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Buying an iPhone 15 at T-Mobile? Here are the best deals!!

Don't pay full price for an iPhone 15 at T-Mobile. Take advantage of these deals instead!

Published onSeptember 15, 2023

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 4
  • There are multiple T-Mobile iPhone 15 deals available on launch day.
  • One can get you up to $1,000 off, or the equivalent of a free iPhone 15 Pro.
  • You can also get $700 off a second iPhone if you add a line.

The iPhone 15 series became official this week, and carriers are ready to entice you to get one (or two). T-Mobile is the nation’s third-largest carrier, but trust us when we say it’s not offering third-rate deals on the new iPhones. If you want a T-Mobile iPhone 15, there are plenty of ways to save a ton of cash getting one.

There are essentially three deals on offer here. We’ve described them in detail — including all the caveats — below. Remember that all these deals will require you to stay with T-Mobile for 24 months. If you exit the carrier early, you’ll need to pay off the remainder of the device(s). Also, any of these deals will require taxes paid upfront for the total price of the device(s) and a one-time $35 device connection charge.

Get a free T-Mobile iPhone 15 Pro

If you have a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next account, getting an iPhone 15 Pro for free is possible. That’s a $1,000 value! This deal works for new and existing customers; you do not need to add a line.

First, this deal requires a trade-in of an existing phone. The good news is that T-Mobile will give you that $1,000 credit on any Pro-level iPhone after and including the iPhone 11 Pro. That means T-Mo will accept an iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro, 13 Pro, or 14 Pro and give you the full $1,000 credit. Obviously, any Pro Max variants will also get you the $1,000 credit.

Jumping ship from Android to iPhone? You can get the full $1,000 credit with a Galaxy S21 Ultra, S22 Ultra, or S23 Ultra. T-Mo will also accept a Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 3, Z Flip 4, or Z Flip 5. You can even trade in a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for the full $1,000 credit!

If you don’t have a Pro iPhone or high-level Galaxy for this trade-in, you can still earn cash towards a new T-Mobile iPhone 15. Most iPhones launched after the iPhone XS will get you $830 off the iPhone 15 Pro, leaving only about $200 to pay out-of-pocket. Any other iPhones going all the way back to the iPhone 7 will get you $400 off the iPhone 15 Pro.

Get started with this deal by visiting T-Mobile.

Earn cash for your iPhone trade-in

If you don’t have a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan, then the previous deal doesn’t work for you. Don’t worry: T-Mobile isn’t leaving you out in the cold! You can still get some stellar trade-in values on other plans without adding a line. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Magenta MAX: Get up to $650 off any iPhone 15 model with an eligible trade-in
  • Go5G and Magenta: Get up to $350 off any iPhone 15 model with an eligible trade-in
  • All other plans: Get up to $200 off any iPhone 15 model with an eligible trade-in

As with the previous deal, getting the maximum value for your trade-in requires you to have a new-ish Apple, Samsung, Google, or OnePlus smartphone. When you check out, you will see the total value of your current phone.

Get started with this deal by visiting T-Mobile.

Get $700 off a second iPhone

The previous two deals do not require you to add a line. However, if you do want to add one and buy a second iPhone 15 model, T-Mobile will slash $700 off the price of the second phone. This deal works with almost all T-Mobile plans and applies to both new and existing customers. Obviously, new customers will need to add two lines, but existing customers only need to add one.

Don’t forget T-Mobile also pays $200 per line for everyone who switches from a different carrier. So, if you are a new customer coming from another carrier, you’ll also get an extra $400 for those two new lines. That’s a total of $1,100 off!

Get started with this deal by visiting T-Mobile.

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