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Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: Amazing, and equally concerning

David Imel April 17, 2019 270 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold issues: What’s happening, what can Samsung do about it?

Scott Adam Gordon 20 hours ago 115 shares

Oppo Reno hands-on: A shark-fin selfie shooter and 10x hybrid zoom

Lanh Nguyen April 17, 2019 123 shares

Huawei P30 Pro camera review: Next level optics, low-light king

David Imel April 17, 2019 614 shares
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Google Assistant now sounds more realistic thanks to DeepMind

Google has been quietly rolling out changes to Google Assistant. Check out the new technology that's making it sound more natural than ever before.
Matt AdamsOctober 5, 20171249 shares

DeepMind CEO: General AI is still decades away

DeepMind CEO Mustafa Suleyman says general AI is still at least a couple of decades away and probably won't resemble anything we see in the movies.
Robert TriggsDecember 5, 2016223 shares

DeepMind’s new app will help alert UK doctors if a patient has a kidney injury

DeepMind, the AI firm owned by Google's parent company Alphabet, will help alert UK doctors if a patient has a kidney injury through a smartphone app.
John CallahamNovember 23, 2016164 shares

DeepMind’s new computer can navigate London’s Underground using memory

DeepMind, the AI research firm owned by Google's parent company Alphabet, has developed a new computer that can learn facts from its own memory.
John CallahamOctober 14, 2016345 shares

Google DeepMind’s WaveNet gets closer to replicating human speech

AI assistants are far from sounding like real humans. AI speech sounds very robotic, something that is vastly being improved by WaveNet, Deepmind's new AI that can mimic human speech.
Edgar CervantesSeptember 11, 201639 shares
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