How far have we come since the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Robert Triggs May 29, 2020 704 shares

Google Pixel 5: Everything we know right now

C. Scott Brown May 28, 2020 139 shares

The OnePlus 5/5T just got Android 10, which is a big deal (but it shouldn’t be)

C. Scott Brown May 27, 2020 920 shares

RIP LG G series: Waving goodbye to a true innovator

Robert Triggs May 24, 2020 2282 shares
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When should you expect to receive the Android 10 update? (Updated May 29)

Let's take a look at which phones have already received Android 10 and when should you expect to get it on your device.
Mitja RutnikMay 29, 20208605 shares

This phone uses gimbal-like stabilization for smooth videos (Update: More info)

Update: Vivo explains how its gimbal-inspired stabilization tech works.
Hadlee SimonsMay 22, 20201618 shares

This phone packs flagship power, higher refresh rate than S20 for under $350

Update: Vivo has confirmed that its new phone is only available in China for now.
Hadlee SimonsMay 19, 2020538 shares

Smartphone exec says 5G phones will be available for well under $250 by Q4

At least one smartphone executive thinks we could see budget 5G devices by the end of the year.
Hadlee SimonsMarch 19, 2020226 shares

Vivo’s new Apex 2020 concept phone has an in-display selfie camera

There's also a stabilizing gimbal in the rear camera module that will help cure your shaky-cam problems.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 28, 2020324 shares

Qualcomm confirms Zenfone 7 and more upcoming Snapdragon 865 phones

The chipmaker has released a list of 16 phones that are announced or are coming soon based on the Snapdragon 865 platform.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 26, 2020461 shares

Vivo Apex 2020 Concept coming this week with 48MP ‘gimbal’ camera

Vivo's latest concept phone could provide superior stabilization and variable zoom capabilities.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 24, 2020252 shares

Top six smartphone player is latest brand to pull out of MWC 2020

Vivo is perhaps the most high-profile smartphone brand to pull out of MWC 2020.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 11, 202098 shares

Don’t underestimate the Chinese app store alliance

Chinese companies own 75% of the market. They have the means and motivation to build a Play Store alternative.
Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 9, 2020738 shares

Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi join forces to challenge Play Store monopoly (Update)

Update: Xiaomi has issued a comment to Android Authority on the company joining the GDSA.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 6, 20205066 shares
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