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We asked, you told us: You're somewhat split over using Google One VPN

Google One's VPN has its fans, but there are also plenty of people who use alternatives or don't use VPNs at all.

Published onJune 12, 2023

VPN by Google One on Pixel 7 Pro stock photo 3
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Google launched a VPN service for select Google One users back in 2020 but decided to expand the feature to all subscribers earlier this year.

The service isn’t quite as full-featured as the best VPNs on the market, and colleague C Scott Brown noted his disappointment in a recent opinion piece. Nevertheless, we wanted to know whether you used the Google One VPN, and here’s what you told us in a poll.

Do you use Google One’s VPN?


This was a mega-popular poll, with over 7,300 votes tallied as of writing. All four choices got plenty of picks, but there was one winner. Almost a third of all respondents (33.2%) said they used the Google One VPN “very often.” We’re guessing that these users are happy with a no-frills VPN for use on public Wi-Fi and for other privacy-related reasons.

Meanwhile, 26.5% of surveyed readers said they use another VPN service. This is understandable as Google’s service doesn’t offer any location-based options to circumvent geo-restricted content, for one.

Almost 21% of respondents said they “rarely” used Google One VPN, rounding out the top three. Finally, 19.5% of polled readers said they simply didn’t use a VPN service.


  • Perth: I use the Google One benefit/VPN exclusively on my devices. Zero speed issues, few disconnects, and no issue with geo location. If use VPN for breaking geo blockers, then it is true, Google One VPN isn’t for you.
  • Lex1020: VPNs are nearly worthless in today’s day and age and certainly aren’t “essential” as you claim. There are still loads of ways you’re being tracked even with a VPN on.
  • uz.hou.tx: 👍🏽 No issues using Google One’s VPN on the Pixel 7.
  • Enrique Romero: If someone wanted just a VPN, why would they buy a combo like Google One anyway. Just get what you need. It seems most are looking to add storage to their account and this is another perk. I’d personally like to see a discount on YouTube TV and YouTube premium instead.
  • Chanan Bos: I used to pay for a VPN and it’s nice to get around country limitations on occasion for some articles. Nowadays I use a combination of Google One VPN becuase it comes for free with my 1TB Google Drive package as well as the OpenVPN I set up on my home router (which is free). Google VPN for secure public wifi in a pinch (rarely needed). OpenVPN to have same language experience online as at home (when in vacation) or connect to some local devices on my home network when away. Anyways with EU mobile internet and eSIMs outside EU, mobile internet in most cases is preferable and so I rarely need my VPNs.

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