It looks like Xiaomi wants to be the top dog in India. In a recent interview with The Economic Times, Xiaomi India head Manu Jain said that the company’s goal is to become the biggest smartphone manufacturer in terms of sales in India within the next 3 to 5 years.

In order to achieve its goal, the Chinese manufacturer will have to ramp up production in the country. Xiaomi already has a manufacturing plant set up in India, which is located in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh but plans on opening more. Manu Jain mentioned that Xiaomi wants to open one or maybe even two factories that will allow the company to double or triple its production capacity.

Additionally, Xiaomi has high hopes for its Redmi Note 4 smartphone, that started selling in India a couple of weeks ago. The company wants to sell 7 million units this year. For comparison, its predecessor, the Redmi Note 3, is currently the best selling online smartphone in the country with sales of 3.6 million units in just 10 months. The Redmi Note 4 has proven to be quite popular among consumers so far, as Xiaomi managed to sell 250,000 units in just 10 minutes during its first flash sale in India.

India is a very important market for smartphone manufacturers. In the last three years, smartphone sales have tripled in the country to 120 million in 2016. The market will continue to grow and is expected to double in size in terms of sales by the year 2020.

Xiaomi has been doing well in India. Last year, it doubled its smartphone sales and for the first time generated more than $1 billion in revenue. Despite its success, not everyone is happy with the company and its products. As already reported, some users have been complaining about poor after-sales support and lack of spare parts, among other things.

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