The 5 best Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge features

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 24, 2016


Rarely does an Android manufacturer take note of what users want as well as Samsung has with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The company has stuck to its guns on certain aspects like design, which has changed little since the Galaxy S6, and continued with its mission of improving and refining core aspects of the smartphone experience, but it has also been paying close attention to what the fans have been asking for. These are the five best features of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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1. microSD expansion

Along with a removable battery and water-resistant rating, microSD expansion was one of the three major features dropped in the Galaxy S6 that had fans enraged and everyone else wondering why. With a smaller battery, more expensive storage options and no water-resistancy at all, the Galaxy S6 undermined its own likelihood of success by taking away certain things Samsung fans had grown used to or even entitled to in a Galaxy flagship.

The return of microSD expansion in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is sure to win back many Samsung fans that had lost faith last year, and the super-fast UHD-II standard that is commonplace now has even faster read-write speeds from microSD than even the faster internal flash memory used in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


2. A bigger battery

There has been a lot of people saying for a long time that people don’t care about thicker phones: what we want is a bigger battery. Battery optimization, more efficient processors, battery saving modes and fast charging are all good things, but they should never be used as an excuse to make a battery smaller.

Samsung has finally learned this lesson and given the Galaxy S7 a 20% larger battery and the Galaxy S7 Edge a 40% larger battery. The added side-effect of this is that the 14% thicker Galaxy S7 and 9% thicker Galaxy S7 Edge now have a much less pronounced camera bump on the back. And we couldn’t be happier.


3. Water-resistance without flaps

Just when you thought that Samsung was done with water-resistant flaps and water-resistance generally, the company went and granted the Galaxy S7 with an IP68 ingress rating. That means it is completely dustproof and water-resistant for half an hour in up to five feet of water.

By treating the internal structure of the S7 rather than just the exposed ports, the Galaxy S7 can be submerged without having to worry about the headphone or charging port or the speaker grills. It may not be important for everyone, but it’s way better than it was in the Galaxy S5.

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-8

4. An even better camera

Samsung has never had a bad camera, but the fact that last year quite a few other OEMs finally caught up – from LG and Motorola to Huawei and Sony – meant that Samsung doubled down on its camera efforts for the new S7 models. We already know what Samsung is capable of when it sets its mind to something and we have not been disappointed with the latest camera improvements.

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-19See also: New Samsung Galaxy S7 image sensor explained17

The new Galaxy models take a two-pronged approach. The new dual-pixel sensor can focus in an insanely short amount of time, even against the Galaxy S6 which was already fast, and even in very low light conditions. The larger aperture and dual-pixel sensor use every pixel for phase detection for unbelievably good low light performance.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-19

5. A phone optimized for gaming

The Galaxy S7’s are the first phones to be released with the brand-new Vulkan APIs. Vulkan improves upon Open GL and OpenGL ES which currently serve desktop and mobile separately by unifying them under one API. Vulkan’s ability to multi-thread means greatly improved graphics performance because it can use multiple cores at once.

What all this means for the average person is that the Galaxy S7 has gaming at its heart. It is better equipped than any other phone out there for handling demanding games and Samsung has also included a bunch of game optimization settings to limit power or create pre-sets for preferred gaming settings. Blocking alerts, a new games launcher and special in-game menu really shows that Samsung has gamers in its sights.


Bonus: a useful edge at last

This one’s an exclusive for those that opt for the Galaxy S7 Edge variant. When the Galaxy S6 Edge was announced it was cool but hardly useful. The first edge features were pretty uninspired and many could be converted for a regular screen easily enough. The S6 Edge really just felt like a pretty extravagance that was nifty but not necessary. That’s all changed with the Galaxy S7 Edge features, with many more useful options out of the box like a vertically-scrolling news ticker and third-party support ensuring more and more creative uses for the edge display are not far away.


What is your favorite Galaxy S7 feature? What’s still missing from the Galaxy S7?

  • Abdulrahman

    Note 6 will be even better

    • Žiga Štupar

      Yes, but some people do not like Note-s size

      • Maxiviper117

        Yes but a lot people do like the Note sizes….So I don’t see the point in that statement

        • Because Ziga wants you to know this, and it just haaaaaad to be said. Duhhh….

        • RunningGreat

          Note 10 is gonna be better… sigh

      • Corey Glynnell

        I am one of those that do that like the note’s size. I do however think it’s a great device though.

    • Marian Zamfir

      Probably yes, but you have to wait if you want one..

    • Vik

      Who cares, about the note 6. This phone didn’t even come out yet and you’re already looking for something else. Take time to enjoy this one! It’s a beauty! I can honestly say that this is the BEST phone on the market! At least as of now.

      • Abdulrahman

        I don’t care about the S line at all, I only use the Note series since day one. Currently I am using Note 5 so ofcourse I will be waiting for the Note 6 ?

  • Milan Djordjevic

    USB type C, front panel dual speakers, camera that doesn’t bumps out of phone body, better finger print sensor. Although, I must admit they did a really great job on cooling system, putting back the SD card slot and IP protection. Also excellent job on camera aperture f/1.7. More light and larger pixels excellent combination for good image quality. Just hope to see more improvements in future

    • Žiga Štupar

      Well USB type C is alittle too earlly world is not yet compleatly ready so Samsung made a great move not including it,front panel dual speakers would ruin Samsungs design and make it ugly,Little bump is better than no bump becouse so camera is protected and Fingerprint sensor is faster on 6.0.1 its reported by S6 users

      • Milan Djordjevic

        USB type C is last year’s innovation so is already quite a while on the market. This would be like Snapdragon 820 is too early and world is not ready yet…
        Samsung fans asked Samsung to make more gamer friendly smartphone so great graphics without great sound are useless. In my personal opinion I’d prefer to see a pair of good stereo speakers on front panel rather than Samsung home button. For instance, Huawei did a great job placing fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone and in my opinion left manufacturers like Sony and Samsung way behind.
        Regarding camera, it can be well protected and in same level like a back panel like some others already do (Apple and Sony for example) placing camera above the level of the phone body only increases the risk of damaging it or being scratched.
        There’s no doubt that Samsung made a great phone and it’s probably one of the best out there but the point is that there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

        • Nutzer

          I agree with everything you said but the USB type C and comparing it to a CPU. Totally apples and oranges. I can see why they did not adopt the USB type C due to its infancy and most likely with the Gear VR compatibility. Since VR was such a thing during the unveiling.

          • Milan Djordjevic

            I wasn’t really comparing the CPU with type C I was giving an example how some other innovations are rather embraced than rejected with a statement “the world is not ready yet”
            Of course that these things can not be compared and it would be like comparing apples and oranges. I’m aware that type C is not compatible with all gear out there but I like that innovation over traditional mini USB port. Just think how many times you had to check if you’re plugging the correct sides it’s simply annoying. With type C there’s no doubts. I agree that Samsung most probably decided to keep it in order to make all the magic with VR possible and I like the idea but I still think that it’s time to get outside of the box and bring some innovations that are actually user friendly and useful after all.

          • Hans Pedersen

            USB Type C might simply be the HDCD of connectivity. We really don’t use physical connectors for much other than charging these days. Everything is synced wirelessly or simply streamed. Asking everybody to switch to a new charger connector when the old one really isn’t doing a bad job for that purpose could easily cause an unnecessary backfire. If it becomes widely accepted through other hardware platforms, I’m sure mobile manufacturers will adopt it but, before that? Not likely.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          USB type C may already be on the market but no one is currently making use of the improved data speeds AND it appears that manufacturers of Type C cables are unsure as to the standards. This means that if you buy an aftermarket cable you could fry your device permanently. Therefore you’re stuck with just a single cable that came with your device. You think you’ll be able to live with that until you realize you have to take that same cable with you everywhere you go.

          So yeh, it was wise Samsung stuck with micro usb.

          • Milan Djordjevic

            I wouldn’t say that you are stuck with one cable since this is a completely new standard and for sure we’ll be seeing more and more devices with type C. As of manufacturers of type C cables being unsure of standards and frying up your phone… This sounds like Edisons theory of killing an elephant with AC. No offense… But so far I haven’t heard yet that anyone fried his phone because of type C connection.
            The fact is that USB type of connection has been improved over time and data speeds have been increased USB 1,2,3 and 3.1 but the connector has been the same old robust Type A than, mini and micro and type C not only that replaces all these different sizes and shapes but it’s also reversible and supports different kind of protocols or alternative modes and that means it can be used in all DC charging devices such as Laptops, tablets, digital cameras, smartphones and so on…
            I don’t really think it was a good thing to stick to the old micro 2.0 non reversible connection.

          • TheRealCBONE

            Fried phones aren’t rampant, but why take the chance? No one ever blames the sketchy $3 discount cable and charger they bought when something isn’t right, they blame whoever made the $700 phone. When the majority of cable manufacturers are fully meeting the standards, it will really take off on the device side. Samsung doesn’t gain anything by switching yet.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            As of today you are indeed stuck with one cable. If you want to risk frying your $800 phone then go ahead and buy a new one on Amazon. I’m just going by what I’ve read from the actual editors from AA and a blog editor who fried his Pixel laptop/tablet. If anyone wants to jump in with the specifics or corrections please do. The bottom line was that the industry is still in flux when it comes to manufacturing standards for USB Type C. Any phone released today that only uses Micro USB has more flexibility vs Type C devices simply because you can still use all of your existing cables. The fact that your Type C connector you have now can be reversibly inserted is an advantage but that advantage is negligible. What I mean by negligible is that it isn’t a big deal at all or “who cares”.

            If you are in doubt as to the issues with Type C just say so and I will find the links to the articles so that you can be more informed. I’d hate for you to fry your devices just because you were getting off on inserting your Type C connector without having to look at it.

  • Gengsta Prince

    USB type c is missing.

    • Likely because S7/Edge needs to still work with the Gear VR visor which uses micro USB. No biggie.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Yeah, I’ll really miss switching all my cables over to USB C. Not.

      Most phones with USB C don’t do wireless charging. So USB C phone owners can plug in their phone any way they want. I can not plug my phone in at all. I think I’ve got the advantage there.

    • Milan Djordjevic


  • billcollier

    I have heard SD cards can not store apps, only music data etc. is this true? I hope not

    • Brian_Goggs

      Not entirely true. Certain apps can be put on the sd card.

    • SeanPR11

      They aren’t allowing the new adaptable storage that lets the sd card act like internal memory.

  • Robin George

    So easy to make Samsung fans a fool… Remove key feature from flagship a year… And introduce later on… Innovation at its best (lolzzzz)

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      If it stupid but it works? Its not stupid, thats what we called marketing at it finest

    • The Big Guy

      Not only the SD card slot, but also the water-resistance that was on the S5 but not on the S6 is now back. What’s funny is on verizon’s site the phone’s advertised features are

      Galaxy S7 edge resists splashes, spills and even dunks.** Plus, it has a dual–pixel camera with incredibly fast auto–focus,* a longer–lasting battery*** and a larger expandable memory.+

      Next year on the S8 maybe we’ll get a removable back so we can change the battery ourselves! Can’t wait.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Another great feature is that it’s not a Nexus.

  • Frank Bales

    These are impressive, but I still just ordered a Nexus 6P because I’m switching to Project Fi.

    • SeanPR11

      Ditto, joined Fi last week.

  • saksham

    oh my is that a 113k antutu score ?! thats 40000 more than s6 !!!!

  • neural_physics

    My favorite feature is the amazing display, I can’t wait to get the s7 edge

  • Noah Jones

    Can I have just like a Note 6 Edge? Like with a stylus and the edges?

  • Gern Blandersong

    Samsung S7 needs a removable battery. I currently have the S5 and will be ready for an upgrade in October 2016. Hopefully the new galaxy note has removable battery or there will be rumours of the S8 getting it in 2017. Otherwise, I amswitching to LG

  • Péter Knőbl

    Double tap to wake. I really miss it, and that’s not a big deal to implement…

  • Gaxx

    okay. then when is the giveaway

  • Mail carrier

    S7 and edge are both totally awesome. Only thing that irritated me is there is NO 7 + without the edge. My lifestyle pretty much demands a Otterbox Defender case with a holster, and I like the larger phones. For those who say it’s too big to use one handed, I’m using a Nexus 6 w Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro case one handed right now typing this. Hopefully the Note 6 incorporates the great features the s7 has!

  • manikandan

    Samsung is more advance to compare apple

  • Greywolf


    Ability to connect the phone in disk drive mode.
    Ability to sync over the USB cable without it hanging on a file rename (Hmm, I can create a new folder but I can’t rename it without explorer bailing on me).
    Ability to install fonts without having to buy the specially formatted ones from Samsung. Historically, one could even load one’s own fonts on the system from one’s computer.

  • Visha

    Note 6 was good..
    Want Peel Smart Remote.
    MONO speakers with so so tiny holes due to waterproof and water repellant coating make ridiculous sound… Everything is scrap.

  • IreviewU

    It really made many of like handicapped by missing the remote :(