalist for 4 years, and it has nothing to do with iPhone hatred. It’s all personal preference. In fact, if the iPhone 6S ran Android, I would probably have one now.

          I just said D might be the best for a different reason. The iPhone’s warmer color temperature and higher saturation will please the crowd that takes photos to share on Instagram and Facebook. The higher color-accuracy and resolution of the XPERIA Z5, Galaxy Note 5 and LG G4 will please those who want more control over their photos and also having a more color-accurate photo and RAW image support (N5 + G4. Not sure about the Z5)

          • John Malone

            If Apple had balls: They should release iPhones with Android. Actually: The government should step in and stop companies from locking down devices we bought. Its absurd that I cant get Root on a device I payed for. That would led to real competition since we as customers could load Android/Windows or iOS onto the devices. Apple should not care since they make a killing on the hardware.

          • Terrin Bell

            Yes, except Apple would have to support Android and Windows. Apple’s biggest strength is it controls the whole widget.

          • Driver

            If Toyota had balls, they should release Camrys with your choice of ECU software. The government should step in and stop companies from locking down cars we bought. It’s absurd that I can’t install my own software on a car I paid for. That would lead to real competition since we as customers could load any ECU software onto the vehicles. Toyota should not care since they make a killing on the hardware.

          • Barchiel

            Oh can it lol

            /sips tears

          • Dribbler

            Government? Which government? All of them? Maybe we should call up the United Nations and ask them to take up this important global issue.

          • You’re mad. I’m glad.

            If Sony had balls it would release a play station that plays PC games, the government should step in and stop manufacturers from locking down devices that we bought. You know, like Atari in The 1980’s.

            If Microsoft had balls it would release an Xbox console that accepts games from any developer without vetting. The Xbox should be able to run Vanilla windows or Linux out of the box.

            If you had balls, you’d let other people live in your house rent free.

            Look, stop telling Apple or other companies what to do with THEIR product. You can’t get to root on an Xbox, Wii or playstation. Why would you want to? And if you want to get to root, then don’t buy them. If you want android, go buy an android phone instead of telling apple that they should support something that they have no control over. Why should apple do that at all? I don’t see Microsoft allowing other OS options on their Xbox console. How would that benefit them? They make a little money on the hardware, but the real money is made in game sales and services and supporting some Podunk third party OS doesn’t benefit them there.

          • lin2log

            John Malone earns the official “Moronic Turd of the Year” award… applause please!

          • Slurpy2k12

            “The government should step in and stop companies from locking down devices we bought. ”

            Stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life. So Apple is not allowed to make choices about its OWN products, which people have a CHOICE to buy? What the hell does it have to do with “balls”? You honestly think there will be a mass of people that will buy iPhones only to install an alternate OS? And then what- Apple deals with the massive amount of support calls when things get fucked up? How does that make any sense whatseoever, either to the consumer or to Apple? The are only around 56,920 Android phones from hundreds of manufacturers, your choices are almost limitless. Yet, you demand that iPhones run Android also?

            Maybe the gvt should also step in and change your diapers?

          • LelandHendrix

            Haha! Jailbreak an iPhone and do what you like. Write or adapt your own version of Android for it.

            But the hardware specifications simply aren’t the same. Do you also think every smartphone hardware maker (LG, Sony, HTC, etc.) should also ship phones with iOS?

          • Bart

            It’s absurd that you can’t spell paid, too. But not as absurd as government sponsored piracy you propose.

            Forcing Apple to run Android would be like forcing Mercedes to release a Pinto.

            I think it’s enough that the government lets Google totally rip off Apple and give the technology away to foreign hardware assemblers and commodity chip makers. But that’s just me…

        • Danny-wa

          That’s a lot of balls. Edit: If Android Authority had balls, they would let us figure out how to delete comments repost because this wasn’t meant for Jim . . . sorry, sir.

      • Atlas

        Oh right..! NOW you did more examinations. Ahahah

      • retepslluerb

        I wonder what “color accuracy” is. Seriously, because my left eye perceives color differently (warmer) than my right eye (colder). Which one is correct?

        • marcoselmalo

          First of all, you need to check that you’re not accidentally wearing old style 3D glasses.

          Second, color accuracy on a camera can be determined by shooting a color chart, then comparing the result with the chart. You should get the same result regardless of which eye you’re using.

          • retepslluerb

            First: I don’t. The different color perception in my eyes is real. Just checked it against the room’s wall. It’s supposedly white (It’s nearly 15 years old, so it aged somewhat), but my left eye sees a yellow tint.

            Second: That’s a good point, thanks. I was thinking way too complicated.

          • marcoselmalo

            Please forgive the less than sensitive joke. I’m glad you found the second point useful. With motion picture film, especially back in the days before digital post, it was important to color match film stocks that might have come from different manufacturing runs. Kodak and other companies did an excellent job of consistency (and I imagine they tested in this way), but there was also a secondary market on the unused portions of rolls of film (short ends). Not all low budget productions cared about making sure the film stock all matched, but when they did, they’d test in this matter.

            Another interesting bit of trivia that still holds true today is that cine lenses come in matched sets. Different sets have different color characteristics, so you don’t want to mix primes of one set with primes in another set. If you needed to do a reshoot of a scene and you needed to match the existing footage, you’d want to rent the same set if possible.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Yeah… I don’t buy it… Using the manual controls… The LG G4 comes first with better pictures…. Biased….

    • i_say_uuhhh

      Huh? It’s biased??, all of these are in automatic mode, you know which at least 90% of people who have smart phones take pictures in the real world. I’m no apple fanboy, but come one man.

    • Mozukortick

      Nobody gives a damn about manuals

      • Rick_Deckard

        Speak for yourself…. You amateur… ;-) #LGG4 #PanasonicGH4

        • Mozukortick

          Canon EOS 70d, if i want to have pro shot i use pro camera… You are not even amateur, you are wannabe

          • Rick_Deckard


  • Diego

    but but iPhone has the 10th best camera in the market

  • bOgGaRt

    And I thought we already knew the sequence since you guys forgot to remove EXIF data from images!

  • Nicholas Brickhouse

    “1 A, 2 B, 2 C, 7 D. The D camera seemed to do better in low light and while it was almost always the brightest, it wasn’t always the closest to the DSLR. So instead of voting on which looked closer to the DSLR, I voted on what most people would find the more pleasing shot.”

    This was my post on G+ after I voted. Now I see I voted LG G4 and iPhone as a tie with 2 each and the Note5 with 7 totally dominating. It wasn’t always the same as the dslr but the “D” pics just looked better.

  • Julio Júnior

    Who has used an iPhone and then a Z5 or the Note 5 will know that the iPhone camera totally sucks, it only overlaps the collors and brightness of the pictures to make them look pretty and “indie” while it has absolutely nothing to do with the reality, the camera is very very slow comparing to the Z5, has no actual interesting shot modes, makes horrible blurs were the note 5 camera takes a steady picture and has a very disappointing detail accuracy

    • t3rryW

      Yet it still won!

    • Slurpy2k12

      ” the camera is very very slow comparing to the Z5″

      The 6S camera is “slow”? Wow, first time in my life I hear that, even though I’ve read about a dozen 6S reviews (and they all rave about the speed of the cameras). Good job pulling that out of your ass.

  • tanjiajun34

    Is it just me I am really wondering why phone C is the best? The colours are always yellowish, details isn’t sharp, terrible night shots without flash and day shoots are so dark.

    I don’t know but I feel Phone A or D just looks way better.

    • Sherpa

      Ask the 2983 people who voted for it.

    • Jim

      I guess fandroidians are not qualified to judge good photos

  • Keith Taylor

    They only thing they excel in is low light. All the rest of the photos are not the good.

  • Nazgul

    Anyone who has tried shooting in Auto Mode with all of those phones can tell you that the G4 is most certainly NOT the least capable of the bunch.

  • ceruleanblue

    I appreciate this article. We all want an objective measure of the best smartphone cameras. I can also see a lot of work went into preparing this evaluation. But, yes, I agree with others that a couple of alterations in the process could have made this test much more objective: stripping the pictures of their data and mixing the order of the photos for each sample situation.

    I did go through a true blind evaluation based on your sample pictures. Each camera had its strengths and weaknesses but in terms of overall performance, my ranking from best to worst was as follows: D, B, C, A.

  • An Droid

    Ohhhhh… I detect some serious BURN from LG fans. Ha-ha-ha!

    • The Miz

      I have a G4 and I got roasted! Lol. Selling for iPhone.

      • nametaken

        there is no way you have a G4, you have a sense of humor about this and clearly don’t mind the poll results.

  • HotelQuebec

    Colors are off on the iPhone especially the sky.

  • blakehaas

    This is a joke. Obviously D had clearer pics.

    • t3rryW

      “Clearer” is NOT the only measure. Hence there being 13 galleries testing the various aspects of a GOOD PHOTO.

  • gg

    You call this a comparison?! The pictures aren’t even the same. Thus the outcome of the test is False.

    • Jon Londrezos

      I agree – but for what is worth, the people who voted liked the iPhone the best.

  • Saurabh Delhi

    Lol…Now Pro Android (Android Authorities) is sold out to Apple…. Till the time voting was on no one claimed ” it was nothing blind about that camera test, everyone all ready knew which was which since we could just check the picture info’s” but now all fan boys are totally aware about the devices from the beginning of the poll……!!

  • Happy

    Ok, point taken AA. I’m selling the Android phone, buying an iPhone and moving to Apple Insider and Cult of Mac…

    • Techist

      But as per AA, the iPhone 6s was 3rd or 4th. The iPhone came out on top among those who voted, and the vote results are questionable since it was not a true blind test.

  • psyllee

    This is a joke! A & D were the best and A was my pick. You have to be color blind and far sighted to think C was even in the same league.

    • Atlas

      That means Android users are noobs.

  • So every smart individual knows Sony produces the cameras for Samsung, iPhone and LG – so basically it was a race between Sony, Sony made, Sony made and Sony Made; yet Sony lost … how is it even possible to race alone and win ? It`s reviews like these that cost Apple a lot of money :D

    • Shawn Dehkhodaei

      Because you’re forgetting a huge part of the puzzle …. software !!! Sony also makes sensors for Nikon DSLR’s …. it’s not just the sensor. Sony buys LCD Panels from Samsung for TV’s, and yet their TV’s are way different than Samsung. That’s a very naive way of looking at things. You also missed the part about optics, or the lens. That will have huge impact on the image quality. And none of the vendors are using Sony optics (including Sony), because Sony doesn’t make any :-)

  • The funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time to do with Apple vs competition and what a way to hurt the fans of this site. Pretty much a low blow but the truth is I the survey.

    No conspiracy theory here, just a set of numbers from Android users

  • rocketryan

    I voted mainly d so I’m guessing the note would be best for me.

  • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

    Being an enthusiast photographer, I can’t help but see a couple of problems in the first two shots :). Phones use matrix metering system mostly to calculate exposure time (with the M series’ tap to exposure spot exception). What this means basically, is that if a VERY large portion of the scene is bright, or dark, it under or over exposes the scene as appropriate to bring it closer to mid-tones.

    Now check the first picture, with the building and the sky – the building, which is a collection of midtones, takes most of the picture in the Iphone shot – with the Android phones, the sky does thus pushing for under exposure.Furthermore, second picture same thing again with the building’s roof more prominent with the iphone.

    A proper camera test, professionally done, would be setting up 4 tripods, based on each phone’s crop sensor and mm angle, then taking readings off the same picture, size and content wise.

    That aside, I have been shortlisted for some photographs using my M9 – You can’t really go wrong with any flagship camera phone; it’s mostly about knowing how to use a camera. This was taken with my M9, e.g.:

    • krazyfrog

      I’ve shot with many phones and I’m yet to see any phone that has matrix metering enabled by default. It’s almost always center weighted average.

      • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

        I could be mistaken I know the m9 uses spot metering foe certain . Nevertheless fv 5 with matrix works wonders .:)

        • jokesonyou

          just admit your phone sucks or your cannot afford to get a real camera.
          go for phone for immediate shot or go for camera when you really feel like bringing out a camera to take a photo. stop being a poser.

    • taitaisanchez

      Bingo. It’s not like it was ten or even five years ago when everyone had garbage sensors and garbage optics.

      The software is there the hardware is there. Just have fun taking photos.

      • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

        Yeah. I have an S6 now, and I agree, it has better software and is a better all around snapper – but it’s a tourist snapper. It makes my choices for me. I miss the M9’s allowing me to truly tune AND RAW-capture a photo. Still, the S6 has better battery life, fingerprint sensor for upcoming UK pay, etc etc. It’s always give and take.

    • Steve__S

      LOL! So, a “proper camera test” would be to test a device in a way that it will essentially never be used in real life? Really? Setup tripods for your mobile phone camera test? Seriously, I think you miss the entire point of mobile phone photography. People don’t carry around tripods everywhere they go. If they do have the foresight to know they’ll need a tripod for a shot, they’ll probably bring their dSLR as well.

      • Blinzler Loxley

        Your criticism is not wrong, cameras should be tested for normal usage and not under labor-conditions.
        Then again I fear you didn’t understand him, as he makes a valid point. The first two pictures have a very light and a very dark space. If they don’t fill out the same amount of space on every shot on every phone, the results will be nearly meaningless. Because the qualitiy of the shot will defer even on the same model when those proportions change.

        • Steve__S

          Just because I didn’t agree with the comment doesn’t mean I didn’t understand it. If you’re taking a picture of something across the street, it doesn’t make sense to expect someone to stand in the middle of the street just to take the same picture with a different phone in order to get the exact same composition. That’s not how phones are used in the wild and not how they should be tested either. Physically moving closer to an object brings it’s own set of “unfairness” that you don’t seem to be considering.

          • Blinzler Loxley

            Nobody says it has to be the exact same composition. But like the previous poster suggested, the proportions should at least be alike to get comparable results.
            In the end all you’re saying is that it’s very unlikely to get a fair test using the method which has been used here. That I could agree with.

          • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

            You must live in Wonderland :) Where I come from, buildings mostly stand still haha. And, once more. This is not a single phone camera test. It’s a different set of cameras’ comparison. Visit a few photography sites where they compare the likes of Canon, Nikon and Sony, e.g., and you will see they use near identical scenes (if not completely identical). Is all I am saying. Different composition and different exposure settings makes for huge difference in cameras’ comparison (Notice the plural once more)…

            Furthermore, on composition and over/under exposure: People standing in the middle of the street hardly affect the metering. Large areas of light, or dark, do. Hence why when shooting snow you almost always need to over-expose. The more snow, the more your camera under exposes trying to get it to the 18% gray level.
            Similarly, when shooting a full moon against a night sky you need to -under expose-, because the camera’s auto metering system auto over exposes to brighten up the night sky.

            It’s photography 101, and even if so, not easy to grasp; I too struggle at times.

            Nevertheless, in the case of buildings against blue sky it makes a huge difference. Sorry if you can’t understand that :)

            Last, but not least (yes I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist), the least amount of uniform brightness has always been achieved on the iPhone. Coincidence ?

      • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

        a “proper camera test” – No. A different cameras comparison – Yes. If you can’t understand this, there’s no point in taking this discussion further. :)

        • Steve__S

          I understand perfectly well how traditional cameras are tested. However, that’s not how cell phones are used. People don’t setup tripods when they take their cell phone out of their pocket to take a picture. They don’t stand in the middle of the street just to frame a shot exactly like their friend who was able to get the same shot from across the street, etc. If you don’t understand reality of how these devices will be used, then you’re right, there is no point in discussing this further.

          • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

            Mate, are you being obtuse on purpose?

            This is not a single phone test.


            It’s like testing two kids’ English skills, by giving the first a Mickey Mouse comic book to read out loud, and the second one the Shakespearean volumes, first edition !


            I am not yelling, just WRITING IT IN CAPITAL SO YOU MIGHT HOPEFULY GET IT :)

          • Steve__S

            It seems you are the one being obtuse. Yes, you most certainly can test multiple phones against each other by taking pictures at the same locations and at the same times. Seriously, this isn’t rocket science. It’s not a difficult concept. Try to follow along. Writing in CAPS doesn’t validate your point. It just makes you look silly for shouting about topics you clearly don’t understand well.

          • Notasaurus

            Here’s the problem with your logic, those phones capturing only similar but not the same scenes on different phones with different lighting will meter the shot differently. You are no longer comparing the same iso perfomance, shutter speed etc. A phone that is tilted up slightly more than the previous one shot may have extra light to work with and may lower the iso, this shot would then potentially look brighter and have less noise. To that end the same phone could take vastly different photos based on the same slight variations. That shot would then unfairly win because of a slight difference in the way the phone adjusted the setting for the different scene. When comparing photos from different phones its important that the phones are set the same to see the differences. And I’m not particular to any one system, I own both an iPhone 6s and a Note 4 (which wasn’t compared here) but would gladly use either to take pictures and have. Also to your other point about the friends, this isnt a comparison about which of your friends would have gotten the better shot, this is supposed to be a comparison of which phone would have given you the best shot, and in that vain the shots should be as close to the same setup as possible and yes that would probably mean using a tripod to duplicate the same angle, elevation, composition and ideally lighting.

          • Steve__S

            While I agree with your points on metering, etc… you are missing the larger point. When you’re out and want to capture a scene or a moment on a smartphone, you often don’t have the ability to zoom and to compose everything perfectly. As I mentioned in an example, you’re not going to get a picture of something across the street by standing in the middle of traffic. These phones were tested in real life scenarios where scenes were captured from the same location. Yes, the different lenses, focal lengths and apertures can vary from phone to phone. The bottom line is how did each phone do? Complaining about the results just comes off as sour grapes.

          • LetMeExplainItToYou

            OMG! I never saw someone as stubborn as you (not insulting). What’s hard to understand in what there are trying to tell you since??

            If you want to compare different things together, you be sure to set them in the EXACT SAME conditions (as possible). Yes, you do not use a tripod for taking a simple picture with your phone in real life, BUT a comparison will only be valid if the subjects are se in, I repeat, the EXCAT SAME condition.

            Imagine you decide to take a walk on the streets one day, then you come across that big and awesome monument and would like to take a picture:

            You bring out your smartphone from, your pocket, fire up the camera and take a shot (as simple as that). Obviously, no need of a tripod or else to do that.

            But in order to make a GOOD comparison test, someone would have to stop time JUST BEFORE you press the shutter button (and I mean fractions of seconds before), swap the phone in your hand with another one, let you take the picture, then go back in time at the EXCAT SAME moment JUST BEFORE you pressed the shutter button, swap the phone in your hand with another one again and let you take a picture with that other phone.

            Doing that will ensure that the pictures were taken in the same conditions, and will show you if, in that exact moment, you had a different phone than the one you had from the beginning, which one would have guiven YOU (and I precise YOU, not a bunch of different guys) the best shot in the exact same conditions. Isn’t that the whole purpose of a comparison test? Right?

            The issue here is that for obvious reasons, no one can stop or reverse time (as far as I’m aware of). So to reproduce those same condition, you have to use a tripod (or other equivalent devices). The tripod would now represent the person taking the picture (YOU in occurrence), and as a tripod doesn’t move constantly, the same conditions of elevation, angle, etc. would be easily met!

            why do you have to set the same condition? Because not doing so will give different results for the same subject:
            If you take for example the IPhone, and tried to take a bunch of pictures of the same monument, but with different angles, elevation, etc. you will obviously get different results. the IPhone will take good pictures in some cases, but horrible ones in other cases. One will look brighter, the other one sharper and so on. So if you get different result with the SAME IPhone when the CONDITION CHANGES, what’s the point of comparing several phones together, when all of them are tested in different conditions?? One can perform better that the other one, but look like crap when you put it in the same condition as the previous one! You get it?

            Now, As the different phones do not have the same Specification, you would need to use several tripods at the same time in order to make each phone meet the conditions, according to its specs.

            To sum up, a good comparison test can only be as good if the tester tried to reproduce the exact same conditions before running each test. As someone said above, you don’t test the mathematical skills of two different kids by giving the first one elementary school calculation, while giving the other one university level problems to resolve. The results won’t have any meaning of their true capacity, and will certainly be different if they were given the same problem to solve.

            Seriously, this is not rocket science. It’s not a difficult concept. If you still can’t get it after reading this, I think you may just be doomed…

            Have a nice day tho :)

          • Steve__S

            LOL! Is your position any less stubborn than mine? I fully understand your position. However, in the context of something like a smartphone, again, I’ll refer to the example of taking a picture of something across the street. If you’re able to compose a picture on the sidewalk with one smartphone, but with the second smartphone, you’d have to stand in the middle of traffic in order to compose the same picture from a metering perspective, that’s not practical. For that matter, it’s also not the same picture as you are physically closer to the object and there is less atmospheric haze, etc. involved. The point is, unless your optics happen to be the same, you’re not going to get the exact same shot. Period. Move along…

    • you selectively blurred the background to make the subjects stick out. this photo is not a testament to camera or photographic skill. just a neat effect.

      • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

        Yes, it was done in Lightroom thanks to being able to shoot in RAW. What I am saying is, the M9 offers this to enthusiast photographers :)

        • jokesonyou

          talking like a kid. a defensive android-using kid.

  • Emma

    Well, according to the remarks under each category, the Note 5 wins this one by a mile

  • FAT

    Exactly, an average user doesn’t value (or maybe even recognize) quality photos, only the unreal iQuality shit for Facebook or Insta. Lumia 1020 is the best camera ever.

  • turco320

    LOL Fandroids totally lost xD

  • ichuck7

    One hint you guys should have done is taken a picture while you swing around the camera to see which one handles moving and blurry shots the best. All of the pictures would be blurry, but it would give a true to life comparison. Not every shot can be taken when the subject and you are standing completely still. Sometimes, you are trying to capture a running toddler, for instance.

    • marcoselmalo

      I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a single thumb or finger obscuring the frame in any of the pictures.

  • Dante

    i really liked B and D and i was surprised that B was my own phone was the G4 also note does a great job at light bokeh although not as good at the G4 the iphone 6s camera really disapointed me considering all the hype around it and Im sure the Xperia Z5 doesnt need to be Dxomark nr 1 , Note 5 and G4 should be 1

  • Demmitri

    Just came here from reddit frontpage. Holy shit fandroids are a joke!

  • Adam Mckeithan

    lol all the piss off fanboys is funny

  • Byron Barnett

    why are they using a 6s not a 6s plus? way different story if they had

  • iThoughtS0

    To each their own..
    Nuff said.

  • Gerrit Woord

    Well I was right about phone A and C.

    Phone D was in my opinion by far the best overall. I can’t believe people voted for phone C. In my opinion it wasn’t that great.

    I’m little disappointed in the LG G4.

  • Zdenka Micka

    Saying iPhone has the best camera, is like saying fish likes water. It’s obvious!

    • Sammy80

      I agree; saying iPhone has the best camera sounds fishy.

  • HumanTorch



  • ack

    LOL… the worst camera wins. And that’s why we can’t have nice things. xD

    • Decals42

      Do you understand how blind camera tests work? Or do you just assume that the house with the larges square footage must be the best?

      • ack

        Dude, there was nothing “blind” about the test. Everyone knew which camera was which (read the other people’s comments). GSMArena did a slightly better ran blind test and the iphone came in last.

  • Jim

    Flawed. The only reason iPhone won was because we android fans thought the best photos came from an android device. Next time tell us ahead of time which is the iPhone and watch who wins. We android fans may not be the smartest peanuts in the turd but we know good photos when we see them, especially when we know the device in advance.

    • jumpmancol

      That’s basically saying you would ignore the iPhone photos, and only consider the Android photos…that is ridiculous! In a blind test, the better pictures won…the platform was not a factor here.

      • Weelious_225

        That’s basically saying you don’t understand the word “sarcasm”

        • Jasperzoo

          It might be sarcastic, but I can totally see Android users writing Jim’s comment.

    • abdulla78

      Do you know what a blind test is in the first place?!??! Telling us this is product x or y just DEFEATS the purpose!

      • anotherwatchman

        Do you know what sarcasm is?

  • Krishna Mohan

    so iphone 6s has the best camera …joke of the year isnt it ?? when samsungs’ galaxynot5 (s6 , s6 edge plus ) & lg g4 is out there (v10 is coming too) …apple try next year with iphone 7 or 7s :P….go check on othr websites, youtube & Dxomark , if u guys want proof :)

  • Flintchesthair

    How the hell did I vote for the LG g4 every time except for gallery 3 and 12 (which it was the worst) and yet it came in dead last. I guess I must have looked at the actual pictures and not the meta data. I’ll know better for next time to vote for the camera I bought and not the one that’s the best.

  • Dietrich

    I like these blind shootouts. Make more!

    I did calculate a score for each phone and surprisingly these are the results:
    Phone A: 37 (this is a sum of the rating from 1 to 4 for each photo, so it means lower is better)
    Phone B: 34
    Phone C: 33
    Phone D: 26

    I thought I guessed which phone is which, but I was so wrong. By my score Phone D (Note 5) won. That’s because it was the most consistent one of the all. It usually was 1-2, and only two time 3. The others were sometimes 1, other time 4. Meaning they were good in one field and bad in the other, which is not cool. The iPhone is the most color accurate, but sadly way to grainy for my taste. He did excellent in low light as well. Note 5’s camera produces the best details but sadly in my opinion it makes the photos a bit too bright. Z5 and G4’s cameras are averages between the two in my opinion.

  • iPhone always give a more accurate results while phones like Samsung gives warmer and over saturated ones.

  • Sylvain M.

    Thanks for the blind camera shoutout. Next time add the Nexus 6P :)

  • Greg Zeng

    The elephant in the room was left out deliberately – Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • rhonin

    A seriously joke of a test.
    I will say this looks predicated on predefined “shots” based to confirm a specified outcome.
    Realistic? Not even close.

  • Samsung

    camera C is god awful
    no depth
    fuck apple and sheeple

    • Mike Everton

      Whatever helps justify your loss I guess

  • Andy

    It does seem strange to me that D wasn’t the clear winner. The pictures just seem to have far more detail and clarity. But each to their own. The trouble with anything that asks what’s the best, is it’s going to be subjective. Is the best the most colourful or sharpest or fastest, the most detail or the one that’s ready to share instantly? There was a study about whether MP3s sounded better than other formats and it suggested that those that listened to more MP3s preferred their sound – you like what you get used to.

    Rather than all the talk of the sensors I think a larger issue is the quality of the lens that’s being used and the post processing when the image is read from the sensor.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    When this article was first posted, I was using my phone and realized that with a smaller screen, you can’t see every detail of the photo and it’s actually harder comparing the photos because you can’t look at them side by side to compare. After the first photo, I realized this won’t actually work. You really need a computer or laptop with a high res screen. I wonder how many people compared the pictures on their phones vs a computer. I also wonder about the screen resolution and color accuracy on these devices. For example, Super AMOLED has deeper blacks than LCD. That has to be taken into consideration. If you’re looking for deep blacks on a device that can’t render deep blacks, you won’t be able to see it. And I’m not complaining because the iPhone won (I actually never voted because I knew this was flawed). From the very beginning, I knew this test wouldn’t be accurate. That’s why there are professional companies that do this for a living whose word I would take over an amature. Would you prefer a diagnosis from a doctor or Yahoo Answers?

  • BB

    I didn’t read all of the comments so I’m not sure if this was mentioned but why didn’t the testers use an iPhone 6s Plus instead of the iPhone 6s since that would have be an equal comparison phone size wise and if the plus was used the iPhone would have won by an even lager margin because of its superior camera compared to the iPhone 6s.

    • darwiniandude

      It’s not mentioned in the other comments, because they’re all complaining that iPhone won. But good point.

      • That_Fruitarian


    • LelandHendrix

      What is superior about it other than optical image stabilization? They are using the same software and otherwise carry the same specifications.

      • Rolf

        OIS makes a huge difference, it’s all the difference you need to call the camera “superior” as the OP did.

  • As stated in other comments – how did people extract the EXIF info from the pictures? I’ve used this site but it didn’t get any relevant information for me?? :×560.jpg

  • igorsky

    This comments section is comedy gold. Actually, you Android users are comedy gold.

    It’s amazing that none of you voted for the iPhone because it’s noisy and over-saturated, yet somehow the iPhone MIRACULOUSLY won in the poll. Clowns.

    • LOL all of ’em Android fans got caught with their pants down!

    • D13H4RD2L1V3

      I voted for the iPhone because I thought it looked the most pleasing.

      Honestly, it was a really close race for me. When I calculated my results before voting, the difference was marginal, even down to 0.2 points.

      All 4 phones have awesome cameras, though I think the 6S+ and Note 5 + LG G4 will be the choice for many, simply due to one feature; OIS.

  • Gay zucchinis

    Nobody should be surprised. Apple has made the best camera phone since, I don’t know, forever? I’d argue it’s the world’s most prominent camera manufacturer by now.

    • nametaken

      well Sony, i think they make the camera (at least used to.)
      would not be surprised if the same camera was found in other phones, but phone software can make a big difference too.

      • Gay zucchinis

        Sony makes the sensor. It does not make the camera.

      • Slurpy2k12

        Sony makes the sensor, which is only one component of the camera. Apple designs everything else in house, as well as the software, image processor, and algorithms.

  • Erik

    This is nothing but hilarious. Almost 8000 votes and iPhone wins. People acknowledge voting for iPhone but excuses their pick for liking Instagram-esque photos and what not – in hindsight. Question was “Which device do YOU think is the best?” and people answered truthfully…

  • Alex

    Guys, really? I found this comments thread because Daring Fireball mentioned it in a post, saying they are “pure gold”. And he was so right!

    Yes, I am an iPhone user because it gives me what I want most of the time. I am sure there are more great phones out there, but just not for me.

    Reading this BS is just hilarious…. How can grown ups really act this way and talk about conspiracy and stuff…


    • t3rryW

      Same here, I dismissed the comments thread initially. But it’s ace!

    • You’re mad. I’m glad.

      Same here.

    • Jon Londrezos

      Right you are my friend.

      It is as if everyone here holds 40% share in Apple or Samsung or Sony etc.

  • Java Mann

    People can argue all day about WHY the iPhone came out on top and still never reach a consensus. The ballots were stuffed by crazed Apple zealots… Most people are too dumb to know what good photos actually look like… It wasn’t truly a “blind” test… It’s a conspiracy… And on and on… But there is one thing that we all know and can agree on: The other three manufacturers will now be working hard to make their next flagship phone take pictures that look more like the iPhone’s pictures.

    • RF9

      LMAO. You win the most dillousional comment award.

      • abdulla78

        Shockingly dilluiousional indeed!!

    • Scott Lindsey

      And how are these “crazed fanboys” organizing? I don’t think any Apple fan site even knew about this until after the iPhone won.

      Go ahead, prove me wrong. Go find where they are organizing but until you do, the iPhone won fair and square.

      • Dribbler

        Re-read what he wrote. He is saying it doesn’t matter what nut job Android conspiracists are saying as the reasons for the iPhone winning the poll – Android manufacturers are now working overtime to have their cameras be more like the iPhone’s.

        • Scott Lindsey

          Ahh, your right. Misunderstood his tone.

          I suspect that the iPhone will always be at the front of this battle because they use the same parts as the Android devices, but Apple produces so few devices that they get to put a lot of effort into the post processing on each one.

          • Dribbler

            Ha there is enough craziness on this thread that I had to point out that his point was actually sane.

  • So much butthurt.

    • Jon Londrezos

      take a painkiller then

  • Angus

    Another Daring Fireball reader here, you Android fanboys

  • heavyboots

    Where the hell is the 13th gallery?! I was running my own personal comparison and had it tied 6 for 6 between the Note 5 and the 6s. :-/

    I was a bit surprised that the 6s was hanging in as strongly as it did, to be honest. And that’s as a 6 Plus owner.

  • Jim

    Dear Android Authority: next time please do not include iPhones in your comparisons. We Androidians are week of heart, not to mention our mental capacity. When the iPhone is included, it tends to expose the weaknesses of our purchasing habits and puts us in an uproar and state of denial (see comments below for proof). I don’t need to be told how poor the construction, OS, camera, screen, usability, etc. of my phone is. Just compare my phone to other android phones so I can tell who the best of the worst is.

    • That_Fruitarian

      lmao… best comment ever.

    • abdulla78

      brute honesty.. I just LOVE it.. xD!!
      On a serious note though, iPhones and Android phone, in terms of the ability to purchase, should be no different. Anyone can easily afford a the latest top model iPhone thanks to carrier packages and the recent Apple leasing plan. The idea that the iPhone is for the rich and well-off is pure non-sense!
      Tip: get an iPhone and then let’s talk :)

      • marcoselmalo

        You must be an American with a good credit rating. In most parts of the world, the iPhone is still for the rich.

    • MG

      Actually laughed out loud

    • You’re mad. I’m glad.

      LMAO I’m crying over here!

    • Jon Londrezos

      Yes – all the comments below prove the denial you are referring to!

  • justinflood

    Just a note from a professional photographer: Your mention of White Balance in the article is incorrect. White Balance is a product of the color temperature adjustment from warm to cool. An incorrectly white balanced image would either be too orange or too blue. An image being dark or light has nothing to do with white balance. That is a product of an incorrect exposure (in the case of smartphones, an incorrect shutter speed, or incorrect ISO setting).

  • sigaba

    I notice a pattern with most of these tests- they rarely do moving subjects or action shots, and when they DO do low-light they almost never do human subjects. The test subjects are predominately still-life or landscapes in daylight, this tends to skew these polls — for the record I think the 6S Plus is probably the best cam you can get for low-light action, the OIS is where it’s at. I think a lot of the Android cams take better shots of daylight landscapes but the tend to fall apart when you need a fast shutter (or just plain need it to take the photo within a few thousand milliseconds of when you hit the button.)

  • chintan prajapati

    No lumia. …

  • Cameron Lowell Palmer

    While we can debate endlessly who the winner was… Camera A and B were consistently the losers.

  • Jeff Faria

    Obviously the iPhone won because Brady deflated the footballs on the grassy knoll.

    • marcoselmalo


  • Чубака Иванович

    Samsung and iPhone have a great camera. I already know that. Poor Sony, they should ask Samsung how to use Sony sensor properly.

  • Johan Du Toit

    Yoh. It’s always a disaster when a site like this gets (daring) fireballed – Brings the worst of the Android trolls and the worst of the Apple trolls together.

    I recently (relatively) switched to an iPhone 6 after years on android devices, last one being a Galaxy S3. For me the one letdown with iphone is definitely the camera though. It’s a whole bunch of factors, but it boils down to I got more useable photos out of the S3 than the iphone, especially in low light conditions. I feel like the camera software just isn’t tuned right on the iphone. I think a big part of the reason for this is that the iphone seems to really stick hard to short shutter speeds. Personally I’d rather spend .5 seconds holding my phone steady than having to manually push shutter speed up with a different photo app.

    I’ve tried a few apps with more manual controls but none of them hit the sweet spot between control and fast useability for me.
    Please note that this is just my experience, I am not trying to praise or ridicule anyone’s buying decision here – no flaming neccesary

    • Applied Ill

      Hahaha, yeah it’s like a huge pile of the worst. I love John Gruber though. So I made some popcorn, if you’d like to join me, let’s have some fun.

  • t3rryW

    I’m intrigued as to why the 6S+ wasn’t used, given it’s physical size matches those other phones more closely?

    I’m guessing it’s because the iphone with OIS would have faired even better than the DIS-only 6S. So a slightly skewed test, even if the iPhone did win still :P

  • Piablo

    These comments are hysterical. Getting emotional and bent out of shape over a phone camera. You people are dopier than the Ford vs Chevy idiots

    • Applied Ill

      Hehe, you said “bent”.

  • lol

    So did you use the G4’s manual RAW mode and shoot and adjust the aperture/shutterspeed/whitebalance correctly for each shot? Something tells me no, and that’s the difference. You CAN do that on the G4 then it would win in any blind test, the others do not even have this option so auto-balancing will always be inferior.

  • MoreLikeStanDarsh

    3 of the top Android phones lost in a poll on an Android fan site. Surely these comments from Android fan site readers will be level-headed and rational.

    I’ve been an Android user since 2008 and I’m on an iPhone 6s right now for work, and I have to tell you, it’s impressive. The built-in apps are garbage but the camera is bar none the best camera on a phone I’ve ever had, and I’ve had HTC, Samsung, and LG flagships through the years. I seriously doubt people will notice much of a difference from LG or Samsung though, but it does get that “oh wow that’s a nice photo” comment more often than I had with Android.

  • iphonenick

    As the former owner of a Nexus S and Nexus 4, you can imagine what a thrill it was to trade up to the iPhone 6 when it came to photography.

    I do miss Google Cards…

  • lintua

    “Hmm, I hate Apple winning. I’ll vote for the second best picture next time.”0

  • Prime

    sorry to miss out on the votes, the note 5 is significantly better than the other phones, just curious how is the note 4 compared to the 5. I don’t like iPhone rendering of the tones, a bit green as seen in some of these photos, it definitely beats having the ugly purple hue of older phones or point and shoots. I use the iPhone 6, and found that in version 9.1 they seem to have tweaked the software a little for low light, better but some green can still be seen, and it underexpose most of the time to the safe side. Still vote for note 5.

    • Atlas

      Wasn’t the purple hue just visible when pointing at the sun?

      • Prime

        I think you’re referring to the high contrast area chromatic aberration. that’s kinda different, some of these phones and cameras have weird purple coloration, a bit like the older point and shoots, not very pleasing result.

        • Atlas

          “high contrast area chromatic aberration”

          it wasn’t a chromatic aberration, it was a purple lens flare.

          Never heard of iPhone pictures having a purple coloration.

  • Barchiel

    I’m just here for the comments.

    /sipping on Android tears

    /spills a sip

    Oh, by all means. Carry on! ^.^

  • Barchiel

    Does Android users’ tears only come in ‘salty’? I’m trying out new flavors.

  • kevinkee

    I also picked C for the most consistent results during the voting. Then I read the article and surprise it was actually iPhone, I thought they’re all Android phones. Opinion as opinion is, I agree and disagree with some of the article explanations.

    Now, I can’t really say the same with most of the Android commentators below. I don’t know it’s either they are young, immature or just plain foolish, but some of them really sound too dangerously close-minded fanatical. Good for laugh at, though.

  • Sam M.

    These comments: One butthurt Android fanboy among a sea of Daring Fireball readers Nelson Muntzing at an imaginary horde of butthurt Android fanboys who are nowhere to be seen.

  • Sam M.

    I really don’t know what Gruber found so amusing. Pretty much everyone will admit that iPhones have great hardware, especially the cameras. It’s the “fuck the computer literate” philosophy behind iOS that made me switch to Android after 5 years in the Apple ecosystem, not the hardware.

    • tiger

      because the computer literate loves StageFright? because computer literate loves spam & malware, even in the Flashlight apps? because the computer literate loves lagging and frame drops in gaming? because the computer literate loves the shitty encryption? because the computer literate loves poor audio latency? because the computer literate loves zero business penetration?

      If you say so….

  • Superalias

    Latvian hacker say, “Hey, I make online poll of phone camera!”
    Android peoples much happy. Android will win! Make tears of joy. Is salt for hacker potato!
    But potato is need more salt. Latvian hacker think clever. He say, “Oh, iPhone is win!”
    Android peoples much angry and sad, butt is hurt. Make great tears.
    Potato is more salt.

  • Jason Suthers

    It may be because i know nothing about photography but Phone D looks best is nearly all of the tests… So not quite sure how phone C won.

    p.s. I have always owned an iPhone not due to fanboi-ism but purely because Google don’t give a **** about privacy. Oh and also Apple make better hardware and software ;) – sorry Apple haters

  • Tiago Ribeiro

    Why is there always a discussion about Android vs iPhone? I don’t get it … iPhone is a smartphone and Android an OS or am I mistaken?

  • Graham Paul Glick

    I’m not convinced by this. Sony supplies the camera sensors to the iphone 6s and the Note 5. The sensor they have in their own phone is the ‘latest and greatest’ amd is superior spec to the others. I reckon that there are always slight subjective differences between cameras and just how they are used and set up. Interestingly the article twice mentions ‘oversampling’ on the Sony and if shots take this way would be better than others? My current daily driver is a Z3 and one of the best phones i’ve used add a great battery, expandable memory, stereo speakers and I can use in the bath, has more flexibility than the others, Also nigh on 1000 euros for a 64gb phone 6s plus, just bouht a dual sim Z5 ebay 650…which with my existing memory card gives me 32+64 gb..

    Ironically mst pictures end up on facebook or web and are downsized, so imperceptible subjective differences are borderline pointless, but something for the journos to write up about.

    I found having a waterproof phone (beer and coffee spilled over it) flexible memory, dual sim and a battery life double of other phones i’ve prevously had, a great combination. Not exciting, but real world functionality. As for playing the PS4 in the bath throught the phone…possibly not as important!

  • Jon Londrezos

    Is there a reason why in the low-light pictures you zoomed in to get more of the target objects with phone C?

    This completely warps the low-light results, as phones A, B and D had to balance the light across much higher ranges than C.

    The best example is Galery 11. See phone A and phone C. Phone A captured the ADIDAS logo and the very bright building. All that Phone C had to do is to capture the logo and – of course – that will give you a better result.

    Same with Galery 12

  • Jon Londrezos

    These are 4 great phones with great cameras and you should be very lucky to own any one of them.

  • Heritage80

    Congrats to Apple, they have a good camera on the new iphone, but for low light, I’d vote GS6 over anything, until the Lumia 950(xl) is out to compare. But, it’s funny to see iphone winning on the enemy land and against 3 top enemies.

  • Superlative Critic

    I agree with the judge’s opinions on the winner of each photo. But if you were to add up the individual points, they do not add up to the same as the poll. Here are the points for each phone: Z5: 32, G4: 36, Iphone: 31, N5: 46. So you can see the Note5 is the clear winner, and the Iphone actually comes last by the judge’s eye. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these phones. (4 points awarded for 1st place, 1 point awarded for last place, and so on).

  • nexus2077

    See this.. And iphone performed the worst..
    With an actual video and unedited images..

  • Mark Hirst

    I’m always puzzled by these reviews. I’m told in other articles that the best camera sensor is made by Sony, other manufacturers use them, but Sony themselves struggle to win any of these “shootout” contests. Who makes the sensors in these models? Do they all have sensors manufactured by their respective companies? Is it also affected by software?

  • This poll was bullshit. You can clearly see the EXIF data in the original post.


    Is this test the setup the same way as Android Authority’s iPhone 6 drop test that was
    obviously rigged and sponsored by Apple? Lost all respect for AA ever since. Who’s to say Android Authority didn’t make up the outcome? Can we check this? No. It’s even more strange because DxOMark and EVERY other review had the Galaxy note 5 as the phone to beat. Anyway, doesn’t matter. S7 is out now completely annihilating the competition and especially the iPhone.