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Google’s reputation is becoming its biggest problem

Bogdan Petrovan November 17, 2019 824 shares

Black Friday 2019: Early deals and a sneak peek at upcoming deals

AA Picks November 11, 2019

How are smartphone cameras becoming so good in low light?

Robert Triggs 23 hours ago 565 shares

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) review: For the love of reading

Dhruv Bhutani 17 hours ago 50 shares
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10 best personal assistant apps for Android!

Ever since Siri came out, the Android world has wanted one like it. Here are the best personal assistant apps for Android!
Joe HindySeptember 27, 20193848 shares

RIP Google Now Launcher, it was a good run

The Google Now Launcher is no more. You will no longer be able to install the launcher from the Play Store. RIP Google Now Launcher!
C. Scott BrownMay 2, 201885751 shares

Google Now Launcher search box may get ugly home button

Google is working on a Google Now Launcher update that would place a home button in the search box—but it doesn't look like a great idea.
Scott Adam GordonFebruary 2, 2018505 shares

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly!

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk about Mozilla getting cut in half, A Boy and His Blob, Google Now Launcher, and more apps news!
Joe HindyFebruary 12, 2017526 shares

5 great Google Now Launcher alternatives

Come April, the Google Now Launcher will be removed from the Play Store. So what are your options? Here are some great Google Now Launcher alternatives!
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 7, 2017843 shares

Google Now Launcher to be removed from Google Play by end of March

Google has sent an email to its software partners informing them they plan to remove the Google Now Launcher from Google Play by the end of March.
John CallahamFebruary 3, 20172679 shares

Latest Android N Dev Preview lets you set different wallpapers for lockscreen and homescreen [diving into Android N]

Android N's version of the Google Now launcher has a new trick: the ability to give different wallpapers to your homescreen and lockscreen.
Andrew GrushApril 14, 20161147 shares

Do we really even need an app drawer in Android?

Recent leaks have shown a promising possibility that the Android N app drawer may not be dead and buried quite yet. While the circumstantial evidence seems to point to OEMs knowing ...
Kris CarlonMarch 1, 20162341 shares

Google App version 5.8 beta brings back auto-rotate home screen option, icon normalization

Google has re-introduced the option to auto-rotate the home screen on smartphones in the latest beta version of the Google App on Android. Also new in the update is a handy icon ...
Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 13, 20161098 shares

Google Now Launcher update brings Material Design tweaks to KitKat and Jelly Bean

A new update to the Google Search app brings several Material Design aesthetic changes for the Google Now Launcher that bring it in line with the version found on Lollipop devices.
Andrew GrushJanuary 13, 20151565 shares
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