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It’s probably true that babies shouldn’t be holding expensive smartphones or tablets. They are not known for being careful with such things. However, if you’re brave, your mobile device can be a small window to a world that can entertain your kids for hours and sometimes it can even help educate them! Here are the best Android baby games.

androbaby best baby games for androidAndrobaby

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Androbaby is a developer studio that has made quite a few baby games. They do some other stuff as well and you may have heard of their game, 2048. Their baby games tend to err on the side of educational and you’ll find games that help teach babies about animals, vehicles, foods, and just some general easy words for them to learn. They also have a series of simple ball catching games that should work well for babies. All of them are free, most of them contain ads, and some of them contain in-app purchases as well so do keep an eye out for that!

andrybaby best baby games for android

ant smasher android baby gamesAnt Smasher

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Ant Smasher is a game where you smash a bunch of ants. It’s a simple idea where you must keep smashing ants while avoid smashing bees. If you smash too many bees, the game ends and you must start over. It requires virtually no motor skills and it’s a fun little time waster for kids while still being fun enough to play (for a while anyway) as an adult. It also comes with things like different game modes to help keep things interesting. There are in-app purchases, so be sure to password lock your Google Play account to ensure no accidental purchases are made.

baby explorer android baby gamesApp Quiz Apps

[Price: Free / up to $1.99]
App Quiz is a game developer that specializes in baby games. They have developed games from all kinds of genres, for both girls and boys, and for kids of varying ages. Some of their baby games are a little older and may not work too well, but most of them should be right around what you’re looking for. Some of the titles include Baby Phone, Baby Explorer (17 games in one), and Smart Kids Puzzles. Most of them are free with no in-app purchases with a couple of paid games mixed in.

fisher price best baby games for androidFisher-Price

[Price: Free / Up to $2.99]
Fisher-Price is a huge name in children’s entertainment and it also just so happens to have a ton of baby games available. They range from being completely free to $2.99 which keeps everything relatively inexpensive. The games tend to be more entertainment oriented with educational overtones. You can find nursery rhyme games, hide and seek games, counting games, and sound games. Some of the games, like Storybook Rhymes, contain multiple games in one. They’re not all home runs, so do be cautious and read the user reviews, but it’s as good a place to get started as any.

fisher price best baby games for android

gokids best baby games for androidGoKids

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
GoKids is another developer that specializes in kids games. Most of them are entertainment focused with some educational stuff thrown in for good measure. Their big games are Animals Farm, Baby Zoo Piano, Learning Shapes, and Ocean Bubbles Pop, among others. Most of the games are free to play with in-app purchases that generally just remove the advertising so you can play without being hassled. Most of the games are also simple to play, although a few of them are intended for older children (not babies), so don’t get too frustrated if your baby can’t figure a few of them out.

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kids animal piano android baby gamesKids Animal Piano

[Price: Free / $1.99]
Kids Animal Piano is, you guessed it, a piano that plays animal sounds. The basic idea is that each piano key is a music note and that note can be assigned to an animal. So you can create music that the animals can sing. It’s a little simplistic and it’s sure to drive parents crazy, but the reviews are favorable, the app is colorful, and it also contains no in-app purchases which is a plus when dealing with kids. The developer, Rad Lemur Kids Games, also has additional baby games if the piano just isn’t cutting it.

Kids doodle best baby games for androidKids Doodle

[Price: Free]
Kids Doodle is a popular drawing application that features bright colors, a unique look, and some good features. It has about two dozen brushes that just throw all kinds of colors on the screen and each image can be saved to an individual image gallery so they don’t get tossed in with your photographs. It also has a “film mode” where you can play back your child’s artwork like a little movie. It’s entertaining enough that even some adults download it and enjoy themselves. It’s free and has no in-app purchases, but it does have ads.

kids doodle best baby games for android

my talking angela best baby games for androidMy Talking Angela

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
The “My Talking” series of apps have been a favorite of kids for a long time. In each one, there is an adorable animal. Your kid talks to the animal, the animal talks back. There are a ton of them, and you can check out the whole series by looking at Outfit7’s developer page here. For now, we recommend Angela because she’s cute, accessible to children of young ages (regardless of gender), and can teach kids the importance of daily tasks like brushing their teeth. It also comes with simple mini games to add to the fun.

my talking angela best baby games for android

nursery rhymes android baby gamesNursery Rhymes Vol 1-4

[Price: Free / $1.00 each]
Nursery Rhymes Vol 1-4 are four baby games that take popular nursery rhymes and turn them into animated sequences that your kids can play with. The free versions come with six nursery rhymes each so you can see what kind of content you’re in for and the paid versions contain a total of 42 rhymes. It doesn’t seem like much, but they’re highly rated and kids seem to really enjoy them. Neither the free or paid versions contain in-app purchases which is a nice bonus.

picsart kids best baby games for androidPicsArt for Kids

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
PicsArt for Kids is another coloring and drawing app that is pretty popular and pretty highly rated. The app allows kids to explore with various brush sizes, colors, and shapes in order to create little pieces of art. The app comes with two modes. Drawing Mode is kind of a hands-off mode where your kids can go nuts and draw what they want. Coloring Mode is essentially a coloring book where your kids color in shapes and objects provided to them. It could be argued that apps like this don’t fall under the idea of baby games, but kids love to draw and it’s never a bad thing to let them be a little creative!

picsart kids best baby games for android

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