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Three new Narwal products for ultra floor cleanliness

The next generation of Narwal robot vacuums are smarter, quieter, and much more efficient

Published onJanuary 7, 2024

The award-winning brand behind the Freo robot vacuum is announcing three new products to start 2024. The Narwal S10 Pro is a stick vacuum, the Narwal Freo X Plus is a robot vacuum that’s smarter than ever, and the Narwal Freo X Ultra reimagines total floor care.

Longevity and efficiency are the name of the game, with Narwal’s DirtSense dirt detection system, LiDAR guidance, up to 50% quieter operation, and multiple self-maintenance innovations to reduce your efforts in maintaining spotless floors.

Narwal vacuums at CES 2024 (15)
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The flagship product is the new Freo X Ultra, a device we’ve had in-house for testing, stay tuned for our full review shortly after CES.

Users with hair will be most excited for the new zero-tangle floating brush. Where standard vacuum brushes are typically made of bristles that lock onto hair and get wrapped up, Narwal’s floating brush reduces the bristles, protecting them inside of rubber blades, and aerodynamically direct the hair toward the floating side where the hair can slip past the brush and into the vacuum. That spindle turns at a much higher rate than many other vacuums, and a new u-shaped duct helps improve airflow inside the bot, resulting in a more efficient clean for you.

Narwal Freo X Ultra running
Jonathan Feist / Android Authority

LiDAR is a game changer in terms of object detection and mapping. Narwal’s Tri-Laser configuration users lasers and LiDAR together to identify small objects, recognizes changes in floor materials, and avoid costly tumbles down stair cases.

Ease of use is evident with the Freo X Ultra. The new dust collection bags compact debris for multiple, dust-free uses. The base station automatically refills the fluids for the mopping functions, adding detergent to ensure a fresh smell on your newly cleaned floors. The station cleans the mop heads frequently, and it cleans itself, so you don’t have to. Heated air drying reduces the chances of bacterial growth. The app allows you to define rooms, and build custom cleaning schedules for each room, exactly how and when you desire.

Narwal Freo X UltraNarwal Freo X Ultra
AA Editors Choice
Narwal Freo X Ultra
Self-cleaning • Accurate mapping and navigation • Efficient floor cleaning
MSRP: $1,399.99
Our floors have never looked cleaner
Powerful suction, anti-clog dirt channels and brushes, LiDAR and laser sensors, and a convenient self-cleaning base station make the Narwal Freo X Ultra one of the best robot vacuums we've seen for home users. Safe and efficient operation for wood, tile, carpet, and nearly every floor surface in between.
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While the Freo X Ultra comes with the base station for cleaning and fluid exchange, the Freo X Plus comes with a simplified charging dock, but otherwise offers the same great cleaning features.

Narwal Freo X Ultra entering station
Jonathan Feist / Android Authority

The Narwal S10 Pro is the hand-held version of a smart mop and vacuum combo. Packed with sprayers, scrubbers, and a powerful vacuum system, the stick-vac style cleaner allows users to manually choose what section of their floors to clean, and how well they should get cleaned.

The charging base is also a cleaning station, to scrub the S10 Pro clean between uses.

Narwal Freo X PlusNarwal Freo X Plus
Narwal Freo X Plus
MSRP: $469.00

What makes Narwal stand out?

When it comes to home robotics, two of the most important functions are accurate navigation and privacy. Narwal seeks to solve both with the introduction of LiDAR sensors to their new robot vacuums. Combined with laser sensors, the Freo X Plus and Freo X Ultra can map your space with far greater accuracy, all without requiring vision sensors that can be compromised to steal photos of your family and home.

Narwal’s DirtSense technology uses its advanced sensors to identify extra spills and messes in your home, the Freo line of floor cleaners will sweep, vacuum, and mop dirty spaces multiple times to ensure the ultimate clean.

One of our favorite features is the new floating brush. We don’t want to spoil our upcoming full review of the Freo X Ultra, but we’re have to admit that we’re super impressed with the ability to avoid tangled hair and the relative dust-free experience.

Narwal Freo X Ultra roller out
Jonathan Feist / Android Authority

The three new floor cleaning solutions will be available for purchase soon. The Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus are both scheduled for first deliveries in March 2024, with the S10 Pro set for delivery in April. There is an optional Auto Water Exchange System available that pipes the base station to your plumbing, for even more hands-off home cleaning.

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