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Google Pixel 2 XL unboxing and first impressions

by Joshua Vergara 20 hours ago0 comments

ZTE Axon M hands-on: two screens for twice the fun!

by Nirave Gondhia 19 hours ago0 comments

The Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 is a comical cash grab

by Kris Carlon 14 hours ago0 comments

Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro hands-on

by Nirave Gondhia 2 days ago0 comments
9 articles

ARM’s mission to improve gaming on mobile

With its technology in 95% of today’s smartphones, it’s clear that ARM has a big part to play. Luckily the company has a storied history in the gaming world that dates back to the BBC ...
by Simon HillNovember 5, 201421

Digging deep: Google may be building an online gaming platform

It would seem that Google may be preparing what is called a massive multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG. Think World of Warcraft, or Call of Duty. If that sounds crazy to ...
by Nate SwannerMay 8, 20134

Agawi launches its game streaming platform on Android, gets indie PC game devs onboard

Having successfully launched its cloud-based gaming service on the Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablets last year, Agawi is now bringing the platform to Android devices.
by Bams SadewoMarch 22, 20131

Nvidia Grid to kick cloud gaming into gear

Nvidia has announced a new Grid system at CES which could finally make cloud gaming a reality on our smartphones and tablets.
by Simon HillJanuary 7, 20132

PlayCast cloud gaming service coming to U.S. in 2013

Is cloud gaming the future? PlayCast Media seems to think so. And it has set its sights on the U.S. with a plan to launch its very own cloud gaming service some time in Q3 2013.
by David GonzalesDecember 16, 2012

OnLive a bargain at $4.8 million

The cloud gaming service OnLive was in a pretty bad way in the lead up to its acquisition. There were mounting debts heading for the $20 million mark and disappointed investors like HTC ...
by Simon HillOctober 11, 20121

CiiNOW enters the cloud gaming scene on Android

Cloud gaming has been touted as the next big thing for a while now, but it’s yet to really take off. The two big players in this space were OnLive and Gaikai, but now a third company ...
by Simon HillSeptember 12, 20121

Gamestop’s Spawn service to be released in 2013

It looks like the Spawn network won’t be released until the summer of 2013. In addition, Gamestop has also announced that the Spawn cloud gaming service will not make it to consoles, ...
by Mike AndriciAugust 21, 2012

Cloud gaming shake up: Sony acquires Gaikai, integrates OnLive on its upcoming Google TV

There are two important cloud gaming services right now: OnLive and Gaikai. And it seems that Sony wants to integrate both of them into their current and future ...
by LucianJuly 2, 2012
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