Report: Android Lollipop experiences fewer app crashes than iOS 8

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 12, 2015

Android Lollipop with Google logo

Android 5.0 Lollipop may not feel like the most stable operating system Google has ever put out, though a new report seems to claim otherwise. According to data from mobile application performance management solution Crittercism, application crash rates are .2% lower on devices running Lollipop than devices running iOS 8.

According to the report, Android Lollipop’s app crash rate is at a mere 2%, while the app crash rate on iOS 8 is 2.2%. The data also shows that iOS 8 has a higher app crash rate than iOS 7, with only a 1.9% rate. When talking specifically of Android, Lollipop’s crash rate is significantly less than previous versions of Android. Apps on KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich both crash the same amount at 2.6%. Unfortunately, there was no information regarding the crash rates of devices running Jelly Bean.

This data seems to be proven true for previous iterations of each OS in the past. Back in 2012, we saw the same case. When comparing Android versus iOS apps crashing, Android versions 1.6 to 4.0.1 crashed significantly less than iOS versions 3.1.3 to 5.1.

No matter what side you’re on, a 2.2% or lower app crash rate is pretty good. Of course, a 0% rate would be best, but you likely won’t experience many crashes with either of these operating systems. Just remember, you might experience different results when comparing Lollipop and iOS 8 since all of this depends on which specific apps you’re using. Applications can crash for a number of different reasons: OS issues, device specific issues and many more.

Have you experienced any app crashes on your Lollipop or iOS 8 device? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • The Doom Master

    i dont think that possible since Android 5.0 has big memory issue..

    • Reed

      You don’t think its possible? It is possible. You just read about it. There’s research done to prove the above numbers. Several links for you to click through. Do you think Android Authority just fabricated those numbers for the lolz?

      Besides, the memory leak issue has nothing to do with force crashes. It just causes apps to need to be redrawn more frequently. Plus, right now a large percentage of people on lollipop are using custom ROMs, and most lollipop ROMs have the memory leak issue fixed already.

  • One reason might be that many Android devices don’t even have Android 5.0 Lollipop yet, I know my Huawei Ascend Mate 2 doesn’t.

    • cardenaso10

      uhm, there are definitely enough devices out there for a reasonable sample size…

    • Reed

      Thousands upon thousands have Lollipop.

      • Faiz Sheikh

        Where as millions upon millions have iOS 8 :)

        • j7981

          Where as billions upon billions have BlackBerry 10.3 ;)

        • Reed

          Gratz. Now your iphones are on parity with Android Froyo.

      • Chris

        thats a joke.

        • Reed

          No its actually not.

          Google it.

      • Jose Romero

        To be more accurate, a lot more than 16 million have Lollipop. I say a lot more than 16 million because my calculation is based on a 1.6% Lollipop install base in 2/2/14 and the 1 billion active Android users Google announced back at I/O 2014 in June.

        • Reed

          Absolutely. I knew it was in the millions, but I also foresaw some idiots not understanding that 2% of a billion is still far more than a few thousand and attempting to call me out. Thanks for that though. At least people have a better idea that lollipop adoption is not as small as some may think.

          • Jose Romero

            Yes, the numbers should also grow faster once Google gets all those bugs sorted out.

    • Jose Romero

      The findings are percentages so that doesn’t matter.

      • Chris

        the percentages are for the useage, like 2% adoption rate..

        • Jose Romero

          “The data is showing crash rates as percentages of a whole. In this case, the number of people who are using each OS doesn’t matter since they are using percentages. “

  • This is weird, since a research done by Crittercism as well, Kitkat was at 0.7% and iOS 7 at 1.6%. But here I read KitKat had a crash rate of 2.6% by the same Crittercism. Source

    • jay

      Dude chill. The report is obviously BS. It’s for entertainment.

      • Chris

        calm down kid

        • VAVA Mk2

          No one views you credible anymore based on your comments above. You should go.

    • Rondel

      There are different versions of both kitkat and lollipop, the first article u linked to was written in march 2014, at that time, the latest version of kitkat was 4.4.2, now, it’s 4.4.4, maybe that will explain the differences, same with lollipop, since it’s release in November, there have been two other updates

  • Tony B

    That says more about how terrible iOS 8 is…

    But the iSheep keep buying it…

    • creed

      I’m as big of an Android fan as they come, but this comment is just ingnorant.

      • Chris

        agreed. Makes me ashamed to be an android user when you have kids running their mouths like that

        • creed

          They’re both a great OS. For most people today, it’s a matter of which OS they are invested in. I’m not sure why people can’t understand that. They’re are many things that iOS does well. You don’t like apple, don’t buy apple. But the hatred is shameful.

      • RarestName

        And 23 people agreed with him…

        Yes, my avatar has toy sheep in it :P

      • Tony B

        Good for you…

        So replying to what you preceive as ignorance is something you do normally apparently…

        Whatever floats your boat…

        • mobilemann

          how else would you correct ignorance? sharing is caring.

      • Ching Chang

        I love creed. Best character in the office

    • jay

      A difference of .2. And the first time droid has a lower crash rate. Still BS obviously.

      Yeah thanks for proving android fans are less intelligent.

      • Jay Fails

        Actually, Android has been more stable than iOS for quite a few years.
        Here’s one from 2012

        Apple’s been making some improvements in stability, but they’re not there yet. iOS also lags more than Android now based on my experience.
        Apple products just aren’t premium anymore.

        • aceoyame

          It’s because Jobs is dead and Tim Cook doesn’t have that same passion of perfection.

      • Tony B

        Thanks for another useless reply…

        You’ll get a wrinkle in that brain one day…

    • Chris

      grow up kid

      • Tony B

        Mind yours clown…

    • Hung Solo

      Lol 2.0% vs 2.2%? Look out!…and do I even need to mention the fuzzy math surrounding the fact of how many iOS users vs sucker users? Or iOS has been out how long vs 2-3 months. Thank yu cum ughen!

      • Hung Solo

        Uh oh! replying to my own post.

        I can’t believe I fell for this click bait:~[ …Kudos Jimmy Westernberg (a-k-a trollhunter!)

      • Tony B

        Oh wow…that is so ama…zingly boring…


    • Say What?

      Tony Bigmouth, the biggest tSheep on Android Authority. Android is awesome but your comment is not.

      • Tony B


  • mustbepbs

    I call BS on that one. I’ve been using iOS 8 since launch and I’ve had way fewer problems with apps than I did with a week on Lollipop.

    • Reed

      Opposite for me. Could it be that *gasp* everyone’s setup is different and therefore a conclusive test that will yield perfect results across all users is impossible?

      IOS 8 crippled my iPhone 5 and I sold it. I have been using lollipop since launch and have only encountered problems with Runtastic and the new outlook app. No leak problems, no lag, nothing, on any of my devices.

      Does that mean I have the right to call bs on your post because my situation does not reflect yours?

      Use your brain.

      • Faiz Sheikh

        I don’t know what you mean by “crippled”. My iPhone 5 is working perfectly fine with iOS 8 where as I have had a lot more issues with lollipop. Maybe not many with crashes but with battery. My main driver is a OnePlus One but for me iOS is a lot more stable overall than KitKat or Lollipop.

        • Ryan

          Like he said everyone’s setup is different. Yours may be fine but his wasn’t. oneplus isn’t on Lollipop yet is it?

          • Faiz Sheikh

            I have lolipop on N5. It is more unstable than KitKat was on N5. This has been widely reported on many review sites as well. But I guess me trying to critisise Android on an Android dedicated site will never go well :’)

        • Rondel

          How can you compare ios8 with lollipop on OnePlus One, when the One does not have a stable release?

        • Reed

          Did… Did you even read my post? No way this is flying over your head, the sheer irony of this made me laugh.

          You don’t have my iPhone 5, therefore your experience and my experience aren’t the same.

    • James Theodore Retuya

      can’t you read? it says 2.2%. obviously you aren’t part of that. learn some comprehension.

    • jay

      The truth is hardly ever written.

      Anyone who believes this report is a moron.

      • Gator352

        It seems you and Chris are a good match for each other. LOVE is in the AIR!! If you two want to hook up at you’re favorite Wendy’s, go to a movie, and get a hotel room at the Super 8….my treat!

        • Chris

          Grow up

          • Gator352

            From your past posts and racial comments, it’s you that needs to grow up.

    • Chris

      ignore the android nerds. They get boners over material design.

      • Gator352

        Then why are you here troll. Why don’t you go to iMore (or some other iPhone site) and look at screens full of icons….it seems it will beset your I.Q.

        • Chris

          I like android but I’m not obsessed with it.

          • VAVA Mk2

            You like it enough to take time out of your day to troll on an Android blog.

    • Kira00

      Calm down Tuvok, is it that time of the decade again? Pon farr. Paris, throw me the hyperspray.

  • Jose Romero

    That’s impressive considering Apple has much tighter control of their OS.

    • crutchcorn

      Which makes me question – without the restrictiveness and passion/discipline that Jobs had and brought to iOS – will their enclosure contain the same benefits as before? Especially with Android improving so much

    • This is why Android crashes less, because they are forced to write code that is safer. Apple has a safety net, and once that comes away, its easy to crash it.

    • ConStarz

      iOS, as with all Apple OS is suffering from core rot. Each new iteration is getting worse as far as bugs and usability issues are concerned. Each time features are added, they are added on an already unstable base. The Core Foundation of OSX and iOS is becoming horribly disorganized.

      • aceoyame

        Hah, yet more SMB problems. Lion broke SMB pretty good in our environment too when that came out.

        • mobilemann

          you couldn’t be more right there. it’s when they left samba. (or that could have been 10.8)

      • mobilemann

        SMB is twice as good (see transfer rates) and actually, it works far better (it’s also the standard now, used to be afp in mavericks).

        I think it’s just older apps that haven’t been updated. I don’t remember the last time i had an app crash (even safari post 8.1.2) Both OS’s keep getting better and better. I’m just glad lollipop is now an option for me thanks to rov, although almost no modules are updated.

        then again, expecting people to speak truthfully about things they actually know about here (ha) is long since forgotten to me.

      • Aaron Taggart

        “iOS, as with all Apple OS is suffering from core rot.” – Pun intended?

  • Reed

    I think the only actual bug ive encountered on lollipop is the recents menu occasionally hanging. And that was back on 5.0.1. Haven’t had that on 5.0.2. Besides runtastic and the new outlook app, I’ve had no problems with the OS. But that’s just my experience.

    Now, on the whole, throughout all my time with Android, I’ve honestly had way way way way less force crashes then on iOS. I used to have apps, even stock apps, close all the time on my i5. I’ll never forget when my girlfriend got her new i5s and we went to DC for some fun, and her messages app kept force closing. They eventually fixed it, but it took forever. Never had issues like that with android. Its always felt more stable.

  • Sandeep Sandy

    ANDROID is best

    • Chris

      nice spam you did there…

      • Huhster


  • Alphaex

    Given that the current adoption percentage of Lollipop is exceptionally low and iOS 8 adoption is much higher, this comparison is utter BS. Of course Lollipop will have a lower percentage because there’s less than 2% adoption rate. Just completely useless comparison.

    • jay

      Anyone who believes this report is a complete moron.

      • MasterMuffin

        Anyone who believes a report that’s againts whay you believe is truth (based on no facts) is a moron? K.

        Also to your other comment, no this isn’t first time Android has had a lower crash rate and no, one stupid idiot comment doesn’t mean that Android users are less intelligent.

        A lot if trolls here I see

    • Jose Romero

      It’s not. The study is based on percentage of a whole.

      • Chris

        whole meaning 2% adoption rate….

        • Jose Romero

          You obviously don’t know how percentages work.

          • Chris

            I do kid. Now run along….

          • Jose Romero

            In an argument, when people don’t have good arguments, they resort to insults, and that is exactly what you are doing.

            And no, you do not know how percentages work, considering your responses.

            The data is showing crash rates as percentages of a whole. In this case, the number of people who are using each OS doesn’t matter since they are using percentages. Now, run along.

          • Chris

            It does matter otherwise it wouldn’t have been brought up.

            Android is not designed for kids Jose. Let alone for Mexicans. Now run along.

          • Jose Romero

            You reply like that in a debate and you call me a kid? You are being utterly idiotic. You have nothing else to show so you are resorting to insults. This argument is over. I said the OS install base doesn’t matter since percentages are being used, not that it doesn’t matter to discuss it and you know this.

          • Chris

            Tring to act like a grown up isn’t impressing anyone. Plus given I’m a lot older then you I say it’s over when it’s over….

          • Jose Romero

            You’re pathetic. Speak for yourseld. And you keep ignoring the content of my comments and failling to counterattack my argument I have the right to end this debate since I have presented my argument and you have not counterattacked it.

          • MasterMuffin

            He put the troll mode on :d

          • adam fisher

            Its funny, both you and jose are EXTREAMLY active and intelligent members of the community, he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about either

          • MasterMuffin

            I see what you did there. I like it ;D

          • Jose Romero

            Who do you mean by he?

          • Reed

            The moment someone claims they’re older then you on the internet, well… Just laugh. It means he’s either 9 or he’s a man child with a serious developmental disorder.

          • eJim

            Racist prick

          • Reed

            Congrats. You are officially the worst commenter on the entire website for the day. Your sheer lack of understanding for basic math, a wonderful display of racism, and a complete lack of understanding in regards to how Android works has completely and utterly destroyed your credibility. No one here takes you seriously, and no one who reads this ever will. You have by far just managed to make yourself look so unintellectual and ignorant that it has slightly brought down the perception of the entire Android fanbase just ever so slightly.

            Congratulations. You worked hard to get where you are today.

          • Huhster

            Racist POS.

          • VAVA Mk2

            He does it all the time on other blogs.

          • Huhster

            No Chris – you really don’t understand how statistics and sampling works, sorry back to school son…..

          • VAVA Mk2

            He is correct.

    • Huhster

      Somebody doesn’t understand statistics!

  • Topias Olavi Salakka

    Butthurt Apple users in 3, 2, 1…

  • Austin Ferguson

    but we concluded this based on 2% of devices running this according to the last android numbers? what will this look like once 20+% of devices start supporting 5.0. In my experience, lollipop is damn stable, But I’ve had my share of force closes and apps crashing.. kinda questionable. Not really sticking up for apple because nothing is perfect…

  • Karly Johnston

    Safari has been crashing like crazy since the last update, bout to sell this 5S to buy Zenfone 2. i wuz gonna keep it for an iPod Touch but i don’t even want it now.

  • Mark Rich

    “fewer app crashes” not “less app crashes”. Experiences is plural.

  • StevenG

    My 2012 Nexus 7 has become so much slower and more unreliable since it updated to Lollipop.

    • Kieran Warren

      I think this was a common symptom. The recommended course of action was a factory reset to bring performance back.

  • Android Developer

    When searching for comparison of IOS vs Android crashes, I’ve found this ( ) :
    Android 4.0-4.4 : 0.7%
    Android 2.3 : 1.7%
    IOS 7: 1.6%
    IOS 6 :2.5%

    How could the numbers be so far from what I see on this article (which is based on the same company : Crittercism ) ? Those are the numbers of the article:
    Android 5 : 2%
    Android 4.4,4.0 : 2.6%
    IOS 8 : 2.2%
    IO 7 : 1.9%

    Where is the official source of this data?

    BTW, even on old versions of Android, there was a slight advantage to Android over IOS ( , again, based on Crittercism reports ) :
    Android 2.3-4.1.2 : 1.76%
    IOS 4-6 : 1.98%

  • Huhster

    Why does it not feel stable? I’m using an alpha of CM12 and it is rock solid.

  • Telveer

    Very impressive show by Android considering the wide variety of hardware and its open nature. Apple should have close to zero crashes because it makes the OS, the hardware and has a tight control on apps through it’s app store

  • abazigal

    As an iPhone user, I do have to concede that iOS 8 does feel buggier than iOS 7. Once in a while, I do spy my iPhone suddenly rebooting on its own. Or the battery will drain rapidly for no apparent reason. Or the whole OS will just freeze and stop responding for a while.

    iOS 6 wasn’t perfect, but definitely more stable. I could count the number of problems I had with the OS on one hand.

    I will still continue using an iPhone though. :)

  • flye

    How do they measure crashes??? Does the phone send any data in the event after rebooting??

  • ReggieBags

    I can’t use most of my apps since upgrading to 5.0 They rely on network resources and I can’t keep my tablet connected to my access point.

  • Abdulla

    Guys come on, how do we can even know if that is true or not!! Be relastic. BTW the study was for all ios devices which support ios8 including (iphone 4s which has had produced in 2011). On the other hand the lollipop is only running on the latest flagships till now, so we cannot judge on the stability of both systems untill older phones get the lollipop. Then we can take the comparsion seriously. Full stop.

  • John David

    Using both phones with heavy usage of same apps.
    ios has crashed twice, android has gone slow once needing a reboot, but no crash yet.

  • blanco112

    Lollipop made my Nexus 7 so unusable I went and bought an iPad mini and no sign of lollipop on my Galaxy S4. This data is useless compared to my actual real world experiences.

  • IToldYouSoAlready

    When I had my last iPhone it used to crash occasionally, then my Sony Xperia would crash even less, but it did slow down and I had to reboot it every four of five days. My 930 Lumia has only ever crashed once in the five months I’ve owned it.
    But the difference between iOS and Android is so tiny I don’t think anybody would notice the 0.2% in real life use.

  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    Big deal!! Until Google fix the memory leak in Lollipop and cut down that lag further, both OSs are dead to me.

  • SaRPeR

    On my phone something called Container Agent 2 keeps crashing and i don’t even know what it is but it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

  • vip-att
  • Sirgef

    Never has any problem with KitKat…lollipop is useless on nexus 7..totally destroyed it

  • Çıtlık

    upto Mavericks everything was good but Yosemite drove me crazy I gave up Mac because of its horrible bugs

  • Tom

    The sheep pay all that money for outdated specs from 2011, and there magical ios crashes twice as much as Android! A sheep will do whats it always done! that is stand inline for the next app crashing pile of dog doo thats overpriced