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Moto 360 (2019) review: A good watch on a so-so platform

Jimmy Westenberg December 11, 2019 65 shares

Oppo’s under-display camera means we can finally stop arguing about notches

David Imel December 11, 2019 1815 shares

Samsung Galaxy S11, S11 Plus, and S11e: Everything we know so far

C. Scott Brown December 5, 2019 473 shares
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AA holiday gift guide 2019

Team AA December 9, 2019
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Samsung reportedly close to releasing new, faster charging battery technology

Samsung is reportedly planning to release at least one device with advanced graphene battery technology by the end of 2021.
Phillip PradoAugust 13, 2019674 shares

Creating stronger OLED panels with the help of graphene

A team of researchers from South Korea created a thin, flexible, and very durable OLED display with transparent electrodes made out of graphene.
Mitja RutnikApril 11, 2017274 shares

Flexible memory brings bendable smartphones one step closer

A new graphene oxide-based memory looks set to replace flash memory as the storage solution of choice in a new "golden age of electronics".
Kris CarlonApril 8, 2017399 shares

Samsung breakthrough could almost double lithium battery capacity

Samsung researchers have announced a new technology that could result in higher density battery capacity for smartphones and electronic cars.
Robert TriggsJune 26, 20156075 shares

Graphene and printed electronics could usher in truly discreet wearables

Advances in flexible graphene designs and printed electronics look to be bringing us closer to discreet, flexible wearable computers.
Robert TriggsMay 21, 20151392 shares

How graphene may revolutionize the mobile industry

Roni Peleg, the editor of Graphene-Info, runs through just some of the ways graphene could be a game changer in mobile -- From next-gen batteries to improved phone bodies, and beyond.
Guest PostApril 3, 2015753 shares

Graphene based transparent memory brings us one step closer to futuristic transparent devices

Korean researchers have developed a graphene based transparent memory manufacturing technique for future transparent mobile devices.
Robert TriggsApril 24, 2014990 shares

Why is Samsung’s breakthrough in graphene research so promising for next generation electronics?

Samsung has announced some great news, they've made a breakthrough in graphene manufacturing. Graphene is that magical carbon substance that is destined to provide the world with next ...
Jonathan FeistApril 4, 2014405 shares
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