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Top 6 eBook Reader Apps for Android Phones/Tablets

January 14, 2012
Tablets are gaining popularity these days as a means for extending the functionality of desktops and laptops. Tablets are lightweight, compact, and not only smart enough for productivity but also great companions for reading ebooks while on the go. Most tablets come in various shapes and sizes, from 5.3 inch phoneblet hybrids to 10.1 inch monster displays.

If you intend to read ebooks on your Android tablet, you’ll be glad to know that there are Android apps to serve that very purpose. Here are some of the top and the best ebook reading apps for your Android device.


Perhaps the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the sole reason why the Kindle for Android app is the popular choice of many ebook readers out there. Read literally thousands of free books on the go on your tablet or your smartphone without ever needing a Kindle. The Kindle app lets users experience the same features and functionality that catapulted Amazon’s success with the Kindle Fire.

It’s the perfect ebook reading app that caters to any reader’s taste buds, whether you’re browsing for the latest fashion trends on a magazine, or getting real-time updates through online newspapers, the Kindle for Android never fails to amaze you. Other features include a built-in dictionary, Google Search, and Wikipedia access–all of which will greatly complement your reading pleasure.

Get the Kindle app from the Android Market.

Google Books

Google Books

Reading just got better with Google’s own reading app called Google Books. What is Google Books? From the name itself, it’s all about books and Google’s integration with its services. What makes it different from other ebook reading apps is the sheer number of downloadable books that span over 3 million titles for you to browse and download. Choose from a wide spectrum of choices from Google’s vast library of free and public domain materials that couldn’t be normally found anywhere.

Get the Google Books app from the Android Market.

NOOK for Android by B&N

With Amazon porting its famous Kindle Reader app for Android, Barnes and Noble is doing the same thing. There’s no need for you to own a NOOK tablet, as the application runs on any Android smartphone or tablet. With over 2 million books in Barnes and Noble’s arsenal, you’ll have your very own pocketable library at your fingerprints. Optimized for Android use, the app can easily mark your favorite magazine subscriptions like US Weekly, National Geographic, and The Oprah Magazine — free for a 14-day trial period. Previous users of the NOOK tablet will feel welcomed by the app as it sports the familiar user interface that they love and adore.

Get the NOOK for Android by B&N app from the Android Market.

Aldiko Book Reader

If you’re tired of the same old-fashioned ebook readers found on the Android Market, try Aldiko Book Reader. It is a great alternative to apps supplied by many large companies such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Buy ebooks at great deals from your favorite retailers in either Adobe PDF or EPUB formats. Users can also download directly the ebook of their choice into their Android device without using a computer to transfer files.

Get the Aldiko Book Reader app from the Android Market.

Kobo eBooks

Reading on your Android device will never be the same again with Kobo eBooks. Featuring a massive database of free ebooks to download, users are treated to many interesting titles. Start your day right with the Kobo eReader app that makes reading more entertaining and stimulating. Make reading a fun learning experience as the app has a special feature called Reading Life, which monitors and tracks your reading statistics. You can also share memorable quotes, notes, dialogues, and more with the integrated Faebook feature.

Get the Kobo eBooks app from the Android Market.


bitlit screenshot ereader ebook readers
BitLit is a unique application that allows you to convert your regular books into eBooks. Remember those devices that used to convert cassette tapes into CDs? This app is like that for eBooks. It’s a great way to digitize your collection and then you can read them whenever, wherever you have a device handy. It’s free in the Google Play Store but it is in the early stages so don’t be surprised if there are still a few bugs to be worked out!

Get the BitLit app from the Google Play Store.

Check out these ebook readers for your Android device and carry on with your reading habit. With your books now as portable as your smartphone or tablet, there’s no more stopping you from reading your favorite books any time you want and wherever you are.  What’s your favorite ebook reader app?