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Affiliate links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more. wants to save you wasted time on your Android phone is a self-proclaimed 'Recurrent Neural Network' platform which aims to help people save wasted time on their phones by automating various processes.

Published onMarch 17, 2017

When we use our phones, there are a number of clunky processes that can waste many precious minutes of our time. Whether it be copying address links to paste into Uber, staring at your home screen and contemplating what app you wanted to use, or any other small iterative process, some things are just not as seamless as they could be. A more seamless and automated experience is what almost every Silicon Valley company has attempted to produce over the last number of years, but a new company self-proclaimed as thinks they can eliminate wasted time on your mobile device better than anyone else using a technology they like to call a ‘Recurrent Neural Network’.

What this network does is index the actions you take on your device, and works to predict what you are planning on doing next, based on what you are currently doing or even on how you are feeling at the moment. The company says it wants to use embedded deep links to automate your processes that would normally take a number of actions, and can make almost everything you do on your device that much more seamless and integrated.

AI and AR - is this the future of mobile?

The company has gone through multiple iterations of actually expressing this neural network. It started with dedicated apps that took information about your usage process while providing a service in return, and eventually created an Android launcher to help express the benefits of the technology. One of the early apps logged what you were doing and in return restricted access to certain apps at various selected times, which was useful for those looking to stay productive while helping the AI to learn what people do and in what order, which eventually transformed into an Android launcher that had the neural network built in, and would ask users how they were feeling in order to show suggested apps. While this was never actually released to the Google Play store, the company is primarily attempting to build their AI into a usable demo that can get investors interested in what the company can do with the information they collect.

Above: Various iterations of the launcher

The company is showing off the technology at the Y Combinator Demo Day next week, where is will compete against over 100 different startups to grab the attention of investors in the marketplace. It isn’t sure exactly where the final home of the technology will reside, whether it be in an Android launcher or a whole separate fork of Android all together, but they are quite confident that they will find an investor interested in their technology.

Whatever the final destination of the neural network tech, it will certainly be interesting to see how it works itself into the public eye.

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