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The Walking Dead: Our World tips and tricks - The ultimate survival guide

Survive the zombie (sorry, walker) apocalypse with these tips and tricks for Next Games' location-based mobile game.

Published onFebruary 17, 2019

The end is nigh! The zombie (sorry, walker) apocalypse is upon us in The Walking Dead: Our World, the latest mobile game to hit the Google Play Store based on AMC’s hit TV series.

In a change from other Walking Dead games on Android, Our World drops players into a post-apocalyptic reimagining of the real world with location-based gameplay inspired by Pokémon Go. Instead of collecting cute critters, you’ll hack and shoot walkers with an armory of weapons, rescuing surVivors and recruiting heroes, including a few fan favorites from the long-running series.

In this guide, you’ll find some essential tips and tricks to you fight back against the hordes of shambling undead.

Understanding the map

If you’ve ever played Pokémon Go or Jurassic World Alive, you might feel a little disoriented by Our World’s approach to augmented reality. The map may look familiar, but the card-based gameplay loop is totally different. In fact, you can actually play Our World without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

In The Walking Dead: Our World you complete missions (either solo or as a group — more on that later), level up, and collect and upgrade weapon, hero, and perk cards to take on tougher challenges.

To do this, you’ll need to clear out groups of walkers by tapping on any of the signpost icons dotted around the map within your local area. These tasks will respawn over time because — any zombie apocalypse expert will know, the undead never, ever stop coming.

Completing any of these tasks will drain your energy meter, shown in the top left of the screen. Your energy refills over time, but if you need a quick boost you can either buy more energy with gold (the game’s premium currency) or get free energy by looting supply crates that are dotted around the map.

There are only a handful of task types at first, with more — such as raider battles — unlocking as you level up. The main tasks you’ll be completing are encounters, rescue missions, and infestations, with the difficulty level indicated by the number next to the icon.

Infestations is the main source for new cards, upgrades, and experience for quite some time. Here, you have to clear out a location of all walkers three times in a row. Once completed, infestations will then reset after eight hours in real time.

As for the other two tasks, encounters are quick “clear out all the walkers” missions with relatively meager rewards. Rescue missions are a little more useful, but first, you’ll need to understand how buildings work in The Walking Dead: Our World.

How buildings work

When you complete a rescue mission you’ll be joined temporarily by a surVivor who will stay with you until you drop them off at a safe house. You can only hold three surVivors at any one time to start, but once you have the Dale’s RV perk the total number can increase.

Finding a safe location for the surVivors isn’t so simple, however, as the buildings in Our World are all user-generated.

There are four building type in Our World, each of which rewards you with coins for upgrading cards and different card types when delivering surVivors. Here are the types, building costs, and the rewards:

  • Armory (10 Armory tokens) – weapon cards
  • Shelter (10 Shelter tokens) – hero cards
  • Trading Post (10 Trading tokens) – coins
  • Warehouse (10 Warehouse tokens) – perk cards

Once you’ve collected the necessary tokens (infestations are a good source), you can place a building anywhere on the map. You probably won’t have room to build all four types in one spot, however, as they can’t overlap, so choose wisely based on what cards you need.

Don’t expect to be wowed by the rewards to start with. You’ll need to upgrade buildings to get better and rarer cards. This is achieved by simply dropping off a select number of surVivors. Each new level requires more surVivors to keep upgrading the building.

Upgrading a building will also reset a 10 day timer that will cause the building’s defenses to fall when it runs out, destroying the building completely and eradicating all of your hard work. Keep an eye on the buildings. If need be, you can always spend gold to keep the building going if you’re nowhere close to the next level.

You should start construction in a busy area where other players can contribute to the building level. The person who initially places the building is permanently set as the founder and will receive increased coin rewards for each new level. Likewise, the leader is the player who has dropped off the most surVivors and will also get bonus coins.

The Walking Dead: Our World Card types, how to get Epic and Legendary cards

The three card types in The Walking Dead: Our World are fairly self-explanatory. The weapon cards represent the wealth of guns you can use to mow down walkers. Hero cards bring companions into battle with you. Perks are incredibly useful passive storage cap and stat increases.

Cards come in common (white), rare (blue), epic (purple), or legendary (gold) rarities. Rarity grades are pre set, so you can’t turn a rare card into an epic card.

The differences between weapon and perk card rarities is fairly obvious, but it’s worth noting that many of the game’s hero characters come in multiple rarities too. There are currently two versions of both the series’ main protagonist Rick Grimes (epic and legendary) and the crossbow-toting Daryl Dixon (rare and legendary).

While the rarer cards will always be far more powerful, you can upgrade the stats of any card as long as you have enough points by spending coins. In the image below you can see the rare Michonne card I have currently at level five and that I currently have 8/50 extra cards. Once I’ve collected another 42 rare Michonne cards, I can spend coins to upgrade everyone’s favorite katana-wielding zombie hunter to the next level.

You might have also noticed the talents and strengths sections below the general stats. These are available for both weapon and hero cards. Talents are unlocked via one-time-use talent cards and offer permanent buffs. Strengths are innate abilities that make a weapon or hero stronger against certain types of walker or raider. Picking the right weapon or hero becomes a lot more important at higher levels as you mix and match to give yourself an advantage.

Don’t just splurge all of your coins on low rarity cards unless you really need to. It might be annoying to see that red number and all of the green arrows hovering over each card when you have enough to upgrade, say, common hero Kate Nguyen, but you’ll want to save your coins for upgrading better cards. You should also always focus on upgrading your perk cards first. These let you carry more crucial resources.

Epic and legendary cards are technically available from pretty much any task in the game, but the drop rates are minuscule. The most reliable way, however, will take a fair bit of work — and teamwork.

Why you should join a Group

Being part of a group is essential in The Walking Dead: Our World if you want to get your hands on those legendary cards.

Groups can hold up to 25 players and you can join any open group from the social menu, or join a specific group using the search bar. To join a locked group you’ll need to wait for approval by that group’s leader.

The main advantage of being in a group, aside from the camaraderie in the chat, is completing challenges. These challenges come in batches of 25 per board, with each individual challenge presenting a collaborative target for the whole group. All players can then claim the rewards any completed challenges.

To get the best rewards, you’ll need to reach higher tiers, where things get more complicated.

Each week the game presents groups with three challenge boards to complete one after the other. Once all 25 individual challenges are completed, you’ll move on to the next board. If your group completes all three boards before the weekly reset, you will progress to the next rarity tier. The higher the tier, the better the rewards.

The key is to use the chat (or another chat app like Discord or Line) to work out strategies. If only one person has a specific card required for a certain challenge, it should be their main priority.

You can also help out fellow group members with flares. These consumable items effectively act as a summon point for all group members so they can hop straight to your current location without actually moving anywhere in the real world. Flares last for an hour, so make sure your group has members online before firing one off.

Getting all the way to champion and ultimate tiers will take a ridiculous amount of time and commitment (and potentially financial investment) from every group member, so don’t worry if you can’t make it all the way to the top. Your main target is tier 7 (gold 1), the first set of boards tho guarantees single legendary card.

If you don’t complete at least two of the three boards, your group will be demoted to a lower tier.

Walker types, how to play

By now you should have a good grasp of how to level up and power up your cards, but what about the actual gameplay?

Our World’s first-person shootouts are a simple case of tapping on the walkers to make them disappear in a haze of bullets. As with any zombie game, you should aim for the head for maximum damage, although you can afford to be a little less accurate with high power guns like shotguns and auto rifles.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to throw out a grenade or two to thin out a larger pack of flesh eaters. You can top up these limited resources via supply crates and upgrade the amount you can carry and their overall damage with select perks.

You’ll mostly be gunning down regular, fairly weak undead, but there are three special varieties (as of the last update) which require a bit of smart thinking.

Slim walkers are more mobile than your standard zombie and will quickly attack you, your companions, or any surVivors. They also have far less health, so a well-aimed headshot should do the trick.

You’ll also come across walkers in riot gear. These armored foes take a few more shots to down but are otherwise identical to your average walker. Finally, there’s the Heavy — a big, chunky walker that can swallow a whole clip, but moves at a snail’s pace. Keep an eye on these chubbies and drop them before they get too close to your allies.

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Do you have tips and tricks to share with other surVivors? Then be sure to share them in the comments!

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