March 21, 2016

best Android Wear watch faces
One of the best parts of Android Wear is the ability to customize your watch face. It’s a small thing, but making it look how you want it to look adds a uniqueness that can make your watch truly yours and distinguishable from everyone else’s. There are a ton of great selections, but here are a few Android Wear watch faces that we think shine above the rest.

500px best android wear watch faces500px

[Price: Free]
For those who don’t know, 500px is a website where you can look up some stunning photography taken by people all over the world. One of its main features is the ability to take these photos and use them as backgrounds on your device. As you can imagine, an update to 500px allows you to take those same awesome photos and use them as backgrounds for your Android Wear device. The watch face itself is pretty basic but the wallpapers are certainly worth it.

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500px best android wear watch faces

battery watch face best Android Wear watch facesBattery Watch Face

[Price: $0.99]
Battery Watch Face is a simple, but functional watch face. It will display the time, date, and your battery percentage on the watch face which is more than enough for a lot of people. This one is a bit unique because you’ll also need Wear Battery Stats in order to really make this app work very well. The good news is that if you buy the watch face, you get the accompanying app for free which we really liked. It’s not overly amazing in terms of design, but there’s a place for “simple, yet functional” as well.

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battery watch face best Android Wear watch faces

facer best Android Wear watch facesFacer

[Price: $1.00]
Facer was one of the first really powerful watch face creation apps out there and it remains one of the best options for those looking to create their own Android Wear watch faces. You can download a variety of templates and then customize them or you can create your own. The app doesn’t take an overly long time to learn and there have been some utterly astounding creations that trump most other watch faces. It’s functional and (usually) beautiful. Give it a shot.

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Google Fit best android wear watch facesGoogle Fit

[Price: Free]
Google Fit is Google’s fitness application and that app gets a lot of use from Android Wear users. A recent update has also added in a watch face. The watch face is rather simple and it’ll show you the time and how many steps you’ve taken that day. This essentially turns your Wear watch into a Fitbit which is what a lot of people use their Wear devices for anyway. Plus, Google Fit is free and is likely already installed on your smartwatch.

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google fit best android wear watch faces

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instaweather best android wear watch facesInstaWeather for Android Wear

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
InstaWeather for Android Wear is one of two weather-centric Android Wear watch faces on this list. This one gives you a few options that shows you the forecast along with current conditions. It also doubles as a weather app that lets you check out radards, 24-hour forecast, and a recent update even added a Google Fit-themed weather watch face. It’s a lot of fun but do beware as it takes a minute to get this set up and running.

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krona sunlight best Android Wear watch facesKrona Sunlight Watchface

[Price: $1.69]
Krona Sunlight Watchface is the second wather-centric watch face on our list. This one is more for the minimal audience. The watch face relies on a black background and shows you information such as the time, current weather conditions, and some additional graphics if you so choose. You can also have it show snowfall, sunrise, sunset, rainfall, cloudiness, and of course, temperature. It’s lightweight and works quite well. Most of the elements are customizable as well.

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krona sunlight best Android Wear watch faces

muzei best android wear watch facesMuzei Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free]
Muzei Live Wallpaper is a fantastic live wallpaper app that displays timeless pieces of classic art right on your home screen along with some customization options. An update released last year for Muzei also added an Android Wear watch face that does essentially what the app itself does. Classic art lovers who wouldn’t mind a never ending carousel of artwork hitting their watch screen should definitely check this one out.

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starwatch best Android Wear watch facesStarWatch Watch Face

[Price: $0.99]
StarWatch Watch Face is a beautifully done watch face that shows you the stars. More specifically, it shows you the stars that are directly above your head as you view the time. StarWatch uses a star map that changes and updates with the time of year so that when you look at the stars on your wrist, they are identical to the ones that are above you at that moment. It’s a fun concept and the watch face isn’t half bad either.

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starwatch best Android Wear watch faces

station watch best Android Wear watch facesSTATION

[Price: $1.65]
STATION is a watch face by acclaimed themer Tha Phlash. It’s a highly customizable watch face that gives you quite a few options and you can end up with all kinds of combinations. That means you can make it look as sophisticated or as minimal as you want and it comes with support for most watches that are released right now. Other than its customization options, it remains a very simple, lightweight, and smooth watch face.

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watchmaker best Android Wear watch facesWatchMaker Premium

[Price: $3.99]
WatchMaker Premium is Facer’s biggest competitor and it’s quite powerful. Much like Facer, you can use this app to make your very own watch faces with a metric ton of features. Some of them include animated gif support, parallax effects, and access to time, weather, calendar, animations, compass, Tasker, heart rate, step counter, and many more. Whatever you need and however you want it to look, chances are you can do it with this app.

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watchmaker best Android Wear watch faces

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