Verizon might have one of the better customer support staff among U.S. carriers, but that does not mean there isn’t any room for improvement. As such, Big Red wants to cater to those who do not like talking over the phone through its Fios chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

According to the announcement, you can use the Fios chatbot to search for stuff to watch, add channels to your existing package, and manage your DVR. You can even ask the chatbot to test the connection, since it also works for your Fios internet service.

Since you need to use your Fios credentials to use the chatbot, it can take you to your Fios Mobile app if the chatbot recommends something you want to watch at that time. Other features of the Fios chatbot include the ability to ask for when a specific show is on, look for content based on an actor’s name, and having it suggest stuff you might be interested in watching.

For the time being, the Fios chatbot is primarily focused on entertainment content – it is currently in testing with a group of customers in open beta. Down the line, the Fios chatbot will allow for video on demand ordering, tech support, and more.

Verizon’s Fios chatbot might not be a new concept, but for a company that has one of the better customer support services around, it represents an opportunity to double down on that top position. Fios customers can give the chatbot a whirl on Facebook Messenger right now.

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