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You told us: You're happy to give up wireless charging on one condition

It seems most people find wireless charging pointless.

Published onFebruary 20, 2023

HONOR Magic 4 Pro wireless charging dock
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

A few days back, OnePlus launched the Oneplus 11 with 80W fast wired charging. Being a flagship device, one would have expected the phone to carry wireless charging support too. However, it skipped the feature, and the company explained users won’t really miss it because the wired solution is fast enough. So we asked our readers if they are okay giving up on wireless charging if their phones support fast wired charging speeds, even though the former offers more flexibility. Here’s how they voted in our poll.

Can you sacrifice wireless charging on a flagship if it has fast wired charging?


We received over 1,700 votes in our poll, and it seems most of our readers are okay giving up wireless charging on flagship phones if they support ultra fast wired charging speeds.

69% of the respondents said that they would give up wireless charging on a premium phone if it charges fast tethered to a wire. Meanwhile, 31% said they still think flagship phones should support wireless charging.

Your comments

Shizuma: Absolutely, wireless charging is terrible, it’s slow, far more finicky to line up correctly vs plugging in a USB-C cable, realistically can’t actively be charged while being used, and it’s completely wasteful on electricity due to extremely poor efficiency of only 60%. I’d rather them ditch the crappy tech and give us back metal back phones that are actually durable, instead of fragile glass on the back.

Chris Werner Rau: Wireless charging is inefficient, not convenient to use and you can’t use your phone while charging. There’s basically not a single pro argument for it.

B!: Pro argument – you set your phone on the wireless charger when you go to bed & wake up with your phone fully charged. As long as the user knows how to use the wireless charger correctly, it’s more convenient than finding a wire to plug in at night & remove in the morning. The main problem with wireless chargers is user error.

Beardednomad: That depends on which brand you use. Brands like Xiaomi have wireless charging that is faster than Google/Apple/Samsung’s wired charging. Metal has its pros and cons just like any other material, it’s far from a perfect material. Metal phones were known to warp, bend, dent and in some cases even crack. They are also terrible for reception, nearly every metal phone had some plastic bits just so you could get a wifi/bluetooth/LTE signal.

deltatux: I think most of the outrage about lack of wireless charging are from techtubers who got really comfortable with wireless charging. Personally, never invested in the tech and don’t know many who use wireless charging. Having the option to wirelessly charge is nice but not a dealbreaker by any means. One thing I do agree with the techtubers is the inconsistency with OnePlus, why are they sometimes including it in some flagship releases and then cutting it out in later versions.

Andrew: I don’t want to sacrifice wireless charging on my phone, because I sometimes use the reverse wireless charging feature to charge my smartwatch and my headphones. It’s quite useful if they run out of battery and need a quick top up. It doesn’t save the phone manufacturers that much money anyways, and if they needed the extra space they could always just make the phone thicker and get rid of the camera bump. To me that extra space is wasted anyways as I want phones that sit flat on the table and don’t wobble around, so that extra space is taken up by the case.

Tiuri Elvander: I mostly use wireless charging in the car and I don’t want to do without it. It’s too convenient not having to fiddle with cables, just put the phone in the charging mount and that’s it.

Commander Everest: I’ve never used wireless charging and I don’t know anyone who does. It’s obscure and pointless. You have to plug in a wireless charger just like you would a wall charger. Why would you intentionally pick the inferior charging device?

JWB: My phone doesn’t have wiresless charging, but I have two sets of Jabra buds that do. I’ve used the wireless charger function maybe twice in the year I’ve had them. Until wireless charging catches up with the plug version I’m unlikely to use it. It feels a waste of a function, I don’t understand why I’d use it above a wire when it’s so slow. If it’s because I have multiple devices all using every single port and plug I have to offer, wireless from my experience, require their own plug. Use it for more than one device and the slow speed for charging will run even slower. Like I said, I don’t see the point. It’s a pointless gimmick that requires more work before it can be used as a selling point.

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