best android tools and utility apps
Smartphones are, at their core, tools. Because of this, many developers have created tons of tools for them that work really well. Android is an extremely vibrant ecosystem and you can do almost whatever you want. Here is a list of the best Android tools and utility apps to help you do more things.

AppLock best android tools and utility appsAppLock

[Price: Free / Varies]
AppLock is an application that, as the title says, locks up your apps. You simply open up the application, select which apps you want to lock, and the app takes care of the rest. The apps you select will require a passkey to get into from that point forward. You can even hide the app icon and use a code in your dialer to open it so that it remains hidden. You can use it for free with stripped down features, use it with ads and get all the premium features, or pay for the app and get all the features with no advertising. It’s versatile, simple, and one of the better Android tools.

applock best Android tools and utility apps

gasbuddy best Android tools and utility appsGasBuddy

[Price: Free]
GasBuddy is an app that helps you find gas. You can use it to find fueling stations on long road trips. Alternatively, you can use it in the city to find the cheapest gas in your area. On top of that, the app allows you to report the gas prices at stations nearby so you can help out fellow drivers. It’s only supported in the US, Canada, and Australia which appears to be the only downside. This is one of those must-have Android tools that virtually anyone can make use of.

gasbuddy best Android tools and utility apps

google translate best Android tools and utility appsGoogle Translate

[Price: Free]
Google Translate is the end-all-be-all of translation apps. It has a metric ton of features, including OCR support, offline translation support for 52 languages, and even a conversation mode that translates in real-time while you’re talking to people. It’s powered by Google’s neural networks which allows it to translate some languages with nearly human levels of accuracy. There really aren’t any better options in the translation space right now. Translate definitely gets the job done.

google translate best Android tools and utility apps

gsam battery monitor best Android tools and utility appsGSam Battery Monitor

[Price: Free / $2.49]
GSam Battery Monitor is a great little battery tool that is accessible to almost everyone. For many, the stock battery monitoring in the Settings will be enough. However, those looking for a little more information can get it with an app like this one. You’ll be able to see things like screen on time, phone usage, mobile radio usage, WiFi usage, and, of course, app usage. Root users can get some additional functionality by installing the root companion. It’s free (as is the root companion) with ads or you can pay the $2.49 to remove that advertising.

gsam battery monitor best Android tools and utility apps

IF by IFTTT best android tools and utility appsIF by IFTTT

[Price: Free]
IF by IFTTT is one of the more powerful Android tools out there. This app allows you to make connections between actions. For instance, you can have the app upload a photo to your Dropbox after you share it on Instagram. That is just scratching the surface of all the things you can do. There are tons of apps that have IFTTT integration built-in and you can even use to do things like control your smart lights. There are thousands of recipes out there and you can find them by Google searching if you want to see them. Those who need something more complex can try out Tasker. Also, don’t forget about the upcoming Microsoft Flow which will boast the same type of functionality.

IF by IFTTT best android tools and utility apps

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LastPass best android tools and utility appsLastPass and LastPass Authenticator

[Price: Free / $12 per year]
LastPass is a password management tool that helps you create and remember passwords. The idea is that you can create amazingly complex passwords and then LastPass will remember them for you. Not everyone is excited about the company being bought out by LogMeIn. However, so far LastPass has remained operating just like it always has. The service comes with tons of features. LastPass Authenticator also adds another level of security for those who are weary. You can use it on mobile for free or you can pay $12 per year to use it on all of your devices, including your computer. You can !

parceltrack best android tools and utility appsParcelTrack

[Price: Free / $2.99]
ParcelTrack is an app that allows you to centralize all of your package shipments. All you have to do is input your tracking number and carrier and the app will do the rest. This is a great app if you order a lot of things online. Consequently, it’s also good if you ship a lot of things as well. You’ll also have a mailbox where you can send tracking numbers and the app will add them automatically. You’ll get most of the features for free with a few upgrades for premium users. It should support most carriers as well.

parceltrack best android tools and utility apps

smart tools best android tools and utility appsSmart Tools

[Price: $2.99]
Smart Tools contains a number of tools all linked up in one app. This is more for general use. It comes with various types of rulers, measurement tools, a compass, a vibrometer, a flashlight, a mirror, and even a unit converter. You’ll likely be able to find better apps for any individual feature, but this is a good place to find all of them in one spot and for one price. About the only complaint users seem to have is the authentication doesn’t work in areas with no signal. Otherwise it’s all good!

sleep as android best android tools and utility appsSleep as Android

[Price: Free / $3.99]
Sleep as Android is one of the most talked about Android tools out there. The app is supposed to help you get a better night’s sleep. It does this by measuring how often you move in your sleep. Of course, you’ll need to sleep with your phone in the bed in order for it to gain accurate measurements. It also comes with Android Wear and S Heath support, a built-in alarm clock, and you can even record yourself sleep talking if you want to. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good way to get a handle on your sleep patterns. You can also try it out for free before buying the full version.

wifi analyzer best Android tools and utility appsWiFi Analyzer

[Price: Free]
WiFi Analyzer is an app that helps you learn more about your WiFi connection as well as the connections around you. For most, this isn’t overly useful information, but you can use the info gleaned here to optimize your router, get off of clogged WiFi channels, and perhaps even help improve your overall WiFi performance. It uses simple, easy-to-read graphs that virtually anyone can understand along with a signal measuring function and support for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. It’s also entirely free, which is nice.

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    You know it’s 2015 right?

    • haha I’m going through this list thinking to my self, um is the new episode of Full House coming on? Thats how old this list seemed

    • Emmet

      I haven’t heard of many of these apps before, so I think this list is very useful. Thanks AA for posting this.

    • Chris

      yes, your point?

    • Bhavesh Desai

      It’s 2016 now :)

  • Tibii

    Clean Master? Why? :(

    • Rafal Warachewicz

      Because it does a very good job. Especially on older devices

      • Chris

        even on newer devices it runs great

      • Mewtwo

        Not with all the bloatware. Even when the S4 was new, it was slow. I switched to SD Maid after it was found Clean Master was spying on you, it’s much faster and more lightweight.

        • Chris

          You are an idiot

          • Mewtwo

            So apparently knowledge = retard
            Check a dictionary

      • Ann Onymous

        It’s a bloatware fest. There are other, better apps out there now. SD Maid and Ccleaner are good.

    • MiMo1986s

      yes i don’t use clean master on my dead body lol

      • Chris

        lol kids these days

        • Ann Onymous

          Soooo, are you paid by CleanMaster?

          • Chris

            Nope. It’s just that clean master does the job better the same anyone else and you are all scared.

        • MiMo1986s

          kid has 28 years old lol

    • JosephHindy

      What Rafal said. It’s especially good for people who use a lot of apps and have those leftover folders and files taking up space.

      • thats why i use it. Run it once a month on my N6 and it clears out crap folders leftover from apps i tried and uninstalled. love it!

        • Ann Onymous

          Yeah, but there are many apps that do this without the scammy bloatware of Clean Master. Try Ccleaner or SD Maid, they are more efficient and don’t try to scam you.

          • i’ll take your advice and go check out Ccleaner =) I really appreciate it

          • JosephHindy

            What is and isn’t bloatware depends on the preferences of the user. There is no international database of apps and features that constitute as “bloatware”. One man’s bloat is another man’s favorite feature.

    • Preben Nielsen

      Clean Master is one of the most annoying and in-your-face apps of all time.

      • Chris

        you obviously have issues. I have no issues with the app. Then again I know how to use it.

        • razorsharp

          try SD Maid. imho it’s the best cleaning app.

          • Chris

            1 million downloads Compared to clean masters 100 million…

          • Ann Onymous

            You obviously are paid by Clean Master for positive online reviews.

            Number of downloads has absolutely nothing to do with quality. CleanMaster is an awful app.

          • JosephHindy

            Trust me, if I were paid to write positive reviews, I wouldn’t be driving a delightfully rust-colored 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

          • Chris

            Maybe you just don’t know how to use it…

          • Mewtwo

            One of the most downloaded paid apps was a fake anti-virus. Is that better than MalwareBytes or Avast? Thin before you type dude.

          • Chris

            Speak English

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            You obviously can’t read, so it’d be pointless

          • Chris

            Looks like dog shit

      • ziplock9000

        It has itself become the bloat it reports to clean :/

      • Chris

        100 million downloads say otherwise

        • bilions of flies eat shit – will you as well?

          • Chris

            You mad bro?

    • Chris

      because its a great app. it doesnt give you the bull shit other apps give you.

      • Mewtwo

        anti virus, “phone (RAM?) Booster”, “Game Booster” are just some listed.
        A) you don’t need an anti virus unless you’re retarded and download off shady ass sites without looking at the permissions
        B) everything that’s in quotes just doesn’t work at all
        C) it kept on giving notifications, which was annoying because I didn’t have a data plan when I had it installed and it would go off during class, where we’re not allowed to have our phones on
        D) I’m pretty sure RAM Booster was renamed phone Booster, and back then it didn’t do anything except kill apps that came back running. Just let android handle multitasking

        Yeah bro no bullshit indeed

        • Chris

          You must be very young or very stupid. The app is called clean matter. It never was what you said

        • Ann Onymous

          Ignore him. He spams Clean Master shit everywhere. He’s fairly obviously part of their marketing team (but isn’t great at it). This app sucks and betrayed their users with all their useless scammy crap.

          • Chris

            Maybe you should be forced to use it.

    • JD

      Clean Master is bloat, Minimal Cleaner is the better alternative!

    • Vikas Ghode

      this slows mobile. & dont think there is any wires that can affect Android( Unix Based OS). Have anybody installed Antivirus in Unix ? No? So no security required. Sometimes phone goes slow/laggy for this termination of apps works, but there are only few apps do so.

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          Um. Ok? This was a year ago and you’re responding….why, exactly? Idiot.

    • Ann Onymous

      Yeah, it’s starting to get pretty clear that Android Authority gets paid for reviews.

  • Why isn’t Pushbullet on this list? Its great for transferring stuff between your own devices…

    • miguelhilario

      Agreed. I use it all the time to the point that I don’t know how I ever survived without it.

    • Chris

      thats what drop box is for kid

      • Erm…Dad I’m not sure you fully understand the capabilities of Pushbullet…

        • Donda


      • DCan

        they’re not even similar though..

      • Mewtwo

        Now I know why you support Clean Master lmao

        • Chris

          Because I’m not a nerd?

          • Mewtwo

            We playing that game?
            Cause you’re a retard.

          • scottsacco

            You seem like the only contributor to this forum that is either not hyping specific apps or dogging on one, having faith in your own capabilities. It takes very little time to manually do what is necessary to keep a device performing optimally, I believe Android OS’s have been plagued with everything to counter what it is designed to do, especially with RAM boosters, app killers and data manipulation. Junk file & cache cleaning can be time consuming, but it is also an excellent way to get to know and understand what most people consider to be an extra appendage, a life and business necessity. I hear more horror stories than productive (lost valuable data, music, pictures, etc) if even one knew what productive and performance meant, concerning what is/isn’t good for their particular needs. All this intellect is being offered on who does best at what nobody wants to do themselves. Android is in a class by itself in efficiency and preservation of it’s virtues. I’ve been Beta testing apps and reviewing the products of pure genius devs. I despise the apps we speak of due to the placebos or bulky “one size fits all” smorgasbord type- with animation designed to awe any child.

          • Nikkie Maquiniana

            because you’re stupid that’s why

  • Albin

    Have to say, I found this article less than coherent. There are a) things to do with a device, and b) things to do to a device. Those are muddled. Beyond that, reasonable users might disagree.

  • Chris

    I use cleanmaster because of its simple interface. It gets to the point with out all the bull shit that other apps like it have

    • Christian MCI

      Hey retard! Get off the internet! Stop posting good reviews for a few $$ and do something useful for society.

      • Chris

        Like calling people names and spending all day on a tech blog? Right…

    • Ann Onymous

      CleanMaster’s interface is full of shit, and so are you.

      • Chris

        Well 100 million people who downloaded it like it so….. Nice try

    • Nikkie Maquiniana

      nope you’re just retarded
      a million does not mean it’s good

  • mohit kumar

    why pocket is not there….. why

  • Ashrik


  • Jeffrey Jones

    DashLight? Seriously? Come on – it is 2015 , and there is already a better solution other than flashlight icon on your lock screen. There is a flashlight app that allows you to start flashlight even when the screen is OFF. That is Power Button Flashlight, and you just have to triple press Power button , and flashlight switches on – no widgets, no unlocking, you don’t even have to look at the phone – feels just like hardware flashlight. This app made me use my phone as flashlight way more that I used to before. Actually I think I wasn’t using my phone as flashlight before this app. LOL

  • Meher

    Apk Extractor is one the best application available in google play.Which helps you to backup all your applications installed in your device which includes user installed applications and system applications.You can upload /share to any one.Its easy,fast and simple to use.Worth trying.Give it a try.

  • Best Apps

    Clean Memory Phone (Pro) 2016

    Best utility apps for android in 2015-2016
    Fast Clean Memory, RAM Booster, Junk Files and Cache Cleaner, System Monitor, Clean and remove malicious spyware, malware and viruses in cache.
    Monitoring : Memory Boost, Bluetooth, Battery Checker, RAM, CPU, WiFi, GPS, Network, Apps, Storage, etc.

  • Great on my friend really love your post awesome pictures attached keep updating such post for android users like me..thank you.

  • Best Apps

    Clean Memory Phone (Pro) 2016
    The best utility apps for android in 2015-2016
    Fast Clean Memory, RAM Booster, Junk Files and Cache Cleaner, System Monitor.
    Monitoring : Memory Boost, Bluetooth, Battery Checker, RAM, CPU, WiFi, GPS, Network, Apps, Storage, etc.

  • Nikkie Maquiniana

    Use Greenify for more speed
    Use SDMaid for more space
    Thus saving more battery and memory space for your phone

  • Link Sync

    I found one app named LinknSync which build your elegant multi-screen experience!
    Link your phone and PC; reply SMS on PC; view notifications on PC.
    Connect your Android phone to your Windows-based PC. It’s wireless, simple, and convenient.
    Enjoy the interaction with your Android device on a PC screen.

  • Trumpit

    How could they leave Trumpit off this list?? With Trumpit photos you send and photos sent to you go directly to the lock screen and allow quick response. It totally improves on stock Android photo messaging! Try it here!

  • Vikas Ghode

    Apps or tools are depends on user’s usage. I’m banker & no app is useful for me from this

  • 周晓晓
  • Z.A Khan
  • Wiperoid – The Best Phone Tracking App

  • Art Vandelay

    Another great app is Touch Lock by DGApps. Touch Lock locks your phone when it is put into your pocket. It is the best pocket texting stopper, and I have tried many

  • Wiperoid – The best phone tracking app.Unlike Android device manager it Works with out internet.

  • Manju Natha

    The apps relevant today Will be craps tomorrow. So no perennial best apps for any smartphone.what one needs is some essential apps on day to day basis.some live longer.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    I use Google Translate, WiFi Analyzer and Lastpass all the time. Three terrific tools.

  • Jay Ward

    Well then. Good to know.

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  • Great android tools.. And great thoughts too.. Very informative and charming buddy.