Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

How the price of OnePlus phones changed over the years

Tristan Rayner 11 hours ago 233 shares

Stuck at home? Here’s how you can keep your body and mind fit.

Dhruv Bhutani 11 hours ago 77 shares

Galaxy S20 Ultra or Z Flip: Which should you buy?

Eric Zeman April 5, 2020 309 shares

Can we stop it with the comically big phones now?

Simon Hill April 5, 2020 1209 shares
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Galaxy S20 Ultra or Z Flip: Which $1,400 Samsung phone should you buy?

Samsung has not one, but two $1,400 phones in its lineup. Should you go with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or Z Flip?
Eric ZemanApril 5, 2020309 shares

We asked, you told us: Most of you are concerned about breaking foldable phones

Are foldable phones in a bad spot? It looks like most people are concerned about foldable phone durability.
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 22, 2020174 shares

Foldable phones quiz: True or false

How much do you really know about foldable phones! Take this quiz and find out!
Mitja RutnikFebruary 22, 2020174 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is mostly sold out, but more coming tomorrow for S20 day

A cheaper price tag and a pocketable design maybe the reasons for the Galaxy Z Flip's high demand.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 20, 20201226 shares

Here’s where and when you can buy the Galaxy Z Flip (Update: Indian pricing)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is finally official. Here's all you need to know about pricing and availability.
Phillip PradoFebruary 20, 2020223 shares

Microsoft made two great Your Phone features Samsung exclusives for some reason

It would be nice if everyone could use these features, but they only work with Samsung phones for now.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 19, 202094 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is easier to fix than Razr, but doesn’t handle dust well

The website also discovered that the motherboard has a hydrophobic coating to protect it against water damage.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 19, 2020181 shares

Motorola responds to broken Razr due to cold weather, Samsung remains silent

Motorola has responded to the faulty Razr in cold weather incident. However, Samsung is still silent about the Z Flip.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 18, 2020219 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: An easy choice

If you want a clamshell foldable smartphone right now, you only have two options. But what's the better one?
David ImelFebruary 18, 2020311 shares

Are you concerned about foldable phone durability? (Poll of the Week)

Foldables seem to be having some issues right now. Are you concerned?
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 17, 2020106 shares
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