February 23, 2016
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best kids apps for android
As the platform matures, it seems that more and more parents are willing to give their kids tablets, let them play with smartphones, and allow them to engage with new technology in general. Of course, if you’re going to let your kids play with tech then they should probably have some apps to play with that are age appropriate. Let’s take a look at the best kids apps for android!

google play books best kids apps for androidAmazon Kindle or Google Play Books

[Price: Free (books cost extra)]
Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books are both great resources for picking up some reading material. Both have plenty of books intended for younger audiences for the choosing and they can provide hours of reading content for kids. That makes it great for long car rides or just sitting inside on a rainy day. Books are usually reasonably priced and you can find classic, out-of-copyright books like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for free on both services. Reading is always a good idea and these are two great apps to get it done. You can download Amazon Kindle by clicking here or Google Play Books using the button below.

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animals for kids best kids apps for androidAnimals for Kids

[Price: Free / $1.99]
Animals for Kids is a flashcard application that helps teach yours all kinds of animals. It’s a simple app and is intended for children aged one to four years old. Parents can play with kids and the flashcards will show the name of the animal, a picture of the animal, and then play the sound that they make. The app is also broken up into three types of animals for easier learning. It is ad-supported and ads aren’t always something you’d want to see in a kids app, but otherwise this is a great little app. There is also a paid version that has no advertising.

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animals for kids best kids apps for android

duolingo best kids apps for androidDuolingo

[Price: Free]
Duolingo was one of the best and most popular apps released a couple of years ago and it’s easy to see why. The app teaches people who to speak a new language. It’s known for its engaging and effective style of teaching which is to let people play mini-games until they understand the new language. The apps is both fun and educational and it’s also usable by both kids and adults so you can learn a new language right along with your kids. It’s also entirely free with no in-app purchases.

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endless alphabet best kids apps for androidEndless Alphabet

[Price: Free / $5.99]
Endless Alphabet is an interactive kids game that will help teach them their ABCs and then helps teach them how to read. The app comes with seven word puzzles for free and you can pay an optional $5.99 to get over 40 more word puzzles for your kids to play with. It focuses more on teaching rather than success so the game omits high scores, “game over” failure, or any arbitrary time limits. It’s just your kids and the word puzzle until they figure it out on their own, which is kind of nice. The developer, Originator Inc, has several more good apps for kids as well.

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duck duck moose best kids apps for androidDuck Duck Moose, Inc

[Price: $1.99 each]
Duck Duck Moose, Inc is actually a developer studio that specializes in kids games. They have a number of titles, including Moose Math, Build A Truck, Duck Duck Moose Reading, and Pet Bingo. Each app has its own variety of mechanics and subject matter to give your little clones something different to do. Each app costs $1.99 and has no in-app purchases or advertising which is a big plus. They’ve also received some fairly decent reviews. We’d recommend any of them, based on what kind of stuff your kids like.

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first words for baby best kids apps for androidFirst Words for Baby

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
First Words for Baby is a game that helps teach your children words. Despite the name, the app is actually good for children ages one through five and essentially helps them learn new vocabulary words. There are over 100 words to learn, complete with interactive games to help teach about those words, and it’s available in 15+ languages which is plus. It may be a bit too simple for some kids, but it gets frequent updates and most kids should be able to play it on their own.

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first words for baby best kids apps for android

intellijoy best kids apps for androidIntellijoy

[Price: Varies]
Intellijoy is another developer studio that specializes in apps for the little ones and there are a metric ton of apps to choose from. You’ll find apps for reading, counting, shapes, music, animals, puzzles, preschool, and a lot more. Most apps have good reviews and most of them are free. The ones that cost money don’t seem to cost more than $2.99 so even the paid ones are inexpensive. This is a great one stop shop for a ton of educational content for kids and they even have an all-in-one app that helps you browse the various games and apps.

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intellijoy best kids apps for android

Kids doodle best kids apps for androidKids Doodle

[Price: Free]
Kids Doodle is a drawing and coloring application that a lot of little ones should enjoy. It features neon style colors on a black background that is somewhat reminiscent of the old Light Brights we played with as kids. Children can draw and color whatever they want, save it for later, and even create slideshows with their drawings. It comes with 24 brushes including popular drawing options such as crayon. It’s entirely free with no in-app purchases which is a nice touch.

Get it now on Google Play!

kids doodle best kids apps for android

pbs kids video best kids apps for androidPBS Kids Video

[Price: Free]
PBS has always been known for having great children’s content and now there is an app where you can find a ton of it. You’ll find a number of kids shows including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Dinosaur Train, and plenty of others. The service seems to work very well and we had no trouble streaming video to our devices although we would recommend that parents help start the videos. This one also has Chromecast support so you can watch it on your TV and you can buy more shows if you want to.

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pbs kids video best kids apps for android

youtube kids best kids apps for androidYouTube Kids

[Price: Free]
YouTube Kids is an effort by Google to separate the kid friendly content on YouTube from the rest of it and then put that content in its own application. YouTube Kids is a good resource for parents and there are a ton of videos available for kids to watch. The app also comes with Chromecast support so you can watch it on TV. There are advertisements which may irk some parents, but it’s an overall positive experience with a lot of videos to watch that are both educational and entertaining.

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