Android 5.0.1 Lollipop leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S4

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 19, 2015

galaxy s4 vs optimus g pro aa s4 front

Android Lollipop may have only recently begun rolling out for some Galaxy S5 owners, but Samsung also appears to be pretty far along readying Lollipop 5.0.1 for its slightly older Galaxy S4, as a working leaked build has appeared online.

The translated source doesn’t give away any specific information about where the file came from. However, those who have tested the file suggest that the firmware is official and that all of the important parts for a daily driver are working fine. WiFi, network data, NFC, Bluetooth and all the sensors appear to be working correctly. Although, some of the system messages appear to be in Chinese, as this is where the source originates from. That being said, small bugs may still appear as this is unlikely to be Samsung’s final build before release.

The file will apparently flash on several versions of the Galaxy S4, including the GT-I9500, GT-I9502, GT-I9508, and the GT-I9508v. However, it does not work with the GT-I9505, which is powered by a Snapdragon 600.

Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S4

If you fancy testing it out, make sure to perform a backup first, as data is wiped and you never know what may go wrong. You can grab the download to flash with ODIN from the XDA forum. Be sure to read through the topic for extra instructions, as installing a recovery and gapps is a bit of a hassle just to grab some official firmware a little early. The polished nature of this leak suggests that Samsung may be close to pushing out an official version in the not too distant future anyway. Previous reports had suggested early 2015, so it may just be worth waiting.

Let us know your thoughts if you test out Lollipop on your Galaxy S4.

  • 99Bastiboy99

    Why not for my gt-i9505? :/

    • cheif

      Because its snapdragon and not enyox

  • Anonymousfella

    Good move Samsung!

    • Mike Bastable

      the leaking or the delay?

  • Henshishadow

    And for the galaxy s4 mini?

  • Mostafa Mohamed

    I have s4 but i 9505 they will get new version for me,?

  • Gökalp Türk

    What about the i9506 ? with snapdragon 800

    • Ivaylo Stoyanov

      This firmware won’t work for i9506. Just wait patiently.

  • Paweł Pszemek Kowalewski

    I’m waiting for update to 5.0.1 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 SM-G357FZ! :/

    • George Ionescu

      Keep waiting :)

      • Cicero

        I’m waiting for Lollipop on Galaxy S Advance. LOL

        • George Ionescu

          Hey! That’s my old phone!

          • Cicero

            Yes it was a good phone at it’s time. I bought it for my little daughter. Ro ca tine.

          • Costi

            Si eu astept update pentru Galaxy Gio :))

  • Youil Aushana

    Google’s entire future is looking grim with all this fragmentation delay. Snapdragon needs to step up their 20nm SoC tech!

    • mad876

      I don’t think there is anything much Google can do unless they state that all manufacturers install vanilla android only. Buy a Motorola or Nexus if you want fast updates. This happens only because Samsung and other manufacturers simply won’t let go of their interfaces.

      • Potato

        Motorola devices also got massive delays in the update. Plus I had to manually install 5.0 on my N7.

        • mad876

          The persons who care will manually update it, the average consumer won’t even know whether they are using lollipop or kitkat and likely won’t care. Motorola is still the fastest of the manufacturers and as said before, by a Nexus if you want to have the updates the quickest.

  • iAm

    Thanks for the news. Mine is GT-I9505. Darn you Samsung

    • Reda Azzi

      Mine too :( im so dissapointed

      • Costi

        Me too :(

  • Stefan Repic

    When will lollipop come to samsung galaxy alpha?

  • Lashek powell

    What about note4 ????? Come on Sammy this is the reason I bought note4 !

    • David

      Me too I am so annoyed.. Have the latest flagship device.. Should have LP first

      • abed

        yeah but the NOTE 4 has much more features…so all of its features need to be optimized for lollipop…so naturally it takes time…

    • James Theodore Retuya

      Just wait. It’s going to come. Hopefully by the end of this month.

    • William King

      Sooooooooooo, did it come?

  • johnpaul

    Does anybody knows when will be the official date release for Galaxy S4?

  • Sir Smalzz

    I’m using the ROM and it’s crazy how Lollipop and TW goes together! It’s a silky smooth UX for me, obviously there are one or two bugs lying around but this is definitely very close to being an official firmware. Whoever said TW and Material Design don’t go together was lying. The shade of colours that Samsung used for the system apps are cool. Just wished the tabs were swipe enabled though.

  • Soryuu

    This comments section kind of turned into a comments section on Sammobile…

  • Still ugly as TouchWiz! :P

  • ali malik

    please dont download this firmware!!!
    i just installed this shit and there is no playstore no google apps….and i cant even downgrade it….whenever i try to downgrade always failed…….please help

  • tei

    when is the update(Android OS 5.0) day of SGH-I337M?

  • SammyFan

    Looks like it will take 2-3 more months before the update. Wishing it to bug-free when released.

  • Joan J. Castro

    for sgh m919 with snapdragon 600 too
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T
    Quad core, 1900 MHz, Krait 300

    going to work?

    • Brandon Hague

      No, it doesn’t work with the i9505 (snapdragon 600 version)

  • Salman

    what about Samsung galaxy s4 Sgh-i337? android 5.0 will work on it?

  • David Hassel Mallari Flores

    Please do for gti9505

  • Alexander Davydenko


  • Who would be so stupid ad to install an OS on a device they use with financi and personal data. You’d have to be mental!

  • John

    Ive waited so long for this kind of post only to read my model doesn’t like it. damn i9505

  • LA Wilson

    That’s stupid. Most people I know have the I9505, including myself.

  • Lil

    So will the real one made by samsung ever come out? If so when?

  • RustyShackelford

    I guess official support for Ultra Power Saving Mode is just not going to happen

  • mkevin

    Great I got a GT-I9505 :(

    • OnpointG3

      Fix it

    • pedo

      Me too… i’m waiting lollipop update, but… i think i don’t get it :/

  • Nikunj Dutia

    Hey any news about lollipop update for S4 mini.

  • Brandon Hague

    For anyone who’s installed this, does it get rid of the Quick Glance notifications feature and any other S4 TouchWiz exclusive features? Because that’d be pretty disappointing.

  • hunter

    Does anyone know if the update will roll out for the SGH-M919 model? I’d like a reply if anyone knows as I am really eager to get this lollipop update on my phone. Thanks.

  • OnpointG3

    Well I’m using my Note 3 obviously with the latest OS. My question to most of you here, why not do a bit of research and root the device? Please don’t reply with I shouldn’t have too or I’m scared. Learn about what you’re using daily, you’ll be surprise the benefits of saving each ROM and trying out new ones. It brings a level of freshness to your expensive toy, I say all that just to really let y’all know it is not as hard as you might think it is. OK…..bye now

  • Mussab Alhsona

    This system does not support Google apps do not work it

  • doni

    i cant downgrade to 4.4.2 please HELP

  • n1k0l4

    I don’t get it now :S What about Galaxy s4 I9505 at the end? :@

  • Martin Bukovec

    Will S4 have Ultra Power saving mode?

  • Kurlee

    Yay, got the new update on my S4, without warning… But the AT&T Wi-Fi app stops working, so does my BuzzLauncher, and so does Google Play! Umm, so why is this a good thing again?

  • Ember Upton

    DONT DO IT!!!
    it honestly looks like a 7 year old got a hold of my phone and took over its a piece of shit i wish i backed up my phone before updating !

  • Giannis Petsas

    i want ultra power saving but i dont have it :(