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How to update OnePlus Buds without a OnePlus phone

OnePlus is really overcomplicating things, but at least there's a way for everyone to get updates now.
May 6, 2022

OnePlus released its first set of true wireless earbuds last year, known as OnePlus Buds. While we gave them decent marks for sound quality and value, we were quite upset to find that there was no way to update OnePlus Buds without a recent OnePlus phone.

In short, you couldn’t deliver firmware updates to any of OnePlus’ true wireless earbuds without a OnePlus 6 or newer phone from the brand. Even the OnePlus 5T cannot push firmware updates to the headphones, not to mention phones from other OEMs.

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Thankfully, the company is finally rectifying this silly decision. The solution is way overcomplicated, but at least anyone who wants to make the most of their OnePlus Buds won’t need to own a OnePlus phone anymore!

How to update OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds Pro laying on a table.
Zak Khan / Android Authority
  1. If you own a OnePlus 6 or any OnePlus phone launched after it, you can simply download the OnePlus Buds app from the Google Play Store. Chances are good it’s already on your phone anyway. Move to Step 3.
  2. If you own an older OnePlus phone or a phone from a different brand, you’ll need to download the HeyMelody app from the Google Play Store. This is an official app created by OnePlus. It might not work on every phone out there, but it will work on quite a few. Move to Step 4.
  3. Open the OnePlus Buds app and head to the Settings section. Make sure you have toggled on the Auto-Update Firmware setting. This will ensure your Buds are always up-to-date automatically.
  4. Open the HeyMelody app and let it connect to your Buds. If there’s a firmware update available, tap on it and then tap on the Update button. Follow the instructions to update your OnePlus Buds.

Keeping your earbuds up-to-date with the latest firmware will ensure you’re getting the most out of them. Firmware updates can potentially increase sound quality and battery life as well as fix bugs. In general, it’s always a good idea to update to the latest firmware whenever possible.

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