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Cleaning with Narwal Freo: Big savings for spotless floors

Enjoy a spotless home with the Narwal Freo!
Brought to you by Narwal

Published onOctober 10, 2023

Narwal Final 22 s

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your floors is an incredibly dull chore that most people would happily find an excuse to avoid. Robot vacuums go a long way in taking care of these tedious but necessary tasks. However, basic options may not do a particularly good job, and you’ll still have to refill the water tank, clean the dustpan, and make sure hair and fiber don’t snag on the roller. And while there are premium options that can do it all, they cost an arm and a leg.

That’s where Narwal steps up! Narwal, a leading global robot vacuum brand, has pioneered several innovative features that make cleaning your home a breeze. And the Freo, the company’s latest robot vacuum and mop combo, is an excellent option packed with features and provides a hands-free experience that is difficult to find in its price range. Here’s a look at everything the Narwal Freo offers and why now is the best time to buy one!

DirtSense™ ensures the robot keeps going until the job is done

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Most robot vacuums follow a fixed path around a room, and while floor-mapping technology ensures that it covers every inch, it might not be enough to clean tough stains that require more than a single passthrough. The only options here would be to take manual control of the robot or, in most cases, pull out the mop and do it yourself.

The Narwal Freo solves this problem with the world’s first AI DirtSense™ feature. Using its built-in sensors and AI-powered algorithms, the robot vacuum identifies areas with stubborn stains and automatically re-mops the location until it’s immaculate.

Of course, continuously mopping a single area, especially one with a tough stain, can lead to dirty mop pads. But once again, you can let the robot vacuum do its thing. It will automatically return to the home base, clean the mop, and head out to continue the task until you have a shiny, spotless floor.

Enjoy ultimate cleanliness with the Dual Reuleaux Triangular Mop

Narwhal Cleaning Robot Featured Image #2

Many robot vacuums have a static mop setup that may offer little pressure to handle difficult stains. The Narwal Freo fixes the issue by using dual spinning and scrubbing mops that provide twice the pressure compared to its closest competitors and more than enough to scrub and wipe away the toughest stains.

It’s not just about pressure and force, either. The uniquely shaped Reuleaux triangular mops help the device do a thorough job. Named after Franz Reuleaux, the founder of Kinematics, the curved triangular mops have a constant width and overlap perfectly to ensure that it doesn’t leave a gap in the middle while spinning. The mops are also made with microfiber, which can hold twice the dampness as regular cloth to ensure better absorption of stubborn stains.

A powerful vacuum that can clean hard-to-reach edges and corners

Narwhal Cleaning Robot Brush Image #1

The Narwal Freo uses a powerful vacuum and a rubber and bristle brush to pick up dust from a larger contact area. You can also get a rubber-only brush if you have pets. The brush is easily detachable for quick maintenance, and the vacuum is powerful enough to pick up debris up to half an inch wide, so you certainly won’t have to worry about spilled dog food and other debris.

However, the highlight of the vacuum is its EdgeSwing™ feature. Anyone with a robot vacuum knows that the circular shape can make it difficult for the device to clean along the edges of the wall and baseboards properly. The Freo addresses the problem with a patented twisting motion that automatically repositions the robot close to the sides and properly cleans hard-to-reach edges and corners with the silent rotating brushes offering excellent reach.

The All-in-One Station takes the pain of cleanup away

Narwhal Cleaning Robot Featured Image Alt #1

As helpful as robot vacuums are, the effort to fill tanks, throw away dirty water, and clean the mops to avoid bacteria and a moldy smell can be annoying. With the Narwal Freo, you get an All-in-One Station that is so much more than a home base for charging.

The station comes with the world’s first auto water exchange feature. You can connect it directly to a water pipeline by following a simple installation process, and the station uses electromagnetic and air valves to ensure stable water flow without leakage. You don’t have to worry about filling and cleaning the water tank, and the robot will always have access to fresh water that will automatically refill when it runs out while mopping your floors.

The All-in-One Station also has a detergent tank and will automatically dispense it at the correct ratio to ensure a fresh clean. And once the robot is done mopping your house, the station will automatically clean and dry the mops using dual fans and heaters. It maintains an optimal 104-degree temperature to prevent bacteria and mold growth and keep the mops smelling fresh.

Now is the best time to buy the Narwal Freo!

narwal freo amazon

The Narwal Freo has features and comes with an All-in-One Station that you get with far more expensive competitors. The Freo is already comparatively cheaper with its $1,200 price tag. But if you were looking for the best deal, the $320 discount you get right now on Amazon during its Prime Big Deal Days sales event makes for a very tempting proposition. Simply add both the Freo and a bottle of floor cleaner to checkout, and use the code NARWALDD to get an extra floor cleaner.

However, Narwal does even better and bumps the discount up to $370 when you order the Freo directly from its website when you use the code NARWALDD.

If you’re shopping for a robot vacuum and mop combo and aren’t happy with the basic options and find the premium options too expensive, Narwal offers the perfect balance between features and cost, with the deal made even better with the hefty discount, you can take advantage of for a limited time only. Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to upgrade your cleaning routine and save big!

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