9 of the best apps to get HD wallpapers for Android

by: Joe HindyJuly 5, 2012
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Finding the right wallpaper can be a very tedious task. There are millions of images on the internet in a variety of resolutions. In this list, we’ll show you some of the best apps that have some nice HD wallpapers for Android. Between all of these, you should be able to find that right wallpaper for you.

HD wallpapers for Android backgrounds hdBackgrounds HD

[Price: Free]
Backgrounds HD is one of the most popular on the list with over 30 million downloads. It’s been around since the days before HD screens and it still seems to be doing good today. It has Get it on Google Play5,000 unique wallpapers which doesn’t compare to many of these apps. However, people still seem to enjoy the app and it’s worth a try.
HD wallpapers for Android Backgrounds HD

HD Wallpapers for Android backgrounds hd wallpapersBackgrounds HD Wallpapers

[Price: Free]
Backgrounds HD Wallpapers has a few more in the selection with over 10,000 selections to date and they do add new backgrounds every day. It uses the Flickr API so you know where these images Get it on Google Playare coming from. It also boasts more categories than most so you can more easily filter your searches.
hd wallpapers for android backgrounds hd wallpapers

HD Wallpapers for Android Best Wallpapers HDBest Wallpapers HD

[Price: Free]
Best Wallpapers HD had a redesign not too long ago and with the new interface and 17,000 total HD wallpapers. As with most of these apps, you can set wallpapers or save them to your SD card for future use. This is an offshoot Get it on Google Playof Flikie Wallpapers (which we’ll discuss more momentarily) so if you want that experience in a more optimized interface, try this one.
HD Wallpapers for Android Best Wallpapers HD

Cool Wallpapers HD HD Wallpapers for AndroidCool Wallpapers HD

[Price: Free]
Cool Wallpapers HD has more customization features than most of the apps on the list. Aside from browsing, saving, and setting wallpapers, you can also edit wallpapers in this app. Get it on Google PlayIt has a fairly decent selection and most of the features you’d expect out of an HD wallpapers app.
Cool Wallpapers HD HD Wallpapers for Android

Flikie Wallpapers HD HD Wallpapers for AndroidFlikie Wallpapers HD

[Price: Free]
Like Best Wallpapers HD above, Flikie boasts a collection of over 17,000 HD wallpapers which they add to every day. They also boast over 30 categories Get it on Google Playto help you sort through them. It’s a very solid wallpaper app that’s on the rise.
Flikie Wallpapers HD HD Wallpapers for Android

HD Wallpapers for Android Great HD WallpapersGreat HD Wallpapers

[Price: Free]
Great HD Wallpapers is another very solid HD wallpapers app option. As with most of these you can sort, save, and set wallpapers. You can also search for specific colors to help match your themes and they Get it on Google Playadd wallpapers every day. They also boast support for larger screens like on tablets and the ability to crop wallpapers in various ways.
HD Wallpapers for Android Great HD Wallpapers

PicSpeed HD Wallpapers HD Wallpapers for AndroidPicSpeed HD Wallpapers

[Price: Free]
PicSpeed has the largest selection of wallpapers without any shadow of a doubt with over 500,000 images. It also comes Get it on Google Playwith a wallpaper editor, various ways to view, sort and refine searches, and they claim to add over 100 new wallpapers every day.
PicSpeed HD Wallpapers HD Wallpapers for Android

Wallpapers HD HD Wallpapers for AndroidWallpapers HD

[Price: Free]
Wallpapers HD is very popular with over 10 million downloads to date and, like many of these, add new wallpapers every day. Wallpapers HD also has all the features you’d Get it on Google Playexpect out of an HD wallpaper app. One of their more unique features is the Feeling Lucky button, which shows random wallpapers.
Wallpapers HD HD Wallpapers for Android

zedge hd wallpapers for AndroidZedge

[Price: Free]
Last on our list is Zedge and don’t let its position on the list fool you (it’s alphabetical anyway). It has an impressive 100,000 images that are uploaded by users and sources from a variety of places like Get it on Google PlaydevianART. It also has user-uploaded ringtones so if you’re looking for that also, you can kill two birds with one stone. This is one of the best ones out there.
zedge hd wallpapers for android

Wrap up

Finding the right wallpaper is a difficult task. There are hundreds of thousands of beautiful HD images out there and these apps can only show them to you. If you’re not having any luck with apps, you can always use things like Google Image Search. Simply search your phone’s resolution along with the “wallpaper” keyword to see some appropriately-sized images for your device. If there’s a great wallpaper app we missed, let us know in the comments so future readers can see it too!