What to expect from the next generation of Android phone processors

Hadlee Simons May 31, 2020 219 shares

OnePlus CEO’s recent comment on cheap phones genuinely confuses us

C. Scott Brown May 30, 2020 340 shares

Wallpaper crash explained: Here’s how a simple image can soft-brick phones

Bogdan Petrovan June 1, 2020 829 shares

Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Great screen, bad performance

David Imel May 31, 2020 476 shares
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If the Google Pixel 4a XL wasn’t canceled, this is what it would’ve looked like

Sadly, the Google Pixel 4a XL will never see the light of day. Too bad, because it would have been a nice-looking phone.
Dave LeClairMay 28, 2020105 shares

The best upcoming Android phones of 2020

These are the most exciting upcoming Android smartphones you should be looking forward to in 2020.
Mitja RutnikMay 28, 202041757 shares

Google Pixel 4a: Everything we know so far (Updated: May 27)

Update: More info on Pixel 4a pricing, release date, and the possible dropping of a legacy Pixel feature.
Hadlee SimonsMay 27, 2020649 shares

We asked, you told us: You are SUPER psyched for the Pixel 4a

The vast majority of you are really looking forward to Google's new budget phone.
Hadlee SimonsMay 27, 2020123 shares

Google Pixel 4a launch apparently delayed, again

The Pixel 4a could be delayed further than its expected June launch timeline.
Adamya SharmaMay 21, 2020328 shares

Pixel 4a could dump a legacy feature present on all Google phones since Pixel 2

Active Edge could be replaced by a new double-tap gesture.
Adamya SharmaMay 19, 2020303 shares

Google survey strongly hints at what the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 could cost

If this pans out, Google could be looking to undercut pretty much everyone with the 2020 Pixels.
C. Scott BrownMay 18, 2020115 shares

Pixel 4a price leak: Google could be bringing the fight to 2020 iPhone SE

The Pixel 4a could be even cheaper than the Pixel 3a at launch too.
Adamya SharmaMay 15, 2020286 shares

Pixel 4a official wallpapers are now available. Download them here!

Google's new wallpapers are punchy, sporty, and cheerful. Get them now!
Adamya SharmaMay 14, 2020391 shares

Early Google Pixel 4a benchmarks leak and they look promising

In a number of benchmark tests, the Google Pixel 4a performed on par with the Google Pixel 3 XL.
Dave LeClairMay 13, 2020333 shares
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