Samsung's early Black Friday deals!

The Oppo-ification of OnePlus is getting worse

Igor Bonifacic November 21, 2020 1117 shares

The best early Black Friday deals to kick off your holiday shopping

John Callaham 3 hours ago

OnePlus 9: Everything we know so far

Andy Walker 18 hours ago 386 shares

Apple iPhone 12 Mini review: Pint-sized power

David Imel November 21, 2020 380 shares
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Huawei slams ‘pernicious’ new US measures

Huawei has finally broken its silence on US curbs, while admitting that the new measures will impact its business.
Adamya SharmaMay 18, 202067 shares

At least one key tech company says it can still do business with Huawei

Arm, Google, and Qualcomm have all cut ties with Huawei, but chipmaker TSMC says it can still work with the brand.
Hadlee SimonsMay 23, 2019765 shares

Samsung focuses on 6 nm to win back foundry customers

With TSMC racing ahead with 7 nm production, Samsung is reportedly accelerating its plans for 6 nm chips to win back its biggest customers.
Robert TriggsJune 27, 20171365 shares

Report: Qualcomm drops Samsung to work with TSMC at 7nm

According to a report from Korea, Qualcomm has chosen to work with TSMC instead of Samsung to produce its next-generation 7nm application processor.
Robert TriggsJune 12, 2017800 shares

Who will be the first manufacturer to 7nm?

Samsung, TSMC, Intel, and others are racing to be the first to produce 7nm processors for next-gen products, but who is the closest and far away are we?
Robert TriggsApril 5, 2017421 shares

Samsung to invest 8.5 trillion won in 10nm and 7nm production lines

The South Korean electronics giant is expanding its 10nm production lines and constructing new facilities for 7nm chipsets, in preparation for 2018.
Brian ReighMarch 14, 20171583 shares

TSMC wants to build a new factory for 5nm and 3nm chips

Samsung may be the first to mass produce the industry’s first 10nm SoC, but that doesn’t mean TSMC can’t prepare for what’s to come in the future.
Brian ReighDecember 9, 2016202 shares

TSMC to start testing 7nm mobile processors

TSMC just announced that with the new Synopsys design platform certification, it is now ready to test chipsets built on the 7nm process.
Brian ReighOctober 20, 2016966 shares

ARM and TSMC team up to create a 7nm chip

ARM and TSMC are continuing their tradition of teaming up to bring the world a commercially viable 7nm chip.
John DyeMarch 15, 2016917 shares

iPhone 7 A10 chip to be made exclusively by TSMC, Samsung semiconductor in trouble

A new report out of South Korea claims Samsung rival TSMC has been awarded the exclusive rights to produce the A10 for the iPhone 7, sending Samsung into a “state of emergency”.
Kris CarlonFebruary 11, 20161973 shares
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